Arsenal linked with Benzema AGAIN

It seems that there have been Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with Karim Benzema ever since he burst onto the scene ten years ago at Lyon, and it hasnโ€™t changed now after he has been at Real Madrid for the last five years.

Many Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Arsene Wenger to buy a top class striker for the last few years and Benzema, who has averaged nearly a goal in every two games he has played at the Spanish giants since his arrival would seem to fit the bill. The problem is that at the Galacticos Benzema never seems to be first choice and now it is being reported in the Telegraph that the French international is being offered to Arsenal.

As I said, we are used to these rumours, but we all know that Madrid are always keen to bring in a new hotshot into the side every year, and their flavour of the month this time around is said to be Liverpoolโ€™s Raheem Sterling or Tottenhamโ€™s Harry Kane. It is being reported that Carlo Ancelotti will have to raise the funds for either of these targets by offloading Benzema on the open market, and Arsene Wenger always seems keen to acquire their castoffs.

Arsenal have already sold Afobe and sent out Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell out on loan, so there is probably room for another striker if none of those come back, although Danny Welbeck will probably have to drop down to being third choice for the centre-forward spot.

Can anyone see Wenger actually being keen on bring Benzema to the Emirates now he is 27 years old?

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      1. Whaaaattt? Benzema is on the same level as giroud???? I rate him about 2-3 times higher than giroud. Unfortunately giroud is a very limited striker who isnt very clinical. While benzema isnt a specialist in finishing himself, he offers much more in terms of attacking play. That moment of magic vs getafe was something giroud can never do in his lifetime

        1. @tubby

          “Unfortunately giroud is a very limited striker who isnt very clinical.”

          This clichรฉ is getting oddly boring. 6 goals from 11 league matches suggest otherwise. That’s one goal every two games.

          As for Benzema is a level above? 15 goals from 30 in all competitions. So how much of a level above is he exactly?

          Let’s not forget last year when we needed everyone the most so we could push for the title, they did fcuk all and kept getting injured even while masterbating. He alone battled the season as our lone strikers. And let’s not forget the help we got at defending set pieces.

          Now having the benefit of hindsight ofcourse, and remembering the night where Mesut earned a penalty and missed against Brayen Munich, how i wish he had started and not Sanogo.

          You talk of Benzema scoring a beauty against Gatafe? Something Giroud cannot do?
          Did you see the match last season where Verm made a long pass from the back and Giroud made a Bergkamp-quish touch and slotted it home. Never seen Benzema do that.

          While I agree Giroud will never play for Real Madrid, let’s not be ungrateful and behave as though he is thrash can material

          1. Finally some common sense !! Giroud’s goals may look easy but getting into his scoring positions without Aguero’s speed is not. The guy has a good touch and really good movement but unfortunately he lacks pace.

            1. Look guys I appreciate Giroud’s efforts for the team but we have to face reality. And the reality is Giroud will never be a good enough striker to win us major trophies. U can say Giroud has scored 6 goals in the past 11 games but sometimes its not all about statistics. We’ve seen how incredibly frustrating Giroud can be when he misses sitters which could have won us games (and it happens a lot during his time at arsenal, admit it)

              Now onto benzema. Alright I accept maybe I was exaggerating when I said he’s 2-3 levels above Giroud, but the fact remains that he’s a better striker. His finishing may be criticised as much as Giroud (I’m well aware of his issues with scoring as well), but to me benzema offers so much more as a forward.

              For starters, he provides more pace and movement up front, which drags defenders out of position, opening spaces for his teammates. His link up play is also superb, similar to Giroud. But unlike Giroud who could function mainly as a centre pivot, Benzema combines it with more technical and dribbling ability (and hence more complete, which explains my labeling of giroud being limited). The moment of magic I talked about isnt actually some wonder goal, but referred how he dribbled past 2 defenders along the byline and laid it off for ronaldo for a simple finish.

              Zidane himself said not to expect benzema to score 60 goals a season, but he still remains highly valued at rm, simply due to the brillance of his all round attacking play which often goes unnoticed by fans who judge solely on statistics. There is a reason why benzema started over giroud for france, and I will gladly start him over giroud for arsenal if he’s available for a reasonable price (highly doubt he’s for sale though)

              1. I never rated Benzema as highly as most seem to do, for me a good player, nothing more and certainly nothing special. I couldnt believe madrid sold Higuain and kept Benzema, there.. thats my honest opinion.

          2. Great comment, I agree on every section.

            To complement it: I dont think Real Madrid will sell Benzema, unless they have a better player coming in. Who would that be, if so? It would either be someone like him, only better and younger (doesnt exist) or someone more clinical like Ronaldo, to replace him as he’s getting older and according to himself – wont be able to score as much as he does in a couple of years.

            From Arsenals perspective, Wenger does not like to buy players that will compete with an other player for the same spot for both club and national team.

            I can imagine Real Madrid buying someone like Lacazette or Dybala within two years, Arsenal should try to do the same.

      2. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ two donkeys…full set ๐Ÿ˜€ lol!
        Why didn’t you talk of the lama..Wenger u know ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. we should get Erikssen. The guy oozes class.. he reminds me of Bergkamp…

    He deserves better than Spurs..

    1. We blew it long back. Bergkamp tipped us regarding him at Ajax but somehow we saw fit not to.

      Will Erection get in our team ahead of Cazorla, Rosicky, Mesut? No. Never. Jack Wilshere? Yes. Maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hey Spuds wanna swap?

      1. Yup, now we would need to fork out
        35 mill minimum. That boat has sailed.
        We have enough in the attacking

              1. Ha ha ha
                Pi-shagurarse is a new word ๐Ÿ™‚
                Obamarse uses it when he is
                rapping with Arse Ronson and Bruno arse.
                Sorry Pi I know you like your Prez ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. rocisky has may be one and cazorla two more years in them… and to be honest, with his work rate, i am not too sure how long ozil will stay with us.. i hope he discovers his form, if not??

  2. lets get them all……benzema, eriksson etc…we need lots of firepower

    rotation and competition is the key to success

  3. we have our own magician Carzola, no need for Erikssen. If Arsenal should sign any player from Spurds, it should be Harry Kane.

  4. I’m fine with Wellbeck and Giroud.
    If we got Benzema for 25 mill
    and 100k in wages p/w. Yes.
    But sell either Wellbeck or Giroud for
    12 mill a 13 mill net purchase.

    1. @davidnz, if we are selling any player between Olivier and Danny, then it has to be the latter. Giroud is far ahead of welbeck.

      1. Giroud for 10 mill and 40 goals
        was a canny buy but not quite
        the player who will lead us to
        EPL ECL glory.
        Wellbeck for 16 mill after 20 games has 7 goals
        statistically reasonable but again is not likely
        to destroy Bayern Real Barca and co.

        1. Welbeck is shite. Scores goals against shit teams, completely wrecked against top teams – unlike Giroud. To win the league, we need players who can score against the big ones. Who has scored against the big ones for us this season? Giroud.

  5. Sell Podolski Arteta + Campbell.
    Release Flamini Ryo and Diaby.
    Retain Rosicky as the versatile mid.
    Give Jenks and Sanogo another chance.

  6. While we are discussing Reaaaal, their stadium is to be renamed Abu Dhabi Bernabรจu or what ever the Abu Dhabi group want it to be called. Perez was cuaght on camera saying so. AS is now running it. And it’s picking up. How much more money does Reaaal actually need? I thought Irina Shyek and CR7 broke up. Santiago Bernabรจu must be rolling in his grave.

  7. Buy Kheidra for 10 mill
    better than Schneidelin for 30 mill.
    Kheidra La Liga, ECL + World Cup winner
    can mentor and inspire Bielik Coquelin Wilshere
    Ramsey Chamberlin Chambers and Walcott.
    He will fit in with the Spaniards Cazorla Sanchez and Potrugese Paulista.
    Great for the Germans Mertz Ozil Gnabry and Zelalem .
    With his knowledge can also recommend talent from Europe.
    For 10 mill get him in.

    1. Khediras contract expires this summer, no? as for comparing him to Schneiderlin, Khedira is also an injury prone player, whereas Schneiderlin is both younger, PL-proven and less injury prone.

      Sure, a free Khedira is absolutely fantastic, but relying on him is a bit of a gamble i would rather avoid by spending more on someone we will be having in our first team for 6-10 years who is in addition not injury prone.

  8. Seriously I’ve lost count of how many times benzema is linked with us or liverpool. I think we were ‘in’ for him for about 3 years now. Let’s face it madrid is not selling. The people with power at the club such as perez and zidane love him. Ancelotti has also many occasions stated that benzema is the best striker for real. People never seem to listen. Benzema’s going nowhere

    1. lost count?? it can’t be more than six times…too little to loose count of ๐Ÿ™ #justsaying

      1. And Aguero said he aint leavin City before he’s won CL with them, so he’s pretty much gonna stay there for the rest of his career ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Personally, having two strikers battling it out for their national team and for Arsenal at the same time may lead to a bit of conflict…

    Oh and, sell Benzema in order to raise funds for Harry Kane?? I have now heard it all!

  10. Be realistic people,next new top of the range business in the transfer market won’t be till the summer. Unfortunatly that also includes shifting some dross.

  11. lets get Suarez his having a nightmare at Barcelona swap him for Ozil + 30 Million then we are complete ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. @cheeterspotter
    ” new top of the range business
    in the transfer market”
    Buying a 11 mill replacement for Vermaelen
    we were promised in July, and buying
    a 17 yr old prospect is hardly
    top of the range transfer business.

  13. benzema is not the answer, he is not a hard working kind of player like Costa (hate to say it) or Drogba, Henry. Sanchez is ruthless, Cazorla, Hazard. Another ozil player will find it hard to adapt to EPL

  14. After letting so many strikers leave- It makes total sense to me, and I think a top acquisition

    I do still believe we need a WC striker and Benzema prob fits the bill.
    We def need another top striker!

    If ( a big ‘if) this happened – it would be the best Jan recruiting ever happened!

  15. Benzema couple of years ago when he was fresh and full of fire, maybe. Now? Never in a million years. We should be going the next fresh thing.

  16. Benzema may not be the best or anywhere near the best but he is better than Giroud. He scores more goals and of better quality

    I love Giroud btw. I have always defended him, but I am honest and realistic

    I would prefer Suarez, Cavani, Dyabala, Destro, Erickson over Benzema though

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