Arsenal looking to hijack Chelsea deal for ‘New Essien’

Jose Mourinho’s side are looking to spend money to try and rescue their dire start to the season, and it has been reported that the Blues have sent representatives to Italy to secure the signing of the young Cagliari midfielder Godfred Donsah, but according to his agent Oliver Arthur, Arsenal are also interested in signing the 19 year-old.

“There’s lots of interest in Donsah as of now,” Arthur said. “Especially from clubs in the UK.

“Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal have made official enquiries about him. Until now they are scouting him and there’s nothing concrete.

“The player is happy to hear of all this interest and the fact that his efforts are being noticed by bigger clubs.”

Donsah may be young but he made 21 eye-catching appearances for Cagliari last season, and could be regarded as long term competition for Francis Coquelin in Arsenal’s central midfield.

Many Arsenal fans think that our need for a new up-and-coming DM is even more important than buying a striker like Benzema, and the Ghanaian could be exactly what we are looking for, and not only that but it would be great to get another one over on Jose Mourinho.

Kick him while he’s down!


  1. I personally don’t understand what’s going on in the transfer market…. Mr. Wenger is unpredictable. Either he isn’t going to sign anyone, or He is trying to sign someone but its not clicking or maybe he got something bigger up his sleeves (I don’t know). Whatever the case is, I’ll just wait and see how it unfolds from now until the transfer comes to an end….

    1. Uzi you are absolutely right. I am also a big follower of Wenger and I hope he has something up his sleeves but sometimes I feel that “Old Habits, Die Hard” same works for him, I think whatever business we have done this transfer window only defines our concerns for the future except for Petr Cech and we have been doing this since Wenger joined us, by now his youth policy should have given us a PL title, but wait did it work? I will say up to some extent with Fabregas, Van Persie etc. but we have neither won a PL title or Champions league. And thats why I think he should pay more attention to Present, not future because if the window shuts without any surprises from Wenger then take my word, even if we overtake Chelsea and Man U we are not going to go ahead of City.

      I am still patient and hoping for best.

  2. Signings for the future are always good as long as we get first team improvements. We should pay the realease clause for Krychowiak and get him to push Coquelin. And I’m starting to doubt Benzema will happen so that probably mean we will buy no striker because who is available that we can get? Draxler would be nice back up plan

    1. Your only starting to doubt Benzema. We are trying to get one of the top rated players and if real give in well then they are going to have as much trouble as we did in identifying targets, so i cant see why they would make things difficult for themselves. Even though they can afford Aguero there is no need for city to even listen.

      I think ..of the possibilities Uzi mentioned the most likely is that we have been trying and it is just not clicking. There really isn’t many strikers outside the top clubs who I would call special (Higuain is only one who jumps to mind) I even wonder now if Wenger might have been better suited to get Falcao firing again.

      Surely there is a striker out there who the tabloids have not picked up on. The more I read about someone arriving the more unbelievable it gets. Some people mentioned how Martinez was an obvious choice starting to think he could have done the least until we get our worldy.

  3. Already have Bielik as our up and coming DM don’t we? £2.1m is a lot to pay for a 16 year old. Though if he’s even better then why not?

    1. Exactly Arsene’s type of thinking. We fool ourselves sometimes when we see other clubs lavishing money on new players and all whilst Arsene is talking about in-house solutions and yet we still believe that Arsene may surprise us. I still believe he could surprise us but I have my doubts all the same. However, I do genuinely reckon we have been sounding out strikers all summer but am not sure if one of the ones that we want will be sold to us. And Arsene is not a person who would settle for less especially if at a high price.

      I think all of Arsene’s talk about how we already have a terrific strike force however I will buy if one becomes available, I think its about confidence in case we cannot get one of our top targets. If we miss out on Benzemz Cavani Lewendowski well then we still have to play a full season with Oli Theo Webz Alexis and they need to believe that he has full confidence in them despite wanting to sign a forty mil player. I don’t think Alexis or Theo will be affected by it but the other two could get affected.

      1. He’s not getting a DM, we have Arteta, Coq, Bielik and possibly Chambers, he’s relying on youth for that position, however I do believe we’re getting a winger considering Walcott wants to play as a forward, Rosicky is getting old, Cazorla is cementing his place in the middle and Podolski is gone. I think Wenger aims to play 3 strikers up front, so we might give Sanchez the no.9 and buy a new winger like Draxler, making Walcott a right forward, Sanchez the centre forward and the new player a left forward.

  4. Benzema is gunner 100%. He will take the 9 shirt at arsenal. I cannot wait to read all of your comments once he signs. It is a DONE DEAL.

  5. OT:Benzema is a gunner. He will wear the number 9 shirt. It is a done deal. All fans can relax as we have finally signed a world class striker!

  6. i cannot wait to read all of your comments once benzema signs!! KARIM BENZEMA>ARSENAL DONE DEAL.

    1. If Benzema was anywhere near being a done deal we’d all know by now. Arsenal may keep their transfers quiet, but Real Madrid don’t.

      1. it is in the best interest of both clubs to keep the deal quiet. Yep I remeber real screaming at the media about ozil leaving. Stop being so naive. Again he is a gunner the deal is done benzema is a gunner. Lets see what you say come the announcement.

  7. Just read an article of Wenger trying to get Lewandowski and Muller but Bayern rejected. If that was true then I guess we can’t blame Wenger for not trying to get a top quality player. At the end of the day we don’t know what actually goes on inside the Emirates and who is really being targeted

    I will give Wenger until the end of the transfer window before criticisng him. Even if he got An awesome signing on deadline day, I will be as happy

    Wenger got Ozil, then Alexis. This year he got Cech, hopefully he will get two more top players, ideally a CF/Striker and DM

    1. ” I guess we can’t blame Wenger for not trying to get a top quality player”
      Are you sure he tried to sign Lewandowski and Muller from BM? What about if it was 20M each? can we call it a try?

      1. You can’t start to pick and choose which rumours to believe now, whenever its a penny pinching rumour people bash the man and whenever its a less than awesome player rumoured Wenger gets harsh treatment so when one would suggest that the man is trying for the creme dela creme they either don’t believe it or they think it is a sneaky tactic.

    2. Lewandowski and Muller?Where did you read that?I can’t help but laugh when i read your comment.Wenger trying to buy two strikers Lewandowski and Muller, he must have offered over 100 mil for both.

  8. I take heart from the fact he hasn’t ruled signings out, which means stuff is going on behind the scenes…and remember, buying top players isn’t as easy as handing over a large wedge, there is much more to it.

    That said, he could act a bit quicker in the market…

  9. I wish you guys would stop whining about the striker position. Benzema has been signed by arsenal it is a DONE DEAL. We should be looking at the dm position.

  10. You guys are gonna go mental once the deal is announced. Benzema is a gunner !

  11. So Wenger has now come out and said we have enough fire power for a title shot? Welbeck has been out since the end of last season. We’ve loaned out lots of players. Yeah I suppose it makes sense we don’t need any new signings. It’s not like our injury record is bad at all. Makes perfect sense.

  12. Sky sports news. Otamendi to man city is a done deal,haha the title has effectively been bought.I pity arsenal fans,am not deluded to wait for wenger to fire arsenal to the title anymore

  13. mourinho proving yet again hes a 2 season manager, if he survives this season he’ll be gone by next.

  14. The real Arsenal Problems are their own Fans , Imagine them still believing Wenger will perform Miracle in Transfer Market when every other clubs were buying players he was busy telling Media he has not find any Players that will add Value to his Team , if a Team that comes 1st , 2nd and 4th can be buying players i wonder what excuse does a team that comes 3rd has…….I pity all arsenal fans the seasons because someone like me has already accepted my own faith by counting that by the next 3yrs wenger will be out of Arsenal and we will have a manager that will bring Arsenal Glory back.

    1. Don’t feel sorry for me. When I sing the greatest football team ..the word has ever seen, I mean it. I feel so privileged to have been brought up a Gooner. The memories, the football, the fans I have watched matches with ..I wouldn’t trade any of it for any other fan base in the world, not Real not Barca certainly not another PL team. Arsenal through and through. We also have the best crest in the world that says allot about our heritage, proud to be a Gooner.

  15. do u guys even know donsah? check the u20 championship videos again he seems like de best option to understudy coq. he is really good.

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