Arsenal lose two away games – Two more to come?

Just a week ago, Arsenal looked to be hitting form with the demolition of Stoke giving them a third clean sheet in a row, but that has all gone straight down the pan with our embarrassing defeat in Zagreb, and our even more annoying defeat by a Chelsea team that has conceded 12 goals and were already six points behind us before the game started.

There could hardly be a worse time to visit our arch rivals Tottenham Hotspurs on Wednesday. The Spuds are now hitting a bit of form themselves and have not lost since their opening day 1-0 defeat to Manchester United. Their new signing Son has scored three goals in his last two games and they sit just one point behind us in the League table.

We know for a fact that Arsene Wenger will make big changes for this Capital One Cup game, whereas we also know Pochettino takes this competition seriously and went to the semi-finals last year before losing to the trophy winners Chelsea. Also as it is being played at White Hart Lane will give them an extra advantage. This game is not in any way an easy fixture for us…

Four days later we have the pleasure of going to the surprise team of the season so far at Leicester City, who are actually unbeaten in their last SIXTEEN games and are two points ahead of us in the League. They are also a team in form and it will not be easy winning that one either! It would be an absolute disaster for us to go into the Champions League game against Olympiakos with a run of four defeats behind us…..


        1. U lot should just stop it. Shame on us for being so damn hypocritical. I said the other day that “victory is victory; when you win you have won, how you won is merely secondary, not as important as the FaCT that you won.” If Koscielny were at Barcelona and Costa did that nonsense to him, he’d had seen a straight red because a Barcelona player, under such circumstance will never stand and would play dead, and his teammates will surround the ref and pressure him into doing something. The ref and the officials will be forced to critically look at the situation and conclude Costa must have done something very serious to him.

          I hate hypocrites. You mean if it’s a Champions League final, our player dives and we are awarded a penalty, we score and win by just that pk goal, you guys won’t celebrate becuz our player cheated to secure us victory? Yeah, right.

          1. See right there is the problem – 13 thumbs up applauding the idea that we all celebrate a win achieved through cheating. Can’t believe there are no Arsenal fans who would be embarrassed to win through a blatant dive. I suppose it might depend on how we did in the match, if we were clearly the better side or not and whether we were victims of cheating. If it was just plain daylight robbery on the back of a poor performance I couldn’t celebrate with any enthusiasm.

  1. The capital one cup is a platform for some of our youth team players to play competitive matches. The team to face the totts will be a mixture of the first team, fringe and youth team players. It wont be a work in the park for us but we will surely win. Hoping to see ADELAIDE

  2. Anyone knows a good reason why we didn’t move in for Martial? He had played against us in the UCL so we can’t claim not to have known him. A French player with many similarities to Henry should really have got us interested.

    1. Let’s give him a full season before we start singing his praises. There is no doubt he has talent, but consistency is something else completely.

      1. From what he has done and what I’ve seen from him in his first few matches I personally don’t need to wait a season to know he is a top talent.

  3. I remember the first time I watched martial against us, I just knew he would be great. I don’t know what the future holds from all indications a 19 year old playing his epl games and scoring goals of different striking expertise, he could well be a great player. I said on this site then when the transfer window was on that he had all the makings of a ‘wenger’ player. Skill, pace, ice cold finishing, anticipation….early days but boy he has it all. I am 100 percent certain wenger wanted him BUT the price. But really cheap is cheap. Quality is quality. 19 years old with his potential is worth every penny FOR me given this mad market.
    Sanchez this season has been terrible. Maybe he was thrust in too early. The first wenger mistake of the season.
    Get iwobi into that team quickly. Think Jeff is injured. Chip in bielik.
    Wenger has gambled with the injuries this season. Left for him to bear it all.
    Gabriel. Absolutely no words to describe how good he is.

  4. excuses aside, who did not know that arsenal were just participants rather than competitors in any of this competitions???let us not pretend that we are surprised about all that has happened because it has been happening for the last decade including poor decisions of the ref{do not know whether it is bad luck]the last transfer window will haunt us dearly going forward…most pple here were taking a swipe at manure for buying martial and using it to justify our inactivity!!!

  5. i think what remains as of now is for everyone to just shut up, see the results as they trickle and take each one with a pinch/huge junk of salt as per your preference coz we are actually **NO SWEARING** up and Arsene doesn’t know. moaning and wining won’t help a thing. every other season same story. Wake me up when Wenger gone.

    1. It is because there has been so much swearing lately that I am doing my own purge, as their has been loads of members swearing but just disguising it with stars. I have now closed that loophole and ANY swearword or disguised swearword will be moderated.

  6. Now I’m left wishing Maureen the worst. I said it, that man **NO SWEARING** from his mouth. Have you been reading his comments lately???

    Shame on us. You don’t win trophies by playing nice and fair on the pitch. Screw that. I’m just happy for Gabriel, Le Cock and Jack. They are the guys that I believe will make opposition teams not take us for granted.

    1. Shame thing Chelsea have come down to this level of playing. If they can’t score against a 11-men team, they will certainly do something to get the opposition players being sent off.

  7. Now is our year to make a statement. To really take the next step, and we didn’t sign anyone but Cech. I think the Cech signing was amazing. I’ve no problem with him.

    But not signing a DM when there were several available was naive. It was such a bad call. Not to mention that our attack is completely stale. Ramsey had a clear chance at goal and what does he do? He runs backwards. Yet he’ll still be played on the wing next week. And the week after that.

    I’d imagine even Wenger loyalists are finding it hard to defend him. This was supposed to be the year he proved us wrong but it’s starting out the same old story.

    We’ve been pretty patient. Probably the most patient supporters there are in the top division. But when you choose not to spend in the transfer market you make the statement that this team is strong enough, that it will be exciting enough, that it doesn’t need changes. Our attack is dead. Arsenal away support sang boring boring chelsea yesterday. Yet I’m the one bored.

    Every attack we make I know what’s going to happen. Sanchez will lose the ball. The midfield will pass. Walcott will be offside, Chamberlain will create chances for the opposition and Giroud will do something face palm worthy. Coquelin will pass the ball overhead–oh no, it’s gone out of play.

    I’m not even great at reading the game the majority of the time, and it’s all so predictable. It’s boring. Every week I see the same thing. The same line up. The same play. There’s nothing fresh there. There’s no originality.

    We barely score at home now anymore. We have got 3 red cards in 2 matches. When pool did that last year I completely slated Rodgers. I’m bored. It’s getting hard to defend Wenger when he’s so stubborn in his lack of tactics and with being content with our team.

    Frustrating to be so close, yet fail over and over.

    1. Hey if you carry on like this you will be sending me valid articles to publish. I of course take all the credit lol…..

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