Arsenal made mistakes but the way we fought back was impressive

Arsenal are definitely still making too many defensive errors, as our record of conceding 8 goals in 4 games makes abundantly clear, but in the past we would have been used to the Gunners giving up, especially away from home, but it looks like that attitude has changed completely under Emery.

Against Chelsea we conceded two early goals, and although we lost the game in the end, at least we fought back to 2-2 without putting our heads down. Again, against West Ham we went 1-0 down but fought back to win the game 3-1 in the dying minutes, and today we also saw Cardiff equalize twice but still did not give up. This is something to be proud of. As Emery said after the game: “The reaction was very important. We have done it in each match, and today it was the same. It was the same [reaction] when we needed to win [this game] after they equalised twice. I think the reaction was very good for continuing with our personality.

“The most important was to be calm and continue working. They found chances and options in the match to score with their attacking movements, and we need to continue to improve in our defensive movements. Also in our box, not conceding these chances to the opposition. Cardiff had strong moments but before that, I think we controlled the match. With this way, we won.”

You have to admire his concise and positive comments, and I am sure the players are picking up on it and acting on it. Last season after we lost two games to Man City in a week, our confidence disappeared completely. This season we started by losing to Man City and Chelsea, but we were still very positive about things getting better and they have proved it by never giving up.

This is the Arsenal we want to see, and it gives me great confidence for our hopes for the season. What do you think?

Sam P


  1. Craig Barrett says:

    Yes it’s the start of something special. The players are slowly starting to understand and trust his new system. Our play is forwards and more direct which is great to see. No more sideways passing. Still a lot of work but very promising.

  2. Dan says:

    We played Cardiff for God sake a team we should be beating comfortably without all the heart attacks the defence gives us fans it’s like the key stone cops!! Had we played a top team we would have got destroyed that’s how far we have fallen behind when were celebrating beating Cardiff and very lucky to do that may I add!!

    1. Admin says:

      Shouldn’t we celebrate every win?
      Did Brighton beat Man United?
      Did Watford beat Sp*ds?
      Shall we be miserable instead?

      1. Dan says:

        Yeh spose we should playing like that there won’t be many to celebrate!!!

        1. Goon3r says:

          Since when playing “smaller” teams is 3 points in the bag by just showing up. Last time I checked there are no easy games in the premier league and every single team in the bottom part of the table is capable of beating any of the top 6 in its day. You can only beat what is in front of you. Yes we made mistakes but we won the game. We are still a work in progress. Only a fool will assume that we will dispatch teams week in week out in an easy fashion. Let’s get behind this team and stop complaining all the time

          1. ozziegunner says:


          2. Dan says:

            We make the same mistakes week in week out so nothing has changed I would like to celebrate when we beat a top 4 team keep a clean sheet look organised and get the job done without all the mistakes but unfortunately we are miles away from beating ant team in top 4 they all have our number and know how to beat us!!

        2. Admin says:

          OR MAYBE …… RADICAL THINKING…. There will be loads to celebrate!

      2. ikenna says:

        To my candid opinion our team is greatly improving to what we use to have but my serious concern is defense and keeper if the defense can compliment the effort of front line we will be there

    2. joe14 says:

      It was an away game bro.If you took time you’d know we haven’t won many of those in 2018. But since some of you just have to look for stuff to complain about…
      I’m very happy with any win,just outscore the opponent.

  3. Innit says:

    I love hard fought away wins.
    2 wins in a row.
    Let’s now continue this and improve
    After the Break, Newcastle away

  4. JustJoy says:

    Thanks for the 3points but we are waiting for a clean sheet… Continue working hard lads on Emery’s Philosophy…

  5. Sal says:

    we are keeping the ball and sometimes when it clicks we look dangerous, some great flicks today, and the finishing by those two upfront amazing, two great goals strikers finish deadly….i would like to add that torreira is a wall clever player as well, can we get his fitness up to scratch as i would like to see how we would look when our best 11 are on the pitch, that means kos and leno as well.

    got to say i’m proud of The lads they dug in Today, they scored from the shots they had on target and one of those was not even a foul, those set pieces!! but the gaps are worrying and those two at the back need to be able to outmuscle and outrun the wingers/strikers if we have any chance of not conceding, too many 1 vs 1 with direct balls and in the PL you get punished , also the game could have been different if arter scored, so cech sort out those feet please!!

    got to give a shout out to laca’s workrate impressive from a striker very happy with that attitude, and ozil did put in a shift but sometimes i feel like he intentionally allows the gap so that he doesn’t have to do the 50/50 challenge but the guy is adepting so no complaints either especially since we won and we dominated that game with our passing, i also felt everytime they got back in we where ready to go again, that is a fantastic attitude that should be nurtured!! so another win and we needed that, so happy for the lads the fans the manager and myself. COYG

  6. systems says:

    good win and 3 points

  7. systems says:

    I still emery has to get his starting line up correct… emery doesn’t want to bench xhaka so torreira n xhaka to play in midfield. licsteiner should come to RB too. This is my line up…. cech. licsteiner sokra mustafi Monreal. torriera xhaka. mikhitaryan ozil auba. lacazette

    1. Niall says:

      Well said bellerin cech and xhaka are rubbish we bought 3 players to replace these and emery doesnt have the balls to make the changes

      1. Niall says:

        Leno has to start

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Systems, agree with your line up. Xhaka plays much better when partnered with Torreira in midfield. This allows him to play a slightly more advanced role, as he does with Switzerland. Zhaka is not a DM; Torreira is.

  8. AB says:

    The one thing that baffles me is the team selection. My guess is that others are wondering the same. Lacazette was included today. Hopefully, Torreira will be in the starting line up next game.

  9. Durand says:

    Torreria makes impact with his appearance when he comes on pitch. Maybe try this FFS…

    Start Torreria and play for 60 min if thats all he has, (I think he can play 90), so we’ll lead 2-0 rather than chase or exchange lead. Then Xhaka can come on, and his mistakes won’t have us playing catch up.

    Torreria has more brains, positioning, and def awareness than Xhaka and Ramsey combined. Torreria also excellent picking out passes; for life of me can’t see how Xhaka or Ramsey beat the kid out, absolutely baffling.

    Only took 3 matches to fig out Auba and Laca are magic; maybe after another 3 or 4 matches figure out Torreria can stabalize the back 4.

  10. Trudeau says:

    Very excited about Torreira. This is the second straight week he has come on and shown his class. I don’t care hugely who starts with him – Xhaka, Guendouzi, Elneny, AMN – as long as he starts against Newcastle. Does anyone know if he has internationals next week and where.

    1. Sue says:

      Uruguay play Mexico on Saturday, it says it’s in Texas (NRG Stadium)

    2. Phil says:

      Just looked it up and they have Mexico Away next Saturday.Hopefully this will get his fitness up and we can get him back quickly to get over the jet lag before travelling up to Newcastle.This boy MUST be put into the team NOW

      1. Phil says:

        Good spot Sue- I didn’t see the game was in Texas

        1. ozziegunner says:


  11. Roshan says:

    Replace Xhaka with Torreira and I am happy with that side. Xhaka is just terrible, turns the ball over and can’t defend. WHY IS HE STILL GETTING PICKED!

    I liked Ramseys game attacking wise, he found space, showed energy.

    Ozil I just dont know what to do, there was a 15min period after half time where he looked to have turned the corner and was getting heavily involved, then he was subbed.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Xhaka along side Torreira adds height and physicality to Arsenal’s midfield.

      1. Khadii says:

        Personally, i’d prefer Guendouzi and Torreira in midfield….looks more balanced as they are both mobile and good in their positioning and can both pass the ball very well… Guendouzi has height and is more physical than Xhaka imo…
        Xhaka doesn’t win duels and gives away the ball easily in dangerous positions…
        I’d pick Elneny for work rate over Xhaka….. Guy jst seemsva liability tbh

        1. Khadii says:

          *seems a liability

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