Arsenal maintain 100% record with impressive Villa victory

Arsenal made it five wins from five with a win over Aston Villa this evening.

The Gunners were the only team out the starting blocks it seems, immediately taking the game to our rivals, and it felt only a matter of time before we took the lead.

Thankfully Gabriel Jesus was at hand to get us that breakthrough, finally Putting our side ahead before we had to scratch our heads at what may have been.

It took just over half hour (of near constant pressure) before Emi Martinez was forced into teeing up the Brazilian to finish off the rebound, and he appeared calm and collected in doing so.

I actually went into the break questioning whether we had been totally amazing or if our opponents simply were not, and as yet hadn’t come to a conclusion.

While not much changed after the break, we did get a wake up call with around 15 minutes to go when Douglas Luiz’s corner went straight into the goal, a nightmare for any keeper, but thankfully Gabriel Martinelli saw us hit straight back.

Martinez may be fuming after getting a hand to our forward’s effort, but he wasn’t able to deny us regaining our lead.

We were forced to replace Martin Odegaard late on which was otherwise a routine and impressive performance.


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  1. What a corner kick from Douglas Luiz, although I think Ramsdale was held by Watkins. I believe Martinelli is growing into a world-class LW

    Lokonga played very well, but let’s see if he can handle the pressure at Old Trafford. And I hope White is okay, otherwise we might have to sign a new CDM tonight

    1. We could easily lose at old Trafford, despite form etc, it’s just one of them games and they have lots of match winners…bloody Liverpool now they get fergie time…..and look how they are celebrating…like they one the league 🙄

      1. Yes, because Ten Hag has got the guts to bench Ronaldo and Maguire. I still think our players are confident enough to win there though

        1. If Zichenko is fit enough he would be a plus in our midfield against Man.U. I believe we cannpick a draw there. Thieny is gradually growing into the game. I still feel playing G.Jesus and Nkethia together would be devastating for most defenders.. The team are improving considering Pathey, Elneny and Zichenko were all injured. We still need a DM though.

          1. We need both Zinchenko and Partey fit to play against Man United, otherwise our midfield could get overwhelmed by theirs and their supporters

      2. We must win at oldtraford because our team is very solidarity.
        The most important thing is that Gabriel Jesus can create opportunity to score a goal
        As result, I have confidence that we will still leading England prime league 💪💪
        Thank you guys!!

    2. Disagree on Martinelli, today we should have been home and dry in first half, both our wingers were total disappointment imo, what were they trying to do? Holding unto ball for too long instead of a simple pass or shoot, can’t believe Saka was looking to pass the ball to a player outside 18yd when he was within 14yrd of goal.

      1. I thought Martinelli was brilliant. Saka used his strength very well to get past three opponents a couple of times, although he should’ve scored in the first half

        1. Martinelli is in a level now where I think he needs to calm down, he’s got everything and needs to work on his end product, there were lots of time that you feel he has beaten 2/3 players and created space for striker but instead of a pass he would shoot in impossible angle or try to beat another man. If he could work more on his decision and end product, he is on the way to becoming a big player

        1. Both wingers were the reason we were not at least 3goals up at HT, if our wingers were deadly and ruthless, we should have gone 3-0 up at least.
          We are overlook these issues because we are winning, having lots of chances, not converting them and allowing opponents back? These are the major issues that needs to be addressed asap, am sure the coaching crew must be finding a way. This is epl you don’t get too many chances .
          I agree they were a bit calm in the last 20min and the combination of the 2nd goal is superb

          1. Hi Ada. Saka was better than he has been lately but missing that sitter (:-(( Sorry can’t accept any criticism of Martinelli tonight – scored one, made the second and ran them ragged – what ‘s to criticise?

            1. Well, maybe the criticism of our wingers is based on the standard they have set or I expect them to be.
              Probably am expecting too much from them.
              If you don’t want to criticise Martinelli, we should not criticise Saka too, he created the goal, for Martinelli

        2. Yes Jon. Our wingers played well. World class players misss opportunities. 3 points is all that matters.

          wish is that we should take advantage of wolves poor start and tempt them with a 55m pound bid for Ruben Neves.

          For the right wing role, We can buy the Mudryk guy. Reis Nelson can also play there.

          I have always been a fan of Reis Nelson. That guy has what it takes to succeed.

          I really wish we can get Neves. That is the missing link.

          So far, so good. No negatives.

        3. Sorry John I must disagree with you. This “being greedy”was a second half phenomena displayed by Martinelli and Jesus.

          I worry there is a clique developing up front. It was more noticeable early in the second half, when I think we were at our worst.

          Sadly I think it might be encouraged by Arteta, and by the crowd too!!

          Just my observations

      1. I think he’s fine after the game on the pitch he was indicating it’s a soft knock to another player…🤞

    3. @Gai, I’m not sure you watched Lokonga play, he was just a passenger today, a few touches here and there, Xhaka worked his ass off, Martinelli made a lot of runs through the midfield, felt he was the cover for Lokonga,

      We really need a new CDM.

      1. Longerbank, the same could be said of you. Lakonga was excellent today, even though it was his first start for months. Even Keown singled him out.

      2. Agree with you 100%. He largely a passenger, never really tested during the game. Will be interesting to how he copes with the likes of Bruno, Fred and co.

    4. Arsenal are finally playing in system. So missing one or two players is not hampering team performance much. A yr back missing Partey would have caused sharp decline in performance. But now with Elhneny we played good and with lokonga we played good. Thrilled to watch Arsenal play like this on consistent basis. Would be happier if we can kill the game earlier. Yesterday game reminds me of Wenger days when you play super game, misses lot of opportunities but can’t score and in the end opponent score from set piece or any means and the story ends.

  2. Well done to the team, Martinelli MoTM for me. Credit to Xhaka too

    Only concern is the amount of energy we expended to get the win against a poor Villa. We are already seeing injuries starting, i really hope MA starts making subs earlier especially with so many games coming up. We all saw how exhausted we looked at the end of last season and the result of it. Saka really needs a rest even though he’s vital.

    Onto ManU, COYGs

    1. Echo every word PJSA. GM was superb and is better every game (wonder what he will be worth at season’s end?). Even when he misses one I don’t care because I know he will make another one soon. Xhaka is really surprising us all in that position. But the subs were again too little and waaaaay to late. And this new lenient ref attitude means teams kick us off the park, so we will have more injuries – AMN may play for us again after all!

  3. I’m not gonna lie, that’s the first depressing game I’ve seen us play this season.
    Saka really needs to sit on the bench for a couple of games. Catch his breath and get enough rest, I know he assisted the goal but he was pissful poor along side Martinelli too who once again needs to learn to release the ball quick when we’re on the attack.
    We won and that’s the most important thing.
    Solid game from Sambi and Xhaka.
    Onto the United game.

    1. I thought Saka used his strength very well to get past three opponents a couple of times. Had he not played tonight, our right wing would’ve been dull

      Martinelli is my MOTM

      1. Saka’s been wasteful and lost the ball a couple of times.
        Against United or a more better team, we’ll pay for that performance.

        1. If we don’t convert the chances we could pay, but still a solid performance and Saka fine he needs to be more direct imo that’s all…..


          You ignore the heaps of positives and our scintillating general play, esp in first half and concentrated on the few negatives.

      2. Concerning the right wing, a Saka injury spells doom.But I don’t think he plays well with Ben White behind him

        1. In my opinion, Saka and White have been defending very well. Offense wise, our attack has been focused on the left wing

          1. Saka doesn’t have an overlap anymore which attracts more defenders to him. But White sitting back more is by design. He falls into that back 3 when we have possession and has been doing a good job there

    2. Ooh a bit harsh there for me Eddie
      The only depressing thing was our inability to convert more of our chances against a hopeless Villa who for all of the first half were grim.

      1. Exactly Sue, we shouldn’t be wasting too many chances like that.
        Like I said though, winning is all that matters

    3. EDDIE
      behave. Depressing.
      First half we were electric and should have put them to the sword
      It was inevitable villa were going to come out a different side.
      We dug in and got a well deserved win
      Depressing …how funny

        1. I agree Eddie it was very depressing d first one dis season against a very poor villa side. I think it was obvious today how important partey is to this team even elneny

      1. Agree GAI
        Martinelli easy MOTM
        As much as I’ve said get Tierney in at LB over zinchenko,but with Tierney in the side he likes to bomb forward on the left which takes away Martinellis forward runs , maybe just maybe that’s why zinchenko was signed to come into midfield from that LB position while given Martinelli free roam on the wing .

        1. Tierney seems programmed to dribble and cross frequently. I think Zinchenko’s technical and playmaking abilities are better, but we need Tierney for the cup games

        2. I think tierney plays better when he’s pinned back by better opposition (just defending) and he’s not particularly quick.

          Zinchenko also not quick but he’s vision and ball retention is far superior and we look loads better with him in the team ( more progressive)..imo

          1. Tierney not particularly quick?

            Some of you guys take on Arsenal players are worst than pundits comment, how can a so called Arsenal fan make a comment about Tierney not being particularly quick!

            I weep for you bro

    4. I’m guessing you’ve had a bad day Eddie! Not great second half but “depressing”? Very unlike you. Come to the pub bro and we can admire the league table together… (;-))

    5. Completely agree, both of them have become complacent. Imagine Saka trying to pass when he ought to have pull d trigger

    6. Spot on Eddie I was wondering whether someone else saw that. Happy for the 3 points onto the next game

  4. So many good performances, Lakonga, Xhaka, Jesus (of course) and man of the match Martinelli. Xhaka in his more forward position is a revelation too.

  5. Great win by the lads, the only bad pts being our wastefulness in front of goal.

    about the man utd match, paul tierney and lee mason have been appointed as referee and on Var duties. BOTH ARE FROM GREATER MANCHESTER, that is freaking ridiculous.

    1. The whole league tries to put united and Liverpool up. Been this way for a while and just gotta be good enough that we don’t let these refs decide matches

  6. Big ups to Arteta and the players
    Made hard work of it but can not ask for anything more .
    Could be a top 3 team this season looking at what’s going on in the rest of the league .
    Fair play onwards and onwards .

        1. Yes they may have won(nice assist from the ref forgetting to blow his whistle) but they look weak at the moment.

    1. Top 3 😁
      I don’t disagree. Said that at the beginning
      25 wins 8 draws and 5 loses gets us top 2 or 3
      One fifth of the way to the wins
      Glad you see the bright side Mr dk
      Still a heck of long way to go though and lost of twists and turns to go
      Onwards and …can’t go any further upwards at the moment

  7. What a cameo by Nketiah. I love the swagger he is showing this year.

    Anyone else notice Douglas Luiz had a very understated celebration after his goal? Watch this space.

    Final thought – for a player who left on good terms, Emi Martinez is working really hard to become public enemy number one around these parts.

    1. @ Voyageur, is there a possibility we could sign Douglas Luiz? Are we linked to him?

      I saw him having some conversation with Gabriel Jesus at the end of the match.

  8. The previous comments show how we all se the game differently! Somebody here didn’t rate Martinelli? GM was superb for me, white gabriel Xhaka Nketiah excellent, Tierney Jesus ok, too many mistakes from the rest and I thought Lokonga has the basics but too often needed two touches, ambled around while the rest were running and didnt play it forward quick or often enough. Needs a run to learn that stuff.
    Game of two halves – our system and heart won it again when we should have walked it in the first half. Ran out of steam – Arteta’s subs too little too late (again!). But hey – winning is a habit!

    1. @guy : Lokonga was clean today with all the dominance pls cut him some slack he hardly putting errors had we won by a 4:1 margin you would have rated him & everyone excellent!

      1. Was criticising only because he’s worth it, Viktor. I like Lokonga a lot but he’s raw in some areas. That’s why I say he needs game time, particularly in that deeper role because he’s a better player high up the pitch. Note I didn’t say drop him.

  9. Are we doing this on purpose? Conceding and then scoring not long after?
    I’m gutted we lost that cleansheet. We should be whalopping Villa.

    100% after 5games! Hmmmm…
    When last did we even spend more than a week at the top of BPL table?

    On to Manure. If we play well and take our chances, Manure will be there for the taking.


  10. 5 out 5, well done, job done, well done Lakonga. Now the first real test at OT, Arteta to be fair has a good record against utd. We will learn a lot from that game.

    1. Manu isn’t the first real test. It’s one of the test we have overcome. The first test was Crystal Palace 😊.

      Saka would have scored two goals easily in the first half. I hope he gets on the scoresheet sooner than later

      1. No Uzi, Palace is not a direct threat to our position, utd are. We are on a level or two above Palace in resources, utd are competing for the same things as us and a level higher than Palace. Our first 5 games when they came out were very winnable games and we have done that. Our season really clicks into gear at OT.

        1. Am sure after we win against man u, you will still say “man u has been poor, they ar nt our direct competition. When we play city that’s wen u will know we did well. This I know u will say

          1. Savage, what a sad person, trying to say things that are not true and just made up. You are a real saddo.

            1. Reggie, you can’t really blame people for accusing you of always having a cup half empty, because you seem to be way too cautios with your expectations, some may call that being pesimistic 🙂 Anyway, I remember you once said that you really hope that you are wrong about Arteta and I wanted to ask you, do you now think you were wrong about him, or you are not convinced yet?

              Btw depending on which United shows up, they may be easier than some of the previous opponents, but given we are playing on Old Trafford I tend to agree, it could be the hardest game yet.

              1. R, i am not convinced by Arteta, i am hopeful but i dont see a top four set up. We are nearly three years in and we have started great but i need far more evidence. Cant fault the start at all. And getting back to Savages childish comments, making things up about what i am going to say has nothing to do with pessimism at all. I am not glass half full either, just not a dreamer. I am more pragmatic.

                1. OH! and there were people on here saying including one name mentioned, it was the worst performance this season, i didn’t. So who was being pessimistic.

                2. But we showed in the past few seasons that we can beat anyone, including Chelsea, City and Liverpool, but we were very inconsistent, and we were lacking quality in many areas. Now we have more quality and we are showing consistency. I think the evidence is strong for us having a top 4 setup unless you are including the possible injuries in the equation. One thing is certain, the trajectory is going upwards, so lets have some faith in this team 🙂

                  1. No, the “evidence” and input is there R i am not saying it isnt. The fact is breaking into the top four has not been achieved.

  11. This league is hilarious. Generous ET for Liverpool to score their winner. Shambolic refereeing in our game today as well. Anyways as for the match was a good win and we didn’t deserve to concede a goal. Hard to win the league with other forces are against you too. Have to be city and score 5 goals a game. So my one criticism is to kill games off quicker.

  12. All games are tough and Villa tried to commit GBH whenever they could. The boys kept going and deservedly won this game against a cynical Gerrard team. Martinelli never stopped for a second and was my MOM. We look a bit short in midfield though. Saliba and Gabriel are a great pairing.

  13. Though Jesus got the official MotM , for me it was easily Odegaard, who once again was brilliant.


    IMO , Odegaard is our single most important player who we would MOST miss if injured. FAR MORE THAN PARTEY btw.
    And how that stonewall penalty on SAKA WAS OUTRAGEOUSLY NOT GIVEN, WAS A SCANDAL.

    1. I saw that penalty call also. It would have been given if it was Liverpool. Man city and Liverpool have benefitted from poor officiating in recent seasons. Soft penalties, controversial VAR calls. etc.

      Many instances when Sadie Mane would elbowed an opposition right back and the ref or linesman wouldn’t see it.

      If we are to win the league this season, which I believe we can, we have to do it the Leicester city way.

      Win against small teams, less injuries and massive support from the fans.

  14. 1.Emi Martinez is trying to be a villain.
    2.Douglas Luiz’s goal was a goal of the season contender.
    3.Lokonga is not as bad as it’s put but for him to need injuries to start a league game mean a lot.
    4.Saka needs rest.
    5.There are five subs available,I don’t know why Arteta is being stingy with subs.
    6.I don’t know why Vieira hasn’t played till now
    7.Odegaard and Ramsdale could be injured.

    1. Douglas luiz goal was a foul and mistake by Ramsdale. Ramsdale has been making mistake since last two matches. Saliba had a poor game as well although he has been brilliant till today.

  15. Well done boys on another hard fought victory. Should’ve been out of sight in the first half.

    Martinelli and Jesus class players.

    We miss Zinchenko

    Thought the ref was really poor

    Lokonga and Xhaka played well but we do lack pace and power in CM

    Big statement game on Sunday.

    Come on you gunners

    1. Spot on Palmer. Especially about Zinchenko – I think he is the most underrated but possibly the most important player bought under Arteta

  16. MOTM by a long margin Martinelli once again
    All of the defenders played their part
    Negatives saka once again and ramsdale who tries way to hard when it’s easier just to play the easy stuff .
    No complaints though top of the league and looking good 👍.
    Sweet dreams all .

    1. Ramsdale? I don’t get the gist, I thought he did ok and the goal he conceded…. Well, it’s partially his fault though but I blame the outfield players more for failure to protect him. He got overconfident and kept mute when he should have called for help. Aside that, I think he did ok

    2. Ditto on all points DK. But the new leniency by refs will allow team after team to try to rough us up, so we are going to get a lot more injuries… and Arteta STILL makes subs 20 minutes too late!

  17. Martinelli lokonga and saliba very good today and Jesus was decent … the rest were very average at best .. there is no way we can keep playing white at RB .. slow and negative .. looked more balanced when Tomi came on … tiernay clearly not yet up to speed though .. and saka was very in and out … nketiah was lively on entry … good 3 points but not a great performance

    1. Angelo, nobody could call them for effort but where many fell down was true quality. We should have won the game far more easily but because of “average” performances, we didn’t. If we play with that commitment all season, that will be great but if that is the level of quality you think will be enough then we wont achieve much. It was a true reflection of what went on tonight. It wasn’t a flawless faultless performance, Villa are not in a great place and we didn’t win easily. That is a fair reflection of the performance. The result was “great” and vitally important.

  18. What a fantastic performance by both the starting 11 and our subs. Played their heart out whilst getting knocked all over the shop by the villains. Man U next, let’s go 💪. We will win this league, one game at a time. Come on Arsenal. ❤️🤍

  19. We are creating chances, we keep working on finishing. Overall good fame management

    Hope Odegaard is OK
    Good game from Lokongo
    Enjoyed the composure from Tomi to find Saka for the Martinelli goal.
    Loved Saliba to Gabriel (defender to defender) for shot against post.

  20. I thought that Villa looked devoid of ideas in the first half
    If we gave the ball away then AV gave it straight back.
    Jesus, for his never say die attitude, Martinelli for his energy and great finish, and some lovely touches and vision from Odegaard again.
    Hopefully this new found dynamism will transfer across to Sunday. Our players have had time to gel together whereas ManU may not

  21. The gaffer juggernaut rumbles on, next stop is Ten Hogs and his mighty assemble squad..

    But we have wake up in the morning with news that the bank has been broken.

  22. Well earned 3. My only problem was the Coach waited to long to present subs. When Eddie and Emile came on, they were electric, but the rest of the forwards legs were gone by then to run back…IJS

      1. @Reggie
        I know. But had they come on earlier, we could have put more pressure on Villa and maybe even scored a goal or 3, instead of being put on the back foot…IJS

        1. Maybe so NY, i do think with 5 subs, we should be making subs earlier. I suppose we don’t know the full fitness of players but i do know we need to play the squad more to help get/keep players fit, in case they are needed. Last season we kept players cold and when needed, couldn’t get up to speed. It cost us and we need to make sure it doesn’t this. We do have the EL this year to help that though.

  23. Have rebounded twice in two straight games now, always a positive sign. Interesting that no one is confidently predicting a positive result at Old Trafford. My optimism is also very cautious probably based on my sense of history regarding the likely outcome of this fixture. A lot will depend on the personal available for both teams. They have the home advantage but we will have had an extra day’s rest and won’t be under the same amount of pressure as the hosts. Regarding today’s game, I thought we are too reliant on Jesus and Martinellii. Tierney was poor delivering his ever so predictable crosses to no one in particular. Smith Rowe and Eddie were both very strong when they came on. There is a case for both of them stating but it’s not likely to happen. ESR especially could easily do whatever Xhaka does faster and better. The upcoming games against United, Spurs, Liverpool and City will definitely give us a clearer understanding of what this team is capable of. Nothing less than six out of the twelve points will do. I’m confident the lads will manage it.

  24. Some fans surprise me, saying saka was average? Jesus was just OK? Or Villa was poor, I don’t really understand them…. You guys should go back and watch villa previous game, they might lose the game but they played far better and dominated most of the game they played( except us) they were just unlucky to score or win against their opponents.
    So Arsenal played very well and we make them poor and average, some of you saying saka needs a rest, how I wish the coach should listen to you guys, and choose any one you wanted may be ( Nnketia) then you will the difference or input or importance of Saka in our game,
    A tiredless and restless Jesus that didn’t allow defenders to rest no matter how strong they are to the extetend the Mings was mis placing passes near and there because of Jesus and the defenders were afraid of , creating more chances for our team and didn’t allow any opponents or opposition defenders to bully us again, and some of you guys said he was just OK in that game, may be we watched different game.
    Is it only Arsenal that this thing is always against or no VAR, how can yo say the pushing against saka is not a penalty, or the opponent obstructing a keeper in a corner kick is not a foul( the same thing with Leno against brenftford) but recently leceister was deny a goal against Chelsea just in the name that Leicester player obstructed Mendy in a corner, but against us there was no VAR to review and cancel that, I thought the rule is that any player obstructing the keeper in a set piece should be fouled against the player and awarded a freekick, well this is premier bleague and the season just started , I am very sure we will see more of this very soon….
    Well thank you gunners for a job well done, you guys really tried today and make us proud but try and be more clinical next time because that first half should have been 3-0 already and you almost gave me high blood pressure….. Lol….

    1. Personally, Wale, I thought Villa were dreadful in the first half. Yes, we did play well with energy and quick passing and generally direct football but they couldn’t do anything right at all. The minute AV won the ball they gave it straight back. Resorting to heavy challenges showed how second best they were
      Most of us agree that our finishing was suspect but a win is still a win and our mentality to keep at it was so important

  25. What is starting to make me nervous is the amount of chances we keep fluffing. We are creating tons of chances but our conversation rate has been terrible so far.. We keep turning these dominant performances into nervous ones in the end.

    Our finishing has got to improve.

    But we are playing some amazing football so far this season..

  26. What is the most appropriate formation to play with using two strikers, and what is the most suitable organization, is it 352, 442 diamonds, 343 or is’t a hybrid of all the above?

  27. I thought Lokonga did very well last night particularly when he is not a defensive minded player.His concentration and decision making were good and he is far more comfortable on the ball than Elneny with the utmost respect to the latter who always gives 100%.My concerns with regard to Ramsdale were not allayed against Villa and Martinez did not exactly cover himself in glory either.Too many subscribers seem to have a fear of the tough games ahead, but apart from Man City I have seen little in the others to make me lose sleep.Positive thinking is required on and off the pitch so let’s stay calm and get enjoy the fact that we have started the season very well.

  28. Obviously delighted with the win/team.i don’t know if people would agree with me,despite the fact that we are scoring more goals than last season,for the number of chances we created we should definitely score more goals,no?

    1. Potentially our front line of Martinelli, Jesus and Saka should be making hay on a big scale, like Liverpool and city have.

  29. One similarity between this side and the invincibles is that it had a majority of players from one country. Then it was France, now it’s Brazil. Especially if Douglas Luiz arrives.

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