Arsenal loanees could have a new lease of life but not with Arteta in charge

Arsenal has a number of players out on loan that could probably do a decent job for us but for one reason or another, Mikel Arteta did not feel they could this season.

Matteo Guendouzi, William Saliba, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Lucas Torriera, among others are not bad players, in fact, they are very good players and the likes of Guendouzi and Saliba could become something special in the future.

Three of the players named above have all played recently for their national teams and are performing at a high level for their respective loan clubs, so under the right management, they can clearly perform to a certain standard, a standard that Arsenal is screaming out for.

We can delve into the reasons they are not at the club but I think most of us can agree that Arteta has played a significant role in none of them being available to us right now.

Would we have lost our most recent games if we had these players available? No idea but I doubt it would have been any worse.

It is hard to see a future for most of them at the Emirates, possibly only Saliba has a chance of being a mainstay at the club but would that be the case under a new manager?

You have to think that there would be a way back for Guendouzi at least and possibly Maitland-Niles, probably not Torriera.

I am not saying Arteta is to blame for anything here but I am saying that under a different manager we may well have had all four players still at the club and if they were, I am certain we would be doing much better than we are doing now.

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  1. Seems Arteta has lost the support of Admin Martin also. He should not be sacked now until after the season ends. Imagine him asking for 7 new players in the summer. SEVEN PLAYERS for goodness sake. That’s probably another £250m, all on Europa League budget. He cannot get the UCL and still lets players go for free or even paying them huge sums to go and play for other clubs. Kroenke has spoiled Arteta into thinking that club management works that way

  2. Including Niles in that list is laughable. Limited talent, lack of focus and commitment. Championship standard at best, destined to drift into obscurity due to attitude. Otherwise I agree, Arteta has deliberately weakened our squad for no reason other than his ego. He is a disaster

    1. Niles isn’t going to be a star player. But I’m sure you’ve watched him u DER Emery and Arteta’s first six months. You should be acutely aware that he can be a good premier league full back for a decent mid-table club as he has shown with us. He became dross under Arteta

      1. @dgr8xt
        The last match AMM played for us, he put in a MOTM performance in midfield and was never heard from again. When has that ever happened to an AFC player?

  3. The game Nile’s had against Liverpool. The way he took his penalty. Plus other games he’s played for us and done well. I’m not in the dressing room and I don’t hear the real conversations or know any of the guys nor there attitudes but what I think needs to happen is Niles needs to sit down with the Arsenal manager and listen to where the manager feels he is best suited. He’s been out on loan a few times now and he must realize those loan spells have not been successful and he still has lots to learn. He’s got lots of experience and I hope after his spell in Rome comes back more humble ready to do what ever his manager asks of him. We’ve seen he has the potential to be a top player even making the England squad. He just needs to get his head down, listen and work hard for the club.

  4. I thought Guendouzi has moved to Marseille permanently? The article writer should’ve found out about his transfer first, before posting the article?

    Saliba and Maitland-Niles could still play under Arteta’s guidance though

    1. No Gai information has it that Guendouzi is still an Asenal player till season ends. That’s why his departure not officially posted on Arsenal sight but himself and Salina performances is always on Arsenal page

      1. He’s still an Arsenal loanee. But he won’t return to Arsenal as the article suggests, because Marseille have bought him for 9 M

  5. Runarsson Bellerin Chambers Mari, Mavropanos Niles Torreira Guendouzie Nelson Kolasinac Willian all needed to go. All decent lads but all had flaws. Saliba is the only one I believe has a future at the club. A couple of the English lads might get HG quota places but otherwise not good enough. OT Aubameyang failed to score in Barca’s home loss to lowly Cadizi and also when Barca got knocked out of the EL quarters at home v Frankfurt. So for me aside from Saliba none of those loaned or sold would have helped us. As it is we are 5th = with the youngest squad in the league. Im not fussed with the 100m Vlahovic Nunez Isaac talk. Laca 50m Auba 60m were not outstanding while we still have 72m Pepe + Martinelli Saka ESR Odegaard Lokonga. I’d only promote academy players from now on because they are way cheaper, are on much lower salary and their personalities can be more easily assessed. Biereth Balogun Azeez Patino Lopez. I think it is wrtitten some where on the Emirates “we don’t buy stars we make them”… apparently.

    1. Appreciate you views, real fan, real talk. Most of the signings were done by Edu & Raul. Mikel’s boys have got us so far, yes we had a blip and so does every other team. Get rid of Eddie/Laca/Xhaka/Elneny -Mr. Wenger’s gems and we will challenge once more

      1. Challenge what ?
        Forth place ,because these players are not good enough to go any higher ,any future transfer will be in the same mould,safe players that Arteta can control .

      1. FF and a few others cherry pick to make their views sound plausible and dont ever look at the wider picture.

        1. When i mean cherry pick ie. Picking one game out of another 8 where Auba has scored and basically blaming him for the defeat midweek is pitiful.

    2. You are the only one talking sense here. The rest is garbage. Besides believe me or not, the manager knows best. There is a reason why he gave Elnany and holding the match yesterday

  6. All five teams ahead of us presently have a bigger and better squad of players, man for man the gulf in quality is massive.

    I strongly support an injection of seven players if that’s what required, maybe 4 to 5 marquee players coming from outside to strengthen the spine and another two promoted from the academy.

    Saliba should be given a new five years contract irrespective of where he plays next season.

    1. But they also have a better manager and Saliba doesn’t want a new contract. You are not saying it how it is but how you think it is. Wasting money on a manager with no guarantee he can do the job is folly.

      1. A don’t think we want to be a club that fire coaches every season.

        Remember we had just sack a good coach in Emery, that situation maybe could have handled slightly different, didn’t think we really wanted to sack him too

        Arteta do show some good signs of leadership and he has learned a great deal on the job as well, we don’t really expect him to repeat the mistakes he makes.

        Now I can’t really blame Saliba if he decided against signing a new contract for us, but the blame should lay squarely at the feet of Edu

        The gaffer could do with a little more time tho

        1. No i agree, if we dont want success lets stick with what we have until he has messed the job up that much and enjoy the under achieving a bit longer.

  7. We are all bitter and upset because of the three consecutive losses and that is understandable but we cannot come out now and attack Arteta with all manner of ammunition yet just two weeks ago we were praising him for transforming Arsenal. Firstly Arteta has done an incredible job since he joined and he did what any top manager would do inorder to bring change in the squad ie clearing all the under performing players which Arsenal was famous for. He had very average players who were overrated in the media with big salaries,huge egos and below per performances. He cleared most of them though a number of them are still hanging by the loop. We can prove that by the signings he brought in; Ben White, Gabriel Magalhes, Takehiro , Ramsdale, Odegard,Partey. All these players have been outstanding since their arrival and we are where we are now because they are performing. I strongly believe if we had kept the players we released we would be in a worse position than now. Secondly ,it is true the squad is stretched and we are suffering the consequences of that but again Edu and Arteta stated clearly why they didn’t reignforce in January. They simply didn’t want to bring on board average players because of the pressure of buying and I know in the summer we will have a busy schedule and we will get worthy players to take us forward. Arteta is a great coach and given the full support he will do amazing things at Arsenal. Let’s trust the process. We have seen it works.

  8. Arsenal have been struggling to win games; grinding out results and our style of play under Arteta is so boring. A good coach can easily tame our squad and get a result. Arteta style is just one way. TBH, presently I don’t have much faith in Arteta no matter the players we have. He is still learning!

  9. Until l see William Saliba play in the EPL l will reserve my opinion on how good he is. He could turn out to be another Rafa Varane😏 just saying.

  10. Josh Kronke talked ambition and where he wanted the club to be.

    Kronke family has even backed up that talk with £250 million spent and more to come this Summer.

    Let’s see at the end of the season if Arteta can achieve it. Otherwise it’s just money spent and no improvement in the table or European football.

    It wasn’t good enough for a legend like Wenger, or a 18 month coach like Emery.
    Let’s see if top 6 is good enough for a 2 1/2 year coach.

  11. I surely think Guendouzi and Saliba would have made a world of difference to our team. If Guendouzi is well managed, he can be unplayable on his day and we all know the quality of Saliba.

  12. I don’t believe Arteta will make Arsenal great again. What I see so far is more of “same old same old”. A manager has got to exceed the fans expectations in all dept to be a great manager, so much so, that fans don’t want him to leave even when he says his time is literally up? Sure these players will suddenly fit under a new manager. A great craftsman sharpens his own tools, so when it wears out he knows exactly how to manoeuvre it…

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