Arsenal lose one big star on deadline day – Gunnersaurus

Well, I certainly didn’t think I would be reporting on this day that Arsenal are laying off their mascot of 27 years, the mighty Gunnersaurus!

The man behind the suit is Jerry Quy, who has appeared at Arsenal’s home matches since 1993, is the latest victim of the club’s costcutting measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Obviously, there is not much call for the mascot on matchdays at the moment, but I was under the impression that the pay cut, that the players agreed to, was to save all those backroom staff from getting the sack. I guess I must have imagined that one, eh?

So could this bean end of an era? Or will our friendly green dinosaur be brought back into the fold when we are finally allowed to have fans back in the stadium? He was the friendly face of our beloved club, but he may not be quite so smiley now he has been told he has got the sack.

It doesn’t do a lot for the club’s image either, does it?


  1. AdminPat
    How about a Just Arsenal petition to be sent to whichever bright spark sanctioned this act of animal cruelty?

    1. Hopefully, he is only on extended leave without pay until the grounds can be opened again. Arsenal can’t afford to pay people to do nothing can they? But wait a minute, what about….?

    2. Animal cruelty laws don’t extend to extinct species. Vinai wasn’t sure at first, but when he looked it up, ‘saurus had to go.
      Apparently, though, he will be cloned back into existence when fans return to stadia.

    1. I think it’s becoming apparent now that the club has pretty much done it’s purchasing Martinez replaced by runarsson, torreira by elneny, guendozi by ceballos, saliba all though he hasn’t played is going out on loan replaced by Mari, whilst Soares although on the other flank is the replacement for the departing kolasinac. One pleaseing thing is torreira, Saliba and guendozi have all only agreed load deals.

      If those deals all go through we will be bang on the numbers for PL and EL quotas. With Saliba and Guendozis place on the EL A list taken by 2 of the 4 new signings Akinola, Dinzeyi Flores or Lewis.

      EPL squad as it stands we have 19 non-homegrown and 6 homegrown everyone else is under 21.

      EL squad all those 25 in the EPl squad plus any players who have been at the club less than 2 years. Saliba, Dinzeyi, Lewis, Akinola, Martinelli, Salah-Eddien

      Sorry to say but I won’t be watching transfer deadline day with any hope at all.

      1. Saliba nd duozi is counted as u21 so staying at arsenal will not affect the homegrown or we they take space in the 25 man list

  2. Feeling sad, that the one who cheered and did something nice on the pitch is laid off, but the other who does nothing enjoys 350K every week staying at home doing nothing useful for us, just because there is a one sided contract. Be brave Jerry, will cherish you in our hearts, no fan ever wanted you gone.

    1. Marc Roca was a good enough DM for Bayern Munich, but not good enough for Arsenal apparently. When I last looked Espanyol only wanted about €20 million for one of their best players.
      Roca and Doucoure would have been value additions and upgrades to the Arsenal midfield for a total of £40 million. Hopefully the Club doesn’t end up with no new midfielders. With Torreira and Guendouzi going, midfield will be pretty thin.

  3. I think Gunnersaurus would make a fairly decent DM, well certainly better than what we’ve got. Oh, I forgot, we haven’t got one at present.

  4. I find it hard to believe this was necessary. Reports also say he was a parttime worker so was he even being paid during this pandemic? Seems this did nothing but make us look bad! Bring him back when stadiums reopen please!!

  5. Can someone please clarify; Is the problem the money? Or, is it the fact we need to lose a few players first?

    I am getting so confused over the reports on Sky etc. about us needing to raise funds for Partey. I was always led to believe we had the money?

    Arghhhhhh! 🤯

  6. Pay whatever Everton demand and bring back Iwobi- he’s not in the same class as Gunnersauras but at least he will get minutes on the pitch during the half time penalty shoot out with the kids.

    1. Great joke PHIL BUT THIS SACKING STINKS! Is there no one at Arsenal who understands the value of marketing to ouryounger generation? Unbelievable own goal, IMO!

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