Arsenal loses David Luiz red card appeal

The FA has rejected Arsenal’s appeal to get David Luiz’s red card against Wolves overturned.

The Brazilian was sent off after he made contact with Willian Jose inside the Arsenal penalty box just before halftime.

There appeared to be minimal to no contact from the defender, but VAR reviewed the incident and backed the referee’s original decision to send him off.

Arsenal and Luiz were furious about the outcome, and Mikel Arteta vowed to appeal the decision.

The Gunners have now revealed that they did appeal, but they lost it.

Ahead of their match against Aston Villa this weekend, the club issued a statement claiming that they did their best to get the decision overturned, but the FA rejected their argument.

Luiz will now miss the Villa match, while his teammates will continue to prepare for the match against Dean Smith’s side.

A statement on the club’s website reads: “The Football Association have confirmed to us that the red card given to David Luiz on Tuesday against Wolverhampton Wanderers will stand.

“We have worked really hard to overturn David Luiz’s red card. We presented our case to the FA but are disappointed that our appeal has been unsuccessful.

“We accept the FA’s decision and continue our preparations for Saturday’s match against Aston Villa.”

Gabriel Magalhaes partnered Rob Holding in the absence of Luiz in the Wolves game, he should start against Villa.

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  1. In my opinion, we won’t miss him.
    Leno is the real concern for me.
    Luiz is too rash and takes too much time on the ball and ends up playing long passes that hardly reach their target.

  2. Not surprising, considering that the current rules leave no grey area for interpretation…as such, there was no chance that this appeal would win the day…one of the prevailing concerns about implementation of the VAR system was the fact that there existed some rules that left the door open for interpretation by on-field officials, which of course seemed incongruent with the quest for technological perfection…something had to give, or so it seemed, which meant that even when the actions on the field failed to meet the old standard, or “spirit” of the rule, they were unjustly subjected to the same consequences as those actions that clearly showed some intent…like I’ve said before, I can only hope common sense will prevail eventually and they will be able to implement a system that actually incorporates the “spirit” of the rules

  3. May be the FA is just trying to save face?
    They don’t want to admit that it was a bad call as it would not reflect well on the whole thing.
    Just a thought.

  4. To save face, FA was not going to overturn the red card. The forthcoming Olympics amd the next world cup will feature no English refree again, bunch of retards.

  5. They overturned the Bednarek red card. Their reasoning for doing so could so easily be applied to Luiz’ card.
    What the hell is going on!?

  6. Luiz with all his experience, why did he have to react in that manner? He is at fault for putting himself in that awkward position. Refs will never do us a favor. He too should have his contract terminated so that we would be free from the Tres Amigos (Mustafi, Socrates,Luiz). His stupid dismissal had an effect on Leno who has joined the legendary group of Arsenal GKs like Almunia, Fabiansky, Mannone, Ospina. Good luck to Runar Alex if he is the goal tomorrow.

  7. I think its an awful decision as well ,but i think luiz has to take some blame. He was never going to get the ball so why would you run so close behind a player in the box knowing there is a good chance of leg contact. I also think if he lets willian go that goalie has a chance to smother or save any shot. But i do agree it was a stupid harsh decision from ref and var. Rules need to be changed.

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