Arsenal look good for another NLD win at Tottenham

I would not as far as to say that the next Arsenal game was an absolutely crucial one, especially when you look at the Premier League fixtures coming up after next weekend, but a north London derby is always a massive game for the players and fans and we really do not want to lose it and drop behind Tottenham in the league table, however briefly.

Also the last thing we want is to give the spuds a boost in their own attempt to finish in the top four, with their next game against Liverpool at Anfield while we have a home tie with bottom of the tanle Leicester City. So a draw would be a decent result for Arsenal at White Hart Lane, especially with the spuds being on a decent run themselves.

They surprised everyone by beating Chelsea on new years day and that should give Arsene Wenger and the players fair warning that we face a tough test, but we are in the perfect shape for this game. It was great for the Gunners to score five past Aston Villa, especially with Ozil and Walcott scoring again, but I think that another claen sheet was just as important.

With the manager having found the formula for these big away games and the players having the confidence to apply his new tactics, Arsenal will head down the road in great spirits. And with the spuds needing the win more than we do, I can see us doing the sort of job on them that we did to Man City, especially if Alexis is back as expected.

After beating them three times last season, are we heaed for another derby win on Saturday?

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  1. damn i feel cheery.
    its the last days of the transfer i couldnt give a monkeys 🙂
    i have been critical of ozil previously, but seeing that today and the youngsters , pretty much everyone doing well…
    its been a while

    1. Muffy…it seems you are on this site 24/7 like that sheepsh@gger David from down under…have you given up on muff diving?

      If yes than change your handle to Arsediver….just a suggestion!

      1. lol, you kinda have a point…

        got a gf which is why im indoors alot these days, plus this bs weather (london)
        my muffdiving days i was barely online.
        probably should change it – im not earning the title these days.
        in my defence the missus expects it few times a day- surely i get points for that…semi muffdiver?

        1. message to admin …i still havent done an article on here.

          i would bring something new to the table….unicorns on crystal meth, a story about being slapped by natalie imbruglia- your missing out!!

          1. @nikk, for you to notice @muff on here everyday must mean youre a bit of an arsediver yourself, maybe you guys should meet up, compare notes.

          2. As long as they are Gooner Unicorns you can send it in, but don’t mention Natalie to me coz she’ll get TORN if I even get a sniff…..

        2. Thats sound like Wengersque excuse!
          Start muffing before you set tongues wagging mate!

          ps more than half way through a lovely merlot to celebrate todays bloody fantastic win!

  2. Great win today, one thing’s certain next week. A massive coq is going to ram spuds @ shit art lane. Great game from the players, I pray akpom gets a goal against spuds

          1. Again..!!Come forth and show yourself instead of just thumbing down.

            Is it the bad language or the fact you are a Spud supporter?

  3. Too many times we played them sh*t from wet fart lane when their not playing good and we dont beat them…remember the last game thay were playing….well thay were playing like spurs…but we didn’t beat them now that thay think “harry kane” is on king sanchez level we’re gonna show up bust thier a** open and walk bk home with the 3 points….I would put boss6 to mark kane but..ehh ehh..scatch that he aint worth it..mert handle ur business on that clown….for as erection (Erickson)..goes..he’s gonna get le cog the f**k out…dont believe ask silva lol…gunners for life all the way from Jamaican….LONDON IS RED!!! COME ON ARSENALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  4. Can’t wait to see Walcott score against the Spuds. Last time he played the Spuds he received the terrible injury.

    Can’t wait to see the whole team including Sanchez boil, chop and mash the Spuds

    After today I’m really up for a derby.

  5. both teams are in good form, and anything can happen in derby’s. I’m more confident with us though after looking at all the clean sheet we’ve been keeping. Our attackers are on top form, we’re organized at the back… lets beat down some spuds, eh?

    1. we gotta watch those fouls we make around the 18 though. Don’t wanna see Eriksen behind a ball for a free kick.

  6. As long as we keep Ospina in goal. He was magnificent today. Better distribution than Szcz and more acrobatic and confident.

    1. Ospina reminded me of Pat Jennings today.

      He was instrumental in initiating the counter attack that let to our 3rd goal.

      Plucked the ball out of the air, took no time in throwing the ball to Walcott, almost to the half-way line.

      It was Ospina-Walcott-Cazorla-Walcott-Goal – in less than 1 minute.

  7. Would love nothing better than going to “white fart lane” next saturday, and us leaving with all 3 priceless points! Coyg!

  8. David ospina was impressive once again! Cool, calm and commanding in between the sticks, not to mention a clean sheet! Coyg!

  9. As long as we’ve been playing like we have these last few games (except the second half of Brighton), there’s no doubt in my mind we will beat them Spurs. The only question is who will Wenger start offensively.

  10. I see we go some spurs trolls on here today….let me be there first to say welcome to the best club blog out there…..u can come out now u dont have to hide anymore…if u wanna join the best club in the world u can…eehh then again no u cant…we hate everything from s**t fart lane…fu*king pub team

  11. Forget the SPUDS that game is a done deal 3 – 0. After watching the game yesterday CHELSKI playing MANCITY, our team playing as we did today could beat both. CHELSKI (the VINCIBLES) without FAB is just a regular team , Man City played well, but we already took care of them.
    WENGER you are redeeming to my eyes, but you are not out of the woods yet, you need to get back those points we lost on the first half, I will settle for a CL semi final…so get to work.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks for a number 10, Cazorla seems a bit too deep in our half? In 2012/13 season, he was almost playing as a second striker. I wonder if this is the coach’s instruciton.

    1. everyone’s been drilled about their defensive duties & caz has been doing that too. he’s also been doing b2b duty.

    2. I get ur point. its working though. Santi is the best player at arsenal in getting the ball out of tight spots which easily creates a counter and reliefs pressure on the team. So I guess thats why.

  13. SuperCarz drove me crazy, the wizard of oz did many tricks today, what a combination of them both would do totenham

    1. And that assist from Giroud with the outside of his left boot to an-inch perfect position that Ozil never had to change his stride.

      Four great assists today.

  14. Which Team should start against THE SPUDS??? Is it the team that played away at City or The one against Villa today???

  15. Akpom needs to keep his head cool in front of the goal. He gets too much excited at times. Still an upgrade on Sanogo who i dont want to see at Emirates again.

  16. Coquelin has made the biggest impression and difference to our team. Since he has started, we have looked solid and more cohesive as a unit at the back. Props to him. I’m not sure what it is, but the whole squad looks fired up to win the ball and push a full 90 minutes. I really think Sanchez mindset has rubbed off on the rest of them, even Ozil is looking eager. What a game he had today! I also feel way more comfortable with Ospina in goals at the moment…the guy is calm and collected and his decision making is pretty much spot on. What is also great to see is that unlike 2 years ago, we actually have decent pacy options up front – Walcott, Ox, Akpom, Sanchez, Welbeck – that is some serious speed and talent. On the flip side we have Giroud for that extra dimension. Wenger has managed to find a good balance, we saw it against City and we saw it today even if Villa were piss poor, we still demonstrated sheer class and killer instinct that we need to carry over into the NLD.

    Good to see the saints drop some points, we are climbing slowly but surely. Lets boil the spuds and the send devils back where they belong – BELOW!

  17. What a beautiful game to watch!! oziil 2 for 2 now, Walcott is scoring as well even young bellerin! This sort of game will give us the confidence we need to go unbeaten in all of February. I wonder about the Darby if Ozil will be coming off the bench or?? did you guys also notice how wenger made the subs around the 60 mins?? has he been reading my comments?!?!

    ps: Cazorla is Class (xavi)

    1. Cazorla is a complete CM now… I think he is so dominant in that middle 3rd.. He makes us tick and I wish Rosicky was not 34 years old. He is absolutely top top class…. Whenever he is on the pace of the game increases as he demands one touch football, pass and move..

      Ozil is better where he is, the wing suits him for now as the midfield needs dominant and hard workers right now.. Let him stay out there as he is scoring and assisting from wide..

  18. The three big pluses for me are 1) we now have genuine competition all around the park, I don’t envy Wenger having to pick the side for next Saturday 2) Almost nothing gives me as much satisfaction as seeing the academy players breaking through and Coquelin, Bellerin and Akpom all had excellent games today and 3) I can’t remember when I’ve been so chilled about transfer deadline day.

  19. Lot of positives after today’s game, but I’d like to mention the following in particular:
    1. Coquelin has given our back 4 a level of protection that we haven’t had in a long time. He just has the legs, and range that Flamini no longer has at his age. No shame in it, just time to admit that Coquelin is the man for the job.

    2. Bellerin has really grown into what looks like a future star. Him and Theo on that right side offered a whole lot of pace, Hector puts in a shift and covers a lot of ground, and took his goal really well too.

    3. Speaking of Theo, he adds a different dimension to our team with his ability to latch on to through balls. Even when he doesn’t get them, the threat that he can opens things up for other players.

    4. Cazorla & Ozil had some great link ups at times today. It’s gonna be a good problem for Wenger to figure out his first XI going forward now, he’s got a lot more options than previous teams we’ve had in recent years. Might be the best bench we’ve had in a long time.

  20. Spuds game is now the biggest of the season..
    Beat them and they are pushed out of the top 4 race.. If they beat us- then our very very slim chance of the league is almost dead!

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