Arsenal make a decision on proposed Lucas Torreira Frank Kessie swap offer

Last week Italian giants AC Milan made a reported proposal to Arsenal that was basically to swap their Frank Kessie for our very own Lucas Torreira.

Arsenal have apparently given the offer some thought and decided that they are not interested and have, in fact, made it clear that Torreira will not be leaving the Emirates this summer.

Torreira himself got tongues wagging following comments he made about struggling to adapt to living in England, the weather and that he was happier in Italy and that lead to some feverish speculation.

It was also a case of putting two and two together and coming up with five because the assumption was that having played under Milan’s new coach previously at Sampdoria that the little Uruguayan would relish the opportunity to be reunited with his former coach.

You have to think that someone from the club has spoken with Torreira and that he would have indicated to them that he is happy in North London and has no intention of leaving, otherwise he would not have been removed from the market.

Kessie is a decent player for sure and he may well have been better for us than Torreira but who knows and that is where the huge risk lies, we know what we are getting with Torreira, we don’t with Kessie, there was no guarantee he would have adapted to the English game.

It was clear that Torreira weakened at the end of the season but that was fatigue and in all fairness to the 23-year-old, he has never played as many games in one season before and certainly not in a league as intense as the Premier League.

I am confident that Torreira will be a lot more consistent next season and Arsenal have probably made the right decision here.


    1. Toreira is the most overrated player, technically yes but physically is not for EPL I would take Kessie anyday better player

  1. As reported yesterday, we made a bid £30.5m for Ziyech and this bid was knocked back as Ajax want £35m.On Saliba, it’s left with the decision to loan him back or not.Other than this the deal would be completed.

    The fact that the club makes significantly huge bids doesn’t mean they have a huge budget as the overall amount is paid in instalments.

    1. Kev, I don’t understand how Ziyech would want to go to a non champions league club when Ajax are

      1. Ziyech has openly professed his love for Arsenal and Barca so if we meet the asking price(£35m) then he’s more than likely to sign.

  2. It would have been a very foolish business and maybe one of the worst in history. Clubs are spending over £40m freely on a single but we are struggling to sign average players. It makes me wonder if we play a different sport. Ndombele, Fraser, Ziyech, Tah, Munier, Grimaldo, are all in the market but we are wasting time with Praet, Maurice, Kassie, Carrasco, Targett, Moreno. Most of this players are not better than the calamities we have. I have a feeling we could sell Mustafi only to sign someone worst than him at an inflated price. Our transfer businesses lack plan and purpose.

    1. Martin, let’s not get too excited about the transfer budget and individual transfers until after the start of the new kit contract with Adidas from July 1.
      Personally, I will worry if no activity has occurred by July 31.

  3. I believe the story was true but like you said the club must have spoken to Torreira and got assurances from him that he will be completely dedicated to arsenal but by the same token if arsenal had been opened to a deal he would have jumped at the chance to go back to Italy!

  4. I have to say Jon, I do miss Pat & hope he’s well. It’s a shame he’s had to take more of a back seat in thing that stood out with Pat was – he was very fair (& sometimes funny ?)
    I think with all what’s happened with JA lately, is a lot to take in, but I believe we’ll love this (eventually) just as much as we did the old JA..

    Be nice to hear from you once in a while on here, Pat.. just to let us know how you’re doing. Thank you ?

    1. Really nice sentiments Sue, wiley old Jon could learn a thing or two.

      It’s the silly season, papers are all at it too, also some fans really like talking about the rumours/gossip.

  5. This is to the other Pat – I’m thinking of you & religiously look on here to see if you’ve posted anything!!
    I hope all is well with you all & am sending you a huge hug & lots of love ? can’t wait to hear from you!!!

  6. Admin. I can’t recall from anywhere that Arsenal Fc did put Lucas Torriera up for sale to even warrant removing him from the market.
    Must a player love everything about a city to be able to work effectively there? I don’t think so. If the weather is cold for him must he not say it? Or we don’t want these professionals to freely express themselves?
    Rumour mongering has really become a profitable venture.

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