Arsenal lucky to scrape a draw after blowing two goal lead

This was a game of two halves, a first half that saw Arsenal race into a two-goal lead following a brace from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and a second half that saw characteristic errors from the Arsenal defence that allowed Watford back into the game.

Aubameyang is one of the sharpest strikers in the game and he richly deserved his two first-half goals, he was in the right place at the right time and was at his clinical best.

Watford will no doubt complain about the first goal but Will Hughes went down far too easily under pressure from Dani Ceballos and then Saed Kolasinac showed his speed after picking up the loose ball before feeding Auba who turned beautifully before putting the ball into the left-hand corner of the net.

The second goal involved every Arsenal outfield player before Maitland-Niles slotted the ball to Aubameyang to slip the ball into the open goal.

At this stage, Arsenal was cruising but there were signs that if things were to go wrong it would be because of the defence.

The second half kicked off and what can I say, Watford dominated and peppered the Arsenal goal from the get-go but it was not any brilliance from Watford that brought them back into the game, it was an awful pass from Sokratis to Guendouzi that Gerard Deulofeu intercepted and Tom Cleverley scored from. It was very lazy from Sokratis who deservedly got punished.

After this Arsenal looked scared, their heads dropped and matters were not made any easier when Unai Emery inexplicably brought off Dani Ceballos in the 60th minute for Joe Willock.

Arsenal had a chance on the 70th minute when Pepe found Reiss Nelson, who came on for Guendouzi, on the edge of the area but his shot went straight at the keeper.

But Watford kept up the pressure, especially through Deulofeu and with 15 minutes to go we saw the spectacle of Arsenal deploying spoiling tactics and time-wasting.

Then came the 78th minute and of course, it had to be David Luiz who gives a penalty away which Pereyra duly converted and it was 2-2.

Watford kept the pressure up in search of a winner and boy did they come close a few times, Arsenal literally crumbled, there was no spark, no passion, no guts, Watford, who looked absolutely beaten in the first half played like a top-six team, whereas Arsenal looked like the team at the bottom.

Watford nearly won it at the end and if they had there could have been no complaints from Arsenal.

The post mortem on this game will not be kind for Unai Emery and his men.


  1. I might not end if I want to talk about the defensive idiocy shown today. Its just not not worth it.It’s better for me to talk about some of our players. Guendouzi has been hyped too much above his actual level. I’m sure it’s because he’s from Ligue 2. Even Reine-Adelaide, Ismael Bennacer And Willock are much better and have less hype.He’s not that good at all.
    Nicolas Pepe should know he cost €80m and his impact will be judged at the end of season on that basis. He needs to improve his decision making.Seeing as many hyped him we hope he lives up to it.
    Good goals from Auba. He can be average one minute and good in the next.
    A result that papers over the cracks once again and the excuse will be substitutions but those who know us know us.

    1. EMERY must now exibit his intelligence by dropping David Luiz for our next epl game …he is a liability…Our first game with Newcastle the defence was good ..hope he brings back Chambers

    2. Guendouzi is a highly talented youngster, but he is inconsistent, played with bad tactic and a hot-head

      Pepe seems to be a massive 72 M flop now and his right leg was completely inept. Could not even get past Holebas once

      However, Emery is the man to blame, because he used the very narrow formation again

      Four playmakers started for us, yet Watford were allowed to shoot 24 times

    3. For those who were hyping David Luiz and hyping him up I’d like to ask to ask what you think he’s added to the team?? Imagine rating him at this current level. Even at his best he was error prone how much more now.
      We also gave him a good contract too.

      1. Both him and Sokratis have cost Arsenal goals and more importantly 4 points. Emery simply has to drop both for Chambers or Holding, and dare I say Mustafi even.

        Where was our shape in the 2nd half? Where were the tactics? Watford 23 shots on goal in second half?

        With every game Emery displays he’s not our coaching solution. Can’t defend 2 goal lead?

        Emery had no answer for Watfords 2nd half tactics, can’t blame players for that. Club spent money finally, it’s simply Emery without any answer for Watford.


        1. Durand- doesn’t it just sum it all up that we are now saying perhaps Mustafi will be a better option to play? Im with you on this.Emery cannot keep playing ANYONE who consistently allows their mistakes to cost us precious points.Thats FOUR POINTS dropped in TWO GAMES.We would be second in the table with those points but now we are where we are.Emery is to blame as much as his players.Why oh why do we continue to play out from the back when we obviously do not have the players to do it?I called it before Xmas that this manager is not up to the job.Lets see him out now before his bumbling tactics and ridiculous team line-ups cost is even more.This will show a statement that we will not accept mediocrity and you would like to think this would get through to the players as well.
          Put Freddie in their and bring in Sol Campbell as defensive coach.In fact tell him to bring his boots because he won’t do any worst than these clowns.

          1. Phil absolutely correct sir. Fire Emery publicly now before player’s confidence is destroyed.

            Emery has no tactics AT ALL; an absolute lamb on the touchline.

            Luiz and Sokratis again? No punishment for repeated errors? Chambers can’t buy a start, Emery too arrogant to admit he’s lost for tactics.

            I’m all in for firing Emery immediately. Watford fires their manager, yet Emery gets free passes 16 months in.

            Clearly over his head and lost for answers, club flailing and no direction from “coach”.

            Not even shocked by Emery, seems to be his standard now. Tactically inept, clueless, and arrogant enough to not change or seek help.

            Outclassed by Watford with brand new coach who Emery fully knows from Spanish league.


      2. Better any of our kids from the reserves than David Luis and what puzzles me most is this word “experience” and I don’t think Luis got even a drop of it
        £6 million wasted on an idiot who hasn’t added absolutely anything
        Simply we underwrote chelsea’s liability
        When UE disposed off Reinne Adelaide and Christian bielek I knew the dude is NOTHING but and egoistic danderhead very fond of picking frictions with all that he engages

    4. Are u kidding, Willock better than Guendouzi? Guen runs takes risks which is fine but ultimately we now have a worse version of Wenger. Merry is absolutely clueless, tinkers too much and u can see that Niles and Xhaka have been poor since last season yet they are 1st team auto select? This clueless coach needs to go now not at the end of the season

      1. Emery is in no way, at any time of his career, a version of Wenger at any time of his career.

        So much disrespect for Wenger on this forum. I am almost tempted to be happy every time the Emery masturbators and Wenger ingrates have egg on their faces.

    5. I told them that Arsenal was weakened after the last transfer window and outlined the reasons I held such against the wave opinion. THey said I was talking rubbish.There is not much Pepe does that Welbeck can’t do. Ceballos is nowhere near Ramser and Iwobi is not replaced (he is a ball carrier in the middle).They said Nelson and Martinelli will replace Iwobi, that he won’t be missed.

      The reason people aren’t seeing this is because of the fashionable Wenger hate. They have already canonized “Don Raul” for revolutionizing Arsenal after Wenger and Gazidis “messed everything up” (their favourite blame line). Like last season, everything Emery did was a positive. Merley running up and down the touchline came with masturbating supporters shouting “Wenger never did”.

      Across the season, they would realise it but it would be too late.

      1. TH14-If you saw that Iwobi performance today you will completely understand why he was sold.You don’t need to be a good player to get in that Everton team.And he proved that today.

        1. Nelson = headless chicken. I repeat, the real talents are Sancho and Odoi, we have the worst of that trio.

          To think we let Iwobi go for him is stupidity of the highest order.

          1. TH14-He is gone and he isn’t coming back.Now if you can get your mind around that and think logically you will have a far better understanding of what Edu and Raul will be looking to do.
            Iwobi looked promising when he first got into the side.But he never built on that.Some like you hyped him up but deep down I’m convinced you knew in your own mind that the player was never going to be of the quality we demand.Now it’s the turn of Nelson.Again he shows promise but that’s all st this stage.Its the same with Sako and Martinelli.Until they have a run then we will never know.But I trust the coaches at the Club ( ljumberg and Metersaker-NOT Emery ) to know what the player is capable of.
            Every Arsenal supporter agrees we had a very good transfer window bearing in mind the limited funds.Pepe was bought for twice what we received for a Iwobi.Give him some time to bed in and he will hopefully prove to be 10 times the player.I know he is not a LW replacement but in terms of potential and ability he is a far far better option than Iwobi.Time will tell.
            If Emery is still in a job tomorrow morning then he needs to realise that his tactics are killing us and his defence is non existent.Watford had FIVE TIMES the amount of attempts on goal compared to Arsenal.How has that been allowed to happen? It’s the way we are set up and this consistent playing out from the back which is killing us.Iwobi would not have made a difference today.Just like he made no difference for Everton at Bournemouth.

          2. I hear you Phil, with the game poised at 2-2, Pepe cuts in and squares a delicious cut back for Nelson and he fires straight at the Keeper from 16yrds? That should have been an assist for Pepe and the Winner from Nelson.

            You don’t need a run of 20 games to know that he isn’t cut from the same material as his peers sorry to say.

    6. Our defenders are crappy ,I’m really pissed right now,Emery is an idiot…he made the wrong sub brought in those useless kids especially nelson ,,,,now that iwobi is gone i hope your all happy with our next rated super star nelson that is better than iwobi

  2. Four playmakers started for Arsenal, but they were unable to control the game and allowed Watford to create a staggering ten shots on goal. I believe Watford could create 24 shots in this match because Emery’s diamond tactic again:

    – Aubameyang: A predator who unfortunately did not play in a good system

    – Pepe: Did not look like a 72 M attacker at all. He was as bad as Nelson in the first two EPL games and Deulofeu looked more skillful than him

    – Ozil: Produced merry-go-round passes again, but luckily he has got the long-awaited perfect through ball

    – Ceballos: Looked lively and worked hard, despite playing out of position again

    – Guendouzi: Dominant in previous game, but made a lot of mistakes in this game. He has to control his temperament if he wants to be a great player

    – Xhaka: Did not produce anything special and showed his limits. Definitely not talented as a DM

    – Sokratis: Why did we pay 20 M for this clown?

    – Luiz: Why did we spend 8 M for this man, despite knowing that he has made many blunders?

    – Maitland-Niles: Made too many mistakes. Luckily he managed to convert Ozil’s through ball into an assist

    – Kolasinac: Our best fullback today

    – Leno: Could not do much with that type of defense

      1. After got beaten by Liverpool, Emery and his assistants still insisted using similar tactic

        I predict we wouldn’t finish in top four if Emery doesn’t change his approach

        1. Better any of our kids from the reserves than David Luis and what puzzles me most is this word “experience” and I don’t think Luis got even a drop of it
          £6 million wasted on an idiot who hasn’t added absolutely anything
          Simply we underwrote chelsea’s liability
          When UE disposed off Reinne Adelaide and Christian bielek I knew the dude is NOTHING but and egoistic danderhead very fond of picking frictions with all that he engages

      2. Ozil did well while xhaka is one of the liability in the field and should not be starting any of our matches at all

    1. I can’t say a lot coz I might lose my head, but all I have to say is I heard and seen enough.

  3. I think its time to prepare for offing Emery.

    This team with so much firepower shouldn’t be struggling against Watford, let alone surrending a goal lead.

    Allegri is available, yes?

    1. Allegri is another pragmatic manager

      I still remember how Spurs pinned Juventus down due to Allegri’s defensive tactic. They got lucky in that game

      I’d prefer Arsenal to try Tuchel out, if PSG do not extend his contract

          1. Yeah that’s not a bad shout-he has turned Leicester around.But remember – they have a far better defence than what we do

  4. Emery is out of his depth at Arsenal. Officially done with having his back. I doubt he’ll get sacked, but I hope not to see him after this season ends. He’s not good enough for Arsenal. Simple as that.

    1. RSH,
      Am also done having Emery’s back, he wont take us forward, can’t believe am saying this
      Am not even ready to blame any player now
      Aubameyang did his job, this is beyond embarrassing.

      1. It’s pathetic! Watford playing us out the park for 45 minutes. We showed NOTHING in 2nd half. Beyond embarrassing. This is Arsenal Football Club. At LEAST look the part. And the personnel we now have, Emery doesn’t have any excuses. This is his doing. This team has no identity, no clue.

        1. No identity no clue is exactly right and after 16 months it should b clear that this is as good as it gets from this guy …

        2. Please give him 6 transfer windows to get rid of “Wenger’s dross”

          Wenger messed up the whole club for the next ten seasons.

          1. Wenger did but 3 windows is more than enough .. anyway it is clear to me that this guy is not getting the best out of what he already has which is the bigger worry tbh

          2. Yes. You are not going to the toilet and Wenger is the cause.

            Someone has replaced Wenger the last time I checked. Someone is being paid to manage the team now and you are still being this upset about Wenger.You need to get a life…

      1. I rarely (third time ever) get involved – but feel compelled today. If you trade in a corolla for a BMW you will be commended; if you trade in a BMW for a corolla and the neighbours mock you, blame no one. Yesterday a Chelsea fan fussed that Arsenal should not be ranked higher than Chelsea on the uefa rankings. I told him to look at the ranking system. You get less points for performing in Europa than European Championship. A few years ago Wenger finally became adamant that he needed money to compete and suddenly became the enemy of a bunch of greedy Americans. The problem was worsened by tons of screaming misguided fans. We traded him (the BMW) who amassed so much points for Arsenal that we are still in the top 10 for a corolla (who can only play well in Europa). What offended me is that none of the screaming fans supported Wenger when he made the demands. Most did not even know that he did. Last summer the screaming fans finally developed a brain and asked the Americans for money. It was used to add more attack when the team has such poor defensive players. I am yet to find one good thing that our corolla coach has done. If you find me one let me know. I think we owe Wenger an apology. This coach has no clue. The Premier league is above his good standards. I agree with all those who compare him with Brendan Rodgers. I find it disrespectful that anyone compare him with Wenger. I hated a lot about Wenger, especially how he spoilt the Americans, but I respected him for his philosophy and achievement. Emery should go. It is not going to get better. If we finally get money and cannot beat the bottom of the pile, I have a right to feel this saddened.

  5. I said weeks back that I’d take a win without fancy football just to get back into the top four.
    To do this, we need to learn to see out a game which unfortunately, we can’t presently.
    Why on earth could Leno not go the way of the ball in penalties to save his own skin!
    NELSON?… wow!… What a terrific player!!
    I do hope some fans could be happy now that we sorted the right wing and sold the one player that could have been useful on the left wing at least.
    Still don’t understand why he was sold, it’s not like his value was diminishing instead the opposite is the case.
    Then he (Iwobi) was replaced with what?
    I love and support this club and that includes the players… But not this players obviously, I don’t support mediocrity when it can be improved on… Not this team…really sad.

    1. Please don’t put Leno in. He made so much saves. If our defence wasn’t shit, he would have kept a clean sheet.

    2. We have not tried Martinelli and Saka yet, for the LW position

      I think Martinelli would have difficulties on the left wing like his predecessors, but I believe Saka would do better since he is a left-footed winger

  6. There is no point talking about any of the players , it is obviously Emery who is the problem , sack him now and it might save the season.

    1. Jose mourinho

      Is looking for a job atm
      The lack of defending is abysmal, actually the football intelligents is what has
      Been missing for a decade in the players and the coaching.
      I don’t like mourinho as a person who we see on tv
      But winning at all cost means a lot to him, we need that in our club

      1. if we hire jose, half the players will want out by end of the season. He tears dressing rooms apart and leaves the club to front the bill.

        1. Yeah that’s probably true, I’m so frustrated with the constant lack of desire, intelligence will to win
          If we put klopp as our manager now, he would get the maximum commitment out of them.
          The coach is so important to get players focused 100% every game
          I don’t think Emery can do that enough to get 4th spot.
          I hope I’m wrong!

  7. Arsenal almost lost the game in the dying minute… What happened to the team in the second half. I am so gutted. We missed a chance to go 3rd. We are forever a bottling Company. I am sorry guys….i m totally gutted

    This team won’t win anything. Emery is also negative and clueless. Arghhhhhhhhh.

    1. This is exactly the reason why pundits are talking about arsenal not making the top four. It’s the real truth whether people want to hear it or not. Watford, 20th in the league table who cannot do anything with any mid table team but are here today trampling arsenal like kids. Emery can never improve our team. He said his game is pressing but where is it here rather than him defending all the time. This is not because pundits hate us but also lack of intensity in the game.

  8. Absolute rubbish! Watford had 30 attempts at our goal let me say that again, Watford 30 BLOODY attempts! Every time we lead at halftime, we go into our shell and stop playing.. the football is abysmal, the players look confused! Emery needs to go ASAP! Mike Bassett in!

        1. Haha I’m sat here doing the noises from that film now – chi chi chi ha ha ha ha ?? (no i haven’t gone mad)
          I’m ok thanks, Kev… how about you? Been a while… has your daughter had her Birthday yet? Thought I’d swerve the football (for now ?)

          1. Haha I always wondered what the chi chi chi ha ha ha was about it ? And how he grew up to be a tank when he died as a boy ? Emery’s football has swerved right off a cliff ? can’t watch much more of our pathetic football and pathetic mistakes game after game after game ? yes yesterday Sue it was a great day in contrast to today ?

          2. Aww I’m glad you had a nice day ?
            Comes to a point, Kev.. where i just think there’s no point even worrying about it anymore… the only thing I’m wondering though, is are we worse than last season? Seems that way….. Unai still only has 1 win against Flores ?

          3. Yes Sue and a nice cake haha I just love birthday cake ? can’t believe she’s 12 already, at least she’s not embarrassed to be seen with me yet the teenage years will bring that ? yes Sue we look shockingly bad again, I’ve actually just ran out of things to say although this playing out from the back is doing my head in! Just lump the ball forward, play the fancy football away from our own box. Yeah I’m not surprised he’s probably a better manager than Emery ! Maybe outlr next coach will ditch the suit and model a cashmere sweater instead! Those suits are becoming a thing of the past ?

          4. Yum!! I love cake too! Aww bless her… haha yes and the strops, not too far away!!
            We’re dropping points & gifting goals like there’s no tomorrow… as much as i wanted the break over with, today has seriously made me dread our next game (s).. and wonder who is next to blunder! I guess at least we’re great entertainment for the neutrals, that’s why we’re nearly always televised ?

          5. Haha I think we all do can’t whack it with a nice cup of tea although in your case pepsi ? well I was always well behaved maybe she’ll take after me I hope ? haha you said it Sue that’s absolutely right ? maybe you can understand why people call us banter FC because we are lol.. we play like that against Frankfurt we’ll get smashed no doubt about it! You know what? I don’t think even getting Tierney and Bellerin back will make a difference because we could put Koulibaly and van Dijk back there and they would look like amateurs.. for whatever reason this Arsenal team seem to get worse every season and good players become average! Something has to change Sue i mean Watford looked like Barcelona and we looked like real Oviedo there’s just something not right at the club ?

          6. You were well behaved??!! ?
            Have to say, Kev.. i was really disappointed with Pepe.. christ i thought he would have scored by now! Yes he’s fast & very skillful, but all the hype surrounding him when we got him, well it hasn’t lived up to it.. if it wasn’t for Auba & Laca, i hate to think where we’d be.. in ? street.
            Xhaka said they were scared..
            That team on thursday did quite well against Chelsea? We’re away, we’re licking our wounds, wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we implode once more.. well that is if we score. Auba must be really pi**ed.. i know i would be

          7. Sue tbh it was everyone banging on about Pepe when I wanted carrasco, I was told carrasco is not in the same level as Pepe, it was Pepe this Pepe that now the same people who was banging on about him will say they never rated him.. he could well be a star but certainly not under Emery! If we had no auba or Laca we would be bottom half material and why is Leno put the wrong way in every penalty? Cech was the same deary me they couldn’t save a pen to save their lives! Donnammura for me, Leno number 2! Xhaka what a rubbish footballer alongside Kolasinac and sorry to say Mesut Ozil I was once a fan but no more he’s not good enough his heart is not in it! Lastly our away form is beyond shocking.. Chelsea went to wolves and scored 5 do you think we could ever do that ? We most likely concede 5 let alone cruise so comfortably like that ? yeah Sue semi finalists last season ? haha yeah I was a good boy the perfect example for a well behaved child ??

          8. Wait.. is that a halo i can see?? Nah, thought not ?
            No way would we go to Wolves & score 5, you know what would happen, we’d make them look like Barca!! Do you know i honestly can’t believe Cleverley scored.. he’s crap.. yet we always make him look good. Well i think I’ll swerve MOTD2 later… had a gutful watching it earlier ?

          9. Haha I said to myself earlier how does he pop up with goals against us he’s absolute tripe (and no I wasn’t going mad) ? can’t see top 4 this season unless I take over ??? haha can you imagine the stick we we’ll be getting tonight ? Danny Murphy, shearer! Another international break anybody? ? Not as well behaved as you Sue ?

          10. I hate to think where we’ll end up, Kev! Probably outof Europe altogether!!
            Ooh it’ll be brutal.. and rightly so, hearing Xhaka say we’re happy to take the point ffs…haha yes can’t we rewind a week?!! ?
            ?? hehe!!

          11. People say top 4 but Europa League is probably most realistic chance of making CL Sue we seem to be ok in that ? Xhaka should stop talking and start looking for a new club come January ? haha please ? so what did you get up to during the international break Sue ? Darts beer jogging ? ?

          12. Until we get to the final ?
            Just work & backwards & forwards to the vet. Coco isn’t well.. I’m heartbroken.. she’s lost so much weight..not sure why atm.. next up is a scan. My poor little girl ?? I’m prepared for the worst…
            How about you?

          13. Aww Sue I’m sorry about that ? I hope the vets can fix her it can be heartbreaking losing the family pet ? oh nothing much Sue just working keeping myself busy and hammering my credit card ? the Monaco Marseille game is a thriller ?

          14. Thanks Kev ? i hope so too.. ?
            Well ain’t that what credit cards are for?! ? and spoiling your daughter, no doubt! ?
            I won’t watch anymore football till tomorrow night ? after EE though! Be nice to sit and watch a game where you don’t really care what the score will be.. check out Villa, hey, for Sunday.. bet they’ll be relishing the thought (& i bet Forest are too!!)

          15. Yeah couldbe a hundred reasons for losing weight Sue let’s see what the scan brings ? we always think the very worst when someone gets sick ? oh yeah your going to that game aren’t you Sue ? Oh any team would relish playing us ? so Marseille won 4-3 what a game ? haha it sure is ? yes Sue so it’s all worth it ? only 2 more episodes of cobra Kai to go ?

          16. Well after that debacle earlier, i wish i wasn’t. Plus i have to work till 12.. gonna be knackered ?
            I saw Ramsey was on the bench last night.. they drew 0-0.
            4-3 was some game then.. Unai didn’t sneak over there to coach did he? ?
            Jesus you still haven’t finished it?! You’re slacking! ? been that long since i finished it I’ve forgotten what happens haha!!

          17. Haha Sue I’ve been deliberately dragging it out because it take a year for a new series ? the last episode I watched Johnny told John kreese to leave the dojo ? haha he can’t even get results like that ? I would love to see Julian Nagglesmann come in he’s young but has so much potential ? haha what time do we kick off on Sunday? I watched a horror last week called terrifier it was as gorey as they come that clown was demonic and I already hate clowns ?

          18. 4.30..
            You hate clowns? So why watch Arsenal every week? ?
            I have to say, i do too.. they’re creepy! I watched a crap shark film on Netflix called Surrounded. Been watching series so not seen many films.. i bet you have, Mr Zane ? hehe!!
            Leave the dojo ? for some reason that made me lol!!

          19. Good point Sue ? the biggest clown is the manager with his greasy mop ? you should have took the day off if your going to a game ? haha just Star wars and Friday the 13th on sky cinema ? I’ve been looking at custom lightsabers online and really want one cost up to 300 quid though ? haha but that’s what happened ? was it like Jaws ? ?

          20. I know, but it’s big bucks on a Sunday ? more to spend in the Armoury haha!!
            All the star wars? Used to love them!
            Yikes.. what colour one would you get? Credit card ??
            Was about a plane crash, then stranded in shark infested waters.. well 3 of them & the cgi was hilarious.. nearly as hilarious as our defence!

          21. Green Sue ? unfortunately I can’t just go spend 300 quid on myself bills rent child support etc I’ll just have to wait before I become a Jedi ? haha it couldn’t of been that hilarious ? forget the Armoury Sue get online ? haha yeah from a new hope to return of the Jedi the phantom menace, attack of the clones, and revenge of the sith plus the 2 new ones (which are rubbish) Disney ruined the franchise but Kenobi looks good can’t wait for that ?

          22. Well you’d better get a move on then, Obi-Wan ? didn’t like rogue one ?
            Liked the force awakens though. Yes 300 is a little extravagant ?
            Champs league this week then, Kev… watch & weep ?

          23. If they retracted in and out like the films I’d have no problem paying it ? but you can duel with them problem is you have to find somebody to duel with ??? I didn’t like it because there’s no Jedi or sith Rey is not a Jedi and Kylo ren is not a sith he just walks around in a stupid mask angry for nothing and obsessing over Darth Vader who he never even met ? oh champions League is back can’t wait who we playing? That’s right Ronald McDonald in charge of our club we won’t be seeing champions League football for the foreseeable future ?

          24. Yes and made that sound.. I’d buy one too!!
            After watching Arsenal play like they dis earlier, I’d quite easily batter someone with it ?? (jokes!)
            Walks around angry.. maybe he’s a gooner!!
            CL is definitely a thing of the past…..

          25. The custom savers do make the sounds ? I think you’d buy a red sith Saber Sue ?? haha well we aren’t really angry anymore we’re used to being c*ap now ? haha chasing them down the street with a lightsaber cops on your trail you trying to use the force to stop them.. next stop the padded party room ? well Sue I will let you get off to sleep and dream about our swashbuckling football, I hope you sleep well and hope Coco gets well soon ? goodnight Sue ????

          26. ??? yep be banged up for sure!!
            Aww thanks Kev ? been nice (& hilarious) talking to you! Sleep well… let’s hope we don’t have clown nightmares ?
            Goodnight Kevin ???

          27. As it always is with you too Sue ? haha it should be me having clown nightmares, Terrifier and Unai Emery in one week ??. Well you have a good day Sue and I’ll check on later to see how you got on at the vets ?

        1. RSH not sold on Arteta at all but anyone as this point is better than Emery! It’s a bit different being an assistant to becoming the main man that has to be considered as well.

  9. I don’t’s like this team is just full of clowns. Game after game we are conceeding penalties! Sokratis- idiot! Luiz- idiot! Niles- idiot! We cannot achieve anything with a team full of walking mistakes. Whose turn is it next week to give away a penalty, hmn? Guendouzi? What a disgrace!

  10. This awful weekend of football is complete!
    We’ve given away 2 more goals.. our away hoodoo is still with us.. oh and btw did i mention we’re crap?!!
    Talk about gutted……

    1. Hehe…. Our ladies play manure tomorrow, much more fun following the ladies than watching a bunch of clowns coached by the biggest joker, Wenger with all his flaws would have blown away this Watford side

      1. Probably enjoy that more!! Miedema will bang them in!
        Just be nice to watch a game, where I’m not constantly on the edge of my seat… my heart is racing, my bp is sky high.. although i should be used to it by now ?

    2. Nelson is obviously not capable in filling Iwobi shoes
      Next time Emery should try Gabriel Mart
      Ozil is still useless in this team

      1. And most fans have been saying the same thing about Nelson and trying out Martinelli. Yet he again puts on Nelson. This is becoming deja vu. Where fans see obvious things wrong with the team yet nothing is done to address it. Ozil was fine 1st half, useless 2nd half. All our attack was useless 2nd half. They really just sat around hoping the useless midfielders and defense would do something. Didn’t play like a team, every counter turned into an almost goal. No shape really at any point during those 45 minutes and didn’t look bothered that they were being dragged around like amateurs. Shocking!

        1. I predict all our right-footed attackers would fail if playing as an LW, because they are not as skillful as Zaha and Pulisic

          The last resort will be Bukayo Saka

  11. This is unacceptable. Yes, our CBs are useless but so is our clueless manager. The subs that he made proves it all. Taking off both Cebellos and Ozil was a mistake. Willock was not supposed to play this game. Take off Xhaka and Guedozzi, bring in Torreira to partner Cebellos and Nelson) Martinelli to play at the wing. Ozil remain at no 10.
    Next game play Chambers and Mustafi but please also send Emery packing.
    I MISS WENGER. he was better than Emery.. far better

    1. Mustafi is even worse than the two other clowns. We have THREE clowns at CB instead of two. All we did was buy ANOTHER clown this summer. I tried to stay positive with David Luiz signing but there is a reason I NEVER rated him! He’s always been a clown… Subs were ridiculous. I like Willock a lot, but why put him on at that moment? When we have no shape to our defending and midfield? He’s 20. Hardly going to organize us. Nelson????????? Horrible sub choice! Seriously seemed like Emery was just throwing players out hoping something would stick. Horrendous from him. He’s out of his depth at this club. I cannot see us getting back to UEL final either.

      1. I know Wenger has already lost the ball but the reality is out there! Wenger is much better than this clown though both of them are shits! At least we had really multiple years of good time with Wenger! I recommend firing this clown early and give a try with either Mourinho or Allegri! Trust me this guy will not lead us to champions league

    2. Don’t you remember the humiliation and the trashing from Liverpool and co?

      Wenger is too old for this game

      1. Wenger is too old for this game???
        Those there now how many have done something close.
        Whatever anyone you want to mention, it is just money that is the difference. That if for those who know something about football, and making up their own deduction, no those who are riding the bandwagon opinions to make comments.

  12. Lol…What a joke?
    Nelson still needs more time?
    Nelson still a better option over Iwobi?
    Next match our retard of a coach would still be going with the two idiots we have as CB’s.
    Diamond Midfield and we opened up the wings for em.
    I can’t wait to see the back of our center backs and coach

    1. Yes, Nelson is still better option the Iwobi.
      Today he looked like Iwobi but give him a chance like Iwobi had last season and before.

        1. Haha
          “Iwobi we miss you “do you need some lube and Kleenex
          The only people that miss iwobi are the Nigerians .

      1. He did absolutely nothing today. Iwobi at least made runs into the final third. Nelson looks so out of his depth. He needs to stick to academy games and keep progressing. Not ready yet.

        1. Nelson was excellent when playing as an RW in pre-season games

          Unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to start ahead of Pepe there, due to Pep’s hefty price tag

          1. He shouldn’t be completely useless just because he’s on the other side of the pitch. He was also used in numerous places at Hoffenheim. He needs to earn the right to play and should be happy he’s even kicking a ball for the first team. Iwobi has also played on all parts of our attack, and still looked better.

      2. Lol, I’m not gonna argue with you, I know most fans on here dislikes Iwobi.
        Iwobi wasn’t my favourite player, hell I even criticized him a lot, I criticize him a lot but selling him off without a proper replacement for him is stupidity.
        Yes people will give the Nelson is just starting crap, Nelson couldn’t even break into Hoffeinham’s first team.
        I followed him a lot, he was a player even though he scored a few goals.
        Dyu think keeping Iwobi and allowing Nelson the chance to fight for the spot stupid? What makes players better if not competition?
        Iwobi’s first season under Emery we all saw massive improvements, we needed to add good players to fight for the LW.
        But no, ship him off and bring an inexperienced young player who can’t hold the ball against a player as replacement.
        I’m no Iwobi fan, I’m a football fan, please forget the sentiment and crap, so far Nelson keeps showing letting Iwobi go was wrong

    1. Honestly if he does not go to Barcelona or Real Madrid by the next season he is making a huge mistake . This Team is becoming a joke

  13. Only 2 people to blame today Sokratis and Emery .
    David Luis did what needed to be done in the counter attack but that gift from Sokratis i can not forgive and Emery’s insist of playing from the back

  14. Well that was a master class in how to not defend. Why insist on continuing to take those short goal kicks? Two penalties conceded in two games is abysmal. And where the hell was the midfield? Emery is tactically clueless, who has no plan B if things don’t go according to plan. Sokratis and Luiz were shameful, just replace them immediately with Chambers and Holding, they can’t be any worse. Losing a two goal lead to two defensive mistakes is shambolic. I’m so fed up of watching the same thing week in, week out.

    1. That was not a defensive mistake but a floppy tactics of playing from the back and the pressing team been pressed and pinned. Must Arsenal copy pep tactics? This is not video game, Emery better wakes up.

  15. I’m standing by Emery until the end of the season

    I still believe in him and not following the “Emery Out” brigade

    1. For me, he’s had his season to adapt, he’s had the backing financially. Time to deliver. Time to improve the way we play. And I’m not seeing it. I’d like to see him go after this season ends. The Wenger era is over, yet we are playing like he never left.

      1. Point of correction. Wenger never used to loose points in these kind of games. He never used to have such teams dominate Arsenal. If they scored against us, mostly it used to be via set pieces. Watford dominated and out played us with better players than what Wenger had. Give man City to Emery they will become an average team. Emery should just leave

        1. Both of our EPL losses to Watford came under Wenger. Wenger was just as much of a mess. Let’s not pretend things were rosy when they clearly werent and fans were in full revolt a couple seasons ago.

      2. I don’t agree. We played better under Arsene and had a better flow going forward we just seem lost right now going forward and just the same under Arsene in defence

        1. Last few seasons under Wenger we also lost our attacking edge and just looked like a mess. There were periods when what you said was accurate, but I’m mainly focusing on his last couple seasons which were disastrous all around.

        1. realistically, he wont though. Board have it in Emerys contract that they can opt out of a 3rd year with him. They will wait for that instead of sacking him and paying him.

    2. Can you share what you smoking there lol!, I would stick with manager even if dont win but see some sort of development. We have no style of play, have bundle of talent but still struggle, our curve is downwards n we are boring to watch. Give me one positive UE has brought to this team.

      1. This is the biggest problem for me. At least when Klopp was not getting the results with Liverpool you could see what he was doing and where he was trying to take the squad. Emery???? What is this teams identity? Adapting to our opposition and changing everything every other match? It’s becoming a joke.

    3. I don’t believe in Emery. He should be sacked after this match. Get in allegri. aubameyang, Pepe and lacazette cost almost 180m pounds. Last season, we should have made top 4. Emery cost us. With his stupid formations, tinkering with the squad. No identity. Playing the wrong players. Guendouzi is still a kid. Still very raw. Xhaka had no business starting today based on that awful challenge against Spurs. And be made him the captain. We should have gone for Thomas Partey in the summer. Fit and agile. How on earth do Xhaka and Guendouzi start ahead of Torrera? Emery should be sacked asap. He is clueless. Bring in Allegri. He did a great job at juve. No need to wait till the end of the season. It has to be now.

      1. Allegri had no real challenge in Italy and Juventus are the richest club there

        I don’t think he could survive against the likes of Guardiola and Klopp, especially with our limited budget. He even almost got beaten by Pochettino in CL

        I’d prefer Vieira or Tuchel

        1. Tuchel at PSG is doing no better than Emery. Should’ve tried to get Naigelsmann when he was available. I’d be open to Vieira for sure. Would love to see him back.

  16. One of the worst performances I have seen. Have been patient with UE but in my humble opinion he needs to be fired.

  17. For the first time I am really angry on Emery. I think it’s all Emery’s fault. How can Xhaka who is playing football from the 20 century can be our captain? Crazy!
    and then Sokratis and Luiz (Troyan horse from Chelsea?) this time both made errors and here are the two goals for the Watford who could not score if there is a 120 min game.
    Why he is keeping Sokratis and Luiz in? Put Chambers at least to replace one of them and reduce a possibility of mistake by 50%.
    And why the subs came on that late?
    Like this we wont be in top 4 at the end and then Emery should go cos for now he can not find best positions and mojo’s for the players he have!

    1. Xhaka not even close to our worst player today. Guendouzi was all over the place today. Ozil was in and out the game, and 3/4 of our backline looked like League One players today. And we have a manager making subs that only added more problems.

  18. I have to criticize Unai Emery for the first time today. His team played in the second half like he told them to just use Watford to train for the next game. Utter rubbish today. We deserved a loss based on that second half performance. The manager made a mess of the game today.

    Why take out Ceballos, Oil and Guendouzi in successions?

    Emery gave me a new perspective of himself with his game plan today. How r lost the game for Arsenal today.

    Where is Martinelli? Nelson is not ready to play for us.

    David Luis is proving to be a major calamity in our squad.

    I am very very very disappointed today. It’s 5 games in and we are 7points adrift.

  19. Defense absolutely shambolic….poor tactics once again…playing from back with these two clowns are a joke..Martinelli would have played better than Nelson….Emery is not the right person to take us to top four…gutted with the result!

  20. I dare anyone who argued tirelessly with me for saying Emery is clueless and lacks the mentality and tactics to take this team forward. They all argued he didn’t buy the players, now that we have a qualified, powerhouse and talented team Emery is still clueless. He knows nothing about defending, his changes are completely wrong and playing form the back????? Doesn’t work everytime. Am extremely sad we have to put up with Emery’s dismal football.

    1. No, Sokratis did!

      Luis was trying to stop a through run and had to do something..

      Sokratis just showed how CR*P he really is!

    2. And now people hopefully see why PSG fired Emery’s sorry ass. Wow, no tactics and unable to find an answer for Watford! Let that sink in, can’t tactically answer WATFORD!

      Fire Emery now, or we’ll be 18 points off title and 8 or 10 out of 4th by Christmas.

      Honestly can’t defend Emery, he keeps starting Luiz and Sokratis, tactics are non-existant, and has no philosophy or style of play.

      Josh sack the bum before it’s too late

  21. We appointed the wrong coach. Perhaps we should have gone for Arteta. What is the obsession with playing from the back. For goodness sake, Guendouzi should not be in the first team. Also, we should have bought a strong DM on the summer like Thomas Partey. Emery was the guy in charge of PSG when they lost to Barca. He has this inferiority complex. No character. The right person to partner David Luiz is Chambers. AMN is not a defender. Play mustafi at right back till bellerin is fit. Why start Guendouzi ahead of Torrera? Why did he take off Ceballos? Why is he playing Nelson ahead of Martinelli?Play a 433 Emery. The best midfield combination should be Ceballos, Ozil and Torrera. This man is a joke.

    1. Arteta might be too young to be Arsenal manager

      I don’t think our senior players would listen to him, because of the small age gap, Arteta’s lack of experience and his lack of achievement

      Wait three more years until he is ready to take charge

  22. I Saïd it before game, if we accord 2 and conceed 2 and more as supposed to today, it is no way to win a football game. Pointed de had no CB nor a power DM infront of them and what happened! Sokratis, Luiz, xhaka and gendouzi or not that’s beast infront of CB we dont have neither. That’s so retarded to not bé able to simply have Chambers on After not signing 3 needed players!

  23. I know (almost) everyone played shit but Xhaka, he’s a DM? Bloody one sluggish feint and that guy is beaten. Maitland Niles is very casual, and it’s not just this game. He has some kind of a non chalant attitude to his style of play which doesn’t suit a right back. Lol.
    Pepe’s not doing much right atm. His confidence looks shot as well.

  24. Unai emery and his band of clowns, why he didn’t think bringing chambers on to shore up the back when we were clearly getting slaughtered is beyond me, he’s a joke! We’re getting even worse defensively and it’s the managers fault. Yes you can blame the individual errors but when arsenal is the number one side for individual errors in the league, you have to take a look at the way we play and this high risk and inviting pressure on our team is clearly not working. Watford scored 1 goal at home before this game they managed to triple that vs us a supposed top 4 side. I’ve lost confidence unai can take us forward maybe our strikers can scrape top 4 but unai will not have us competing with the best of the bunch anytime soon. Absolute clown of a manager, what he spends all his time doing with his supposed workaholic work ethic escapes me because he’s definitely got 0 analytical ability if he believes inviting pressure on a team that defends like it’s battling relegation is not gonna result in conceding stupid goals.

  25. Errors again but the biggest issue I am seeing a pattern of is our in ability to offer an attacking threat from 50-60mins onwards. We sort it last season, and it’s a common trait again.

    We are excellent at our starts, our attitude and it results in goals and leads. But then we walk the rest of the game and cant get back into the game. We loss all flow.

    Granted today Sokratis error gave them the hunger to look for the 2nd But we should have enough quality to play the game at our pace, slow it down or speed it up to what we need to be but too frequently we just drop off completely and offer not forward threat.

    Why? I am as interested to understand as you

  26. Laughable..

    This team can NOT even aspire to be top 4 with the performances and stats already stacking against them so far this season!

    They look out of their depth and as much as I hate to say it, Emery is looking like the early doubters may just well be right? This team look like sheep in headlights every time a team attack!

    Let’s face though, Watford deserved the win. Arsenal deserved nothing again although I will say, Aubag deserved something. The rest of them (Or most) deserve to be fired!!

    Sokratis needs a long holiday and Xhaka should take one too, A LONG HOLIDAY!!!!!

    Emery out? Not sure just yet but I am beginning to see he may be out of his depth too!

  27. In last 3 matches we have conceded 3 idiotic penalties which could have been completely avoided. 3/4 remaining were utter nonsense defending (Luiz against Salah, tottenham’s 1st goal & today Master Sokratis)

    Today we were so lackluster, no energy, so many mistakes… Watford had 31 shots Christ’s sake

  28. Why line up in a diamond thus leaving the flanks wide open?
    Why is Xhaka captain and why is he even in the team?
    What’s with the stupid goal kick routines with Leno passing either sideways or to a player five yards in front of him?
    If in doubt, put your foot through it.
    Takes two of our best players off and leaves Xhaka on, wtf?
    Watford should have beaten us out of sight.

  29. Guess all those British Arsenal fans who said Reis Nelson is better than Iwobi and ready to light up the Premier League can now see how lightweight and useless he is!

    Don’t be mistaken, Nelson is no Sancho!

    He is far from being ready for even the Arsenal bench!

    1. Nelson came on and offered nothing but I don’t blame him alone, I blame Emery for “NOT HAVING A FU**ING CLUE”!

      Emery’s decisions make no sense to me, you or anyone ffs!

    2. Please no use to take it on Nelson, Iwobi had same treatment for years. Unless you missed in Lagos, we have a defense issue in London with Arsenal! Dont get us more mad with that BS. That’s black on black hate we have in South Africa today with Nigérians victims. Out of anyone you are nigérian spreading hate on young brothers, shut da hell up instead to hatd on a brothe, Before i change tone! Sell out! Get Lost and hide until you have something relevant beside your hate on young brother! Nelson is probable from Nigérian descent, either way, that non sense has no place nor subject! Iwobi had more chance than any jointes, showing his level and limits

  30. Getting really depressing and useless to even watch Arsenal. Emery cant put a team together on and on and on, beside not imposing to sign top CBs and Ndombele! Idiots are running Arsenal legacy!

  31. It’s not emery who is insisting on playing from the back it’s this clones who don’t know when to pass the ball or kick it out.
    It’s what happens when you want to teach people intelligent

    1. If it’s not Emery instructing them to play out all the time then he needs to give the culprits a huge bollocking.
      Every team will just kick the ball into touch in future knowing we will balls up the goal kick.

    2. They’re following the manager’s instructions….. if they weren’t, he could have given them a bollocking…. They’ve been doing that same $#!+ week in, week out…. and u say it isn’t Emery who insists on it?!

    3. Of course they were following instructions!,if they weren’t he could have shouted at them from the touchline…… They’ve been doing the same $#!+ week in, week out, and you say Emery isn’t the one who insisted on it?!

  32. Emery is a joke, he’s is so tactically clueless, his insistence on playing out of the back baffles me . I wonder what goes on during training session. The whole team looks tired. The earlier we can get Tierney and bellerin into this team the better..
    Anyone that blame ozil today obviously just hates him..
    Reiss is not as good as he’s made out to be, so is willock , he had a chance to pass the ball to auba late in the game but he just ignored his run.
    The earlier we get emery out the better, he hasn’t improved us since wenger left..
    I don’t want to call Pepe a scam yet but he is looking like it..

    1. Thanks for that observation. I also saw that. Willock should have released the ball to Aubameyang that time. He was trying to be a hero. We should have gone for a Proper DM in Thomas Partey in the summer. And send Guendouzi on loan. He is a kid. Not yet ready to be in the first team. U can’t win the EPL with Guendouzi and Xhaka being in the first team. Emery has an inferiority complex. We need a manager with personality. Managers like Enrique, Conte and Allegri. The truth is Emery is not the coach we need to take us to success. I have seen enough of him. The disastrous end to last season. Not playing to the strength of the team. Overly defensive. Arsene Wneger sets up his teams offensively. I don’t know the identity this team has. He needs to go. We should get Allegri while he is still available.

  33. The sooner we part ways with that “coach”, the better. He shouldn’t even be allowed finish this season with us…. I’ll have bloody Mourinho over this guy any day…. yeah, Mourinho…. that’s how bad it’s got. smh

  34. This is karma for Arsenal fans, they showed so much disrespect to Wenger and called for his head. Now they get to watch this amazing football and win trophies after trophies every season….enjoy. To all the idiot Arsenal fans who think they are football pundits.

    1. Have Arsenal been getting absolutely battered and humiliated under Emery, like what we were seeing under Wenger EVERY season? 5,6, even 8 goals we were conceding to our bitter rivals under Wenger. So we should have kept Wenger on hey?

    2. Nope. Still OVERJOYED Wenger is gone. The process to move on from him had to start eventually and I’d take figuring things out over literally being happy with stagnation like Wenger fans were.

    3. DIsagree – whichever way you look at it, Wenger had to go. He was tactically inept, put too much faith in underperforming players and was consistently using outdated methods.

      Oh wait.. sounds similar to Emery..

  35. Am sure mustafi would be aving a good laugh at the team, we give away three penalties and mustafi is not playing, typical arsenal

  36. I’m gonna keep saying this now for a while. Bring in Jose til the end of the season and get rid of emery. Even Arsene would get this team playing better and set up tactically. We are playing worse and worse, where is the high press, where is the quick breaks, where is the technique in playing out from the back or front. I’m not recognising this as an arsenal team

    1. You can’t honestly want Mourinho? The guy has no idea how to manage people. His football is awful, and he’s destroyed all recent clubs he’s been to.

      1. Yes he does but he also makes an impact in his first season and gets things organised. I’d only appoint him til the end of the season then go for tuchel or Bournemouth’s manager. We have to expect cl football next year and it won’t happen with emery so who else is available right now that could do it

    2. Madness

      Mourinho lost a lot of games in his last tenure, most probably because his strategies have become so predictable

      Should’ve gambled for a younger manager. But not Arteta, because he is too young and doesn’t have experience

  37. Leno – 8
    AMN – 4
    Sok – 3
    Luiz – 4
    Kola – 6
    Guend – 5
    Xhaka – 5
    Ceba – 7
    Ozil – 6
    Pepe – 5
    Auba – 8

    Subs – Will – 5, Torr – 5, Nelson – 5

    In the end we should have lost. Sluggish start to the game, but we gradually gained control as the 1st half progressed. 2nd half was a complete collapse, where our players just didn’t look fit enough at all!

    Pepe is starting to look like a flop at the moment. He’s the second most expensive forward in Premier League history, yet has barely done anything! I said at the time of his signing that Luiz was a shocking purchase, and he’s actually been worse than I thought. 3 mistakes leading directly to goals, and in only 4 appearances. He’s easily been our worst player so far. Awful from Sokratis as well, who’s mistake also lead directly to a goal. AMN got an assist, but was shocking otherwise, and I actually lost count how many times he lost the ball.

    Emery is really putting himself under pressure with his lineups. Chambers plays very well, gets a win, and a clean sheet, and isn’t seen again, whilst Luiz, and Sokratis continue to cost us points EVERY game, yet always play? If Chambers isn’t starting our next league game, then I give up! Holding and Chambers have to be our first choice pairing. Taking off Ceballos was also a strange move given he was our best midfielder.

    Emery was very poor today, and the majority of his players were awful as well.

      1. Sokratis, and Luiz gave goals away directly, not Guendouzi. Luiz pen, and Sokratis passing straight to a Watford player in the box from kickoff, if I am not mistaken. Luiz I gave one point higher than Sokratis, only because he wasn’t too bad other than his costly mistake.

      2. Leno 8 ??
        Yes he made some good saves but his distribution and playing out from the back was pathetic and constantly putting players in trouble.

        1. I was thinking either a 7, or an 8, but he made some fantastic saves, and saved us from defeat near the end. He had no chance with the goals.

    1. Nelson was 2/10 didn’t make One right decision. Ozil was an 8/10 was fantastic attacking wise, xhaka was also quite solid 6/10. Luiz Would’ve got 10/10 if it wasn’t for the pen, he looked like our only player capable of defending. Maitland miles was the worse player on the field from both sides besides the assist, I’d give him a 1/10 and thats me being generous. Im jumping for joy that bellerin amd teirney are back cause AMN & kolsinace needs to go to a defending boot camp. Someone please tell me what the difference is between iwobi and pepe besides having different stronger feet. Pepes final ball is atrocious. Sokratis is the new Mustafi, absolute clown 2/10! Guendozi was also awful 4/10. Ceballos was excellent 8/10. Willock was 5/10 could’ve done better with his solo run

  38. I’m not going to start crying Emery out like a lot of other people, however there were some very questionable decisions there from the coach. Playing Ozil and Ceballos together and leaving Torreira on the bench was a mistake (even though he was ineffective coming on in the 2nd half). Then the substitutions – surely you would have taken Ozil off, moved Ceballos to the hole and anchored the diamond with Torreira while moving Xhaka to the left of it?

    Don’t get me started on the diamond. It doesn’t work, and Emery needs to realise this NOW before it damages our season further. Similarly, adamantly playing out from the back when it obviously backfires every time is a farce.

    Our youngers do not yet have the physical power to cope with the PL. They were shrugged off the ball too many times.

    Luiz, AMN, and Guendouzi all had absolutely terrible games today. Sokratis, Xhaka and Ozil were not much better than them either.

    Awful defensive performance in the second half.

  39. If it’s not Luiz, it is xhaka, if it’s not xhaka it is mustafi. Emery needs to leave for signing Luiz alone not to talk of his crap setup.

  40. The problem is that complete defence xhaka and Guendouzi they are very very poor. Socrates my goodness he’s going back ward. This is unbelievable. League over already.

  41. Sorry all logic, reason and being constructive out of the window – utter garbage.

    A complete lack of professionalism.

    Simply too many problems to list.

    Shocking in AGAIN tossing points !

    Too many who pull the red shirt on , and think they are good enough TO STROLL THROUGH GAMES !!

    In the end we owe a lousy point to Leno.


  42. Luiz should not be in our starting lineup again, chambers is far better than him. Chambers should be pair with socratis at the defence

  43. There is just one thing I’m certain of… I can’t enjoy Arsenal games with Emery in charge Win, Draws or lose…

    He is a mid table manager nothing more, why he was sacked is very obvious now…Tuchel managing PSG far more better

    I’ll start watching Arsenal games with optimism again when Emery is Sacked, I fell out of Loving match days.

    Spurs game is a free 3point we lost it

    Pool with the right tactics we should have gotten a draw or win…

    Now Watford, what should have been a 4 nil

    He is trying to turn the players to jack of all trade with his constant change to tactics and formation and the results is they are master to none

    Liverpool and city stick to formation
    Conte stick to his too and won the title 1st season.

    Emery? he has none, what a waste… I just hope we sack him sooner else he will costs us lack of champions league

  44. Emery out! I really don’t mind if he gets fired and Freddie takes over. So fed up of his tactics, line ups and subs.

    1. The earlier the better, the fans protest against this empty headed coach, the better for us oooo. EMERY OUT!




  46. After all is said and done, we needed a defensive overhaul this summer and got nothing close to it. Instead we still rely on error prone individuals who are probably not even good enough for second division teams?

    If the reason Kos left Arsenal are true, I don’t blame him!

  47. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, yes this draw is a defeat in more ways than one, against a bottom team which had twice as much chances than we managed.
    1. Emery’s tactics were BAD in the second half, with his strategy and substitutions.
    2. Playing out from the back is disaster for us.
    3. Playing Luiz & Sokratis together is a nightmare, as many of us said time and again.
    4. AMN had a bad game despite that assist.
    5. Pepe and Ceballos need to time to settle into EPL, but they will come good.
    6. Other than the one interplay with Auba, Reiss isn’t there yet.
    7. There needs to be a fixed system to our game on the pitch, so we don’t end up looking second best even against a bottom team.
    8. Xhaka had one moment when he could have unleashed his “thundering left-foot” but chose to pass it to a Watford player.
    9. Ozil, Pepe, Ceballos, Willock need game time and there are no two ways about it.
    10. DO NOT PLAY THE OPPONENTS, Emery, play to our strengths.

  48. I am guessing Emery would be on top of the betting charts to be fired if he was not at arsenal. It seems like he has decided to test the arsenal leadership to see how long they will handle his stupidity.

    1. This stup*d coach removed ceballous, guendouze and Ozil to introduce lightweight wilock and nelson against the much more physical team. He should be sacked else arsenal will go down the more.

  49. My only hope lies on ballerin and tierny coming in then I’ll see what happens. If nothing changes. Then Emery out definitely. He’s had time. 1 year and no changes. Money spent no changes. So fk off

    1. Bellerin and Tierney may improve our defence but if we’re honest it’s the CBs that are the main problem.

      Chambers needs to come in instead of either Luiz and Sokratis and Holding needs to replace the other when fit.

  50. Our defence might be shit today and always since the season started, but Emery was the chief culprit.
    Winning 2-1, could gave given us 3 points and earned us undeserved 3rd place on the log table. But Emery underrated Watford and decided to replacee both Ceballos and Özil with 2 rookies in Willock and Nelson. Both substitutes were completely deleted by motivated Watford.
    At least, he should have kept one of Özil and Ceballos to stabilize the midfield.

    Having carefully reexamined our team carefully, I think most of these pundits are absolutely correct about us. They are not deluded like us – the fans. They analyse without emotions attached like us. It will take miracles for us to actually make top 6 this season.

    I’d prepared to wear my Arsenal jersey tomorrow Monday. That plan has just changed to save my face from embarrassment and mockery from every Dick, Tom and Harry. That is what happens here in Nigeria. Arsenal is the next laughing stock of the week till we win again. Nigerians on this platform can testify to this.

    My team has let me down once more

    1. Lol the trolling have started in fact….imagine me and other supporters coming out of the ball house and some guys on the street started making jest of us

      1. Agree. But who is available right now who could make an immediate difference. I can’t think of anyone past Jose, just till seasons end then go for Eddie Howe or Touchel as a long term.

  51. Is it that the players don’t understand what the manager is saying caus I haven’t got a clue when he does interviews!!

  52. Lol… All you can do is laugh.. …. Luiz, sokratis, xhaka, Maitland, willock, nelson and the grandmaster of them all unai emery where absolutely brilliant today.. “Top notch”

  53. I said in my early post that first I am skeptical of Unai Emery tactical ingenuinety. He removed Ozil & Cebalos and lastly Guendouzi and left us with no midfielders to create chances for strikers. Secondly, I said we don’t need youths like Willock and Nelson to face a physical team like Watford;it was obvious the way this young players couldn’t even compete with Watford midfielders;they fall easily on the field. Thirdly, I made it clear that Unai Emery needs a winning formular to get points when we are on the road; from what I can see today he doesn’t even know his first 11 yet.
    As a committed and passionate Arsenal fan, I will be cautiously optimistic when watching all our matches away from Emirate. We could easily have lost today.
    Without sentiment, I don’t see U.Emery getting Arsenal among the first 4 teams anytime soon. The signs are not encouraging at all.
    For the records Nicolas PEP is no Wilfred Zara I don’t know when the €72,000000 player will start scoring goals. The jury is on that any way.

  54. Why is people praising Leno when he constantly put the clones at defense under pressure he can’t even find a red shirt up the pitch with his service his woeful distributions contributes to our problems

    1. It’s a pity you still defend Emery… Emery make the decision to play at the back no Leno. Open up your closed wide eyes

  55. Not getting into the Emery debate , as not thinking straight after what I’ve just witnessed.

    But I cannot get one thought out of my mind ….

    Like him or loathe him, and his wrong doing is well documented – but what would George Graham have made of that ????

    They would not have been dragged in tomorrow morning – THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN TONIGHT !!!!!


    Someone pinch me !

  56. For three consecutive games, Arsenal has been the architect of its own undoing. Our defense & midfield is full of so many calamitous mistakes, it’s difficult to understand how Emery can’t see this. Emery is definitely out of his depth, if he has no balls to drop Luiz/Sokratis & Xhaka, he will fail badly. Those 3 players have cost us 3 consecutive matches already & Emery is showing no improvement so far. 28 shots against a bottom of the table Watford is nothing to be proud of.

  57. That was an inept second half. I don’t know whether the subsitutions were awful or it was just the substitutes (maybe both). Willock played with absolute stage fright having signed that deal in midweek and another incompetent job by Reis Nelson. Although I am no longer a Torreira fan, he did provide some good cover (finally) to one of the worst right backs ever to play for Arsenal (Deulofeo beat him one hundred times today).
    I can understand the logic of replacing Guendouzi (he was on a yellow) and Ceballos (bring on fresh legs someone who can tackle better) but it ended up just leaving a complete hole in the midfield. With Oxzil gone as well, we lost total control of the game, from Ozil and Ceballos to a pair of Bambies on Ice. Pepe is flopping big time and if we are turn this around we should not be leaving him on a pitch 90 minutes to frustrate ourselves and (more importantly (himself) more.
    The first goal should not have stood (encroachment) and it knocked the wind out of our sails. 10 minutes later Emery sunk the ship by poor substitutions and failing to address the formation. Luiz, despite many comments here, had a good game…by far our best defender and he tried to organise up as chaos finally enveloped around him.
    Huge questions marks around Emery now..not just in his choices on the field but his ability to manage a squad facing serious doubts in itself.

  58. You all saw how we missed iwobi in this match? See those chances that fell to willock and Nelson….I bet had it been it was iwobi in the position he wouldn’t score tho but he will definitely create mad chances that will 80% most of the time lead to goals…. are you happy with your Nelson now? Somebody should tell Emery to stick to one formation for christ sake and stop using that diamond formation. I was expecting a 433 auba going to d middle Nelson on the right….just basically the same way we set up against spur…. unfortunately, what do I know

  59. Watford had 31 shots (10 on target) to our 7 (4 on target) shocking…. remind me where we are in the table, as you’d think we were at the bottom!!

  60. My observation: After scoring the 2 goals, players did not show ruthlessness…can even score more…but too many back and side passes…I think the third goal could be the killer….The first goal against Arsenal should not be allowed as one Watford player crossed the line…..Pepe and Ozil too clumsy…..Aubama was excellent…from the substitutes no one was game changer.

  61. Pepe is a shitty player. He couldn’t even dribble past Holebas.. This kind of game from a 72million player! the transfer market is rubbish

    1. The coach did not set up to suite Pepe. I will not blame him now. All I want is Emery should be sacked immediately. I have supported him enough. No wonder he did not perform with the powerful trio strikers in PSG. #EMERY OUT!

      1. I was disappointed with Pepe today…I’m now beginning to wonder if he’ll ever score?? Had high hopes when he came in, but right now they haven’t been met…

  62. The manager and players should be embarrassed by that, tactics again so poor and the players must be as thick as pig crap to think they can play out from the back. Guendouzi is all Barnet and no substance, defense as a whole are worst I’ve seen in years, Xhaka looks like he’s moving in treacle, I’m actually at a loss really after that and was hoping emery would bring something new to the table but that’s that illusion shattered.

  63. This isn’t new. Emery started alright but toward the end of the season he cost us as we should have placed in the top four with the football declining. This season not a single game has been either good to watch or convincing when we win. Emery out Jose in unless Eddie Howe is available now

  64. A typical good lesson to arsenal fans.

    I told them that selling Iwobi was a shot in the foot.

    Secondly this manager is just not creative. Mustafi is better defender than Niles and he does not see it.

    We have the weakest midfield in the league.

    You know arsenal fans are slow at seeing things so slowly but surely they’ll learn that this lineup is the most ideal.


    1. those CB’s cannot stay, and Ozil out wide was already done by Wenger and it was no good. I like midfield though.

  65. As I said before the match with Sokratis and Luis in tandem the prospects of us keeping a clean sheet are remote.They are basically a couple of clowns who need to be replaced without delay by Chambers and Holding.I thought Kolasinac was one of our better players today in what was a very poor second half performance.

    1. Said exact same thing Grandad. They exceeded my expectations though by gifting BOTH the goals today on a silver platter. I was only expecting Deolufeu to be dribbling by them like traffic cones.

    2. Agree re’ c/b’s, although Chambers not the answer going forward and time will tell regarding Holding.

      I know we have Bellerin to come in (not exactly the best defensively, and will go to Spain eventually) but how many more times do we see the opposition target our so called “right back” ?

      Week after week this happens whilst A N M strolls about seemingly ignoring to have a go at his winger and consistently giving the ball away – sick of it !

      Today Torriera was brought on to shore up the woeful right, which (to protect this reoccurring deficiency ) simply took us deeper.

      Reduced to thinking Mustafi is a better bet than at least 2 of our back 4 – inc’ r/b !

      Imagine the stick he’d be getting if carrying on like this lot !

  66. No matter the outcome, I would rather have Holding and Chambers as Centre Backs..than Lois and Socrates…..
    Auba and Laca’s efforts also need to be compensated by a solid defensive display

  67. I don’t want to mention any player mistakes but the coach for the biggest mistake made for taking off Dani as he together with ozil was dictating the tempo of the game even at 2-1 we were still in control why he allowed them to come onto us knowing they chasing the game with the likes of ozil and Dani on it would just take a few passes then we on the attach. Pepe didn’t have the best of games but will definitely get use to the pace of the epl. Again emery got it wrong by not taking gwendozi off earlier as he was on a yellow torrera should’ve come on before Dani or ozil left the field all in all I think it’s emery that should be upto speed with the pace of the epl which by now he’s clearly not.
    Let’s move on from here.

  68. UE is a big joke,he gets either his starting lineup or substitutions wrong week in week out. He played two creative midfielders in Ozil and Ceballos, then decides to bring two inexperienced academy players for them. Secondly, the whole world know that Torreira is by far better and more suited to the league than Guendouzi but the mansger thinks otherwise. His substitutions today should have simply been, Willock for Ozil, Chambers for Pepe and, Torierra for Guendouzi to keep the game tight.

  69. Oh how we miss a mf creator and someone strong who can hold up the ball, Giroud.
    Cant wait to see holding bellerin and Tierney in this backline.
    Emery I’m afraid I didn’t rate at PSG as he should have done far better with the team at his disposal. I’d also like to know what xhaka has on him? The guy seems un dropable, maybe it’s the fact Emery wants 5 captains and we struggle to find 1 fit for the job.
    The future needs to be built around youth at the back. Let’s get the best defensive coach in and invest lots of time in chambers holding Tierney bellerin.

  70. this performance today was as bad as any wenger performance in his latter years. it just cannot get worse, can it ?.as one who kept saying give emery two seasons , i have changed my mind. in the two seasons where will we be at the end of those two years ?. certainally no better off than we were some years ago.serious consideration must now be given into the idea of replacing emery.tthe one positive to come out of the game was mesuts first half performance, well done .

  71. Arsenal have faced 96 shots this season, more than any other side in the PL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 & the Bundesliga. Some effort that.

    Only Ben Foster, Craig Dawson and Etienne Capoue failed to have a shot for Watford today.

    Five players had an effort on target.

  72. Allegri is available. Maybe Enrique also. Managers are always available. There is always a price tag. We had a chance to replace Wenger with Klopp. But we missed it. Emery is not good enough. No need waiting till the end of the season. This is not knee jerk. The signs are there.

  73. ”The post mortem will not be kind to unai Emery and his men”

    What a shame, you are already make excuse for the Head coach. If he cannot take full responsibility of his duties at level of Arsenal, bring down the axe quickly.
    Which of his men should have blame here? What are you really talking about??????

  74. Wenger is too old for this game???
    Those there now how many have done something close.
    Whatever anyone you want to mention, it is just money that is the difference. That if for those who know something about football, and making up their own deduction, no those who are riding the bandwagon opinions to make comments.

  75. Better any of our kids from the reserves than David Luis and what puzzles me most is this word “experience” and I don’t think Luis got even a drop of it
    £6 million wasted on an idiot who hasn’t added absolutely anything
    Simply we underwrote chelsea’s liability
    When UE disposed off Reinne Adelaide and Christian bielek I knew the dude is NOTHING but and egoistic danderhead very fond of picking frictions with all that he engages

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