Arsenal links with Tagliafico gaining pace

When a player consistently keeps on getting linked with Arsenal, from a variety of different angles, you have to start thinking that there is substance to the speculation and that is certainly the case with Nicolas Tagliafico.

It just feels that day after day there is one article or another claiming that the Ajax star is on his way to the Emirates, now, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I am sure you understand where I am coming from.

Just today our hopes of signing the 26-year-old have apparently been boosted because he said he wants to take the leap when talking about leaving the Dutch giants.

Four days ago Tottenham joined us in the race to sign the left-back claimed the Metro.

Even the Spanish media, via Marca, are getting in on the act and a couple of weeks ago they were claiming that Arsenal joined the hunt to sign the player.

However, eight days before that article published by Marca, the Daily Mail was reporting that Arsenal had joined Real Madrid in the chase for the Argentine.

And on and on it goes, media outlets from across Europe in one form or another are publishing articles claiming we are right in the thick of it and at some point, you have to think, this is starting to look genuine.

Whether Tagliafico ends up signing for us I do not know, but what I do know is that far too many publications on different dates in different countries are linking us with the player and for me, that is just too much of a coincidence to ignore and that makes the speculation linking us with the defender the real deal.


  1. “Four days ago Tottenham joined us in the race to sign the left-back claimed the Metro.” I don’t understand how you manage to type stuff like that with a straight face. You must as well be telling me a piss covered tramp told you Tottenham were in for Tagliafico.

  2. Why would Arsenal chase an LB that is older than Kolasinac? Would make more sense if they are after Tierney or Grimaldo instead

  3. I have bad news.

    Atletico are chasing him and the player named them specifically before saying good things about La Liga. They mentioned that he’s an Argy, and he named Simeone specifically also.

  4. It looks like Arsenal are after a LB and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these names are being part of the number of players scouted, I don’t think each one will be a real transfer target but it is good to see the club looking at alternative players, depending on our situation when the window opens to which will be the best option for our situation.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Tierney.

    With all these names… I don’t feel so worried about a panic buy due to lack of preparation, kinda feeling positive that we may be acting with intent.

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