Arsenal linked with a move for potential Mesut Ozil replacement

Arsenal prepared to battle Manchester City for the signature of Real Madrid’s Isco.

Arsenal is prepared to make a move for out-of-favour Real Madrid star, Isco in the next transfer window. Apparently he is seen as a potential long term replacement for Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal plans to cash in on Ozil after he fell out of the first-team picture at the Emirates.

Ozil made his third start of the season for Arsenal against Liverpool last night and could be set to make a return against Wolves this weekend. However, Unai Emery appears to have decided to sell the German playmaker no matter what.

Reports from Spain claims that the Gunners are prepared to fight for the signature of Isco as Ozil’s replacement. The reports further state that they would have to pay £60million for Isco even though he has played just five times for Real Madrid this season.

The midfielder is also being targeted by Manchester City as Pep Guardiola prepares for the departure of David Silva.

Isco’s stock has fallen over the past two seasons as he struggles to get into the Real Madrid team. But Emery seems to believe that he can help the midfielder to recapture his best form. Well, so the reports claim.

Isco’s arrival could also signal the end of the Gunners’ plans to sign Dani Ceballos permanently.

It has to be said that Isco’s name does seem to be one of those we see every transfer window. That in itself does not give me much confidence that the 27-year-old Spanish international will be seen in an Arsenal shirt next season.


  1. Laliga rejects don’t make it in EPL since last season. I think it is due to the current level of competition and physical aspect of the EPL.

    1. foreign players take time to adapt to a new country and club….

      players are humans ….this is not fifa20

        1. I agree with you,not at AFC, after past experiences – Julio Batista & Celebas (loan) and prince Mesut (one game wonder in ten), would definitely not spend 60 grand for anyone from RM. Look at Leicester, how well they spent on Youri, Calgar,Ndidi – may not be household names, but efficient performances. Their team looks similar to the teams Arsene assembled in his early years, the plus was the solid defense from the Graham era.All we need is a new coach who can play from the wings on a strong counter and balanced midfield to shield the defense. AFC do have talented players – PAL, Guendozi, Torrera, Tierney, Rob, Bellerin, Willock – all good enough for EPL and a good back ups in Kolasinac, Luiz, Saka, Gabriel, Chambers, Mesut – the coach has to get his selection / balance right. I bet Jose or Rodgers would have defeated Pool, unfortunately we will have to bear with Unai for the next 6 months or even a year and a half if his contract is renewed.

  2. In other news. I loved reading that Jurgen Klopp just loved the game we played last night, couldn’t care less about the goals conceded just the football both teams played as a perfect night of football. I couldn’t agree more although I wish we was on the right side of the result. With all the negative this for me sums it up. I care more of arsenal putting in this kind of display than grinding points. I couldn’t put my finger on it before I read the game analysis but win lose or draw in the league arsenal this season and most of last have been the same last night it was not. Heart passion and do your best makes me a happier gunner, the results will come with that approach and I’d enjoy the rollercoaster season so much more. Pls let’s see this and I would hope the horrible comments and anger dissipates and becomes just us fans celebrating or commiserating results together but loving our arsenal.

  3. Isco is a very good player I’d love to have at Arsenal now. But it seems Unai is quite confused as a coach, I hope he sorts himself out.

    Meanwhile, may I just digress. Concerning Xhaka, I have read lots of articles about the ugly incident at the Emirates and,though I believe everyone is entitled to his opinion, I believe it’s wrong for anyone to blame the fans. Xhaka is being paid to do what he loves doing, as a footballer. Is anybody paying the fans to watch matches and support their team? Do you know what fans go through just to watch their favourite club play? Is Xhaka better than Ronaldo and Messi? Booing is part of what makes football interesting, there’s no excuse for Xhaka’s insolence. Some people come on this platform to say pathetic things about the fans, you don’t know the enormity of Xhaka’s actions. You think fans are just a composition of teenagers and jobless adults? Nonsense!!! There are lawyers, doctors, professors,elderly people among the fans who go through so much a sacrifice a lot, financially and otherwise, to watch Arsenal and a man like Xhaka play, only for him to be putting in average performances time and time again. When you get booed, you silence fans by doing your best and win them over. Could Ronaldo have done what Xhaka did? Yet Ronaldo has always been remarkable for Madrid. They even boo Ronaldo when he fails to pass the ball and plays selfishly. Do you people even know how big Arsenal is as a club?

    No matter what happens, Xhaka must NEVER be our captain, he should even play for us anymore. OMG! Is this the same club that had the likes of Adams, Viera, Henry and Bergkamp??? Excuse me, get Xhaka out of Arsenal ASAP.

      1. @Simon
        If booing is what makes football interesting to you. Then count yourself as part of the current problem with football fans today…

      2. U can stay at home, pal. Booing never killed anyone, if you can’t stand it, just quit football. Nobody pays to watch lazy, nonchalant and disrespectful footballers. Oh, sorry, u are not even a footballer.

    1. So kick ass fan, who actually makes you pay to go and watch football?

      Don’t treat people on here as if they don’t know what supporting a club means – nobody needs telling what a diverse fanbase we have -who has ever said fans are just teenagers and jobless people – what arrogant BS.

      Your reply to NY Gunner sums up your obvious disrespect of others completely.

      Any idea how big a club Arsenal is? Who do you think you are, some kind of prophet trying to teach us underlings about your club?
      You come across as a know it all p**t ( sorry Sue, I know, I know) just out of nappies.
      Come back and tell us how to support a club when you have actually done that yourself.

      I invest my money to go and watch my team who I will support through thick and thin and if someone standing next or near to me starts booing that’s his right…when that person starts threatening physical activity, uses abusive language and
      threatens my right to watch a game alongside children, that’s when it’s gone too far.

      As for Xhaka, if what he says is true about the abuse, I hope he and any other player within our club, gets out sooner rather than later annd lets the world know that some of our fans have sunk to such a low level, it isn’t worth the hassle!!!

      Yes, this is the club that had the likes of Adams etc and it also had a reputation concerning it’s well behaved fans. ?.we let the louts of millwall, leeds, chelsea, pool etc drag their clubs name down into the gutter – if you want to do that then go and support those clubs, they’ll accept you with open arms.

      1. Are you saying the fans have no right at all to protest? I’m not in support of verbal abuse and evil threats, but booing a player who’s consistently ubderperforming is no crime and cannot be stopped. Take it or leave it, it’s part of football.

      2. GREAT POST KEN WHICH SAYS IT ALL! I would hope never to meet that Kick Ass Fan in the flesh as I would be physically sick. NO REAL THOUGHT BEHIND HIS ARRANT NONSENSE AT ALL, NONE AND HOW SAD, MOSTLY FOR HIM, AND HIS LIFE TO COME. I agree that to boo is ok BUT he was was implying far worse than that by his unthinking , unpleasant post. Perhaps he does not realise the other on line things and threat towards Xhaka. Equally perhaps I am the King of England!No he knew alright but simply does not care.

  4. I’ll prefer Ziyech to replace Özil….. I really like Isco too though, he could be our replacement for Cazorla. I doubt Arsenal will recruit either anyway, talk less of both.

    1. Yes and it makes hard reading, threats to his wife, also to break his legs and hoping his daughter gets cancer, Arsenal class eh!

      1. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a celebrity @Declan. Even movie stars get death threats and the same kind of abuse for simply acting a role well. Like Walter White’s wife from Breaking Bad or Grace from 13 Reasons Why who have each received a phenomenal amount of abuse.

          1. QD, the difference is that the “fans” abusing him are supposed to support the club and what it stands for.

            To glibly pass this off as part of being a celebrity is akin to standing idly back and washing your hands of these moronic hooligans and their cowardly actions.

            Is it really justifiable to threaten a mother and unborn child because of the father’s inabilities on a football pitch?

            If this is the level our fans have sunk, then I truly despair of, not only our club, but society in general.

  5. Why an article about replacing Ozil? The bile aimed at him on this site is unreal. He had an assist, had a huge part in three goals and his distance covered was up there with the best. But then again he’s lazy!…..SMFH🤫

    1. Declan, they have made up their minds and nothing he does or what you say will change it. With regard to distance covered EPL stats show that over his 6 years in the league he has averaged 10.6 km (approx) per 90 minutes played. Lazy devil!!!

  6. I’m still amazed that we are reading comments about Xhaka and labelling the “booing” As abuse atop this crap now
    You keep bringing up articles of Ozil and he’s always criticised he’s also suffered personal attacks yet not once has he behaved poorly he has remained a professional
    So either quit with the ozil criticism or stop suggesting Chaka has gone through anything different

  7. Xhaka is rubbish. Bin him. Who should do the binning? Emery? Oh, bin him as well!

    What have we become? Oh my goodness! While we are busy attempting to scratch each other’s eyes out, the real villains (the refs and the media) are laughing their heads off!

    We have truly fallen for their agenda setting tricks over the years. They don’t need to fight us no more. They have done their homework. They just need to sit back with a cuppa and watch us impale one another. They absolutely have us where they want us.

    What do you think?


  8. He definitely needs replacing either by Ziyech or Isco if we can attract them without Champions League football

    I believe a Top CAM and Top CB pair is what we’re missing as far as players go

  9. Xhaka should stay off social media and concentrate on football, if he cant take booing or social media abuse then quit the platform or up his performance.
    the fans has endured mediocre performances from some of these players for more than a decade so we are entitled to boil over as well. You cant go from seeing Carzola, Gilberto, Viera, Pires etc to Xhaka and not feel conned. Lets be honest, arsenal Fans has been very patient till now. if we keep quiet, this club will be reduced to a permanent mid table team.

    1. So, it’s ok to threaten to kill a woman? Or wish cancer on a little baby? How would you feel if that was your family?
      It’s disgusting, we have some very sick individuals in our fan base and I am ashamed to be associated with them.
      The booing will always happen, not saying I condone it or would do it myself, but it will always be there.. but come on, this online abuse is appalling, and from his own ‘fans’ how do they sleep at night??

  10. @George, the problem is not about booing, that has happened since the year dot and won’t stop, it’s the normal way to express displeasure.
    The problem is social media trolling by moronic subhuman pieces of crap who hide behind their keyboards and are usually fans of other teams masquerading as Gooners anyway.

  11. Rodgers used to sit in on Arsenal training sessions and was one of Wenger’s dearest devotees, they have a good relationship – and I think Howe was also a big admirer of Wenger. Their principles regarding attacking football and giving fans a spectacle, they got encouragement from Wenger but I think Howe also worked with Klopp, himself another fan of Wengers when he started out. Rodgers is at a good age, he is still hungry as if it is all only new to him, and Howe would also relish the competition that comes with being manager of a big team, no disrespect. If Unai fails us then it is one of these guys I want, they know the league so they know how the other teams can set up and what their biggest strengths are, they’ll also know a lot about us already. Unai needs to put more time out on the training field and less time in the video analytics department, I mean, he should know already that Xhaka and Guendouzi don’t pair well together, why try to force it when we’re in dire need of a boost.

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