Arsenal looking to pull off a brilliant piece of transfer business

One of the most intriguing transfer rumours involving Arsenal over the last few weeks is the reported £37 Million double swoop for Sampdoria stars Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen.

If Arsenal does pull this one off it would be a major coup because we are talking about two very decent players for a combined total less than £40 Million.

And let’s get one thing straight, we would not be blowing most of our transfer budget on just two players, nowhere near it because there will be player sales and I would suggest that buying those two would not even constitute half the reported budget.

The players themselves are quality, Praet could be the Aaron Ramsey replacement we are looking for and you have to think that Andersen would be an upgrade on some of the defenders we currently have.

But it is the price that I find astonishing, as an example take Xhaka in midfield and Mustafi in defence, I reckon if we sold both of those two we would raise very close to, if not more than £37 Million.

How credible these rumours are I do not know but what I do know is that these sort of signings at those prices is exactly the type of business we need to be doing this summer, bargain priced quality talent proven from a top league.


  1. “Very decent” sounds like very (above?) average. We dont want decent or average players. And this is what Praet exactly is. Andersen can become a great defender but Praet has never shown greatness and never will be great.

    We don’t want just squad players, especially with our limited budget. We need 2-3 players with immediate effect and are consistent. I would count Torreira and Leno as such purchases.

    If we want a great DM with very similar quantities to Kante, we should take a look at Salzburgs Diadie Semassekou. He’s an amazing tackler.

    1. Mclovin,
      For your information Praet is better than what we have including Torreira way better than Ramsey with good technical and ball retention he doesn’t lose a ball at all or misplace at one point he was label “ Iniesta” of belgium I really trust Emery when you can to quality unknown players if that is not ok then we should spend another £70 million on Lukaku probably that will make sense to you.

      1. I beg to differ and I agree with @McLovin

        Ramsey should be replaced by someone with better stats, not the worse one. Praet’s attacking stats are pathetic for a box-to-box CM and we need a CM from a Champions League participant, such as Tanguy Ndombele

        Andersen looks very tall and is at the prime age, but I prefer a CB from a Champions League participant like Ibrahima Konate. We could lure these winners by offering them bigger salary, bigger exposure and London life

        1. We can’t afford Tanguy Ndombele or Pepe we just need to find our own means who knew Mahrez before he came to EPL? I would also go for Leandro Trossard and use £50 mln doesn’t guarantee you player is gonna turn out good and remember we have Özil!

        2. Look, I think we all want the same thing. The position the club is in at the moment, there is no way we can attract and pay for top shelf 5* talent. It’s going to be less recognised players, and we just need to place faith in the management team, that they identify players that can flourish under Emery and his system. It’s a pretty broad brush, so I expect a heap of names I’ve never heard before.

    2. Mclovin,
      Let’s Emery call the shot in modern football you don’t need takler you need footballers if you didn’t know anything about Praet go watch him on YouTube probably you will get an idea what Emery is trying to do

      1. Lacazette looks like a world class dribbler and Torreira looks like Kante’s clone on YouTube, yet they rarely showed those mesmerizing skills at Arsenal

        The problem with YouTube uploaders is they usually just show the highlights of their favorite footballers, but not their lowlights

        If we cannot watch the footballer’s matches in one whole season, we had better watch his performances against big clubs in several matches. If he caused a lot of problems to his opponents in many big matches, he would surely perform in big games for us

        1. Lacazette didn’t have good service if he was sorrounded with Rosicky,Santi, Hleb he could have been a World class same as when he had Nabil Fekir

          1. I’ve seen Praet play and I know his stats. I always follow the stats, when I can’t scout a player 24/7. And Praet does NOT stand out. If he was £15 mils or less, then he could be worth a shot but not at +20m when that’s already half of our budget.

            There are far more better players than Praet and at better value.

            To name one: Hector Herrera (free)

        2. Torreira’s FIRST season in the Premier League. Koscielny was average in his first season.

          Give him time to Adapt ffs

    3. This guy scored 5 goals and 7 assists in 98 games for 3 consecutive seasons and you are saying is better than what we have. Even the more detested Ozil scored more in just concluded season. Enough is said.

  2. Looks like Liverpool will get one of our targets, Rabiot. And they will also get Van de Beek for around £50M. These are the kind of player I would like to see at the club but there’s no chance of that without CL football next year!!

    The gap just gets bigger the more we fail..

    1. We don’t need Rabiot at Arsenal is an ok player trouble maker and arrogant he wants to get paid like Özil and couldn’t even make a bench for France national team

      1. Agree. We don’t need another slow thinker that can only dilly-dally with the ball without end results

        Liverpool can get any CM but they shouldn’t get another promising inverted winger. I heard they are after Pepe/ Chukwueze to replace Salah and we must get one of them before Klopp catches them

        1. Rabiot would be a fantastic signing. Why? Because he’s free! And even if he doesn’t work out, we can sell him on for profit.

          And Rabiot was a troublemaker with Tuchel, correct? With Emery he played consistently and even complimented Emery on the papers.

          But if there’s any bigger club for him, we don’t stand a chance.

          1. Big head, big wages and wants Champions League; Arsenal need to move on and look elsewhere.

      1. talking about bringing young players along quickly. The guy is 19 and already touted as one of the best.

    2. We were supposed to act that way when we had CL place sewn up. The more that Liv keep doing that just shows us the real problem we’ve faced over the last ten seasons. We only began to splash when our place was in threat or if big players left us, not splashing for the right reasons.

      1. You seem to forget the years Liverpool have spent outside top 4 and no cl football,klopp didn,t get it straight away it was a work in progress and spent money,poch with a great reputation and spurs best team ever still no trophy after 5 years finishing just one point above arsenal worst team shouldn’t Emery being afforded time too to built his teams,with departures,players sold,people think it,s manager game,they need to understand that moving on players,getting his first targets it,s not that simple,look at manure they are in a more desperate situation since ferguie left close to a billion,few managers,i believe in unai but give him money to buy the guy knows what is needed trust and support!

  3. We need some strong players of African origin to booster the team and Diadie Semassekou fits the bill perfectly.

  4. Must it be from sampdoria again??
    i doubt praet make Belgium world cup squad in 2018, if am correct, we don’t jess buy players for buying sake, we need players that will make instant impact, and I doubt praet is that kind of player. I support franko on buying players of Africa origin like Nkunku, Upamecano, konate and so on, then promote some our kids to first team and start the rebuilding

  5. Isn’t the truth that we should ALL stop argung about the relative merits and stats(ugh!) of the players mentioned and accept that we do NOT have the luxury of cherry picking the world top players and at exhorbitant prices. If I now mention the name of KROENKE you will or SHOULD all understand why I write as I do. WE SHOULD ALSO RESPECT THE JUDGEMENT OF OUR MANAGER AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HE KNOWS FAR BETTER THAN ANY OF US WHAT IS NEEDED AND WHAT WE CAN AFFORD, WHO HE CAN IMPROVE AND WHO HE CAN’T AND SO ON. I always prefer to jusge any Arsenal player only after he has had a proper and ampo;le chance to show what he either can or cannot do. One of the earliest ever judgementsI have made in the Wenger era is Walcott. I knew that he was a coasting idle fraud withing a handful of games . Character on the field is often far more apparent and quickly judged than talent, and WITHOUT character, no player can ever achieve his potential however naturally talented. Ozil is another example of a talented player without character and as such virtually useless as to being relied upon. To sum up, I say let the manager decide who comes and our job as fans is to give him a fair chance, which as yet, he has NOT had, and hold our fire until he and HIS(as in NOT Wengers) players prove their level , whether for good or ill.


      I am not so sure what Emery knows tbh. I gave him a year to get used to the PL. Next year I want to see at least some improvements in our defending and away from.

      Remember this is the manager who wanted Suarez.

      1. Sip, I was no fan of Wenger, putting it very mildly – in fact I had been calling for his sacking ever since 2008, so I see no similarity at all to Wenger who had a full decade of the club drifting away from the top strata and Emery, who had to inherit Wengers joke defenders and unmotivated coasters (chiefly Ozil and Mkhi). I maintain that some fans, including you it seems, are unrealistic in what you expect a new manager, who had to inherit flops and had little REAL money to spend on new blood, to achieve in his maiden season. Wenger inherited the great George Graham defence. Emery inherited Mustafi and Xhaka etc. That says it all! IF wengers dross defence is still here a year from now I MIGHT think like you. But they will not be and I wont think like you. Emery has talent, energy, dynamism and has no favourites who were assured of their place however poorly they played, unlike Wenger!

  6. Does anyone really buy into this whole £40 million budget?

    The club knows an overhaul is needed and I am sure are not short sighted enough to under invest

    If we have loads of money to spend the worst thing we could do is make that very public. Instead we are set up to negotiate and hopefully sell well

    I’m expecting the majority of our business to be done in a very small window, both incoming and outgoing

    Also does a club with a 40 mill budget spend 7 million on a 17 year old?

    1. Yes Billy I don’t think 40m is right,whatever the budget be it good or bad no club in their right mind would surely not announce it.

    2. I think 40 million is about right. Not too many of the other big clubs speak about their budget. The idea that it is a negotiating tactic is somewhat laughable to me.

      I don’t think Palace will sell us Zaha for 40 because we said that’s all we have.

      We need to sell some of our players to increase our budget to at least 100 million. Let’s hope the guys in charge manage at least that.

  7. I cannot believe the attention paid to stats in assessing modern day footballers.Most of the information is meaningless and I can cite dozens of players with good stats who are basically poor.Mustafa is a classic example.No guys you have got to trust your eyes and brain when you assess players and in my opinion, and that of Hazard of Chelsea Praet is a very fine player who is more akin to Erriksen than Ramsay and is certainly less injury prone than the latter.As JF infers let Emery get on with the job of Managing.

    1. You’re right about stats, everyone already knows this though. Problem is that fans find it difficult to speak up on a players behalf without using them. Aubameyang for instance, a fan backing him against criticism is sort of going to have to bring stats into it. There’s only so much a fan can say about a player without stats, and we have too many fans who are unwilling to stick their neck out for a player. Some stats are a reliable indicator though, only on what they do that is good, it doesn’t erase the bad, but it helps bring some perspective with it. Some stats should not be used, like chances, for me a chance should be if a player gets a shot off or he should’ve/could’ve gotten a shot off, then he made a chance for a player, but they def don’t do it that way.

    2. Grandad, I sometimes think I must be your long lost identical twin separated at birth. Our thoughts are so alike on all Arsenal matters. We do have age and maturity on common , which is what matters. I wonder how great managers like Chapman, Cullis, Shankly, Busbyetc ever managed to recognise a great player without the help of way overhyped stats. Or rather, I DON’T wonder, since they all had keen eyes and a keen brain. THIS SLAVISH LOVE OF STATS IS FOR “CHILDREN.”

  8. Everyone (including myself) thinks that they are the best Premier league managers, yet we don’t even work in Football.

    If we were so knowledgeable then we would be football managers

    Fact is Emery knows better than Us
    We need to trust him for at least one more season.

    Also we shouldn’t be so judgemental of current players unless they haven’t performed well enough for more than one season ie Ozil, Mustafi, Elneny

    Fact is whether you hate Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira, Guendouzi, Koscielny, they were arguably our best players last season and we can’t replace ALL our players in 1 summer

    In the History of the PL that has never happened

    I think it’s wise to first keep our best players (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Torreira, Koscielny, Kolsanic, Monreal, Sokratis etc) and replace/Sell are poor or average players ie Mustafi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan,Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner (gone), Elneny, Xhaka etc

    Also keep or elevate Reiss-nelson, Smith-Rowe, Bielik, Nkteiah, etc

    There is only so much we can do in ONE Summer

    1. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF ONLY. YOU DO not SPEAK FOR ME WHEN YOU FALSELY USE “EVERYONE.” It would be extreme arrogance to think you know better than any Prem manager who has managed.

      1. Before you jump the gun, read what he wrote properly.

        Either you jumped to conclusion without reading it clearly or you forgot to put on your reading glasses

    2. @@ForeverGooner!!!

      Our top five players were Lacazette, Aubameyang, Xhaka, Torriera, Leno, they made the top five just before we entered the last stretch.

      Guendouzi didn’t play too regularly in our second half season, he began very brightly.

      Koscielny played second half of season, good chunk of it, mixed performances with the odd stand out every now and then, no consistency.

      Monreal had a very poor season, only reason why some fans don’t realise it is due favoritism and Kolasinac having the positional sense of a cone.

      Torriera, respectable for the most part, was a top five player, but ended the season like he never played with any of these guys before.

      I also believe fans missed a trick with the player of season category, strikers feed off confidence and we had a golden boot chaser. AFC fans missed a trick by not boosting his confidence. Lacazette won with 35 percent of the vote, 65 went the other way, that tells me people brought their favoritism or an underdog mentality to the voting poll. Only Auba and Laca should be getting the votes, Laca winning with 35% means that fans chose Leno, Torriera and Xhaka with their votes.

  9. Whoever we sign this summer, the number one priority should be players that work hard. Work rate should be above ability right now, because we have so many lazy players.

  10. I don’t think this rumour is true. The player is saying that the club are accepting offers, why would he publicise that, usually it’s an agent. It makes him sound a little desperate. I don’t know anything about the player but he looks a bit on the slight side.

  11. We should go back to winger template in his first few seasons he had it perfect,no nonsense,big Gk,central big central defenders,a middfiel with technical,powerfull players plus and gifted forwards!!

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