Arsenal loan report including Torreira scores first Atletico goal

Arsenal sent out a number of their players on loan for the rest of this season and some of them were in fine form at the weekend.

With the signing of the likes of Willian, Thomas Partey, and Gabriel Magalhaes, certain Arsenal players were almost certainly not going to play as many games as they would have liked.

The transfer window offered some of those players the opportunity to leave, albeit temporarily, here is the loan report for the last weekend, courtesy of

Lucas Torreira came off the bench at the weekend to score his first goal for Atletico Madrid and rounded off a 3-1 win over Osasuna.

Matteo Guendouzi made a return from injury to play 33 minutes for Hertha Berlin at the weekend. His team drew 1-1 with Wolfsburg.

James Olayinka played 90 minutes for Southend, but they lost 2-0 to Port Vale.

Tolaji Bola played his fifth consecutive game for Rochdale as they drew 1-1 with Bristol City.

Harrison Clarke also saw 90 minutes of action for Oldham at the weekend, but they lost the game 2-0 to Salford.

Mark McGuinness was in action and kept a clean sheet for Ipswich as they beat Crewe 1-0, that was his second consecutive clean sheet.

Ben Sheaf was in action for the 90 minutes as Coventry beat Reading 3-2.

Matt Smith played as Swindon beat Hull City 2-1.

Trae Coyle and Zech Medley were on the losing side as Sunderland beat Gillingham.

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  1. Torreira is a good player who was not treated that well at Arsenal. Arteta is a motivated and intelligent manager and will will carry on untill he succeeds. That, though, does not mean his future success will not be littered with the footballing corpses of players he does not like or want. It’s ‘the way you do it’ that differentiates the greats from the ordinary…..’ethics maketh the man’. I have no doubt Arteta will succeed , but will he be a legend? Wenger treated his players with great care, sensitivity and trust, I hope Arteta learns to do the same.

    1. Sean YES, Wenger indeed DID usually treat the players like a father would his sons. But I take a different tack completely from you, in what I suggest makes a great manager. I passionately believe that as a world famous club adored by countless millions around our globe, a managers prime responsibility is to onfield success of that club, as his prime duty is to club above ANY player AND ALWAYS MUST BE SO!

      I never overlook, as some do, that fans are what keeps football clubs alive, not players. You can lose any player, no matter how great and easily survive but take fans away- not merely in stadiums as at present but in their hearts and minds and football dies, in no time at all.

      That being so , any club must ALWAYS put the loveof the fans for that club BEFORE the individual happiness(I do not say WELFARE, but happiness) of any player!
      Wenger was guilty at times of putting style and attacking instinct before success I suggest that his last decades club defences went from mediocre, through bad, to disastrous That was irresponsible in my view.

      MA is the complete opposite and will always put the club above any player and has proven that with Ozil and Guendouzi, Sokratis too!
      I have not a shadow of doubt that MA will prove to be a truly great and historic manager of our club and maintain he is well on the way to proving that already.

      Club before player always, or neglect you prime duty!

    2. Torreira is a good player but not a good premiership player. To play as a defensive midfielder in the premier league you need to be stronger than he is. Arteta hasn’t lied to Torreira and the uruguayan is a professional. New managers happen all the time to players they just need to find another club that better suits them

    3. Not taking any of the great times Wenger gave us away, but he’ll always be behind the likes of ferguson and guardiola in terms of success as a manager. Wenger is above them in terms of being a human, but his job was to be a manager and not being a human. Sometimes his humanity with the players changed to pity. He didn’t deliver the champions league too

    4. What makes a manager a legend at a club is what he actually achieved and not his treatment of players. Wenger is so much loved because he actually won things in his first ten years, if he didn’t win anything at all, I bet he wouldn’t last 22 years, regardless of his player treatment

  2. Jon
    Generally I agree with you, but I put one thing above all else in life…..ethics. Success at any costs is secondary for me. Of course Wenger stayed way too long. I don’t think Wenger cared about the supporters at all, but he seemed to really care about the players. Arteta I’m on the fence with regarding ethics. He is certainly motivated, but I hope he is not ‘Ruthless’. As you know ‘Ruthless’ is a lack of ‘Ruth’ our old biblical friend, who had a compassionate streak and did what she did not have to do. So I was not impressed by how Arteta ‘seemed’ to cast away some players he did not like (and not based on their playing levels). I’m sure he will be successful, but how will he accomplish that? He may well turn out to be extremely ethical once he has executed his enemies. Just kidding. Maybe he will be a Great manager….there’s a long journey ahead for him. Just IMHO.

  3. Our initial decision to sign Lucas Torreira to command a midfield in the EPL was a strategic error. He was a useful player, but was undersized and often targeted by our opponents. I am glad this has been rectified by the loan deal to AM and our acquisition of Partey. He is much happier there, he is playing well, so we can reasonably expect to recover close to 30M from outright sale at the end of the season – a good piece of business for all parties involved.

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