Arsenal linked with cut-price Stoke midfielder

There has been much talk about Arsenal’s very small transfer war chest; 50 million if you believe some rumours and 70 million if you believe others. With it looking like Emery’s first signing is going to be the free agent Stefan Lichsteiner from Juventus it is entirely possible that Arsenal could also be tempted by the Senegal international Badou Ndiaye, who could have a cup-price get-out clause after seeing Stoke City relegated this season.

Badou (real name = Papa Alioune Ndiaye) only arrived at Stoke from Galatasary in January and has only played 13 times for the Potters, but it has been revealed he can leave by the Galatasaray correspondent Mehmet Ozcan, who was quoted as saying: “Ndiaye has a clause in his contract so he could leave on certain conditions. From Turkey I know that Fenerbahce and Besiktas met his representatives over a potential move.

“I also know that three clubs from the Premier League want him.”

Ndiaye was very highly rated at Stoke despite them getting relegated and he could be a surprise star of the future. He is big and strong and could help out the Gunners leaky defence next season. He only cost Stoke £14m in January so could by a value signing. Is he worth a gamble at that price?



  1. Phil says:

    Seriously?Why would we want anyone from that mob?

    1. Counsel says:

      Because we are now being managed like the animal farm

      1. Phil says:

        Well let’s hope they don’t sign your Goat ? @Counsel otherwise you will have no one to play with in the evenings

    2. John Kelly says:

      Obviously your not a tactical minded person.

    3. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      Why was United so stupid to buy Valencia from Wigan? That useless mob.

      Because not all players of a shit team are shit – a very basic fact of football.

  2. Abs says:

    Surely we’ve learnt from our mistake with buying Mustafi from a relegated club. Not to be to harsh on the guy he could turn out to be a great player but we need someone who can come in hit the ground running straight away.

  3. Sean says:

    Id take anyone whos a decent DM as we currently dont even have one in our ranks, Maitland Niles could a suprise package this season in that role but he needs leadership to guide him to becoming a great midfielder, Kid has all the tools needed. We do make Stars still dont we?

    We dont have alot of money so we need to be smart;
    1. He wont cost to much in either price tag or wages
    2. Coming from the turkish league then to Stoke you need to be pretty tough tbh in those sort of hooligan clubs but something we have lacked for years is aggression & battling. Our lot have been pampered lets be real under Arsene.
    3. We need a DM to support our defence & he may well do the job along with Niles, as hes the future of Arsenals midfield. He needs to be groomed for that position, fight with this guy for that spot could be very interesting & great for us to watch.
    4. We have other targets so 70m does not go far, We need 2 Cbs, Dm, Lw & GK at the very least this summer.

    2 CBs could be Sokratis (20m)& Söyüncü (35m). Add, if this is true, then add Ndaiye (14m) as our DM. Would that be a good start, i think so. We dont have as much spending power of the other few clubs. 70m to spend, this takes all the money. All that would be left is to sell a few players in Mustafi, Welbeck & Ospina to possible gather up enough to sign a GK.

    1. John Kelly says:

      Maybe Nzonzi from Seville and rotate the 2 DM. Both played under Emery before.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Despite what others have said above, Arsenal have taken some great players from Stoke City in the past.
        Given Arsenal now have Sven and Raul to look out for hidden gems for Unai, Arsenal have good insite into the German, Spanish, South American and French leagues.
        We, as Arsenal fans, are in for an interesting ride.

  4. Unai have an eye for good quality players and he was brought to improve our players unlike allegri and enrique who want 200 million buying power.
    So we need good players with 15 to 20 million each thats mean 4 players. a dmf cb, gk and winger
    selling 2-3 players mean we have 40 million more to fund a quality signning and hoping a good CB

    1. Sean says:

      Got a feeling we wont buy a winger, as much as we desperatly need one, we couldnt really afford a top winger if we are concentrating from GK – CDM.

      Only way a winger comes in is if we raise enough from Welbz, Perez, Ospina & Mustafi sales. Hiw much roughly are each worth? Wouldbt be alot.
      Mustafi 15-20m
      Perez 5- 10m
      Ospina 4-7m
      Welbz 10-15m /roughly between 35-40m tops?

      1. Enagic says:

        I will not be surprised if all those players are sold like what happened in january not expected that and will be better way to raise our transfer kit and bring in what we really need to be able to compete again but you forgot Ozil too

        1. jon fox says:

          And Bellerin!

          1. Enagic says:

            yes if it was my way i will him got thats why we are bringing this guy from Juve for free

          2. Enagic says:

            sorry let him go

          3. Midkemma says:

            So you would walk into next season with Juve old RB as our only RB?
            Really glad Emery got the job and not you Jon 😛

            Bellerin has talent, he clearly shown this when he kept Debuchy out the team, he has been failed since though by the manager who has failed EVERY DEFENDER. Bellerin has shown his desire to stay with us, he got his new shirt number and he is our number 2 now. Give Emery time will you? He hasn’t had 1 training session with the squad and your already condemning players…

            I’ll poke fun… Can’t resist this…

            You really are a Victor Meldrew, not happy unless you are being a grumpy old git, do you also say stuff like “I Dooooonn’t belieeeeeve it”?

          4. jon fox says:

            Pathetic, as most of your much derided (by many, not merely me) posts are. Hardly any Gooners rate Bellerin and if you could be bothered to read them you will see loads of people think he cannot defend properly at all. You have one good point though, in that Wenger failed “EVERY DEFENDER” ( your own words) which includes the one you almost alone on here, claim has “talent”, Bellerin. Further, I never said Bellerin should be sold UNTIL we have poper replacements. I just want those brought in ASAP, which now seems to be about to be happening, so that the dreadful BELLERIN HAS NO NEED TO PULL ON OUR SHIRT NEXT SEASON. If you wish to take me on in fun making you will find I can and will make you look very silly, even more silly than you do already! As for keeping the poor and injured Debuchy out of the team, well that is hardly impressive for anyone . Even Bellerin!

          5. AshburtonGrove says:

            Debuchy went on to make Ligue 1 team of the year! proves Wenger has his golden boys and was a stubborn old fool.
            Bellerin is absolutely useless, cant cross, can’t defend and can’t jump. He has pace and that’s it – he’s the defender version of Walcott and unless we get rid of him he’ll be worth nothing by next season and earning a fat salary.

      2. Midkemma says:

        People was saying Ox wasn’t worth more than £20 million yet look at the price we got for him.

        I would be happy to accept £1.99 for Welbroke but hey… maybe Liverpool will pay £35 million for him to replace Sturridge. 😛

        The player I would LOVE to have as the left forward is Martial, the guy was on form before Alexis went to UTD and took his place, the guy has talent and years ahead of him.
        In all honesty, I would try and swap Ozil for Martial, while some may think we are getting the wrong end of the stick…. Did we when we got Mkhi for Alexis?

        Rambo-New DM

        Bonus? AFC save on wages XD

        1. Enagic says:

          Last summer and January was a good piece of business offloading all those players we should have money then but i keep hear we only have 50mln i dont get – and Ramsey needs to go to and Martial is not what we need – we need creative players like Forsberg,Praet, Malcom, Kerem – and we also need bigger squad yesterday when Liiverpool lost Salah it was over – we need squad depth going to next season

      3. Enagic says:

        there are rumors we might get O. dembele on loan also we might buy alexis vidal who is a surplus and he worked with Emery while at seville – Unai will get arsenal in good shape also is willing to work with sanllehi, Sven something was a big no to mr wenger

      4. John Kelly says:

        Sell Ozil ,bring in Mahrez, sell Iwobi bring in Dembele, on Loan from Barcelona, and Sign Seri. Sokratis nearly signed. Now a Goal keeper Leno and then sell Wellbeck, Bring in Nzonzi. Doesn’t cost a lotbut makes us a bit more physical and strengthen the defense. The attackers are there.

      5. Rudy Garcia fan says:

        Mustafi is strangely still valued at about 25 mill (still young for aCB), so 45 – 50 is more realistic, although I have to say that Xhaka is the only Arsenal player in history that is going to make me stop watching the team if he stays…
        Add him and it’s 70 mill. which gives us 140 mill. to spend on 1 GK, 2 defenders, 1 DM, 1 winger. Not enough unless the winger is in the last year of his contract. Add Bellerin and it might just about be possible if Lichst. signs on a free, and we get a cheap CB – Sokratis/Evans.

  5. Wrighty64 says:

    Mario Lemina from Southampton would be a far better fit. He is a big strong imposing figure with a great range of passing. Watched him a few times last season & he seems to have the temperament to play at a higher level. I believe Arsenal were interested in him when he left a Juventus but they didn’t make a firm offer.

    1. Enagic says:

      Again it was down to mr conman

  6. Jeremy says:

    Was looking at the last match for Juve.

    Very emotional for Juve fans to see Gigi leaves.

    Lichsteiner is a very disciplined defender and a strong figure. I think it’s good to have him with us.

    Hope our defending improves. The panicky defending in some matches near end of season, was embarrassing to watch. I had to remind myself I’m watching our team.

  7. Scarra says:

    I wouldn’t mind him as he is strong,mobile and better than any option we have in CDM and mind you ABS, Valencia weren’t relegated when we bought Mustafi from them

  8. Midkemma says:

    I’d prefer AFC not to.
    Now I will say a name and make everyone go “Nooooooo” but think about this name in all seriousness…

    Lassana Diarra.

    Old (for a footballer) so not going to block the progression of youth.
    Old (for a footballer) so not going to break the bank.
    Experience with top teams (Us, RM, PSG)
    Already knows the EPL and language (Us, Chavski and Portsmouth).
    Knows Emery (PSG player)

    Not going to say he would be the BEST option but considering Gazidis is sounding penny pinching and we don’t want to block potential from progressing into our 1st team… He would be a very good choice.

    1. jon fox says:

      “Nooooooo”. Well, you were right about what we would say.

  9. John Wick says:

    Tbf we’re linked to about 5 different players every day! We were linked to a host of managers from Buvac, Arteta, Allegri, Enrique, Henry, Vieira, Naglesmann and Lowe to which we got none! Every transfer window we linked to over a hundred players which we rarely get any.. I think it was Seri’s agent said Arsenal are very slow in transfer deals! If we’re seriously interested in a player, go out and get that player and stop beating around the bush! Even the Aubameyang deal went to the wire, why can’t we just wrap our deals up and get on with it!

    1. jon fox says:

      Most of these prevaricating “will we, won’t we” shenanigans were uinder Wenger. We now have a completely new and vibrant set up in charge and I believe we will get players we actually want in quickly from now onwards. You need to remember that papers and social media have an impetus of their own , predicting this , that or the other player and the club cannot be held responsible for this. As Gazidis memorably said, “Those who know don’t talk, those who talk , don’t know.” The Arteta situation proved this truth.

      1. John Wick says:

        Yeah, of course it’s mainly click bait.. I completely understand that, I don’t take much notice in journalism heresay Jon.. I’m probably just sounding off with frustration as most of us have experienced this for more than 15 years, Barron transfer windows, every player and his dog linked to a transfer and come September we’re left bitterly disappointed! Hopefully this new era brings a proper change and more importantly HOPE

      2. Ozziegunner says:


  10. Sergio says:

    I’m pretty worried regarding the quality of player we’re being linked with currently.

    The fact that we finished 6th this season and the board are only willing to give the manager £50m to strengthen the squad makes absolutely no sense to me. They must realise the back half of our team needs serious investment.

    Unless Emery can offload some deadwood very quickly to build extra funds for transfers, he’s going to have a very tough job on his hands improving the defensive capabilities of our team on that budget.

    (Unless he can actually coax a whole lot more out of these players than Wenger could!)

  11. Alfred says:

    arsenal we can make if they bring good players.but I don’t is problem to us.they need to us more.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Money is a problem because we are storing them in the bank. And we don’t know who is stopping the legitimate strengthening of the team.

      With AW gone, truth will surface. AW or Kroenke? The club is getting good money from the fans and ought to invest in some players.

  12. Gooner says:

    What about shaqiri we need a winger actually

    1. Sean says:

      I said that when stoke got relegated about Shaqiri. Could be very cheap but doesnt have the work rate

  13. Me says:

    If Arsenal expect to challenge next season they should provide adequate resources.
    I personally don’t see the point of appointing Emery.
    With this level of funding we will not improve over Wenger – we might as well have stayed with him – at least we knew what we were getting…

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah we knew what we were getting with Wenger all right -MEDIOCRITY

      1. Jeremy says:

        ??No way should AW be allowed to stay on…

  14. Diana says:

    Some of these players being mentioned are decent players but nowhere close to being what Arsenal needs. I honestly would rather see us spend all our transfer kitty on a world class DM and a CB, then buy other positions as we clear out.

    I am also worried because if Emery was clearing out, he should have informed players by now they are excess to requirements. Except Wilshere, who else have you heard being linked to another club? None. We will see i guess. Welbeck is the only one whose value may slightly go up after world cup. While it will be good to sell Mustafi and Bellerin, i dont realistically see this happening. Would rather bring in Lichtsteiner and hope he mentors Bellerin well, and Soyuncu/Sokratis to push Mustafi, the greek kid and Chambers, send aholding out on loan.

    Anyone as disappointed as I am we are not being linked to Zaha. While he has a lot of skill, its his work rate i will take any day, but with our immediate needs and transfer kitty, you can see why not. So am hoping the Dembele loan deal is real and goes through, buying us time until we have more money to bring in a permanent winger.

    PS: the reason why most blogs and articles write about Arsenal is because Arsenal fans are the most active virtually, so it pays. How many of us here will say they dont check articles sometimes 4-5 times a day? Sometimes opening 5-8 pages in one sitting??

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