Arsenal linked with a move for exciting South Korean hitman

Arsenal is reportedly after South Korean striker that brilliantly dribbled past Virgil Van Dijk.

Arsenal is expected to be busy in the next transfer window after their poor start to the season.

The Gunners remain a long way from the top four and they have had to fire their manager this season.

Despite having not named a new permanent manager, Arsenal is expected to make some new addition to their playing staff next month, and there is one exciting name that has been added to the list.

Arsenal is reportedly targeting a move for South Korean striker, Hwang Hee-Chan. The striker is also wanted by Wolves, according to Birmingham Live.

The RB Salzburg striker came to the attention of most people when he smartly beat Virgil van Dijk and scored against Liverpool at Anfield.

He has been in fine form since he moved to Salzburg in 2015 and looks set to become the next Son Heung-min.

The 23-year-old has been fairly prolific this season having netted nine goals in 20 games for the Austrians already.

He continues to improve and there was a time in August that he scored seven times in as many matches.

Arsenal has several attacking players and it is difficult to see where he would fit in straight away. However, Hee-Chan’s ability to beat opponents and run in behind makes him the perfect replacement for either Aubameyang or Lacazette, should they leave the club.

I strongly believe that he has the potential to be as good as or even better than Tottenham’s Son. He is reportedly valued at €20-25million. That is a fee that Arsenal can afford and would, in my opinion, be money well spent.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Son was a key player at a big club in Bundesliga and Son is quite tall, but Hwang looks good in these two big matches:

    However, he must be scouted thoroughly to avoid another Pepe situation. 20 M is too high for him, in my opinion

  2. Swedish gooner says:

    Problem is with Wenger gone people still want to penny pinch. we need players that die for the Badge at any cost this guy cant be worse than iwobi and we did get 40M for iwobi

  3. Loose Cannon says:

    No thank you, we had Assano, Park, Sanogo, Chamak, Perez, Webeck – did not stamp their mark at Arsenal.We are club much bigger than Wolves, need proven names from smaller clubs (we need performers on the field and not their trunks of inflated egos, tantrums and social media connectors)No one season wonders please.We do have our own Eddie who will come back stronger, Gabriel is there, no panic buys. Either Laca or Auba may leave, we need a proven name or stay put with what we have.

  4. The priority must be a CB and DM and if possible, a creative midfielder.

    1. Tony says:

      C’mon.. This player ain’t what we need. And there’s no friggin way both Auba and Laca moving away at the same time.. AFC got to secure Laca with a new okay deal and sell Auba IMO he’d be worth 55-60m. Look for goddamn C.defenders. We also need a replacement for Bellerin ASAP!..
      Hawng Hee Chan or whatever should wait. SAKA can do more than he could expect with a proper manager like POCH!

  5. agu eman says:

    European clubs totally rip off English clubs.
    So we will buy Hwang for 3 mill take it or leave it.
    Another option would be a no money swap deal Nelson for Hwang.
    See how keen they are then.

  6. Sue says:

    We need to bloody sort out the defence, not buy another attacker that’ll just warm the bench!

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. Grandad says:

    Agree Sue.Our centre backs were woeful yet again last night.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    This is why you need to attack things when looking for a new manager, ruthless, we’re still asking for ruthlessness. How can we buy for a man who we don’t even have yet, we have no idea on his favored football yet, it might be money down the drain if the manager has ideas on why he needs a certain type in a position that we already spent for. People say managers should be able to make do with what they have, that is not always true. The best managers do better when they sign or ask for certain players of their choosing, like how Wenger had a large say in matters. It is true for Klopp and it is true for Pep. Klopp and the Liv players were telling their club to sign Minamino. Klopp’s team was a shambles defensively until they start signing, the excessive pressing couldn’t do much to stop that. Pep was wrote off because of how his team fared at first, we said look he needs to be a bully team with money over everyone else in the league now that he hasn’t got Barca’s academy. It would’ve been a mistake for those clubs to spend, before those managers arrived, and then telling them to make the players fit with your ethos.

    I hear that we intend to wait til the season is out, if needs be. I’m fine with that but this must not carry into the buying window, we have to strike immediately and just get it done, none of the haggling business and then show him our thoughts on acquisitions. Don’t go with the guy who says that there’s not too much wrong and says that a few signings will make the difference, Emery got the job that way and he knew to speak well about academy players. I’d ask Wenger for help in identifying someone, he’d ask pevelant questions, he also cares more about this club probably more so than anyone alive.

  9. prime leno says:

    yeah he can be a good replacement incase auba or laca leaves

  10. Philip says:

    Not sure what’s going on at arsenal these days we used to buy great players but lately they’ve made terrible decisions we spent millions in the summer and ended up with a team worse than last year.if we had made some better choices over last couple years we could of had team of Leno bellerin Evans van diyk kolasinac a df. Ramsey chamberlain gnabry abanyang lacozette.wouldnt of cost much either if we had got van diyk when he left Celtic Evans free.

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