Arsenal linked with ridiculous bid for Liverpool star

With the festive period approaching and 2016 soon coming to a close, it means that unbelievably the Premier League season is almost at the halfway through. The midway point also means that the January transfer window will soon be opening up and for Arsenal, that means an opportunity to strengthen and push for the title.

Arsenal fans are used to a distinctive lack of action from Arsene Wenger in January transfer windows, with Le Prof failing to add to the squad in places we desperately need help in. One area that the Gunners arguably still need to strengthen in is attack, because although Alexis is proving to be impressive in his new role, there are still some that are unconvinced by the Chilean.

Personally I’m not one of those to not have faith in our South American star, I have had my doubts but I think he has really developed into the role now that he’s been given an extended run in that position. But for those that remain unconvinced, they may be pleased to hear the rumours that Arsenal are considering a few striking options this January.

One of those options is supposedly Liverpool striker Robert Firmino, who is being linked with a big money move to the Gunners. As reported by the Daily Mail, Arsene Wenger is reportedly considering making a move for the Brazilian striker, although at a supposed £82 million, I think the Gunners shouldn’t even bother making an offer. Firmino hasn’t impressed massively during his time in England in my opinion. The striker who joined the Premier League from the Bundesliga has failed to truly live up to expectations, with Liverpool surely expecting a little more from their front man.

Firmino has been strong in front of goal so far this season with six premier league goals, but I still don’t think he is an improvement on Alexis Sanchez, especially not at such a high price. According to the report, Arsenal may be blocked from any negotiations anyway, due to Liverpool still not being happy with the confrontation between clubs over the potential Luis Suarez move in 2013. Wenger took the mickey a bit by offering just £1 over the release clause, and Liverpool some how managed to block the move legally.

At such a high price for such an inconsistent player, perhaps it’s best that Liverpool aren’t willing to talk to the Gunners?



  1. seatofthesoul says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but what was the motivation for this article?

    For starters, it is an absolutely ridiculously rumour that surely has no substance.
    Secondly, Sanchez has made that position his own, I know you stated you believe he is competent leading the line, but is anyone doubting that? Especially after his recent games.

    Why not focus on us winning our CL group for the first time in recent years against the odds? I can’t think of many players who would be a) available and b) cost-effective or c) improve our squad.

    We have 2 good players for every position, even when players aren’t performing others have stepped up (Xhaka / Ox / Gabriel / Lucas?).

    1. josh37 says:

      Haha i’m pretty sure a CL hat-trick can remove the question mark from Lucas stepping up 😉

  2. josh37 says:

    Sorry if what is coming is too harsh….
    But lazy, lazy, lazy article. The article you link from the Daily Mail has absolutely nothing in the slightest to do with Arsenal making a move for Firmino. The point of the article is that the clause in his contract is for everyone bar Arsenal. Seriously? That took like two seconds to read!
    ‘One area that the Gunners arguably still need to strengthen in is attack, because although Alexis is proving to be impressive in his new role, there are still some that are unconvinced by the Chilean.’ – riggggggght…… because Shearer said he wasn’t World-class? the saying clutching at straws would be too far a stretch. Clutching at a black hole while falling into oblivion may be more accurate for this one!!
    And again… Can we get over the Suarez bid?? What were we supposed to do? Throw them an extra mil as charity? The clause was activated in his contract, they were the ones who made the bid public, if they wanted to respect Suarez’s contract he would’ve left. How this has gone on for so long as if we’re the bad guys in this situation is ridiculous. The media and Liverpool have trolled us hard in a situation where they blocked the move.

  3. Bobbyraz says:

    82mil for firmino these guys have to be mad, thier best player coutinho wont even cost 82mil, we betta put a 100mil clause into ozil’s and sanchez’s contracts

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