Arsenal loanee 100% still has a future at the club

Fabrizio Romano says William Saliba 100% has a future at Arsenal after he was farmed out to Olympique Marseille for another loan spell this season.

The Gunners signed the Frenchman in 2019 from Saint Etienne and allowed him to remain at the club for the 2019/2020 season.

He joined Arsenal after that campaign, but Mikel Arteta deemed him unfit to play for the first team.

He has now spent the last one-and-half seasons away from the club on loan at Nice initially and then Marseille.

Saliba is a star in the French Ligue 1 and there have been suggestions that he would never get the chance to play for Arsenal as long as Mikel Arteta is the manager.

However, transfer insider, Romano insists in a recent update on the defender’s future that the Gunners have him in their plans.

He claims Arsenal is watching him and they have told him they are counting on him to become the star of their defence in the future.

He said on his Here We Go Podcast: “Arsenal are following William Saliba’s performance with Marseille, they are very happy with him. The club told him several weeks ago that they were counting 100% on him for the future of Arsenal.”

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    1. This is exactly the sort of irritatingly wrong use of language I usually notice and call out too.
      But essentially, it is after all only a misused phrase and no one is harmed.
      So even a pedant like me will now and again just let it go.

      And language needs to evolve and change, in order not to die, as Latin did!

      1. Jon are you a pedant or a pedantic?or both? you’re making a valid point about language having to evolve,having said that,we shouldn’t forget a word’s primary meaning especially when speaking of a person,take pedant(ic)for example,nowadays it has a negative connotation when in fact a pedant first meaning is a teacher/schoolteacher,

  1. Arteta did not believe Saliba was “ready”.
    But why? Was it poor technique or poor attitude or both? Of course Arteta will never say.
    With Guendouzie it was primarily attitude.
    Saliba it was probably techinique and attitude.
    Just how badly Gendouzie and Saliba have burned their bridges only time will tell.
    They both still fall within the preferred age group parameter. What ever happens Saliba and Guendouzie will both be brought back in the summer if only to keep their value highduring the transfer window because If Arsenal do not recall them buying clubs would say Arsenal does not want them and low ball the club. I believe Guendouzie is unlikely to return as he rubbed Arteta up the wrong way and if ithere is one thing Arteta will not tolerate it is insolence. But what of Xhaka you say? Well Arteta wanted Xhaka off the books but the bean counters said hold on till we can get more for him. Same with Torreira, Bellerin Nketiah Mari and probably Niles the weak market has meant they are only being kept for a better resale in Jan or June. Chambers and Holding are perennial quota players.

    1. Wow mr spokesperson. I like your daily reports on Arsenal’s business, the fakeness of whatever players and managers say, trust in the process etc etc.
      I liked it when you were Wyoming, sir. Now you became a little too mainstream lol.

  2. The fact that Arsenal has told Saliba he is in their plans is great news. An excellent defender he will make our defence rock solid. I only hope we see him in Arsenal colors soon. However regarding Guendouzi, I doubt whether MA really wants him ever at Arsenal, he is viewed as a trouble maker wherever he plays and that is the last thing any manager or any team want.

  3. He might have a future at the club as long as Arteta as gone if not I believe another talent will be lost because of the club’s failings to act on supporting a busted flush .
    When you see another report this morning concerning Martinelli then you have to question his decisions .
    A manager who’s done more harm than good since he got here ,that’s not an agenda that’s a fact .


      Facts are indisputable but I and many other Gooners will dispute the opinion that you wrongly claim as fact.

      Many will also agree with your opinion but once again it is your OPINION they will be agreeing with, NOT a fact!

  4. Lot of people on this site couldn’t understand why EG. Balogun wasn’t just used upfront earlier until the game against Brentford showed that although he looks great at lower levels, he’s not ready to lead a line in the Premier League yet. So perhaps are there legitimate reasons for Saliba’s absence in England so far, and perhaps when the time is right he will be a star in the Premier League.

    1. Yes 1 game without being given a run of starts to at least try find form and with almost no EPL experience is a great metric to judge off of…..

      Easy to throw someone in the deep end then say they are rubbish…..especially when the whole team is playing terribly.

      Very logical mate.

  5. Its got to be about Saliba wanting to come back. He wasn’t impressed with his treatment and why should he, he feels wanted in France.

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