Arsenal linked with two Serie A stars but should sign just one

A few days ago a piece of Arsenal transfer gossip did the rounds in the media but we chose to ignore it on that occasion because it did seem a little out there but the media have persisted and updates on the rumour have added a little credibility and therefore it is now definitely worth a discussion.

The gossip in question is that Arsenal is interested in Sampdoria duo Joachim Andersen and Dennis Praet.

The news apparently broke in Italy and was then picked up by the media in the UK and it is being reported that Arsenal has sent representatives to monitor the pair.

The scouts were sent to watch the them play against Juventus in the final game of the season for Sampdoria and by all accounts were impressed with what they saw from Praet, however, Andersen did not feature from the bench in the 2-0 win over the Italian champions.

Andersen is a solid defender that could definitely do a job for us at the back and Praet is the sort of midfielder that is seen by some as a replacement for Aaron Ramsey.

Arsenal does have cordial relations with the Serie A side having signed Lucas Torreira from them and so it can be argued that there is a good chance we could land one or both of them.

We would apparently face competition from Tottenham for Anderson and it should be noted that we have been linked with a handful of midfielders, in particular, Ryan Fraser from Bournemouth and so Praet is probably the least likely of the two to join us.

Of the two it is Andersen that interests me the most, he is just 22-years-old and has been a regular starter this season for Sampdoria, he has put in consistent performances all season long and does look like he could be a top player for years to come.

Praet is just 25 himself and like Andersen has been a regular fixture in the Sampdoria team but is not prolific with either assists or goals finding the net just twice and providing assists a measly three times this season.

Hopefully, this rumour is real and if it is then Andersen would be very welcomed, not so much Praet.


  1. Agree. If we have to choose between those two Sampdoria players, it is better to select Andersen

    Sampdoria’s position is not good on Lega Calcio table, hence I expect Arsenal to chase players from better clubs

    Ibrahima Konate managed to bring Leipzig into CL zone in such young age, therefore we should prioritize him over other CB targets

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  3. Oh Kenny Rolfe in response to your reply under my comment, this is it
    Oh well good thing you ain’t Emery then, loads of bullshít, you can keep building up this tension between yourself and other fans, I really won’t let it bother me, when it’s game time tomorrow, whoever Emery selects has my support, even if he ends up selecting Iliev.
    Emery will be in charge of the selections, not me, not you, he’s the boss so you can write all you want blabbing about how Leno should be in post, you can keep repeating it over and over, it won’t change or affect my mental readiness for the game.
    They’re both our keepers, when the time comes, Cech has my support, but if it’s Leno, Leno will have my full support, all I want is the win, the rest of you can keep debating and building up tensions among yourselves giving reasons why Cech should be dropped.
    At least this “Sentimental rubbish” as you call it, is mine not yours, I might as well give reasons as to why your reactions are sentimental bullshïts buy I won’t, not today, I’m focused on the game tomorrow.
    and even if I were to be a football manager fanatic, at least I have some real knowledge about the game in real life too.
    In football no goalkeeper is entitled to shït, Leno isn’t entitled to the spot, Cech isn’t entitled to it, that’s why our manager gave them those chances in both competition, they’ve both done well, like I said, Leno isn’t entitled to shït just because he’s also good, Cech hasn’t done anything bad that needs him to be dropped.
    Leave my football knowledge for me, I don’t impose it on anyone, so all I’ve done is try to focus on the game tomorrow.
    Like I said, Goodluck talking about who should or shouldn’t start in post, When next I see such discussion I’ll probably scroll along and won’t bother reading any of that negative build-up y’all brewing

  4. Its really summer transfer, i hope we get into ucl place by winning EL, then we will know how capable Mr Raul and his team are, in handling transfer, i dont want him have excuse of UCL,
    Am realy curious about Ozil, Micky, Mustaffi
    Fingers crossed, hope the tension and pressure doesnt get to our players, i reckon UE is a big match coach, that alone is my comfort for tomorow match.
    Everyone has been tipping us for the win and that is giving me pressure, how i wish we are label underdog, all in all, winning is a must. Coyg

  5. I would have want emery to sign just five or six player this summer to compete with those big team next season. Emery has doing big job in this just concluded season by signing some player like Toirera, Goundozie, Sokratis, Leno and transformed some of our player to big one, we just needed some big steel and strong one with pace such as Ryan Frazer, Andrien Rabiot, Leandro Trossard, Manolas and Alaba .So that our line up will look like this in next season.
    Bellerin. Sokratis. Manolas. Alaba

    Trossard. Toireira. Rabiot. Frazer

    Aubameiyang. Lacazette

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