Arsenal lose out to Aston Villa again with wonderkid snapped up

Aston Villa have beaten Arsenal to another signing this summer, with 16 year-old wonderkid Ajani Burchall having agreed to join the Villains.

Gunners fans were rather displeased after realising that they had lost out to their league rivals last month when Emi Buendia was confirmed as moving to Villa Park, with our efforts having been made public, but another target is now confirmed on their official website as having followed the Argentine to the Midlands club.

We were believed to have been favourites to land Burchall from Birmingham in recent months, when his contract situation was made public, with the Scottish Sun previously reporting that he wasn’t willing to accept the terms offered by his previous club.

Ajani was highly rated enough by the Cherries to make his senior league debut back in December, but the winger clearly had other ideas as he refused to agree to a scholarship deal, with him still under the age of 17 at which point he would be allowed to sign a professional deal.

While Arsenal fans aren’t going to be kicking and screaming at missing out on a likely future talent, he could well be added to the list of nearly-men, with us having came close to signing a long list of players before they hit the big-time previously, although this kid definitely has a long way to go to get such credit.

Are Aston Villa starting to become a problem for us? Are they showing more ambition than us so far this window?


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  1. Oh stop it Patrick🙂 I can’t remember him mentioned before and it’s his home town so no sweat.

  2. Stop this Arsenal vs Villa nothing burger.
    I know it must be the shiny new outrage producer to Arsenal fans at the moment but come on.

    1. Agreed. It’s a load of newspaper waffle.
      Villa are signing a few supposed wonder kids here and there, but what’s new?

      There was Martinez that wanted to leave you lot, but Buendia was the only player we can really say we beat you to in getting him signed – hardly makes Villa the scourge of Arsenal does it. ESR wasn’t going to leave Arsenal, most Villa fans know this.

      It’ll be in the papers that our bog roll is softer than yours next.

    2. For an Arsenal fan yr very quick to join those slagging the club off mate!!
      Fact one there has never been any reliable source saying Arsenal ever made a bid for Buendia only so called ITK’s made those claims.
      Fact 2 a young player choosing to start his career at a lesser club because there’s less competition doesn’t prove that Villa are better than us in fact it proves the opposite

  3. Birmingham Live seems to be behind all of this Arsenal baiting . Since they got Buendia they have been on our case ever since. It’s best to ignore them but they know that Arsenal’s fan base are welded to their smart phones and react to everything. As soon as they bite on one story , they think up another one.

  4. Patrick, can you please refer me to any article that mentions our interest in this, hitherto unknown, player?

      1. So nothing whatsoever from The Arsenal…. no official news of any kind…. I think I’ll stick with our official website and leave the rumours to the gullible.

  5. Are Villa becoming a problem? No, we finished higher than them last season, and they are giving up on ESR. They beat us to Buendia but hopefully the club has something else up their sleeves.
    “wonderkids” get snapped up all the time. You can’t hoard them all. We’ve tied down Taylor-Hart to a new contract, Okonkwo a well, ESR will be next. As long as Arteta gives our youth players a real chance next season that should be satisfactory.

  6. Does Aston villa relishes beating Arsenal to a certain signing? Which one is this one again, lol.

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