Arsenal loss against Olympiacos in Europa League was an unwelcome first

Arsenal’s Europa League exit creates a record they would not have wanted.

Arsenal has created an unwanted European first for the club when they crashed out of the Europa League on Thursday night.

The Gunners won the first leg of their last 32 game against Olympiacos, but they failed to win the return leg and they were beaten 2-1 by the Greeks at the Emirates after extra time.

In 18 previous attempts, Arsenal has always qualified for the next round of a European knockout game after winning the first leg as pointed out in the Sun.

Mikel Arteta admitted afterwards that he was hurt to see his team exit the competition at that stage and in that manner. It is unlikely that he was aware that it was the first time the club exited a European competition after leading from the first leg.

Arsenal is still in the FA Cup and the Gunners can make the Europa League again next season if they can win that trophy, they also retain an outside chance of finishing the season inside the top five and that could mean Champions League football.

The Gunners also run the risk of losing some of their top players if they fail to qualify for Europe, the likes of Pierre-Emerick and Alexandre Lacazette could be on their way out as a result of no European participation.


  1. St Sass says:

    Invincibles thanx watford

    1. AY75 says:

      We should send them a box of chocolates or something 😃😃

  2. Reggie says:

    It was unwelcome and a bloody disaster!

    1. SueP says:

      Pray tell me why?

      1. Reggie says:

        Im talking about the article title Sue, it was something that we will pay for dearly this summer.

        1. SueP says:

          Sorry Reggie
          I was caught up in the only euphoria we’re likely to have this season
          Yes. It was a disaster

  3. Godswill says:

    We are who we are in Premier League era.
    A consolation after the disappointment of the week,

  4. SueP says:

    We love you Watford we do, we love you Watford we do we love you Watford we do oh Watford we love you

    1. AY75 says:

      You guys don’t even know how happy I am…… there’s only one invincible, there’s only one arsenal…… COYG!!!

      1. Godswill says:

        Only Arsenal

        1. AY75 says:

          Yessir!……… long live the invincibles 👑

    2. Shakir says:

      That was really a world class performance.Sarr will be the man of the match.

  5. Mogunna says:

    To not be in EL has a positive aspect; we won’t have to play Thursday and week ends for 6 games before final, making 7 games. Consudering 10 games left in EPL, we’ll be more rested and focused for 7 out of 10 games still to play in EPL.

    Upon our coach’s formation, we can finish in top 5.

    I read celebration for Watford win and indeed as Leicester lost, Chelsea draw; what I been pointing is accurate.

    The fight to escape relegation been on for weeks; these so called smaller team are and been in survival mode; making it tuff for every teams; Reds lost was just that; a Watford win for survival!

    Leicester is not at all in CL yet nor Chelsea.

    Top 6 can end up :

    Man U

    Wolves can also be in it, so does Leicester of course. They do not play any Europe football.

    Of course best for English football would be to have Man U finish 6th and win EL which they are one of 4 teams to potentially win it with Wolves and Inter obviously.

    Arsenal must win every single game, beat city we have to play, results so far allows us to move closer to top6.

    Arteta must play right formation….Not be scared to bench Xhaka!

  6. ken1945 says:

    Just goes to show another incredible fact stemming from the twenty two years of European football under our greatest manager ever, the facts just keep coming – and know of course, the Invincibles reign supreme for yet another season.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Ken, it’s a shame that with the gradual the demise of this great Club under Kroenke and the Board, celebrating past glories is all that is left.

  7. Top Gunner says:

    Arsenal will never improve if it still believes in Xhaka and Ozil

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