Arsenal loanee is thriving because of his temporary manager

Matteo Guendouzi attracted mostly negative headlines during his time at Arsenal under Mikel Arteta.

The Frenchman is hot-headed, and that affected his relationship with his Arsenal manager.

He has now spent the last two seasons out on loan and he is having a very positive year at Olympique Marseille.

His time at the Ligue 1 side has been a success and should naturally earn him a return to the Arsenal first-team fold at the end of this season.

However, that is very unlikely to happen, considering that he and Arteta nearly never saw eye to eye at the Emirates.

But what is the secret to his return to form in France with Marseille?

L’Equipe via Sport Witness credits his current temporary manager, Jorge Sampaoli.

It claims both men enjoy a great relationship and the gaffer trusts him, which is one reason he has been almost ever-present in the Marseille side this season.

Just Arsenal Opinion

To be fair, Arteta has fallen out with many players during his short stint as Arsenal’s manager.

While that is not something very common, it also does not mean that the Spaniard is doing something wrong.

He inherited a rotten culture at the Emirates and had to change it. To achieve that, heads will roll and that has been happening.

As long as he achieves results with the players he keeps, we will not bother much about him falling out with players.

Watch Mikel Arteta talking the transfer window, Aubameyang and the squad size.

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  1. Congratulations to Matteo. Our team is constantly facing downs at the moment just because we can’t keep our best. We either loose them on claims of being undisciplined or moving to where they can win trophies.
    But the Best thing for us now is the manager learning to avoid interfering in players personalities at all costs.
    I just pray that Matteo plays for us and signs a new contract once again.
    I just can’t understand how someone getting red cards occasionally is the manager’s best and he’s………

    1. @Dannie
      Sad part about it is, most on here, even admin Martin bought into the Matteo is “hot headed” tripe.

      1. Or may be Guendouzi has realised that he has to grow up.
        He was a hothead, let’s not play mental gymnastics.

        1. @Goonster
          Seems you’re the one doin mental backflips trying to justify the treatment of said player…

    2. Just to be clear Marseille that Guendouzi plays for got not knocked out the Europa league in the group stage with zero wins. It’s not a massive success no matter how much people with agendas pretend otherwise and he’s not their best player Payet is. So again little confused. Do you want us to sign Payet?

  2. I would agree with Arteta’s difficulty in changing a culture he inherited when he took over. Unfortunately, it has damaged the transfer values of these players; Guendouzi being a prime example. Any deal now will be at a fraction of his market interest and value 2 years ago.

    Auba is another example. I don’t know what goes on at the club behind the scenes, but there must be another way to handle these situations.

    Perhaps massive fines, benching and sub appearances rather than starts, something besides these public fallouts that damage everyone; player, manager, and most importantly the club.

  3. Marseille have an option to buy at a bargain price, so even if Arteta wanted him, he’s wouldn’t be returning to Arsenal and his temporary manager will become his permanent manager.

    Marseille’s transfer ban is unlikely to affect the his permanent move to Marseille. Kovacic was on loan to Chelsea with an option to buy when their transfer ban was imposed and the deal was allowed to go through because the loan/option terms were in place before the ban.

    Finally, even if the buy option isn’t approved, Marseille simply have to appeal and implementation of the ban will be postponed while the appeal is under consideration. So even if Arteta was sacked tomorrow, Guendouzi is not coming back.

    1. It’s only an option to buy and not an obligation so he could come back, which I doubt, or be sold to someone else.

    2. Marseille can’t exercise that option because of their transfer ban. Appeals don’t matter they functionally refuse their option the moment they don’t take it but don’t let law and reality get in the way of your stories by any means.

  4. Nope…he did not inherit a rotten culture…..not true……Arteta just don’t like players disagreeing with him..he cannot handle that…especially with tactics….so there will always be fall out with players….

  5. Why are we Arsenal fans so sentimental, let’s look at it logically,

    Guendouzi has been on loan at two different clubs since the fallout at Arsenal,
    According to the fans inhere, Guendouzi is outstanding,

    Have you wondered why clubs have not come knocking for his signature? Or the signature of other loaned out players, like Guendouzi, they have been loaned out more than once and have not commanded the transfer market,

    In the case of Saliba, he needed more experience, I guess by the end of this season he’ll be ready,

    As for Torriera, he doesn’t like the EPL,

    So I agree with Arteta to let them go.

    1. DOH! Marseille have an option to buy for peanuts and players on loan are just that and not considered for sale but haven’t you heard of the interest in Saliba from Real and Bayern sniffing round Mavropanos, also given away for peanuts.

  6. In the case of Saliba, he needed more experience, I guess by the end of this season he’ll be ready,

    Yea ready to leave

    Regarding Matteo I agree though

      1. Saliba was only 18, I doubt any top club would leave their defense in the hands of an 18 year old,
        Experience comes with years of service,

        1. At age 17, David O’Leary made his Arsenal debut at central defence. He went on to clock nearly 30 senior Arsenal appearances before he even turned 18.

  7. Yet another very badly managed talent flourishing for a manager that funnily enough says he is CAPTAIN material. We have agreed to let him go for peanuts, shameful management and mismanagement of a player yet again.

    1. Reggie
      He might be captain material now but it is undeniable that he was a bad influence then
      Chances are you will tell me that Arteta should have persevered with him😊

      1. Was he really? He was a bit of a rogue but not a lost cause, like some tried to make out. How bad was really, compared to some.

      2. @SueP
        How was he such a bad influence? His only offences were to throttle an opposing player who went in hard on our keeper and he supposedly taunted a couple opposing players about pay disparities between the two clubs. What else is there?

  8. Ad MARTIN, I am firmly with you on this subject but many are not

    I say they do not consider any deeper than step one and never think further down the line.

    Wise fans have long known that all those who will not, or choose not, to toe the line are poisonous in an ambitious club and dressing room, which NOW AND AT LONG LAST, is virtually FULLof hard work and commmitted players.

    I say about time and I also say Hallelujah!

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