Arsenal loanee’s ‘limits’ exposed to vilify temporary move

Stephane Guy has backed Arsenal’s decision to send Nuno Tavares out on loan to Marseille this summer.

The decision had come under scrutiny after he set the French division alight at wing-back, scoring in three of his first four outings, but has since seen a dip in form.

Guy now concedes that his limitations have been exposed, backing Arsenal’s decision to send him to France.

“It’s like Tavares. We have seen in recent weeks the limits of this player,” Guy is reported to have told the French media. “We have also seen his qualities, he has some, but if Arsenal are loaning him, it’s because they aren’t crazy.”

We clearly rate the Portuguese star, as was our refusal to include an option to buyin his deal, but whether he can overcome his defensive lapses remains to be seen.

Do you expect to see Tavares make a return to play for Arsenal in the future? Could he potentially replace Kieran Tierney in the squad in a season or two?



  1. So, because he’s not scoring in the last few matches, thats considered a dip in form? Dude’s a wingback, not a striker…

  2. Sorry for the grammatical errors, I’m using Google translator…
    since Tavares arrived I never saw him as a full-back, I always thought he would be adapted to the later wing or winger without many defensive obligations. I don’t think it will go very far if this isn’t done.

  3. How do we judge him now.
    But sending him on loan is the best decision for himeslf and for Asrenal.
    I am sure playing week in week out for a CL club like Marselle will do wonders for him .
    We can have another Saliba like situation in the makings.

  4. If he returns from his loan at a level that allows him to compete with Kieran Tierney then sure. Kieran Tierney is still young and developing. Things are looking promising!

  5. What are his limitations? Is it because he is not scoring every week or he is more attacking minded…

    This article failed to state categorically his limitations.

  6. His limitations were clear before he went on loan in that defensively he is very vulnerable.Completely lacking in positional sense, makes wrong decisions in tight situations and allows forwards to run off him, to name but three.On the positive side, he is very quick and athletic and has a good left foot.More suited to a role as a LWB rather than a conventional LB.He is clearly more comfortable attacking than defending but the same can be said of so many full backs these days.The likes of Cancello and may I say Tierney are exceptions to the rule in that they are equally competent in attack or defence.

    1. Grandad, I regret the passingof PROPER, defensively sound full backs. They scarecely exist anywhere now , with a tiny few exceptions, Tierney being one.
      Also scarce these days are old fashioned type proper wingers like George Armstrong, Limpar and Overmars.

      I dislike this modern thinking to play inverted wingers and also wingbacks on their weaker side.

      It has done little to improve excitement, generally speaking, and tends to lead to too many players in midfield, with REAL width AND on the players stronger foot, being almost entirely absent in most games. Not in ALL, but in most.

      So full backs who are second class wingersin all but name but who rarely go outside the opposing player and put in a decent tantalising cross. And very few proper defensively sound fullbacks too.

      Not my choice and I would far rather return to the days, now almost gone, when defenders defended, wingers crossed from the by line and central midfielders had enough space in which to show their artistry, instead of constantly passing back or sideways., because too many bodies are in their way.

      Midfield congestion equals tedium more often than not and the whole attacking intention is to get wings “overloads”. UGH!

  7. yes, of course Nuno Tavarez has to be back to Arsenal. As an Arsenal fan I would like him to come back even in January. I always think Tavarez CAN’T be a left beck; he should be a substitute for Bukayo Saka as a right wing attacker. Hehas absolutely no defencive quality at all. But he can become a good winger if the coach can help him well.

  8. Stéphane Guy footballing knowledge is limited at best….listening to him for 15 years(being french speaking myself)Tavares is no Maldini but he’s doing really well right now….Arteta didn’t want an option to buy in his loan contract because he’s seeing a player in him

    1. @Pires
      Nuno is enjoying himself and slowly but surely improving. Those who truly watch him play, will notice this…

  9. L’OM manager was only recently (11th of September) singing his praises, saying that Tavares doesn’t know how good he could for his limitations,it was about both Marseille and Nuño performance in the CL than anything else.

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