Arsenal looking to tie Emiliano Martinez down to a new deal

Arsenal is looking to tie down Emiliano Martinez to a new deal this summer after his heroics for them.

The Argentinean has been at Arsenal for the last ten years. However, he never really got a sustained run in the first team.

When Bernd Leno became injured in Arsenal’s game against Brighton, he was drafted in and his performances have been so good that he helped Arsenal earn a 14th FA Cup trophy.

He has just under two years left on his current deal and The Times claims that the Gunners will try to tie him and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to a new deal.

The report, however, added that Arsenal might struggle to convince him to stay because he has made up his mind not to become a backup goalkeeper again.

If he turns down their contract offer, the Gunners might use him as a cash cow by selling him to add more money to their transfer kitty.

Martinez’s fine showing will have been noticed by several top teams and they will look to convince him that they can offer him the first team place that his new reputation deserves.

Mikel Arteta will want to keep hold of him as he knows the importance of having a good backup goalkeeper now.

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  1. Why can’t we act as a big club FGS!
    Retain both top quality GKs..

    What makes great teams great are dicey decisions like this one..

    1. quality gks will not want to sit on the bench…they can easily find a club and play

      In Fifa19 i had Coutois in the bench for 4 season with no complain

  2. Retain him at all cost insert appreciable percentage of appearances in his contract and throw the number one spot open and earned by form and performances. Either him or Leno at the post we are gud….but I have this feeling he is a better composed keeper than Leno. The way we calmly played from the back against Chelsea the commentator even said no offence to Leno as if it has being him we Wuld loss the ball and concede.

  3. Retain him at all cost insert appreciable percentage of appearances in his contract and throw the number one spot open and earned by form and performances. Either him or Leno at the post we are gud….but I have this feeling he is a better composed keeper than Leno. The way we calmly played our way out from the back even on high pressure against Chelsea; the commentator even said no offence to Leno as if it has being him we Wuld loss the ball and concede.

  4. Matt Macey deserves his chance just like Martinez. If Martinez wants to become a first-teamer then let him go

      1. Obviously not an Arsenal fan @S.
        Emi Martinez had been groomed to one day becomes first choice. That was why some older and his equal were let go, such as Vito Mannone.
        For me, it not impossible to share the role, split play on home and away for the first choice and 2nd. Then, the Keepers trainers have their hands full and the two keepers would know that any slip up and complacency will be benched.

    1. Eh?

      Martinez deserves to be the number one keeper based on his performances. I would start him over Leno any day of the week!

      Our defence has been more solid and confident with him behind them. He also covers more ground than Leno and is always actively coming for the ball. Something Leno does not do enough for me!

  5. I will be so sad to see him end up at Chelsea, to be honest I don’t want him to go because he has arsenal running in him.

    1. That is it man. He has the Arsenal blood. He is so passionate everytime he is on pitch. Give him number 1

  6. We have 2 great GK’s in our squad both with different skill sets….plus an excellent back back in Matt Macy, so its it time to choose one and sell the other to raise money for another position? Who would you sell?

    Leno – Fantastic shot stopper, agile, big game experience, ball player

    Martinez – Great ball handling on crosses, catches the ball and seems to communicate more.

    My preference is to cash in on Leno, BM in Germany would buy him for a big fee, we are left with Martinez who seems to handle EPL better has he has let his trade for 10 years in English football hence why he manages set pieces better.

    The guy has passion, and it 100% committed and its guys like him we need in our team.

    Who would you choose?

  7. Emiliano Is proving to be the safest pair of hands in our team and it amazes me bcos before lockdown Auba was our best player with Leno coming closely next.
    We have to keep both goalies and;
    1. Make none our number one for next season.
    2. Rotate them in EPL, Europa and the FA cup matches. I believe the picture will be clearer after next season. I pray they enjoy the competition.
    3. Use Macey for the Carabao cup, Emirates cup and other friendless.

  8. At any cost Arsenal should not let go of Martinez. We should be able to convince him to stay, put a certain number of games fixed for him each season and keep him and Lenno both. If Arsenal wants to retain its status as a big Club, we must have two very good GK’s.

  9. Martinez can no longer be described as a “back up”, and perhaps he never was.He has a commanding presence in the penalty area which Leno lacks and excels at crosses and set pieces.At shot stopping, Leno has the edge.Two very fine keepers .In practical terms, if any team came up with an offer of 45/50m for either, it would probably be accepted.

    1. Totally agree, Grandad. After 10 years at the club and six loans I think he deserves his chance to shine! He has already impressed me and given some stability to the defence. I believe our back three have been better with him because he is more mobile than Leno. I also think he’s more vocal too!

  10. I really like Leno, yes I do but Martinez has given me another thought. I thought we are in for troubles when Leno was injured but Martinez has done exceptionally well and I m totally impressed. Sad to see any of them leave to be honest. Leno was closely our best player before the injury. He made crucial saves, kept us in games especially when our defense were in no man’s land and reduced the deficit in games where we receive several shots on target. I remember all those feat from Leno but Martinez has equally done pretty well. They both have their qualities (strengths and weakness). I hope the club finds a way of making both happy with games under their belt

  11. Im a massive Leno fan but Martinez has been nothing short of faultless. Give the guy a massive pay rise, he has earned it. Let the shirt go to the best no1 and at the moment its Martinez but that isnt to say Leno is no2. We need fair competition because thats what Increases everyone’s value and credibility. We are lucky to have both.

  12. The way he plucks out those crosses! Boy so composed, Give him a pay rise and rotate them depending on opponents.

  13. Martinez amazes me with his composure and how he handles the ball both from shots and setpieces.
    He is A Gunner through and through.
    Since the days of Seaman and Lehmann this is the first time we have two very assured goalies with different styles.
    I think Arsenal can rotate them the way Napoli rotates Meret and Ospina, not just in cup matches but also in the league.
    Martinez is more assured against bigger teams that tend to outplay or pin us back as there’s usually a lot of setpieces and corners resulting from pressure.
    Leno can perform against teams lower than us.
    Long may their qualities continue to improve.
    Looking forward to the new season.

  14. Really very painful to see people appreciating and praising Martinez now.

    Boy has been very good since time immemorial. Just that we tell people these things and they think we have preferences.

    He’s miles ahead of Leno, period.

    Similarly, in due time, everyone will be praising Mavropanos and R. Nelson. You watch with two eyes.

  15. have you guys forget? he said in the tunnel cam “i don’t care about money” he will definitely stay, and he will make 1st choice of GK next season.

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