Arsenal look good for 2nd but is EPL title a Bridge too far?

If only Gooners. The form, fight and confidence that Arsenal have been showing in the last two months cannot help you think about what might have been, if we had started the season better or had a few less injury problems to cope with.

As it is, after Man City lost away to Burnley and looking at the fixtures that the top four battlers have to face, the Gunners are now looking like we are not only set for a top four spot, but we are looking pretty good value to finish ahead of Man City.

City heads are down so you would not assume they will beat anyone right now and if they are beaten by Barcelona on Tuesday, Tony Pulis and West Brom will fancy their chances next weekend. Then they travel to in-form Crystal Palace and still have an away Manchester derby and a trip to the spuds to think about before a final day clash with Southampton.

As long as we win the FA cup again, second would be an improvement over last season, which was also ruined by injury problems as well as Wenger´s bizarre lack of action in the January transfer window. The boss did well to get Gabriel this year, however, and that could prove to be a vital move as the season wears on.

The momentum is with the Gunners but we have probably left it too late to challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title though. Haven´t we?

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  1. Finishing second is the same as finishing third.

    I’d only get excited if there was a chance that we can knock off chelsh*t from that top position.

    1. Well said that man!
      Think they call it – runner up or also ran.

      Good effort but ‘must try harder’

      1. to get to title next year, we need a cavani or someone like suarez up top. and another cdm so when coq is injured we dont have to fall apart w flam/arteta.

    2. No it’s not!

      You get more money and you can look back and say hey we were better than 18 other teams.

      Only huge money spending club won bcs they didn’t have injury problems…

  2. With a better defence and a true CDM from the start of the season we would not have dropped so many points. Anyways, we are on a great run and could still beat Chelsea at home.

    1. cant agree more. when coq arrived, we started not embarrassing ourselves at the back, and started winning.

  3. Chelsea have a poor record against Tony Pulis and Alan Pardew and they face them . Soton is no walkover and Liverpool have a point to prove after Chelsea made them lose the title last season. LVG vs Mourinho also have no winner yet. And Arsenal can do it again like vs City and United against Chelsea in Emirates.

  4. Sometimes I like to think that if Ramsey had catched on last season form, we would have been ahead Chelsea at this stage of the season. He was a crucial player for us, and now we have Sanchez, Giroud, Cazorla back to their best.

    Obviously, 2nd would be better than 3rd. Prize money, recognised as runner up, we deserve it

    1. Not sure how you can come to the conclusion ‘we deserve it’…

      I sense that if we sneak 2nd, some fans will actually fool themselves into thinking we’ve improved compared to the last few years. I honestly can’t believe the sea change in opinion based on one or two results. It was great to knock united out the cup, but apart from that we’ve been tonked by the top 6 teams again this year and are nowhere near winning the league

      We also messed up our CL group to come 2nd, then got handed a dream tie only to mess that up too. And we got dumped out the Carling cup at home to Southampton. Really would love to understand some peoples idea of progress and /or success.

      1. Dude you sound so stupid I mean honestly you say “if we sneak 2nd some fans will actually think we’ve improved” which I’s absolutely an improvement how is 2nd not better than 4th? and we haven’t finished 2nd in almost 10 years.

        Based on 1-2 results? You do realize the season I’s 38 games so clearly it takes more than 1-2 games. And I guess taking 4 points off city, everton, and drawing at pool is getting “tonked”.

        Seriously you sound like some bitter old douche

        1. Do I duuuude?

          Sorry I don’t yield to your idiots guide to football that simply measures where a club finishes in a season and draws huge conclusions based upon that. You take in a little more of the picture you get a better understanding.

          City and Liverpool finished above us last year, how they doing this season respectively compared to their last efforts? Oh that’s right, Liverpool have been garbage and are now making a late dash for top 4, while City have took a shotgun to each foot since Jan when they topped the league. But yea mate, let’s just say it’s Arsenal who’ve made real strides.

          Convenient of you to use Everton as reference to a good team, shall we use Burnley too? They’ve been about as good as them this season. I tell you what, let’s do a little wins vs losses column of THIS YEARS top 6 and see what we get?

          vs top 6 this season: W2 D3 L4 = 9 points from 27 available

          So to summarize, last year we finished top 4, won the FA Cup, but got demolished by the top 6 teams. This season we were nowhere near the title again, likely to finish top 4, might win the FA cup, and have a shocking record so far against top 6 opposition. Yep, you got me there mate, huge progression. League’s ours next year based on this turnaround.

          I’m supposedly a ‘bitter old douche’ as you so eloquently put it, but what are you? Seems you’re a simpleton who makes sweeping judgements based on superficial info, who also cherry picks his data to use in argument (conveniently left out our spurs/anderlecht embarrassments, our Monaco show, getting put out the carling cup at home vs saints……you know, the truth). Call me bitter all you want, you’re argument is as flawed as your opinion of me. When Arsenal improve i’ll be the first to say it. It just hasn’t been the case this year at all.

          p.s IF we lose in the FA cup and finish 4th not 2nd…..I’ll keep a special eye on your point of view to see if it’s the same. Almost certain I know what line you’ll be peddling.

          1. Haha your talking about the top teams and making improvements and you say I cherry pick my info while you bring up the Monaco and anderlecht sh*t shows when I guess that means we didn’t improve since we had a nightmare twice.
            Remember when Chelsea had a meltdown to league 1 Bradford? But let me guess that was down to bad luck nothing else.
            talk about cherry picking info now your asking me How city and pool are doing relative to last year so my answer is why should I give a flying f*ck? I care about how arsenal is doing and if were improving. you asked a question about the top 6 and once you realized it didn’t support your argument you start changing your stance about city and Liverpool suck talk about having an agenda.
            And yes I did include everton 1 shittyy
            season doesn’t make you a bad team. I can guarentte you used us losing to united last year as part of your argument against the top 6 teams when they finished 2nd cause that’s how you are.
            And check all my posts I’ve always been a staunch supporter of arsenal wenger and it’s players I never bad mouth them the way you and others do

            1. Are you a moron? Let’s just add “can’t read, or understand logic” to your traits shall we.

              Where have I cherry picked anything? I took last seasons Arsenal and compared it to this seasons WHILE comparing the 3 teams who finished above us to themselves. It is you who stupidly suggests the only way Arsenal can go from 4th to 2nd is by improving. How about if Liverpool and City were far worse this year? ohhhhhh that doesn’t fit the narrative you want where everything Arsenal smells of roses.

              My stance was unchanged and simply supported throughout. Which is not what I can say for that complete drivel you just wrote. Look, it’s the time of year after a good few wins where the tide is all pro-Wenger/pro-Arsenal so you’re going to get validation in likes for stupid notions.

              You can have that all you want, if you truly gave a sh1t about Arsenal and are only focused on them – then you’d clearly see this season compared to last there’s no improvement. But you’re affected by the emotional roller coaster midseason, and after a few good results you’re happy to stretch that feeling across the whole year and claim improvement. You sir are a complete muppet.

              1. You don’t think you’ve cherry picked? How about tottenham are in 7th place? Or how about every team has a melt down cause this isn’t FIFA and games aren’t played on paper. And you think if Chelsea win the prem there gonna say “no we don’t deserve it and it’s not as sweet cause Liverpool weren’t as good as last year” talk about being a muppet.

                And you understand this is the prem where nothing is certain and every week I’s a roller coaster so all the top spots are up for grabs. If you want certainty where it’s the same teams challenging go watch the bundesliga or la liga.
                And if you think I care about “likes” then you havent read my comments cause i stick up for giroud wenger wilshere etc when they sre being reemed. And you
                are a sad little man cause the fact that
                you Eden suggested it means you
                concern yourself w shit like that.
                But anyways coyg

  5. Realistically we’ll probably have to win all of our games, including Wenger finally beating Mourinho, and hope Chelsea falter. If Wenger had got us a top class striker, not Welbeck, and even bothered to look at the DM position in the summer, then I’m sure we’d be a lot closer or even top at the moment.

    If we win the title, I’ll eat a monstrous piece of gone off humble pie from a Chelsea cafe.

    1. yeah, wenger for all his genius was negligent about cdm and cb. coq and paulista have shown everyone how important it is to shore up the defence. to win league next year, tho, i think we’re still a bit short: need that clinical finisher . and a backup cdm for coq (or one better than coq).

      1. @almostawinner

        Couldn’t agree more. Sadly a lot of fans were hoodwinked into thinking the last two summer transfer windows were a success because of the Sanchez and Ozil signings. Although I’m glad we got these two in, I was amazed that Wenger ignored the weak areas yet again! Especially now he has lots of money. Not even AKB’s can defend that. We should have won the title last season, even with the injuries. But we didn’t because of Wenger.

  6. Being realistic its not impossible, but cant see chelsea losing 2 or 3 games! But i’ll be elated with a 2nd spot finish! Coyg!

  7. Chelsea have to lose 4games for us to be level, realistically that’s not going to happen.2nd or 3rd for the gooners looks about the best we can achieve.Ho hum!.

  8. If we win the fa cup finish second ill be ok with our season..not happy but ok…as long as we break that moreen and chelsea hoodoo againts us

    1. yeah: beating chelsea would be a real measure of progress & threat for next season.
      we should also focus on beating pool and manu.

  9. The title is too far, lets just win as many games as possible. We started off bad. I don’t whats wrong with us, we either start off well and end bad, or we start off bad and end well..

    So frustrating sometimes.

  10. I think wenger understands how psychologically important is this game vs Monaco which is why he rested Cazorla and welbeck. I think they will both start vs Monaco, this time he will go with speed against the Monaco defense and lastly, if we win this game against Monaco i really think we can challenge Chelsea for the title.

  11. Chelsea have to drop 11 points in 11 games I think… Not going to happen, the title is theirs, lets just finish as high as possible and get FA Cup. Runner-up in league and FA Cup is a solid season and an improvement in my eyes… We just couldn’t find consistency in the first half of the season, cant do anything about it expect win the games ahead of us now.

  12. It’s not impossible but I am so looking forward to next season with a couple of great new signings. GOYG

  13. Fans should be realistic and not dream too far…

    Title is over….

    2nd spot there is still a chance…..

  14. Chelsea have 11 games left in the season. For us to catch them they have to lose 4 games. AND that would be equal points so in actuality we need Chelsea to lose 13 points in 11 games. Or in other words for us to beat Chelsea they must pick up at most 20 points in 11 games. That is 6 wins and 2 draws in 11 games and we CAN’T catch them. Can we see Chelsea lose 3 games from now until the end of the season? Maybe. Can we see Chelsea lose 3 games AND draw 2? Maybe. At the same time will Arsenal not drop a single point until the end of the season? Maybe. Realistically though it’d take a total collapse for us to win now.

    On the flip side we can definitely get second and an FA cup. Everything is set up for a final push, we need to make sure we make it!

  15. If there is anything difficult or impossible it is foretelling the future. If somebody had said in December that Arsenal would be chasing Man City for 2nd place that person would have been dubbed insane! But see what is happening now. There is nothing impossible on this world even though some things are improbable. I

    1. The article above is incomplete. It looks improbable that Arsenal will overtake Chelsea for the title but it is not impossible. Would anyone have imagined Man City’s dramatic collapse? Somebody cautioned fans against dreaming too high! I think this is not fair. If you dream low you achieve little in life. Let us dream high and see how far we go. Anything is still possible.

      1. Fair enough but does anyone see Chelsea collapsing? Man City’s collapse is in part related to poor coaching (excess use of 4-4-2). Chelsea is not going to suffer the same fate.

  16. 2nd very doable and is in our own hands atm, if we can overtake city we they might wobble and stay in 3rd we have to win all our game and not lose from here on in.
    but we are always a strong team team to finish the season higher up so we should take full advantage of city position and bad form and make 2nd our own the title might be winnable.

    if chelseas confidence has taken a big enough knock from c/l defeat, but a big ask atm see waht happens in 5 games time then we can speculate more strongly what the lay of the land is, but 2nd and fa cup and if we can over come Monaco with passion and major luck then c/l is as far as we want to go from there q/f is not disgrace for this season for me.

    considering where we have had to come from that would be slight progress from last season. next season to be c/l semi’s at least and title challenge/win to the end and maybe double with the fa cup should be main targets next season this time, arsenal atm is quickly reminding me of the early wenger years money to spend and big players coming once again lets hope wenger has one more big trophy left in him the title and then he will retire in peace.
    coyg we are on the rise again coyg

  17. Hello everyone, I think its possible for arsenal to win the epl.. On the condition that we must not lose any match from now on buh is that really possible cos don’t forget Manchester united wants revenge, Chelsea won’t want to give up title hope now they’re outta d CL… Lets really think about this cos I’m not seeing any miracle here for us.. Don’t think I don’t have faith in the club

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