Arsenal make a stunning contract offer to Nketiah and he is likely to accept

Arsenal is keen to keep Eddie Nketiah at the club after he proved his worth in the last matches of the season.

The striker had been limited to Carabao Cup games for much of the term, but Mikel Arteta brought him into the team in the last few league games.

His goals proved pivotal as Arsenal nearly nicked a top-four finish before ending the campaign 5th on the league table.

His current deal expires in the summer and the striker is now one of the players Arsenal could lose.

They have previously made contract offers to him, but he rejected them because he wants a guarantee of regular playing time.

The Daily Mail is now claiming he would be handed a new long-term deal again. The report claims Arsenal has made one last contract offer to him.

The deal is worth £100,000-per-week for five years. The club has also included a signing on bonus believed to be worth £5million for the duration of the contract.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Nketiah showed us in the last few matches that he has been underestimated all along.

The former Leeds loanee is a record goal-scorer for England at the youth level and he was struggling to replicate that form at the senior club level.

But he seems to have arrived now and he will be an important player for the club next season even if we sign another top striker.

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  1. From a financial standpoint I can understand this. If we need to replace 2 strikers it’s going to cost us a lot more and now we need only 1.

    But I would have preferred to get 2 different types of strikers instead. Maybe Jesus and a taller, stronger striker like Giroud before

  2. I dunno if 100k a year is alot these days. To me seems quite alot but I have read average salaries is 60-80k per year. I feel we should be rewarding players like strikers for scoring alot if goals. Lower contract and huge goal scoring bonus. 10 goals should give a nice sum.

    Simular for defence. 10 clean sheets and you get a reward.

    I feel footballers have it too easy these days. 100k for eddie wow. Okay

  3. Is this true, 100K? Surely not!

    I guess from a financial perspective, it’s not as bad as it seems. If Nketiah left, we would definitely have to sign two strikers. So we’ll save on the transfer fee at least.

    I would imagine the 100k is more paper talk.

    1. Jonbo the “in the know”report says £100k pw PLUS a £5 million signing on fee, spread across five years That equates to approx £120k pw, a ludicrous figure for a young, improving but far from proven striker who lacks power, height and dribbling ability.
      Decent poacher with pace and positional sense yes, but still too much wages IMO.

        1. I dont know where you plucked 30 from but that is wishful thinking and nothing to back it up. I would put big money on Nketiah not getting 30 BIG money.

          1. Of course I was not serious, but the fact isvthat could score 5 or 35, who knows?
            He was prolific at all levels including England u23. Maybe he has found his major for the seniors at last?

        2. That’s an enormous “if”.
          We’ve got it the wrong way around! The big contract should come after the quality has been demonstrated! There’s so so much doubt with this player, it makes no sense!

  4. And to shortboygooner’s point hopefully there are some bonus/incentives tied to the contract regarding goals score etc! At the beginning of the season i was unsure if he could make it but watching him towards the end of the season he was very good and worked very hard for the team and I think he will only get better and better!

  5. We should have bought Emmanuel Dennis let this boy go because he will only play carabao cup or else we getting 7th next year Man U and Newcastle coming

  6. 100k in total meaning alot of bonuses is probably in there for appearances, goals, assists, getting into England team like Saka/Emile etc….

    He did show something at the end but not enough to warrant £100k straight up a week I think is abit much. I don’t run that side of things but if it means forking out extra to have to only sign one striker instead of two then by all means but the striker has to be someone ready to rock the no9 at Arsenal. Maybe Eddie might just end up being that…. we will see.

  7. 100k/week is a lot of money but any half decent English striker would cost 50mil in transfer fee and would ask for the same weekly wages.

    I’ll be happy if Nketiah signs a new contract, I really like this player

  8. Givin Nketiah a big long contract will be the new Willian/ Ozil, throw money down the pan deal. He is NOT good enough.

  9. I read somewhere that this deal is more than Saka and ESR combined wages are ,if that is true then i think we should offer them a similar deal because they have contributed more to our seasons results than Eddie has. Let’s be fair Saka could be tempted to move if an offer like that was made to him by some of our rivals who are keen to sign him, Let’s reward their hard work!!!

  10. Problem is he isn’t PL material, like Holding he is Championship at best, big mistake sugning him, just don’t think he is the answer

  11. Not really happy he’s re-signed, but will probably be cheaper than buying 2 new Strikers. Apparently it’s £80k a week with the £5m signing on fee spread over the 5 year deal. If he is sold during the duration of the 5 years, then the club receive a bigger fee than the fee we would’ve recieved if he had left this summer.

  12. Don’t be silly, he’s not on £100 thousand plus a £5 million signing on, It’s 100 grand in total including the 5 mil.

  13. It’s not just about financial sense, it’s about culture. If you let someone wait until their contract is about to expire, then offer them a huge deal to stay on the back of a handful of performances, what does it say?
    This reminds me of the contracts that were given to Walcott, with justifications like “he’s marketable” and “he’s got potential, someone else will steal him away”, but the result was he started believing he was the finished article, and he never really was!
    And what effect would that have on the rest of the squad? We can’t give every promising young player a contract like that, and it will mean we’ll lose some unnecessarily…

  14. So, that will be another MA signing – how many of the “dross” that he, supposedly, inherited, as he actually re-signed?

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