Arsenal linked with Benzema at last!

It wouldn’t be a proper transfer window if Arsenal were not linked with the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, in fact last summer the rumours were continuing from the beginning until the end, despite numerous denials by both the player and Arsene Wenger.

So the theory goes like this. Benzema’s bosses at Real Madrid are actively looking to sign a new Galactico striker, and their first choice is Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski, who has refused a new deal at the German giants, and his agent, Cezary Kucharski, has announced that he has been talking to Madrid.

“Real Madrid contacted us a few weeks ago, we listened to everything they said. It’s a big and exciting club,” Kucharski said. “We have informed FC Bayern that we’ve held talks with Madrid.”

But Bayern are adamant they won’t sell, so now Real have moved on to Aubameyang, who is more likely to be open to movng to the Champions League winners. Of course this has been interpreted by the media as a sign that Benzema will definitely be leaving the Bernabeau, and of course that means that Arsenal are the favourites to sign him. Obviously….!

As per usual, Benzema himself has sent a message saying he has no intention of leaving Madrid, and he said this weekend after helping his team to win the Champions League: “I am happy here and I hope to be here for many years.

“I thank the people in Madrid for being there for me and my family.

“Thanks to everybody because they are part of my life and we are going to be used to winning titles.

“‘I am very proud of the team and I am glad because it is a very important title for everybody and I have to thank the supporters, the club’s president [Florentino Perez], the coach [Zinedine Zidane], the players and today we are in Madrid’s history.”

But this statement will not stop the media frenzy, just like last year, but we all know that there is little to no chance of Benzema leaving Madrid to come to li’l old Arsenal, so let’s just forget about him and hope hat we get Jamie Vardy!


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  1. Due to wengers policy of not wanting players that compete for a spot for both club and country, I refuse to believe any Benzema rumours before he’s presented.

    Think Janssen is more likely to happen

    1. gotta hate The transfer rumours, Gooner den, Emanuele guilianeli, metro, Jenny Lizarazo, Oh to be a gooner, Benzema and all the annoying stuffs that’s been happening surrounding transfers

    2. Beside he’s just a Giroud II, (not so clinical), the guy is known for missing a sitter. Missing a sitter, familiar???

  2. I don’t even want him at Arsenal, not too different from Giroud.
    He also has off-field issues too.

    Anyone remember how he ridiculed us last season when he was linked with us??

    1. How about zlatan for 2 years £250k a week is just £24m not bad for a striker. Could pay him a £6m signing on fee and a £6m loyalty payment making his wages only £12m over 2 years so less than ozil and alexis.

      Who knows if he would be good for a third year? But I bet during his years at the club, giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, chamberlain, akpom, mavididi etc ect, would learn a thing or two.

  3. Its difficult to know
    how good Benzema is.
    He played for a dominant
    Lyon then Madrid so
    he has always been in the best team in the league.
    His stats though are only on a par with Giroud.
    He’s not worth 30 mill to buy and 50k p/w more to pay than Giroud.
    He is 29 in Dec. and will need to be replaced in two seasons.
    Why would he come to always raining London from Spain
    to top 4 Arsenal just for two years? Retirement package maybe?
    No more deadwood!!!

  4. Admin, the advert “food to go” for marks and spencer is back, virtually completely obscuring the site, just a narrow vertical stripe is visible down middle of screen on ipad. Same as last night, which got thumbs up so assume it is not just me. No other website is affected.

  5. his performance saturday night was enough to confirm for me that we can do a lot better in terms of adding attacking options…would love griezman and aubameyang but would settle for one plus a lesser option…still need to sell the deadwood and the list is long

  6. I still think options that are achievable are:


    You will see that all good strikers stay at their clubs: Lewandowski, Auba, Higuan, Griezman.

  7. Regarding a striker, we need more than just Benzema. he is simply a slight upgrade on Giroud. As to me, we have go either for a proved clinical striker like Aubameyang, lewandosky, Lukaku etc or a young talent with a great potential like Janssen, Milik, Icardi, etc.

  8. Vardy? ? Noooo Admin, Noooooooo! ?
    Surely not this 29 year old, Beavis and Butt-head looking character ? who openly stated that he drinks every day and I’m sure that he wasn’t referring to Water! ?

    Vardy, is the only player that Leicester actually do want to sell, they have already lined up another striker.
    I would rather we spend the £20 million on Jansenn or Milik than spend it on Vardy.

  9. Vardy looks to have a strong natural physical strength stamina with special goals scoring ability. He maybe 29-30 years old. But he still looks very strong and he could sill play next season like the way he has played for Leicester last season or even bettered it.

    For sure, Arsenal will not sign Karim Benzema. The time Arsenal want to sign him has pass. Arsenal wanted him last summer but Real Madrid would not sell him to us. And besides that, he too didn’t want to leave Madrid. He even went as far to make fun & jest of Arsenal. Did Arsenal missed a bullet as they didn’t sign him? Benzema has become an injury pronener and he’s a great sitters misser.

    We don’t know which striker Arsenal may sign this summer. But Arsenal must have identified which striker they will prefer to sign amongst the striker options they have on their table if at all they will sign one.

    If peradventure Arsenal will sign a striker this summer, my preference is that striker should be versatile one who can efficiently operates from the wide-right wing and also can efficiently lead the lead line too for the Gunners.

    Who amongst Akpom, Willock and Mavididi will the Boss promote to the senior squad this summer? Mavididi? He has shown quality in that last Arsenal Under 21 promotion winning match at the Ems when he scored a brace. But I don’t know if his general performance level status at the AFC Under 21 squad is consistently strong to warrant the Boss to promote him to the senior team. I think he operates from the deep midfield to the left. What about his mate who gave him the assist from the right wing which enabled him to score his 2nd goal. He too has the assist vision.

  10. we are still waiting for that bitch who was 100% that benzema was coming to arsenal,she said that she would get naked if he didn,t,what happened to her??

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