Arsenal loanee set for Emirates return because he is too expensive to sign

Hertha Berlin is already planning for life without Matteo Guendouzi because he would be too expensive for them to sign permanently.

The Frenchman was sent there on loan for the rest of this season after he fell out with Mikel Arteta.

While he didn’t see much football at the Emirates towards the end of last season, he has now become an important member of the Bundesliga team.

He has already scored two goals for them from midfield, and his overall performances have been solid.

The Germans would ideally want to keep a player that has performed so well beyond this season, however, Bild says that they will not be able to afford him.

The report says that they have even started looking for a player that could replace him when this campaign ends because, at the £29 million that Arsenal wants, he is simply unaffordable to them.

His form has even brought about speculation that Arsenal will recall him this month, but Sun Sports says that the Gunners aren’t thinking about doing that as things stand.

Guendouzi’s return to form might eventually earn him a place in the Arsenal team when he returns from his Berlin loan spell.

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  1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    Like I said before, we were so desperate to get him out of the clubhouse that we might even be subsidizing his wages while on loan, likely with the monies we gave them for the young 4th division flop of a CB that they needed to offload…we waste so much money pretending to save money that it’s mindboggling…in business terms this club is a laughingstock for years, so it was only a matter of time until that seriously affected the on-field product…until we force this club to be way more transparent about what’s going on behind the scenes we will continue to be subjected to this kind of lunacy

  2. RSH says:

    Good news. If Hertha are raving about him then maybe another team will bite and we can make a profit off his sale. Arsenal should stick to their asking price.

  3. AhmadISmail says:


  4. Durand says:

    Is it true he’s valued at £29 million?

    Is it also true Nketiah is valued at £30 million?

    I cringe if this is true and it would explain a lot about how club views player transfers.

    Nketiah desperately needs a loan to see if he has a future at Arsenal. U-23 wonderkid, but can’t take the next step for love or money.

  5. ken1945 says:

    Hertha Berlin lost this weekend by the way.
    Let’s not forget it was for disciplinary reasons that MA sent him out on loan and he doesn’t seem to be impressed with that decision.
    Methinks a lot of talking between the two needs to take place before we see him in our shirt again.

    1. jon fox says:

      KEN, I will not sit on the fence on this issue but say two things: One, that there is no way MA will have him back permanently and use him in our team-though he may have to come back pro temp, while he goes on elsewhere, that being the plan.
      Second, I totally back that idea and would not want him back permanently at any price, as his character is bad and that is liable to infect other more impressionable players. It will not happen though.

  6. PJ-SA says:

    There is a reason we are one of the worst ‘selling’ clubs in the EPL over the years. I see this being another over paid player that we can’t ship out(if we want to) because of high wages. Leading, like usual, to a contract being run down….

  7. Jinisyu Ndilipunye Bonifatius says:

    I think our coach undermines our players boys like Matteo,Torreira are good but it seems him Arteta do what he wants…I want them back serious the Pepe must go atleast, I see improvement in Laca now

    1. Swazi gunner says:

      I agree. I think MA is suffering from lack of self esteem. He should keep our young talent and nature it

  8. Garrett says:

    Guendouzi is worth more around 40-45 million. He’s the future for France attacking midfield. He has the vision and passing abilities to break you down. Partey and Guendouzi pairing is actually frightening

  9. Khumbulani says:

    Mr Manager Arteta plz can you bring back Geundouzi we really needed him in times like this like this and put your differences aside hes the best midfielder

  10. Sean says:

    Get Guendouzi back at end of the season along with Dino, Saliba after we see the likes of Elneny & Torreira sold plus Luiz, Mustafi & Papa all leave on frees. Add Kolasnic & Mesut to that for a few extra funds/wages in the summer to work with.

    These 3 can come straight into the squad to accommodate the positions just left by players on free transfers plus we can still buy another midfielder like Aouer who can play CM & AM with Partey, Xhaka, AMN & SmithRowe.

    Willian has to go and be replaced, Eddie needs loaned for experience as does Nelson & Bologun needs a new deal and be played after Nketiah leaves for a few months.

    Alot of work to do for Arsenal but it is doable. Fingers crossed we get it right.

    OT..Rumour Wenger would like to come back, if asked, for a directors role like Edu to help with behind the scenes and to help Mikel out on the pitch. Think that’s a great idea, Hes Arsenal through and through. Fergie has done the same at UTD so it’s a must and will stabilise he backroom staff with his presence also. Possibly encourage players to come to Arsenal also as he is a legend and all players will give him time to chat to them.
    No brainer!

  11. Gworm says:

    I watched some of the match yesterday and Guendozi was pretty frustrated with the poor performance of his teammates. I’m hoping that will give him a reality check about what he’s missing at Arsenal, and maybe bring his attitude into line.

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