Arsenal looking to hijack Borussia Dortmund’s move for Serie A star

Arsenal linked with a surprising move for former Liverpool ace Emre Can.

This transfer deadline day is set to be a busy one for Arsenal with the Gunners looking to add at least one player to their team before the transfer window closes.

There is a move for Southampton’s Cedric Soares in the pipeline but the Star is reporting that it may not be the only move that the Gunners complete today.

The report claims that Arsenal is plotting to hijack Borussia Dortmund’s move for Emre Can.

Can joined Juventus in 2018 after leaving Liverpool but he has struggled to make an impact at the Allianz Stadium. He was even omitted from the Old Ladies’ Champions League squad this season and has been considering his future ever since.

He is scheduled to have his medical at Dortmund this morning but the report claims that his move has stalled, and Arsenal could pounce.

He is reportedly earning £16 million per season at Juventus, but Dortmund can only afford to pay him £8.5 million per season.

The two teams have agreed on a fee in the region of £26 million after this season, however, he would join on-loan initially.

Tottenham is also interested in signing Can with Jose Mourinho looking to replace the departed Christian Eriksen in midfield.

Arteta needs an extra midfielder as he looks to lead Arsenal into the top four and he seems to consider Can as the right fit.


  1. Too good to be true. But if it is true and if Arsenal brings him to Emirates, than nothing like it. The guy has talent written all over him and the Pools did not want to release him in the first place. If he indeed comes we should have a real shot at the top 4 with the players we currently have in the forward line. This guy can not only create goals but also shoots from distance. Up the Gunners!

    1. I agree, GB. The wages are too big I feel although, he is exactly the kind of player we need!

      I think he would fit in perfectly with the Arsenal system and dare I say, even link up well with his German compatriot, Ozil!?

      We need someone who can dominate midfield and open up attacking opportunities. He could be just the ticket for us?!

  2. It’s not true, the only incoming today is Soares..
    And crazily enough the only possible outgoing today would be PEA if Barca bids 60 million and above for him.
    At least that’s what I’ve read or heard from an Arsenal Media staff.
    Personally I don’t think it’ll happen, but then again PEA hasn’t helped the board or the club by signing a new contract.
    I think we’ll lose him at the end of the season.

    Arteta seems to have taken a leaf out of Pep’s book by wanting to have quality players all over the club, even on the bench. I think that’s the way we can move forward, it’s why he chose to keep Nketiah, it’s why Arsenal refused to cancel Ceballos’s deal to he made a U-turn, it’s why ending of the summer, we’ll definitely sign a defender and midfielder permanently.
    There’s nothing wrong in having too many good players

    1. Eddie, you’re right about not having enough good players! Problem is, we need to get rid of some of the more “weaker” players in the squad first. Some of which cost a lot of money. Fact is, no one wants them either so we are stuck with them or we take a massive financial hit!?

      Arsenal don’t do massive financial losses. They keep the faith in them until relegation becomes a possibility..

  3. I was never really an admirer of Can. He’s a solid looking player but not sure if he’s first team material.

    He’s a good size, strong lad, not the quickest but he’s not slow, not all that agile neither though. I think he has a bit of a long ball game if I’m remembering correctly.

    Managers aren’t always right, but I don’t want another teams second or third string players making up the nucleus of our first team.

    MA played in CM, so he’ll know what he’s looking out for, if Arteta wants him and makes that clear, then I’d be fully behind this signing.

  4. ken1945
    “With all these “free players” starting to become more the norm, let’s remember that there is normally a huge signing on fee that goes with their signature.

    AW predicted this would happen and how any club can plan for the future without offering ludicrous salaries to keep the player at the club, I haven’t a clue.”

    Reply to ken,

    Agree with your comment. I also remember Wenger predicting players running down their contracts.

    I once did the math with the signing-on-fee, agent bonus and extravagant wages compared to “normal” transfer fee.

    My conclusion was that players signed on a free, even with ridiculous wages and signing fees, will still be A LOT cheaper option than paying a transfer fee. Let us not forget that when when a club pays a transfer fee, they still in addition have to pay a signing-fee, agent fee and a decent wage.

    1. And also need to take into account the possible, future transfer fee which the player will be sold for. My prediction is that we’re going to sell Kolasinac in the summer to avoid this situation.

      Flamini was a player known for never commanding a transfef fee.

      1. Good points McLovin, the players now have such a powerful hand to play.

        Regarding your point about possible, future transfer fees, that is the REAL dilemma, because that point becomes null and void if a player sees out said contract.

        Thats why I thought raul coming out and saying that if a player refuse to sign a new contract he should be transfer listed, though on paper a sensible idea, in practice holds no water.

  5. I believe Arteta knows what he want so let back him up, have good and better players is the best, when we have first Eleven to third eleven is not a bad thing i the team. right?

  6. No please we already have 3 DMs not another one, this team is screaming for a talented n technically gifted CM. We need to fill that void left by Caz.

    1. He is a central midfielder first and foremost but very versatile and can play DM and AM and if he was to come I reckon he would be used more in an AM role. I mean, look at what we have their right now. Cue the backlash.

  7. Please no!!!
    On another note hopefully the new signings provide competition and everyone ups there game because there’s someone else ready to step in and make that position there’s…

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