Arsenal looking to make former Gunner their next manager

Arsenal want Mikel Arteta to become their next manager.

Arsenal has already moved to secure a replacement for Unai Emery as the former PSG boss continues to struggle to get wins.

Arsenal’s 2-2 draw against Southampton at the weekend means that they have now failed to win all of their last five league games. That run of form has seen them fall down the league table and they are now eight points off the top four.

A report in The Times (behind a paywall) claims that the Gunners are preparing to make former Arsenal captain, Mikel Arteta as their next manager if they fire Emery.

Arteta was an Arsenal player for five years under Arsene Wenger and joined Pep Guardiola’s coaching team when the Catalan was named the manager of Manchester City.

They have both won back to back Premier League titles and this has boosted Arteta’s profile as a potential manager.

Arteta was considered for the position by the Gunners in the summer of 2018 before they settled on Unai Emery.

The same Times report also states that Arsenal interviewed former Juve manager, Max Allegri at the time and the Italian is still in the frame to take over from Emery.

Emery has reportedly been given between now and after the Gunners’ game against West Ham to get his team back to winning ways.

They play Norwich and Brighton before that game and dropping points against those opponents could spell the end for the former Sevilla boss.


  1. Bump from previous article ;

    Nuno Espirito Santo.

    SkyBet now have the Portuguese at just 6/4 to be the next permanent Arsenal boss, with Mikel Arteta the second favourite at 7/2.

  2. I’ll welcome the move for three reasons first he has worked with n under one of the two best coaches ever Wenger n pep, he understands the priemer league n can speak good English and the third he will play exciting attractive football. He does come across as an intelligent man and professional…..sign him Arsenal.

  3. who is Arteta and what change can he bring to Arsenal? I would rather Henry or Viera owing to their successful career at AFC.

    1. Oh Lookie!! What do we have here?
      What are you? A kid?
      What did Gary Neville achieved as a coach after his successful playing career?
      How tf does playing career influence coaching career?

    2. I agree. People seem to think Arteta is the answer. I disagree. Even as our captain he didn’t influence the team in a massively positive way. What now makes people think he will have such a great effect

  4. Arteta? This club is going backward. Are we some sort of experiment? We are in need of a TOP manager, not chance taking with Arteta.

    1. Sean
      I totally agree with you
      This feels like dejvu
      We should surely be doing better then offence arteta
      God damn baord on the go slow again. Cant make a decisive decision.
      Penny.pinching scrooges probably dont want to pay out on a sacked manager again but dont realise it will cost millions more if we dont make top 4 AGAIN
      when we finally get rid of UE we should sack the board as well

  5. f we do sign him, will he be forcefull enough to handle players who, in my opinion, have experienced “player power”.
    They looked completely fed up on Saturday and poor old lacs looked as if he wasn’t sure if he should have scored or not!!!

    I certainly think he will bring an attacking mind to the game, having learnt from pep and Arsene, the latter being, for all his faults, a lover of the positive way of playing the game and the former a great tactical person, albeit it with the top players from around the world.

    He must, surely, also undersatnd the restrictions our club have, versus the free spending ideology of the city owner, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

    The final part of the jigsaw (on the pitch at least) will be the fans reactions to a returning player.
    I honestly believe every one of us is sick to the back teeth with what is going on at the club, with our biggest influence being support at the grounds themselves.
    We can and should get behind this man f he comes. After all, he is the one taking the risks here.

    1. Ken my old friend, regarding your first paragraph, I think he’ll earn their trust and respect. He’s a professional, he must’ve known how to interact with top players, seeing as he was Wenger’s captain and would’ve eventually saw Wenger’s handling of players. Add to it how Pep handles his players. I believe with both, he’ll coin out his own strategies and decisions, already I believe he’s already showing that.
      Plus I’d like a young coach with passion, one the players can feel free with, relate to, see as a coach, leader and father at the same time.
      Something I’ve noticed and read in different interviews regarding Klopp and his players, they can see him as friend, father and coach.
      Emery made enemies within the squad immediately he took over.
      Simeone coached players older than he was I believe so?

      The rest of your statements I agree with.
      I saw the City vs Chelsea game, and a point in the game it was as if Arteta was the coach, that was during the time they got the one goal and scored the second goal. Any attentive person could see Arteta standing up going to the touchline to interact with Pep, and Pep each time rubbing his jaws, listening to whatever Arteta was saying while pointing into the pitch.
      Pep would immediately give instructions to others.
      I sat with a Liverpool fan during the game, and he said, “Arteta would be a very good coach”.
      Pep respects Arteta’s knowledge and inputs a lot. That must mean something right?
      I for one would be glad to see him take over Emery.

      1. Eddie, so between the two of us we have solved the problem!!!! If only it was that easy.

        Agree with what you say and wouldn’t it be a change to see a younger coach, with all that entails?

        Would love to see Freddie retain his second in command spot as well, that would/should be a very effective combination, full of The Arsenal DNA.

        1. Eddie and Ken-between the two of you I believe you have both highlighted the positives of appointing Arteta. The negatives? Only his complete lack of experience as a No1.But I too have noticed how much Pep seems to listen to what Arteta says.Thats the whole point of managing is it not.To listen to your trusted Lieutenants which is why they were appointed in the first place.The biggest problems any new manager is facing is our pathetic defensive record and the lack of confidence that is running through the whole squad.Just what does it take for the poorer performers to be dropped?How much longer are we expected to put up with this ludicrous desire to play out from the back? Why is the team playing a back five formation AT HOME against a relegation threatened side?
          I believe that Arteta would at least bring a sense of stability to a side that clearly has no direction and no sign of improvement.We can only pray that whoever comes in is able to stop the rot immediately and who is to say Allegri,Poch,or whoever is able to do this? In my opinion Arteta would know the frailties in defence and the complete lack of understanding in midfield. He would, I would hope, start playing the players in the right positions and use a system to not only tighten us up defensively but also start creating for what is still a world class offensive forward line.
          It’s Arteta for me but who really knows.

  6. Many people here will take Ajax coach without hesitation, was he caoching a big team three years ago ? NO

    Many people would have rubbished Barcelona for appointing an untested Gadiola back then because he never had any experience coaching a big team.

    After the game against Chelsea, Pep was asked the reason for losing possession stat to Chelsea. He replied… “young coaches are fearless and are more willing to take risk since there is nothing to loose…”

    Arteta may not have had the most successful career as a player, but he had the proper football education as a young player in spain. Played well for many years in Everton and for five years under Wenger also was Arsenal captain for two years.

    Pep could have choosing someone else among the big names he had worked with at Barcelona and Bayern but he picked Arteta and in three years they have won the EPL twice already.

    I will rather Arteta coach this team and play exciting football cause he also has got something to prove to the world.

    Just replace Emery already!!!

  7. If we really want change, we need to stop taking such gambles… and that includes giving Unai more time. For certain, he is not the man to bring change at Arsenal-and the longer he stays, the more dire the situation grows.

    1. Err, we are used to gambles??

      Wenger for 22 years, then we wanted a coach who can win the EL so we can reenter the CL, and we appointed a guy who had won it 3 years in a row. How are we used to taking gambles?
      Emery was possibly the least risky appointment among candidates (Allegri’s achievements with by far the best squad in the league were less relevant to us, or so it seemed at the time).

      If we appoint anyone right now, however, 18 months should be the maximum contract we give to minimize the risks.

  8. Well personally Rafa will be my first choice based on his experience, we r already a mess and I believe an experienced head with records of emergency rescues could have bn better, arteta could have bn better in the summer, don’t know about his temperament to handle situations like ours

  9. Can’t believe I have to say this but it’s good news that Villa are beating Newcastle so at least we stay in 8th…..

  10. Mikel is the man of the moment. As has been said above, and I agree entirely, he has learned from the best, and he has Arsenal DNA.

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