Arsenal luck of the draw almost as bad as ever in UCL

It was a great achievement, if a very nerve wracking one, for Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League group stages for the 17th year in a row this week. But Arsene Wenger and the players will be determined to go further in the competition this season, having gone out in the first knockout round in recent years.

But to do this we were hoping for a bit more luck in the draw to give us a better chance of winning our group and avoiding the better teams. So having been put in group D, the second pot was important and we got the German giants Borussia Dortmund, just like last season. That was just about as bad a start as possible.

And it didn’t get any better for the Gunners in the next pot, with the Turkish champions Galatasaray going in. All we needed now was to get Monaco or Roma to complete the bad luck. But we got Anderlecht from Belgium instead. So it could have been slightly worse, I suppose, but it could also have been much better.

As usual, Chelsea got a nice easy ride, with Schalke, Sporting and Maribor. Man City got Bayern Munich and Roma while Liverpool’s is not too bad apart from Real Madrid. So Arsenal didn’t get the group of death, but we will need to be really on the ball to finish top. What do you think?

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      1. Wow talk about overreaction. Anderlecht are worse than Marseille and Galastaraay are worse than Napoli. Galastaraay have Eboue at right back and ur worried??? Dortmund aren’t that good either and Liverpool beat em 3-0. Arsenal are surely better than all of those teams? We are better than Dortmund player 4 player.

        1. Probably right arsenalman365, just getting a bit bored of seeing Dortmund coming out of the hat every year. I am not so much worried about our group, just could have been much easier and just pissed that Chelsea get such an easy ride every f**king year. Jeez, we would have been better off in Pot 3 with Pool’s outrageous draw.

          1. We beat Dortmund away last year and they lost Lewandowski so I expect us to win every game. Could have been harder could have been easier, a 3 out of 5 for difficulty.

              1. thats not confidence, an he will be talking different when we play them.

                jurgen klopps lot are the elite. make no mistake

                1. Szczesny> Weidenfeller
                  Debuchy> Pizscek who can’t defend
                  Koscielny> Hummels because he is quicker
                  Mertesacker> Subotic
                  Gibbs> Schmelzer
                  Bender> Arteta due to more legs but could change.
                  Ramsey> Sahin
                  Cazorla> Blaszczkowski
                  Walcott> Immoble

                  Plus Dortmund have no squad depth. Our squad is deeper than people think.

                2. haha arsenal365, you have the most rose tinted glasses ive ever come across.

                  Debuchy also cant reallly defend. Hummels was the best cb in the world cup while koscielny doesnt start for france. Walcott has played striker for us once so you cant really compare him to immobile but immobile is likley to be better than gitoud once he gets going.

                  And the cherry on top you claim arteta could be better than bender!!

                  There is rating our players highly and then there is being riduclous

                3. Koscielny doesn’t start for france because Sakho and Varane are a partnership. You don’t actually think any of them touch him? I said Bender is better than Arteta because he has more legs plus Immoble aint proven at this level and the Italian league is poor. Giroud is a proven premier league player desping scoring 22 in 29 last season. Walcott is proven upfront and scored a load of goals before he signed a new contract. Walcott did 21 goals and 14 assists in 31 games which even beats Marco Reus’s tally (not saying he is better but similar). Immoble is proven at the highest level and could be a 1 season wonder like Darren Bent.

                4. By Arteta could change I meant that Wenger is almost guaranteed to sign a dm based on reliable sources like BBC, The Telegraph and The Guardian. They say that Wenger is interested in a DM and Striker and the majority of what they say is accurate. They were the first to break out the Chambers and Debuchy story so I recommend ditching caughtoffside, metro etc and read them instead.

              2. Win every game, I admire his confidence too.
                Said earlier, we WILL get Dortmund again, probably Qlympiacos, well we got old foe Galatasary instead.
                And also Chelsea would get a bye, how right I was there.
                At least we missed Roma, just.
                Dotmund and Galatasary are tough games, be very happy if we get through, elated if we win the group.

        2. alot of people are gonna be crying like last season when we get completely outplayed against last season.

          the away win we parked the bus- does no one remember the game?

          unbelivable arrogance, considering we almost got knocked out by besiktas last night.

          humble pie coming soon

          1. We are better than Dortmund player for player plus a stronger squad. The possession was 50/50 and it wasn’t completely outplayed plus we had no pace. Wilshere and Cazorla were playing wide with Giroud up top so they pushed up. Walcott, Chambo and Gnabry were all injured. Dortmund are not one of the elite nio disrespect.

            1. i hear u about squads man, but imo dortmund are a force, i hope ur right, but they have beat madrid barca munich convincingly in last two seasons. thats elite man

            2. i hear u man. but remember they beat madrid barca and bayern in last two seasons convincingly, thats elite

              1. We beat Bayern convincingly away and the best Barcelona team of all time. They only came back in the champions league 3 years ago and are considered elite. Dortmund are crumbling because Bayern are outbuying them. From a Dortmund point of view, they are probably shitting them themselves.

          2. a bit pessimistic. But in Dortmund the game was low scoring – partly because both teams had defensive quality and played hard fought game. That was NOT parking the bus – when Arsenal do try to “park the bus” it often goes poorly.

            1. Dortmund were lucky to beat us at the Emirates, we were lucky to beat them away. They’re a top quality side and I’d certainly take Piszczek, Hummels, Reus, Gundogan and Immobile into our squad without hesitation. We can beat them but they can certainly beat us too. Looking forward to playing against them, they’re one of my favourite teams, should be two great games for us to watch!

              Another plus is that other than Galatasaray away, we don’t have to travel too far.

            2. Does anyone remember the Arsenal vs Villarreal semi final in 2006? They were ultra defensive in first leg and it riled Wenger. He said in the press conference before the second leg that it was not the way to reach a final, playing negative defensive football was not the arsenal way and we would show them how to win away from home. Arsenal then proceeded to put on the most defensive display in our history and barely left our box let alone our half. And after all that we went through. Turns out parking the bus can be quite an effective tactic. Just ask Mourinho.

        3. We beat Dortmund away last year in the group stage. NOT a pre season friendly, so I think we’ll manage to navigate our way through this group

          1. ‘Aaron Ramsey pops up… And Arsenal lead in Dortmund’

            Wouldn’t mind hearing that commentary again this year.

        4. Last season galatasaray elimainated juve. So dont underestimate them. But we should qualify from this group

          1. The draw ensures that Arsenal will need to play well each game. But is that not the point of seeking a championship?

            And Arsenal, sadly, have had tougher draws than this.

            Was it 3 years ago that one group had FOUR league champions – Real, ManCity, Dortmund and whichever team had won the Eredivisie? That was possible because UEFA does not consider league performance in making the pots – they use some UEFA performance coefficient. Anyway,THAT was a tough group.

        5. the problem is chel$hit and the fools will have a walk in the park against maribor and ludo or something while we would have to use considerable more resources during the mid week which again will favor those teams during the weekend while we get hurt …..

          though after 3 rounds i was dead sure of getting roma.. that’s a big relief

          us and city have the wost of luck in CL

        6. Well said mate! Liverfool only beat dortmund coz they put a B team out because they played munich 3days later which they beat! Personally i think dortmunds first 11 which can play is stronger then our 11 which will play…..gala wont be an easy away game but i expect at least a point and should beat them at home, anderlech we should be getting 6points out of as well…..but then again this is arsenal and we will probably get injuries ar per and not have a big squad coz wenger is too tight to buy anyone

        7. Yes. Pre-season does not mean much, but they did look very poor in that performance Dortmund will likely be a good team, but they don’ “appear” to be as good as they have been. Just the player turn-over can set a team back a little.

        8. We dont even have a decent striker! We just about put away the chances yesterday…..sanchez is a winger and well sanogood is no good

          1. Yes, Arsenal have issues. Hopefully Wenger is working on some of them. Striker? I doubt. But how fun would it be to know you will win every game automatically? There will be intensity and nail-biting this season.

        9. It’s an average group in all fairness… I’d rather have our group than an easier one because we need to get into the habit of beating European teams that are difficult. I am expecting 15/18 points. The only real negative for me is that if we were in for Reus before, then he wont be joining this summer.

        10. Dortmund DID get beat 2-0 at HOME against Leverkusen at the week-end.
          That was NOT a pre-season friendly.
          Still tough group though.
          Cty and Pool get tougher group, because they are not in the top group.
          And Chelsea ummmmmmmmmmm something dodgy there, every year a bye.

          1. Leverkusen have a weird Jinx over Dortmund. They haven’t been able to beat Leverkusen in five meetings now. But again, cannot underestimate them, they were unlucky not to go through after beating Real 2:0 in the second leg.

            and damn Chelsky!!!

        11. Dortmund are one of the best teams in Europe. And they got to the champions league final with Bayern and manged to progress further than Arsenal the next year and beat Real Madrid, sadly lost 3-2 aggregate. Plus, Dortmund beat us to first place last year. They have a great squad of players and have strengthened this transfer window. Jürgen Klopp is also an awesome manager. Hope they can still hold onto their best players.

          That said, I think we can do well. Getting top spot will be vital to avoid the likes of Bayern and Co. Always love the way Dortmund play, should be entertaining.

    1. Im actually really pleased with this draw, could have been harder and we get to play dortmund who made great games to watch last season! We’ll top our group so all is good

    2. UEFA do really hate arsenal. But don’t worry gunners, we will get easy group in the future when Wenger becomes the UEFA president.

    3. Team for team, i dont think there’s such a big difference between group D and G, but i would indeed rather be in group G than D.

      Funfact: Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund have met in the group stages in CL three times in a row now. Now you know what to put your hard earned money on next year!

    4. Ok… still trying to figure out how is this a bad draw? It speaks volume of our confidence and expectations of this team if we are reacting so pessimistically to what i think can be considered a fairly easy draw. So i will ask you all this question???
      Is it really a tough group? or subconsciously despite our new signings you think that arsenal is still not strong enough to boss this substandard group.

  1. I’m pretty much happy with our group, no where near as had as last year. More importantly though,


    1. i disagree , coming second means we get knocked out in round of 16 by bayern/barca- as usual.

      we need to win group, that means beating dortmund.
      they r better then last year …oh an…..


      1. Dortmund are not better than last year, they have dropped off a lot. We will win this group no doubt.

          1. Considering they lost their opening game 2-0 at home by a poor Levekusen team it shows how they’ve dropped off a lot.

            Just don’t comment here anymore, safe YOURSELF the embarrassment of your poor football knowledge.

            1. week before that loss- they beat bayern munich 2-0

              funny u didnt mention that

              il comment here as long as i want, u dont like it. dont let the wenger shaped door hit u on the way out darling

            2. week before that loss…
              beat bayern 2-0- funny u didnt mention that

              im going nowhere. dont like it?
              dont let wenger shaped door hit u on the way out

              1. Again, commenting mindlessly. Bayern were majority of their attacking players whereas Dortmund were only missing Reus. Beating Bayern then losing to a mediocre Leverkusen shows how good you really are isn’t it? Dortmund will be the only decent opposition in our group, Anderlecht and Galatasaray, expect nothing less than a home and away win.

                Isn’t this an Arsenal fans only site? We don’t need your negativity or false info.

                1. grow up man, cos i dont get on my knees suck wenger and act like our team is one of the best in europe im not a fan!

                  yeh ok if u say so

                  an whos we? mate ur crusade involves u and …cough cough …just u.

          2. Dortmund lost at HOME 2-0 to Leverkusen at the week-end.
            Sorry muff, but this time only one person is embarrassing themselves.
            Of course, they WILL get better, but, as good as with Lewi, do not believe so.

  2. I’m pretty much happy with our group, no where near as Bad as last year. More importantly though,


  3. To be fair City have the hardest group and our group looks so much familiar A turkish club and a German one yea….

    1. @Lost
      MCity should be able to handle it. Aren’t they the squad with all the “depth” of “world class” players?

  4. Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis? We got a great group. Cherishing to play against BVB again, can have little banter with my mate who’s German and supports ’em. Last year I watched the match we won in a German pub, surrounded by 70-80 BVB supporters, being the only one cheering for Gunners. Good times! : D

    And let me ask you this: SINCE WHEN HAS ARSENAL BEEN AFRAID OF GALATASARAY? They are nothing compared to us. COYG!

    Oh and by the way, in which group Manchester United was in..? I didn’t catch that..

    1. Last year we lost at home and won away against Dortmund. They’ve lost Lewandowski, We’ve bought Alexis. We’re a stronger team than we were last year, if anything they’re a little weaker, but still a very good side. They still have Reus, Hummels, Kuba and Gundogan.

      On a side note – this kills any rumour of us signing Reus, he wouldn’t join a team that Dortmund will face.

  5. to be honest it makes no difference as wenger doesnt buy a squad good enough to compete in champions league…which is why we never do.

    he needs to buy if he wants to actually bother in europe this season

  6. I think the draw isn’t easy but could have been worse. Ultimately it is easier than last year and we made it through then.

    I think we need to buy, I am going to wait until the end of the window to judge our business but I am in no way confident that AW is going to get the players we crave towards the end of the window the more pundits talk about the fact we need to buy the more I think AW will not.

  7. We go through with BVB again. Our position depends on us again.
    I almost looks like UEFA has a way of manipulating this draw. . . . . Repeated meetings. . . . .

  8. Mark my words we will finish 2nd in the group with this team
    And then get rolled over by either Bayern or Barca

    Same thing every season
    To win the CL you gotta beat the best

    But the only thing we can do is reach the round of 16 and that’s it

  9. While I’m actually quite excited about this draw (BVB being the only true challengers), I can’t see us buying Reus now. Not unless they pull a Chelsea and add a “don’t play him against us” clause into his sale. I’d be happy with that in all honesty. Let’s spend 50 mil and get Reus and Carvalho both?

  10. same situation as last season. Unless we get first in the group, might as well pack the bags or we’ll draw Bayern for a 3rd time in a row. Same drill as its been for many years.

  11. Arsenal are better than last season, we have players with champions mentality.
    Dortmund aren’t what they used to be, no lewy, no gotze.
    Gala are a weak team and anderlecht oh. Shit team
    We will top this group.

  12. Lol some people saying the group depends on us

    If dortmund play to their full strengths
    Dortmund 2-0 Madrid
    Dortmund 3-0 Bayern
    Dortmund 2-0 Bayern
    They are almost unplayable on their day

    Can you say the same for us
    When was the last time we had a dominant game against an European team

    Stop dreaming and come back to reality
    This is not 2004 this is 2014
    And there are a lot of teams that are better than Us

    1. We beat Dortmund in Germany last year and were very unlucky to lose to them at the emirates Santi hit the crossbar before we got caught on the break so don’t act like there unbeatable I thought you were a realist

      1. outplayed in both games by dortmund . believe its still available on youtube.

        short memory bro

        lucky my nuts, cannot compare

        1. Second game we were outplayed I agree but def weren’t outplayed at the emirates were looking like the team to win it before we got caught it happens. And it’s no disgrace to be outplayed at dortmunds home ground the atmosphere there is very intimidating for any team but we battled hard and rode or luck and got the 3 points no reason why we can’t do it again

          1. look if we have full squad an no injuries its doable.
            but seems unlikely we will have no injuries

      2. I remember it all dude
        But you know how we play against big teams in general

        And talking about unlucky
        Dortmund missed 2-3 good chances in the first half had they scored the match would have been over there

        But I still think we can top the group

        1. Know what you’re saying the big teams in pl last year annihilated us in the away games but I believe we will be stronger this year everyone knows how important these games are so let’s get behind the team and stop worrying about who we draw in the group we love big nights in Europe at the emirates remember bayern at home before sczs got sent off never experienced atmosphere like that at the emirates before

      3. . Klopp is a top coach, more modern than Wenger, and I really think that may be the difference. It will be close but I’ll be very very disappointed if we finish 2nd because nowadays that automatically means were out. Sad truth.

        1. my money is still on us finishing first, but mostly I still think it rides on who we bring in the last few days of the transfer window. And guess this smashes the Sokratis to Arsenal rumours. Thats not happening now…

  13. We can win the group if we get a proven cdm, no way mikel arteta would have any chance against counter attacks and dortmund are dangerous in counter attacks

  14. Good draw. Interesting games that we should get through. These games will require concentration which is good so our players will be completely committed. Galatasary will be difficult away but we will be fine at home. Anderlecht should also be fine. Dortmund are the biggest rival for the top spot and since we last met they have lost Lewandowski. I think we will top the group if we play like we can play. Dortmund are good, but without Lewandowski I don’t think they’re quite the threat they were last year.

  15. What’s the deal with Bayern always playing English teams? Last season they played Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United. Now they’ve drawn City again..

      1. “Walkovers”? BM are very, very good but don’t make them out to be God-like. Quite difficult to lose 3 “walkovers” don’t you think?

  16. Looking forward to our CL games think we have a great group some tough games but i think we will raise our game starting at lecister coyg!!!!!

  17. One or two more top signings would increase our chances. I hope Wenger knows something we don’t

  18. hahahahahaha , what a bunch of whingers and whiners populate this page of late . it is gone so bad now that you guys would moan about the weather , its too hot , its too clod , too icy , too snowy . manchester united fans used to be the kings of the moan and whinge but you arsenal people on her have surpassed even them .you go on about referees being against us , linesmen against us . did you ever stop to think that maybe we are not entitled to win every game and get a nice soft touch in europe or domestic cups .you are all sloiled rotten is what i am thinking now . if a team are going to win any competition they have to beat all comers on their way . there are some great games coing up in our group even though i do not see us progressing beyond the group stage . aand sure we were never going to win the UCL anyways so why the big deal .

    1. oh please, there are definitely easier routes to the finals than other routes. Finishing top of the group helps a great deal. Would you rather have faced Bayern last season, or Zenit?? The further you go the better chance you have to win, possibly get lucky here and there.

  19. hope the falcao deal is on permanent basis not loan no point in spending 20m on loan when we can get jacskon Martinez/bony for that money wenger left it late still there is hope

        1. Interesting mate. Like you say though, 20 mill for a loan is heavy. Unless it comes off the final price for us if they give an option to buy..

    1. Martinez played Porto`s Champions League qualification games so he is eligbe to represent Arsenal in group stage…

  20. Wenger if you are serious about the UCL get the wallet out. As far as you saying we will only buy players that make the team better you know my thoughts.

  21. We will buy FA top quality so forget it
    We will get knocked out in the last 16 then spend the season trying to get in the top 4
    That’s our target every year, get used to until until wenger and he board go

  22. Champions League is all about playing Europes best teams. No one should be complaining about our group. Bring them all on gooners.

  23. Draw not too bad. We have a decent chance at topping the group. To progress, however, we need to buy 2 players, a Central Defender/Midfielder and a bigger striker to present as an alternative to Sanchez. (Can’t rely on two un-provens in Campbell and Sanogo; top teams can afford only one such luxury.) Given current strengths in squad (Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell), maybe Bony is better option than Remy. Of Course Cavani or Falcao would work as well. Prefer Calvalho for CD/CM.

  24. Draw not great – but not terrible. But if you want to be a champion you must beat good teams on the journey. The only real drawback is Wenger may be forced to use some of his best players on that journey.

  25. Healthy Team w/o Giroud:






    1. I would like to see pace on the wings as much as possible (Campbell, Walcott, Ox). It is such an advantage both offensively and defensively.

      Ox really put the pressure on Besiktas defense in his start. And in the few minutes Campbell has been on the pitch this season he has gone back and made several nice defensive stops. Not because he is a great defender, but his raw pace allowed him to get back in time to surprise the opponent and steal the ball.

  26. as with last time klopp will be like the 12 man on the pitch and major inspiration(great man motivator and tactician to boot) to bvb so we will have to be on our guard against them as they will be pumped up to meet us but we could inflict an early psychological blow if we secure the services of one mr marco reus, we should roll the over two teams over with a bit of effort COYG

  27. First match is away at Westfalenstadion, Sept. 16. I think its good to get the hardest match over with first. Maybe BVB wont be fully integrated with their new signings, and hopefully we will be ready. And Anderlecht is our back-to-back tie, and then BVB at home, so hopefully we build up momentum there… But last match is Gala away which is always difficult. I think this was the best schedule we couldve gotten.

  28. If Wenger continues using both Cazorla and Ozil for every match Arsenal will struggle. If Wenger alternates using them in the middle and puts some real pace on the wings (Campbell, Walcott, Ox) Arsenal should do fine.

    1. I somewhat agree; the counter argument is that the way we play, we need several creative players playing together simultaneously. IOW, Ozil/Cazola have to play off each other as well as having speed options on the flanks. Among Ozil, Cazola, Ramsey and Wilshire, only three should play at any one time; when all four play, we are too unbalanced defensively and lack sufficient pace.

  29. Champions League 25m that how much Arsenal get as well as the money Wenger has in his left in his wallet for new players. But old scrooge Wenger won’t spend a penny. Arsenal should have got rid of him when they had the chance. Wenger has lost his way a long time ago.
    Arsenal won’t win a thing this season unless Wenger gets his wallet out and does as he promised and strengthen the team with a few Quality Players.

    1. I think Wenger will buy now (maybe a CB) , but he will likely not get a striker. He has set up the team to go with an attacking midfield force and he is stubborn so he likely won’t change direction now.

      1. Where is Diaby now anyway? Is he injured again? It’s pathetic. He needs to be got rid off, get rid and get someone decent in. How long are we going to keep him on out books if he don’t play!

          1. How about you wind your neck in? You wouldn’t talk to me like that to my face Mr Keyboard warrior so dont do it on here…….

  30. Could have been easier could have been harder… Not the point… We don’t have a best 11 that can dominate decent opposition let alone top teams… So quarters if lucky 3rd place in group if injuries mount ….For me mert arteta/flamini and giroud/sonogo are the obvious points of inferiority….so what will wenger do … My gut feeling is nothing serious as he has delivered to our corrupted board half of what they want…hope I’m wrong… But the mans bs has gone of the scale in recent days

  31. Why haven’t we bought anyone yet?

    we need a CF/LW/DM/CB and this old fart is still play second fiddle while Van Gaal scoops up all the players out there?? Now he’s going after our target Carvalho?

    sucks being an arsenal fan i swear

  32. Arsenal agree to sell defender Ignasi Miquel for £1.5m to NorwichCity now hurry up & sell coqluelin & myachi + bring in new signings

    1. Guess that’s 1 more off squad list but… replacements as yet. Time is a running out Wenger. MU in talks in Manchester for Carvalho as his agent there………..
      Where are we going with this transfer window??? Oh god heart attack stuff again, damn my pacemaker’s batteries are low, oh no high blood pressure, my blood sugar has sky rocketed….. Come on Arsene only you can save me………………………..

  33. Miquel going I guess is good news but no incoming news is making this nervy.
    I am hoping that Wenger is playing his games again and targets were secured and just waiting CL qualification.
    CB – I hear Toby Aldwerweild or the Greek guy form BVB, (wont even try and pronounce).
    DM – God knows!! Khedira is off, Bender doesnt want to come, Carvalho dont think Wenger will pay 24m. Rabbiot?? or loan move?
    Striker – Heard today Cerci or Destro?

  34. So many p*ssies. You should happy to get an exciting fixture like Arsenal vs Dortmund, two attacking teams of similar quality. And btw, this is much more doable than last year so let’s do them all.

  35. I like our group, not too easy and not the group of death. Dortmund is a tricky game. The game at the emirates was amazing but the difference was Lewandowski. Now he is gone and we have added Sanchez we will have a game on our hands. Can’t wait.

    1. they may have Gundogan back by then though. But obviously no guarantee he will be the same player. Has been out for over a year.

  36. Both and Akpom and Crowley have scored so far in the ongoing u-21 game. Nice to see the young guns doing well.

  37. Reckon I’m gonna go crazy before the transfer windows shuts, all the rumours ahhhhhhhhh lol. I’ll be pissed if Carvalho ends up at united n we sign nobody.

  38. it is champions league FFS what did you all expect ??
    teams for europa league..
    it is champions league has to be tough (but it wont be too much in my opinion ) 🙂

  39. it is champions league FFS what did you all expect ??
    teams for europa league..?
    it is champions league has to be tough (but it wont be too much in my opinion ) 🙂

  40. perennial bundesliga powerhouse dortmund??? are you kidding me, they have one tenth the history we have,

  41. I understand that fans will be a bit biased towards their team, but Dortmund are fantastic at doing what they do – sell their best players (bar Reus/Hunmels) and invest it back into good players for much cheaper, Mikhitryan is always good for a goal, Aumbameyang too is threatening. Klopp in my opinion is one of the best managers in the world considering their budget and I hope he eventually succeeds Arsene. With regards to the group itself I think we can win it but only if we sign a replacement for Giroud, Falcao £20m for a year I think he will pay the fee back if we progress to at least the quarters – which with him I think we can. Giroud can also have a chance to improve his game as the pressure will not be so great.

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