Arsenal loanee praised for positive attitude he rarely showed at Arsenal

Matteo Guendouzi left Arsenal on loan for the rest of this season as a hothead whose time as the club’s player was probably already up.

He fell out with Mikel Arteta, again, during Project Restart and he was axed from the club’s first team since that time.

Although Arteta claimed that he had been forgiven at the start of this season, there was no guarantee that the young Frenchman had worked on his attitude which so often caused problems for him at the Emirates.

The midfielder is now spending this campaign out on loan at Hertha Berlin and he has been getting positive reviews for his attitude and contribution.

Whereas it might be a struggle for Arsenal to overlook his attitude and talk about his positive contribution, his manager at Hertha Berlin, Arne Friedrich has been pleased with him and praised the midfielder recently.

He said that the former PSG trainee has been fantastic and he shows in training every day how good he is as a player. Adding that the midfielder is self-motivated to become a better player.

‘He’s a fantastic player,’ Friedrich said as quoted by Mail Online

‘We spoke to Arsenal before the transfer obviously, and I also spoke to Per Mertesacker, with whom I played in the national team. 

‘Every day he shows in practice what a good player he is.

‘He’s so calm. He wants every single ball, even under pressure. He has his own understanding that he wants to win games.

‘He has this intrinsic motivation to just show the world how good he is. This is what we need, this is what everybody needs and he is highly confident, which is also very important for our team because our team is still looking for structure.

‘We are very, very happy to have him here and he’s worth every penny.’ 

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  1. The problem is Arteta, not Gouendouzi. How can a manager hate you that much for boasting about your salary? I’m not saying that it’s right, but there those players who did bad things than that, and they are not being sidelined from the team. Gouendouzi and Maitland-Niles are treated differently from other players

    1. I can tell you why bec he is not British. If the same would have been with any British player all would have been justified. British young players who are in news everyday either breaking law related to COVID19 or drinking n showing bad attitude/trouble making in public that is less of an offence then having a heat exchange of words on field with an opposition player.

      1. Mohsan
        If you looked at the multitude of different nationalities at the club then Arteta would have fallen out with 22 players. There are 9 British players within the squad of 31 listed on my Arsenal app

        For the record, Salah broke protocol by going to a wedding in Egypt and without a face mask. Covid followed. You need to be a bit more cautious when condemning others other nationalities without any basis in truth

      2. We are talking about Arsenal. If you want to spout bullshit about foreign players not being treated as well as English players, go to some forum of a team where that is the actual case.

        And Guendouzi’s bad attitude was mentioned by his former manager at Lorient, so it’s not like it’s a new thing.

      3. MOHSAN, WHAT A SADLY MISTAKEN POST! You actually think players are judged differently if British! Words fail me!

    2. It is simply about his attitude! He was told to apologise, which he refused to do! That isn’t a sign of player to be allowed in the team for such poisonous and negative reasons. Attitude is essential in our team, which he lacks. Good he is now learning such, and the better for his future.

        1. Not for me Pat ,I’ve said it before I just don’t see anything special with him and it looks like Arteta seems to agree ,if we could get 20 million for him that would be a great bit of business .

          1. Dan kit, WHATEVER he fetches , he MUST be sold. As you say, he is nothing special, though he clearly THINKS he is! Arrogant bigheads in a team sport are poison to success.

    3. TG Do you really not understand that he was not sidelined for a mere boast but for his all round lack of humility? MA is trying to instill discipline and a one for all mentality throughout the club and needs a maverick who thinks he knows better nthe manager like a hole in the head.


      One boy is never bigger than the club, no matter how much he thinks he is and no matter how many naive fans think so too!

    1. Nah.
      His value would be much higher after one good season in England.
      Up to Arteta to show if he’s any more grown up than Guen.

      Guen is also the captain of French u21s so it seems plenty of managers feel working with him is not a problem.

      1. It was a personal issue. That is true. On it in particular, I sided with the manager, because he’s a young guy in his first job. He had to stamp his authority on the dressing room. Next year however, I don’t see a reason why we should for example help madrid to develop ceballos. That slot could well be handed to Guendouzi.

  2. Guendouzi always had a positive attitude as far as I’m aware but was sidelined for what he said to the Brighton players about how much he earned compared with them. Anyway, good luck to him and perhaps we will sell him but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was back with us next season.

    1. I really think the best course of action involves not selling him. If he sorts out his attitude, he can be a mainstay in the middle. I feel like Guendouzi could grow into what Xhaka is meant to be. A proper deep lying playmaker , but with the ability to sometimes carry the ball when pressed. I love Xhaka’s vision, I love that in the last 3 or 4 games he’s more confident on the ball, but he’s 28 . There’s only so much Mikel can improve about him. Guendouzi on the other hand is raw, young , and if he can listen, a combination of him and Niles maybe 3 years from now would be nearly unbeatable. But just like I said, attitude is a really big part of the equetion.

      1. Only Arsenal supporters cannot see the potential in Gouendouzi. Big clubs(Barca, Real Madrid, Psg) can see that potential. Selling Gouendouzi will be the biggest mistake

    2. 👍 Declan

      I’m glad he’s impressing over in Germany… Bit harsh saying he rarely showed a positive attitude whilst with us…

      1. Yes Sue, he’s hardworking, passionate and plays with his heart on his sleeve, also has a lot of skill. His exile does now seem a bit harsh but I’m sure we don’t know everything that went on.

  3. He has this intrinsic motivation to just show the world how good he is.

    This bit, I can believe. If there’s anything I loved about Matt, it was his self belief. The reason why I still believe he will grow to be a star, is because that right there is the attitude of a start.

    Pogba, Zlatan, Thierry, Viera, Scholes, Gerrard . They all had that aloofnes. That desire to show the world that they were the best. I hope he can sort out his beef with Mikel. I’d really love to see him develop with us.

    1. I guess he’s sorted his attitude, it’s just that teenage attitude I believe, all he needed was sometime away to think straight,

      He’s a combination of strength & skill ,he would have been lovely with Partey , hopefully in the coming season ,

      If Arteta stays till summer, he too would have learnt some vital lessons,

      I wish he could have Dennis bergkamp as his assistant.

    2. Joe,
      I thought Guendouzi was really silly and it showed by not showing humility for his antics and lack of respect for his manager. If he grows up and realises his responsibilities and does well in Germany then, like you say,Arteta has the option to keep or sell. Win win

  4. I’ve never understood the dislike towards Guendouzi. Yes, he’s hot headed but I love his tenacity & desire to win. He’s a very young player, I think Arteta should have done better with the way he handled him. There are matches where he outperformed his senior players by a country mile. He isn’t easily bullied & he definitely knows how to stand up for his team mates. I hope he gets another chance at Arsenal.

  5. It’s all a matter of opinions of course, but I never really thought he showed the kind of play that is being heaped on him at Hertha Berlin.
    Commitment no doubt about that, but when did he ever make the kind of passes and tackles that the likes of Gilberto , Vieria and Petit made?

    I see AMN as a much more likely player for that role and he, at least, sorted out his disciplinary issue’s with MA.

    If he is making this kind of impression over in Germany, my view is to sell him and use the money elsewhere.

    Would like to add that Lacs has a brilliant game last night and, along with ESR, could be the answer to the creative gap, when MO leaves.

    1. I agree Mr. Ken. Maybe we could sell while the iron is still hot, like the case of Iwobi and Chamberlain. Regarding Lacazette, to be frank, I think Arsenal will try to sell him in the summer instead of extending his contract. And the possibility of a new midfielder arriving seems more at the moment. I just hope that midfielder won’t hamper ESR’s growth. We have a good crop of young players who could transition into the first team and do well for us in the next few years, and it excites me very much.

      1. Sid, it’s being reported that MA wants to extend Mustafi’s stay at the club… so anything could happen in my opinion 🙄

        1. Ugh, Mustafi? Lacazette is a better defender than him! For Arsenal’s sake, I’d trust Arteta with my garbage before I trust him with this team. Some of the players here shouldn’t even be here anyways.

      2. “Sell while the iron is hot”? And if for any reason he turns out to be a STAR in future, we’ll have several articles on here discussing whether we were right or not to let him leave…lol.

        1. If we can make a good deal then why not? Afterall we discuss players who we sold for very less, and they went on to be stars at other clubs. If we sell him for, say 35-45 million I think everyone will be happy.

  6. OT- Saw a video about Santi. Man I miss the guy so much. The awful setpieces we take now…. and to imagine Santi took setpieces with either feet, as and when required! What an absolute chad!

    1. Sid, he was one of the players who “fans” said we spent too much time waiting for his return to fitness!!!
      Yet another example of this type of fan wanting instant success and not just waiting – another example of gazidis mishandling players…nothing to do with UE in my opinion.

      1. So how long would YOU WAIT Ken? How long would you have waited for DIABY too? If players cannot be fit much of the time, how can they be of use to any team? Agree about GAZIDIS, AS YOU WELL KNOW!

        1. Maxis, Guendouzi and Cazorla are two completely different case and I did sort of link them without intending to.

          Sid’s post on Cazorla put me off track a little – so to make it clear- Santi would never act like a spoilt little prig, who boast about his salary and not take the opportunity to apologize.

          Jon, well, as he was injured during October 2018 and the treatment he received failed miserably by the way, including numerous operations and the probability of losing his foot, it was a wonderful sight to see him out on the pitch, training before the AM game in April 2018.

          To then let him go for free just one month later, without giving him the time to prove his fitness, energy and commitment ranks with the most ridiculous decisions ever made by our club – as Santi has proved and is still proving today.
          After waiting nearly two years for him to regain fitness and start training again, gazidis let him go one month later.

          I suggest Jon, that the club, not only as a sensible move, but also morally after the bodge up with his injury, a further eight months, until the January window was the least we should have expected – not only for the player, but also to have the time to find a decent replacement if necessary.

          How many Cazorla’s are their in the world for heavens sake and, of course, it would never have happened before gazidis took control of contracts and transfers that’s for certain.

          Cazorla at 50% capacity would still outshine Ceballos by the way in my opinion.

          I replied to you on the MA/AW article, have you read it and replied?

  7. He is one of the players who always played with positive attitude. I am pretty sure he will succeed in his career and will end up in a big club. Some arsenal fans who are blindly following MA and blame everyone else they will get another slap in the face like they already had one with ozil situation.

    1. I actually agree with something you said! I think he will end up at a big club!

      I also think we’ll get big bucks for him, and use it to buy a better player with a better attitude…..

      1. Spot on Pat and the MO situation is completely different anyway.

        He was at a big club and messed that up – I’m with Arteta on this one with regards to his completely ignoring the olive branch offered.
        At no time has he even approached an apology and reminds me of David Bentley with his attitude.

  8. France Under 21 manager sees him in a very good light, made him captain. Hertha Berlin talk very highly of his attitude and ability. The guy deserves his chance to prove himself and he obviously has many admirers of his ability. I really think him and Partey could be a unit, lets hope that is the case.

  9. I miss the young lad and I ate Arteta’s guts now, but Guendouzi’s getting chances to play and if you look at the smile on his face (which I think is pasted on there) he’s obviously enjoying his time at Berlin. I agree with all you fans who say that he’s been treated unfairly because he obviously is. Ceballos hit Nketiah and he got a second chance, Aubameyang went and crashed a car and he got a second chance, so why not Guendouzi?

    I strongly suspect that Arteta just hates Guendouzi on a whole, and I don’t see why. Maybe the two should go on holiday together next summer.

    Is Gary Neville included in this? Because if he opens his mouth I’m waiting to shut it up!

    Arteta, you’ve lost my respect…

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