“Arsenal look ravenous for the Title” Piers Morgan reacts to Arsenal’s win against Leeds

Like most Arsenal fans, Piers Morgan enjoyed their win against Leeds United this afternoon as Mikel Arteta’s side storms towards ending this season with the title in the bag.

Arsenal need to win ten games before the term finishes to be sure of the title.

The first opponent was Leeds and after the international break, the players needed to show they have what it takes to get the trophy.

Mikel Arteta’s men did just that and Morgan reckons they showed how much hunger for success they have in them.

Morgan tweeted:

“Arsenal look ravenous for the title. Brilliant to watch.”

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There is hardly an Arsenal fan that does not share in the excitement that Morgan has about this team.

The game was not easy, as Leeds kept finding a way back, but we also worked hard and eventually killed them off before the final whistle.

There are bigger tests ahead, but the manner of this win gives us confidence that the boys will pull through.

Hopefully, Manchester City will drop some points along the way and we can win our tough matches.

If we achieve this, we will end the season successfully because no one will stop us.

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  1. I love the fact that the gaffer is bringing more players on and early in games and giving them much needed minutes

  2. Next week is the title Decider against Liverpool . If we get 3 points at Anfield . We will be favourites for the title .
    Liverpool away is the toughest of the reaming matches after City .
    As I think the other on paper tough matches against Chelsea and Newcastle we will come up with all 3 points

    1. Sunny On a point of basic English words meanings, IF we are simply favourites”, provided we beat Liverpool, then by definition, it cannot also be a “decider”.

      A DECIDER means that the result DECIDES the title, but that cannot possibly be so!

      I suggest using CORRECT words next time you write!

      1. Mate Jon . Did you get the context of what I was trying to say . If yes I would suggest you to comment about it and Arsenal rather than a language as this Forum is about Arsenal and not English words .
        Arsenal FC is has a world wide fan and even I encourage followers to write in their native language. This is an Era of Artificial Intelligence and conversion from on language to another is simple .

        Hope you get my point

  3. Our team capable of creating chances to score but we must be more clinical in front of goal post. If we do this, we have nothing to worry about. Glad to see Jesus start to score goals.. GOYG

  4. In the face of Man City likely to pursue Arsenal vigourosly to the finish line. In the race for the Epl title win this season.
    Arsenal will guaranteed themselves the Epl title win this season by winning 8 out of their last 9 Epl games that remains, if Man City will not relent in their pursuit of Arsenal to pipe them to a straight 3rd Epl title win this season.
    8 match win out of their remaining 9 matches by Arsenal can be a big ask of the Gunners to successfully accomplished to garner 24 or 25 more points to the 72 that they already garnered. And finish the Epl season on 97 points if they hold Man City to a draw game at the Etihad.
    But will win the Title on 99 points to equalled Liverpool’s 1919-1920 Epl season 99 points title win.
    And I am taking Arsenal to win this season’s Epl title on that 99 points after they’ve won their remaining 9 games of the season. Which they’ll surely accomplished in their last 9 games run-in games of the season. Starting with a win away to Liverpool this week unfailingly.

    1. Samuel, You are the archetypal supreme optimist who never ever predicts us to lose a single game.
      By definition then, you are NOT a REALIST at all!

  5. I was hoping for a Liverpool victory against City it would’ve made our trip to Anfield a lot easier. We must go out there & give them back to back losses

    1. Liverpool travel to Stamford bridge on tuesday. Chelsea v Liverpool on tuesday before they face arsenal. I hope it plays into our hands… Anfield isn’t our favourite place to visit but I hope we break that jinx this time. A lot of goals happens in this fixture. I will take a 6:3 victory over them hehe

  6. Ozil . Good point . Liverpool playing at Chelsea mid week is an important factor.
    I am backing Arsenal to get a win at Anfield . Specially if Salina is back . I am not sure when is the last time we have won there . Every year it’s humiliation after humiliation.
    This time the situation is different . This is an elite Arsenal team

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