Arsenal loanee sends a “long-term” message back to the Emirates

Matteo Guendouzi has made it clear in a recent interview that he is happy at Olympique Marseille and intends to remain at the French club for the long term.

The midfielder has fallen out with Mikel Arteta and may have played his last game for Arsenal.

However, the Gunners would look to make as much money as they can from his sale and that would not necessarily come from his current loan club.

In a recent interview, as he prepares for international football with the France national team, he said as quoted by RMC Sport:

“I am on loan.

“I am focused on what I have to do with OM; I want to be a part of OM for the long-term.

“I am very comfortable with OM; I want to continue having fun in Marseille.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Guendouzi has been one of Arsenal’s best young imports, but the midfielder is an unrepentant hot head.

His latest comments show a lack of regard for Arsenal and it just gives more reasons he shouldn’t play for the Gunners again.

On-loan players are expected to remain loyal to their parent club, but Guendouzi doesn’t care that much about his relationship with Arsenal.

He has been one of Marseille’s finest players this season and the Gunners will hope his form would attract good money in transfer fees when the club offloads him in the summer.

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  1. Again, is the article on JA wrong? Arsenal as i understand wont make any money because they have stupidly agreed a loan with an agreement to by for €9 mil. It is futile talking about Arsenal making money on a player that they wont make any money on his very successful loan because of the short-sightedness of the club. Somebody will make money out of him next summer but Arsenal will not. Unless you can say this article is correct.

    1. @Reggie
      Like how they always manage to throw in the”hot head” jab, whenever they write about dude. No matter how good he’s playing.

      1. But it’s his attitude that stinks and MA doesn’t need this average player to worry about, as he builds HIS team for the future.
        Compare his attitude to any other player currently on our books – can you see him striking a partnership with Saka or ESR?
        His attitude reminds me so much of David Bentley and, wherever Guendouzi plies his trade, in my opinion, he will always be a problem.

        As for the contract side of the discussion, it seems Edu (?) has made a pigs ear of it, along with the derisory buy out clause for Mavs… I thought this was supposed to be a thing of the past once the new regime took over?

        1. But ken, since he has left Arsenal on loan, he has been made France U21 Captain, made Captain of Marseille for a game in the captains absence, called up to the France national team and played all season so far for Marseille with obviously not a glimer of a problem. I know JA tried to blame him with a fracas with one of his team mates but the story must have been twisted because the very next game Gouendouzi was made captain and the other o player has not started since. You may or may not rate the player, that is opinion that matters not as to where he is going in the game but to just keep saying he has a bad attitude is plain blinkered to where he is at at the moment. I think Arsenal have boobed big style on him but that doesn’t matter to him, he will go on to be what he is, whatever.

          1. @Reggie
            Once again, RealTalk Gooner.
            Dude had one incident under Arteta and another at Berlin.
            While Xhaka has had several and is made Capt, then vice Capt and rewarded with a bumper deal. Like how Ken called Matteo “average”. Matteo is streets ahead of ESR, Saka, Xhaka, Odegaard, Lokongo, Elneny and AMN. Dude is the engine for OM at the moment.

            1. He was let go by PSG for reasons unknown. We then got him cheap because he was kicked out of 1st team training by his Ligue 2 club (he was their best player.) Then he had 2 incidents with Arteta not one. Then an issue at Berlin who passed on the opportunity to keep him. There are also plenty of rumours coming out Marseille too, he’s just currently performing well in a team that is going okish. Watch what happens when Marseille go through a bad patch which could come very soon if they lose away at galatasaray. If they then drop behind in the race for 2nd/3rd he is the last guy you’d want in the dressing room winding everyone up as the pressure builds and the fans turn.

              For all the talk about how he’s tearing up trees, Marseille are 11 points behind PSG in 4th in Ligue 1 (a europa spot) admittedly just 1 point off the 2nd guaranteed CL spot and 3rd in their Europa group with 4 draws in 4 games, they go away to top next so entirely possible they’ll be knocked out the Europa that day. He’s not even been their best player 34 yr old Payet has whilst our own Saliba and a couple of others have been playing just as well.

              Talk about over hyping a guy because of an agenda. Meanwhile you slate our entire midfield bar Partey in ESR/Saka/ode/lokonga/xhaka/amn/elneny who are playing in a harder league and find themselves 6 points off the top spot in 5th (a Europa slot same as Marseille.) Can you imagine the outcry if we were on track to get knocked out the Europa in the group stages as is the most likely outcome for Marseille currently.

            2. My point exactly. If Marseille have enough sense and treat him right, they’ll get a world class player out of him.

            3. Thanks NY, Arsenal has boobed big style on this player and we are going to make zilch. His so called attitude problem that he supposedly has got, is not holding him back.

            4. NY-Gunner, To claim he is “streets ahead of ESR SAKA is way beyond ludicrous!

              You need to apply some realism if you wish to be taken serously on JA.

              Probably the single most laughable claim I have read in years, TBH!

          2. I can’t argue with your facts Reggie, but I just have this personal feeling that we have someone here, who’s DNA is always going to be a cause of trouble.
            I don’t understand why you think JA would try to blame him… why would Pat do this?
            I can only judge him on the way he acted, after the Brighton game, refusing to apologise and, basically, putting two fingers up at MA.

            That’s why I say that MA doesn’t need this kind of problem and, if Guendouzi says he plans to stay where he is, the form that you highlight is inconsequential.

            My beef is the ridiculous buyout clauses that Edu has given, meaning there is no bargaining power… why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot??

            1. Ken where did i say JA tried to blame him. I said the article may be wrong because of the reported sell clause. No mention of blame.

  2. Will miss him, but I guess this is what’s best for himself and his career. Best wishes, Matteo (P.S. I still follow your games!)

  3. The situation regarding his loan is unclear to say the least. Everyone knows about this 10million option to buy clause, but there’s also reportedly a clause that allows Arsenal to recall him, which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Either those reports are made up, or Arsenal have the option to recall him by probably paying a set sum to Marseille, which, if not activated, would then give Marseille the option to buy. If that’s the case one would assume Arsenal will evaluate whether they can get a bigger fee by selling him elsewhere.

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