Arsenal maintains unbeaten 2024 with a point at the Etihad

Manchester City sought to establish dominance and enjoyed a good spell of possession at the beginning of the game. However, it was Arsenal who came close to scoring first as Gabriel Jesus narrowly missed a good chance.

City continued to press out of possession and maintained control when in possession, effectively keeping Arsenal at bay. They had a near miss when Nathan Ake’s header was straight at David Raya from close range.

Despite City’s dominance in possession, Arsenal had the better chances and looked threatening in attack. Kai Havertz went close for Arsenal but was denied by Ortega’s quick reflexes.

City suffered another setback as Ake went off injured and was replaced by Rico Lewis. Gabriel Jesus had another chance but shot wide, squandering the opportunity created by Ben White and Jakub Kiwior.

In the second half, City came closest to scoring when Mateo Kovacic shot wide. Arsenal continued to keep Erling Haaland quiet, with Bukayo Saka creating a chance that fizzled out due to an overhit pass.

Pep Guardiola introduced Jack Grealish and Jeremy Doku to find the breakthrough, prompting Mikel Arteta to make tactical substitutions, bringing on Thomas Partey and Takehiro Tomiyasu for Jorginho and Kiwior respectively. Leandro Trossard replaced Jesus later in the hope of finding a goal for Arsenal.

City mounted sustained pressure for around ten minutes, but Arsenal defended resolutely. Despite both teams having chances, neither could find the back of the net during the added time.

Arsenal’s defender Saliba impressed throughout the game, particularly in his battles against Haaland.

Ultimately, Arsenal held on for a goalless draw at the Etihad, allowing Liverpool to take their place at the top of the league table.

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  1. Terrible match all round to watch from both sides. 90+ mins of my life I’ll never get back, but at least we picked up a point I guess.

    Liverpool the big winners today.

    1. Was a must win match for us but from the very beginning we were settling for a draw. It has been proved that we still have a small club mentality and we played like small team playing against the giant. Now title looks even farther away. I would rather lose with courage than taking 1 point from such cowardice display.

      1. @Vz Show us the team that you manage. You think this is FIFA 2024 game with your friends? So many kids on here!

        1. Jon, where was Arsenal’s cutting edge? Full credit to Arsenal’s defence, which gave Manchester City nothing.

      2. solid team performance, defending from front to back was first class, Man C never had a look in, with 5 titles in 6 years the best team in PL history

        we didn’t quite manage to nick a winner, another positive step in the right direction

        last season we blown away 3 times, this season we are 1 win and 2 draws in 90 minutes, on an aggregate 2 – 1 in our favour, i think it was 8 -2 for 3 wins in their favour, i.e a massive turn around and great progress

        great performance front to back, and good result

      3. Every body is talking about history. We always lost in this ground for 8 yrs and that draw is good for us but people don’t understand in those 8 yrs we were never title challengers except last yr. So not winning the title for 20 yrs, does it mean that we never gonna win it?? At some point we need to forget that history and be ourselves and play to our strength.Just this history things kept us away from playing our usual free flowing game and created a panic display in final third. Against Liverpool we showed courage and took all points but this game we played far cautious approach. We were not able to capitalize despite 3 of their 1st choice defense not playing as we barely made it past their midfield. So in the end losing 2 points in this game may be as costly as losing 3 points. But I hope i am wrong come May.

        1. We took 4 points off of Man City and Liverpool and yet you think we have a small Club mentality?
          Games that we have been consistently wallopped and yet we have a not winning mentality?
          Be grateful for where the Club is..

        2. It was the first 0-0 game at City’s home-ground since 2021! It explains how difficult it is to defend against them and get points at The Ethiad Stadium. Sometimes you have to respect the task to be utterly completed and find a method to get points, and for me one point is much better than 0. Three points away against Man.City is naive and not realistic at the moment. The result today is another statement that we are able to do it the ugly way if necessary 🔴⚪️

          We might not win the league this season, but I’m sure we will do it during the next two years COYG

        3. well at times we have to play strategically towards our main objective to win the tittle this year. imagine we took a risk and lost the game, the critics will write us off and just destroys us saying “ same old arsenal, not a tittle contender ” goes on. Now we are still in the race and we have beaten the big guns at least once. it’s not bad.

        4. wow..! Are you okay? Did you expect Arsenal to just be flowing to City half with no strategy?

        5. I heard Man city has +-40 games scoring streak at Etihad and some people take our defensive effort for granted. We held a very ruthless team at bay.

      4. Either you not an arsenal fan or you a liar city has not been beaten at home for about 16 months now so you mean you would have preferred we went all out and lost 4-1 as Liverpool did last year than taking a point and focus on the remaining 9 games am sure if arsenal as lost you would be the first to take down on the team.

      5. Getting 4 pts off two of the best team
        In Europe is good if u are not asking too much. And for the passive approach by the team is tactical and deliberate, No team in the world can beat man city at their game, especially at the Etihad, you can’t beat them and still dominate possession, no team can do that. Yes we could have won the game and would have if we’re more clinical but one thing is certain, we’re a better team than last season so there’s improvement. As for havertz, well, b4 u complain about him I’ll tell u he still have more influence on the game than haaland, one of the best in the world in the same position. So mate be realistic and less emotional. COYG

      6. You really don’t get it, we lost the PL last season by playing the football you want, we were stuffed 4-1 by City and now this season we have taken four points off of City and conceding a goal, you seem to be in la,la land if you think we still have a small club mentality, then you do not understand football. Lose with courage, would that apply if we were facing relegation or playing in the CL final. We now have a plan b something we have been crying out for years. Second from last game is Man Utd so if we won the PL there again playing the style we did against City, you would be unhappy, I will be there as I was last time we won the PL there, and if we did it again I would be over the moon

    2. This is what happens when two top team face each other. It’s 100% neutralisation for 90+ mins.
      If you don’t understand football, do something else. Buy a book – learn how to read and get a life to live. Arsenal played a brilliant game against the best team in the world – on their own homeground.
      The result 0-0 was Arsenal (+1p) City (-2p). Those who hoped for an Arsenal win are children, or football fans.

      1. Maybe your comprehension is lacking, there’s books on that maybe you should do some reading on your issues 🙂

        There’s a big difference between someone saying the game was relatively dull and saying a team/s played badly. We can play a good game and the game can still be dull. Theres tens of thousands of comments on BBC/YouTube clips ect all saying the same thing, this game won’t be remembered, end of story.

        1. But the result will be if we win the PL by one point. Chelsea played a dull CL final against BM and won it on penalties, it was a dreadful game, do you think the Chelsea fans care, of course not

      2. Interesting to note that the 9.players on the bench for us all started lot of games last year

        A very good confidence building result. ….not need to get a win against Luton and keep the pressure on Liverpool who I think have been very lucky this season but are in polo position somehow!

  2. I saw an improved and what looked like the old Partey, Trossard should have done better though I can’t complain.. this is a new Arsenal team that can’t be bullied. Nice game boys

  3. A great game from us, totally nullified City, and we had 2-3 chances to win it. Shame we didn’t win but what progress the team made, what a mature performance. With a little more ebit upfront we can win it all.

  4. We gave a good account of ourselves.

    Of not for wrong decisions by GJ and Trossard, we would have won the game.

    Kudos to the boys

    1. Good game, good result.
      Not so good in attack today, but excellent in defense.

      Saka was obviously carrying a knock & it showed from the first kick. I hope he’s fit enough soonest.
      For all of City’s possession we were never in real trouble gor the entirety of the match. When last were we able to say that after a game at the Etihad over the past decade?

      A mature & truly composed performance overall & i loved it.
      Another mental hurdle successfully scaled today. Losing at the Etihad is no longer a certainty.

      Liverpool are obviously the big winners today, but there are still so many twists and turns before any clinches the league diadem.

      This team continues to learn, continues to grow & continues to improve incrementally. It’s only a matter of time before we begin to reap our due rewards.
      Proud of the boys today.

      Onwards and Upwards!
      COYG 💪

  5. So Arsenal lossing this game would have been a better results for you or what exactly do you mean.

  6. Game can easily be summed up with Arsenal line-up sheet. Just draw a dotted line across the middle. The attacking half is poor, the defensive half is excellent. We were simply not dangerous to City.

    But then again, I always had a feeling this game is gonna end in a stalemate.

  7. Considering how Arsenal have lots for the last 8yrs in City’s group this was a good results for us lossing could have kicked arsenal out of the title race, arsenal showed a good character wished Jesus had scored one of the three chances he got.

    1. @Naftali Exactly what so many on here don’t understand. We have lost at this ground consistently for 8 years and if we lose today, we would have been officially out of the title race. This is a massive result for us for 3 reasons:

      1. We gained a point in a ground where we always lose

      2. We pegged back Manchester City and they are still beneath us on the table

      3. The game will strengthen the boys to believe that they can do it this season – If we can get a point at the Etihad & restrict City to just 1 shot on goal, then we can beat anyone.

      1. It was a great result
        Don’t forget we have been battered there lately.
        Saliba and Gabriel superstars.
        United will beat the shell suits next Saturday

  8. Saliba is an amazing player – Well on his way to becoming World Class – Hope we can keep him for another five years – Brilliant

  9. First and foremost, our mentality held out, despite what Keane said before the match a few days ago. He expected a thrashing

    We were playing the most established, winning team in the league at their home ground and came away with honours even. It was a tremendous endeavour to maintain the mental fortitude to the end.

    No doubt, City were hampered by the loss of certain players, but as so many – including me – point out, they have 2 top players for every place. However, we were wasteful when the opportunities arose, but then, City were no better really.

      1. If you were given a choice of a game being settled before the season, which would you choose, a win at home against Brighton or a draw away to City?

        1. I’d take City as I’d hope to be winning against Brighton
          I hope I’ve read your question properly Anders

      1. No they didn’t and were unable to make their possession count against a very resilient Arsenal defence.

    1. It is always funny to see people saying a game is awful. Perhaps a tactical game like this game between city and arsenal may look awful cancelling out your opponent like in this makes the game look poor, but in real sense today’s game is just as if you are playing chess. If it had been another team each are playing against one would see the opposite side of the game. From all indication none of players is said to played badly.

  10. Already a world class player he has only been dribbled past 5 times since he made is debut against Crystal palace

  11. A truly awful game, which the best thing to say about was that we didn’t loose, when in fact we could have won in the second half with Jesus missing an open goal and Trossard taking a shot when he really should have passed to Martinelli who was well positioned.
    A very good defensive performance by us, which is two good things I’ve said about the game now, I’ll try & think pf some more.

      1. knowledgeable football man right here, thanx jax

        Arsenal team performance was excellent, did not quite manage to nick a winner, but the first time in 2 years Man C scoreless at home and never looked like it, Haarland a spectator, so brilliant really

        ‘awful’, hmm, go back to your video games

  12. hmmm the attacking half that has some how outscored everyone else so far this season (offcourse with Jesus missing a chunk). Sure they were not great but how great were City who started the game behind Arsenal and were at home after an international break which is notoriously difficult for many away teams.

    Also we had under 30% possession so its not like we were building up a lot of rhythm but some of that was by design as we nullified their threat so I am happy with not taking a beating there which had become customary. It is a shame Jesus could not convert one of the chances that came his way but he put in an excellent shift defensively.

  13. Good game, good result.
    Not so good in attack today, but excellent in defense.

    Saka was obviously carrying a knock & it showed from the first kick. I hope he’s fit enough soonest.
    For all of City’s possession we were never in any real trouble for the entirety of the match. When last were we able to say that after a game at the Etihad over the past decade?

    A mature & truly composed performance overall & i loved it.
    Another mental hurdle successfully scaled today. Losing at the Etihad is no longer a certainty.

    Liverpool are obviously the big winners today, but there are still so many twists and turns before any clinches the league diadem.

    This team continues to learn, continues to grow & continues to improve incrementally. It’s only a matter of time before we begin to reap our due rewards.
    Proud of the boys today.

    Onwards and Upwards!
    COYG 💪

  14. So frustrating to watch, the usual suspects underperforming, but no names we all know who they are.
    On the brighter side our defense was quality today.

  15. Great result. Better decision making in the final third and we could’ve gotten three points. Im fine with the ugliness of the game. Nobody will remember how ugly it was if we win the title, just try and get the result that is needed. Unfortunately things are now not in our hands and we need Liverpool to drop now, but is what it is. Arteta nonetheless is setting this team up for success in the next couple of seasons. That is very clear. Even if we fall short this season I’m very much looking forward to the next one. Luton up next, they’re a decent side and will give it a go so hope the boys rest up.

    1. Also, I love seeing our rivals get mad for how we approached the game. They wouldve rather end to end which wouldve resulted in us getting blown away. There’s more than one way to approach a City game. This was very much a continuation of the 1-0 earlier in the season. Mikel knows how to mitigate most of Pep’s tactics, and Pep knows how to mitigate ours as well. Two great managers going at it and we finally have the personnel to not get blown away. We are the only side in the top 3 who have wins this season against other top 3 opponents. We have one win against both of them actually. So it’s funny to watch them insult us when we’ve beaten them both this season.

      1. good call RSH, this season we are 1 win and 2 draws vs Man C, i.e. no losses vs 3 thrashings last season – good progress in the right direction while you feel they are going the opposite way

  16. It should have been a 9th winning run in the Epl today by the Gunners if they had beaten the Citizens at away. Instead of them now having an unbeaten 9 match run.
    At home against Chelsea. And at away to Man Utd and Tottenham Hs in the big games. And at home against Aston Villa in the semi big game. The Gunners SHOULD endeavoured to win all those 4 matches unfailingly.
    And also win their other 5 matches during the 9 game run in to the season. So as to not further jeopardize their chance to win the title this season. Which as per Liverpool at home beating Brighton today. Is no longer under Arsenal control but Liverpool.

  17. On the face of it, it is a good draw. Not the win that was required but still good. If the title is lost it will be down to other results, not this one. I thought Raya, Kiwioor, Saliba, Jorghino, Saka and Jesus were very lacking in quality. Without the ball, we were pretty good. With it we we poor, in all truth. Boring game but a deserved draw.

    1. You actually think SALIBA, who was sublime and voted MotM, was lacking in quality?

      An incredible view and utterly wrong!

    2. Salibas lack of quality, wasn’t his defending but his compossure, with the ball. Which could also apply to Jesus. Rayas kicking was woeful,considering that is what he was in the team for. Odergaard worked his socks off.

      1. I’m glad you qualified that Reggie, as I did wonder why Saliba was in your list.

        I hadn’t noticed the composure side of things particularly. I agree that Raya showed nerves initially but overall I thought the match was like nervous energy everywhere but not much else. Both sides felt the pressure in my opinion

    3. Reggie, calling out Saliba for being “very lacking in quality” must be a typing mistake on your part. As for Raya, he had a quiet day, but kept a clean sheet. Jesus and Jorginho were below par and upgrades are required for the first 11.
      I believe Odegaard gets underrated for the efforts he puts in, on and off the ball. This was a big game Odegaard certainly didn’t go missing in.

      1. It’s clearly not a typing mistake. However, there are quite a few who disagree with this view.
        Saliba was solid and had some of the best stats in the game. Many observers feel he had one of the best performances in an otherwise largely forgettable game. Odegaard put in a huge amount of work off the ball. Unfortunately, this may have affected his quality on the ball at times. For a player who is primarily a creator, the distances he covers is remarkable.

        1. DAVID, instark contrast to REGGIE, who is an outlier in his views in general about our club, IMO, I thought Salibas performance was the best I have seen from him in our shirt. And high among the best EVER from ANY Arsenal CB.

          I HAVE BEEN AN ACTIVE FAN FOR WELL OVER SIXTY YEARS TOO, SO HAV SEEN ALL OUR GREAT CB s in my time, as well as several ghastly ones.

          SALIBA IS already, IMO, a truly world class CB

      2. So Ozzie, giving the ball away easily when not under pressure, and he did that often, put us under lots of undue pressure. It was not a typo as some idiot put, it was an observation as to us not keeping the ball from defence and he and Kiwior were the biggest culprits.

  18. Excellent performance to go to the home ground of the best team in the World and play an even game.
    It shows how far we have come.
    And we are still very much in the title Hunt.

    1. Nice saying, AndersS
      Our history at this ground describes everything. In addition, Man.City played the first 0-0 at their home since 2021! COYG

  19. Surely Arsenal is the happier of the two that slug it out at the Etihad this afternoon.
    But Liverpool will be the happiest in the three horse race as the dust settles.

    Massive improvement comparing to last season when we cave in at Manchester, we can now go to any of the remaining grounds and win in style.

  20. i saw from arsenal great mentality and character we lacked over two decade keeping man city is not easy task now i very confident arsenal can get a result at any venue super defensive master class well done work from the manager

  21. Underperforming? We played well against the best team, possibly in Europe, if not the world and didn’t get trounced. We got a creditable draw and both sides could have won but in the end it was honours even, though I’m sure we are happier than them!

  22. Headline is wrong (lost 1-0 to Porto). Prob meant in EPL.

    Anything can happen from here on. Top 3 dont play each other again so advantage Pool.

    Arsenal has worst run-in with way at MU, TH, BHA and even Wolves away is a tough game. then theres the improving Chelsea at home.

    Winning all those games is a tough ask. If it doesnt happen there will be lots of ppl wailing about bottling it and such rubbish. Should just be glad to be in contention and making a good show of it.

    Not bad considering the Arsenal rebuild is still not done. Next season if they can offload the 9 or so fringe players the squad depth will be better.

  23. 4 points out of 6 against City is commendable and while the match was a disappointing spectacle we have proved to be more resilient than we were last season.In terms of player ratings, I thought Saliba, Gabriel, White and Havertz did well whilst Saka did not seem to relish any physical challenge and continually gave the ball away.Perhaps he was still carrying an injury but he was very ineffective in a match which we could not afford to lose.

  24. This was a morale boosting result and with an almost full squad going into the last 9 games we will give it a full go.

  25. 4 points out of 6 against the treble winners.

    We contained them and they didn’t look dangerous at any point in the game.

    That says it all.

    We have fantastic defense and overall squad except Havertz and Jesus. Since his first injury with us Jesus hasn’t been as effective as when he joined us. Havertz I don’t know why he still plays.

    We drop those two from the first eleven next season and sign actual game changing replacements we can start dreaming of the treble of our own!

    1. Just hope Arteta doesn’t make the same mistake as last session. Putting Jesus in at tge expense of players, who actually produce something. He has lost something, thats for sure.

    2. I wouldn’t disagree with you one bit
      I thought the defence was immense
      And that included everyone from back to front
      Not much going forward but everyone done a job
      Jesus should have d9ne better with his chances but his tracking back and sake, mo and KH were just as important
      I beleive we wanted more time in there final third but when you come up against a team like city.who are still a great side it hard to have an out ball with everyone tracking back and deep
      Fair play to the team they didn’t give as much as a sniff to city in front of goal
      Onwards and upwards

  26. Tidy plan execution, only team among the three title contenders to avoid defeat in the top of the table clashes, all attention on Luton’s visit.

  27. just watch Pep’s post match interview, then compare to Arteta’s

    very clear

    Arsenal did a job on Man C today, didn’t quite nick a winner, but abslutely nullified KDB, Haarland and Rodri

    great performance, good result

  28. 3 games vs Man C this season

    1 win – 2 draws – 0 losses

    1 goal conceded in 3 games

    3 games vs Man C last season

    0 win – 0 draws – 3 losses

    8 goals conceded, 2 scored

    massive massive progress

  29. Three Cheers for the point but was there really much more to crow about. Everything is great if we talk about the defense. Saliba, Gabriel and Rice were huge. But once we had the ball, our plan must have been to give it back to City asap. I guess we didn’t have the players to be braver. Outside of Odegaard there was no play maker and even he became desperate as the gam went on and was just passing the ball into spaces where a centre forward should have been. Where was our centre forward by the way? I can only imagine the carnage City would have inflicted had Odegaard been wearing their colours. In some sense this was a timid and deflated performance on our part. Their defence was missing Stones and Walker but they were still able to hold us off comfortably. Also can’t understand the Partey love. I thought he was terrible and his only contribution was some back passing. At least he remained in the game around the ball, unlike big K.L. who disappeared.

    1. I thought Partey did brilliant when he came on. I thought he and Trossard injected some thrust into the game. Funny how people see different.

    1. This match further proved that we actually need a proven goal scoring striker. Jesus’ indecisions cost us the two points.
      However, am happy the team is no longer bullied by too teams. One point is better than none and may prove crucial in the title race.
      We are still in the title race which is very important. Two points difference can be cancelled at any time. It will be much easier for Liverpool to drop points at this stage than Man city. Congratulations to Odegaard, Saliba and Meghales for their excellent performances, Congratulations Gunners.

  30. Long way to go!

    Amazing point to get.

    pool will gas soon enough.

    AFC’s defense and offense are enough to get the team to the finish line, I did not say which finish line nor 1st, but maybe, just maybe, 1st for one of them!


  31. How was KDB not booked, he was getting into the ref’s ear everytime a City player went down and how come Rodri gets away with so many fouls. Credit to Saliba and Gabriel for keeping Haaland quiet and Rice marchalled Rodri very well. Anyway, a point well gained and only hope we win our remaining matches whilst Liverpool drop points. Jesus could have won it for us but it is what it is.

    1. gfl, Anthony Taylor certainly officiated allowing City to play on while any Arsenal play was pulled up for a foul, to ensure he could remain residential in his home town.

  32. When Arsenal can go to Anfield and Etihad with a realistic hope for a draw – something has happened. Don’t ever compare technical brilliance against Burnley or Sheffield United with a game against the Best Club in the World, were the Arsenal players are fighting for their lives. Yeah, Saka didn’t do much, neither did Ödegård or Rice, but they secured a point, a bl**dy point. The future will tell how important. The game was brilliant.

    1. Jack You cannot be serious in thinking “Rice nor Odegaard did much!! They were both excellent.

      Rice was deeply impressive and Ogegaard NEVER stopped running , pressing and giving his all.
      Did you HONESTLY even watch the gamne at all!?

  33. I see the criticism of Arsenal finishing has started again from some people. The so-called great forwards get a lot of credit but is it deserved?

    Salah was shooting a lot vs Brighton. 9 shots… 1 goal – eventually.

    Jesus is suffering a bit of a confidence crisis for quite a while now. I remember his first game in a pre-season match in the USA when he curled a shot in from the corner of the 6 yard box with the keeper and 2 defenders in his way and they shrugged and looked at each other with expressions saying “Nothing we could do about that”.

    I think he has the finishing ability but he needs to believe it, not me.

  34. Best Game of the Season .Shows very little difference BTW both Teams. Arsenal has Risen up.Now grab the remaining points.Seems some would have been happy for us to lose there.There is a reason why we have not won there for a long time. Arteta has gotten smarter .Get points not lose is the Key .

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