Arsenal make a very important decision about Aubameyang claims report

Arsenal’s stance on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s future revealed as Manchester United prepare bid

Arsenal has decided that they would rather cash in on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the summer than allow him to leave for nothing after next season, according to Metro Sports.

The report also claims that the Gunners would even be open to letting him join a Premier League rival amidst reports that the Red Devils are looking to sign him.

Manchester United is reportedly prepared to offer £50 million for the former Borussia Dortmund man as they target a return to the Champions League.

Aubameyang is one of the Premier League’s most prolific strikers and his goals are one of the reasons why Arsenal isn’t in a relegation scrap at the moment.

Mikel Arteta has promised that the club would do their best to ensure that they keep hold of their star man, but they are running out of time to make him stay with them.

Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United and Inter Milan are all interested in signing him, and they know that they can take advantage of his contract situation at the Emirates to get a good deal.

Manchester United will be looking to pull a coup similar to when they signed Robin van Persie from Arsenal in 2012.

The Dutchman helped them to win the Premier League that season which remains their last league title.


  1. In my country there’s an adage that says, “A first fool is not a fool; but a second fool is a damn fool.” Should Arsenal agree to sell Auba to Man U, a situation reminiscent of the van Persie situation years back would only reduce us Arsenal fans to a laughing stock. Why in the name of money would you want to arm your direct rival at your (and your fans’) detriment? Puah!

  2. Hearing Liverpool are in the mix and might be prepared to offer sane and 40m? Though I am not sure a striker will be required
    Either way if we are to let him go, it will be nice to start a bidding war for once and get an exceptional player plus cash deal.
    Barcelona could offer up umtiti plus cash
    Inter have a host of players, of interest. Not so sure Chelsea and United have much to offer, we certainly don’t need to take any rejects.

    1. Well Atid, if we were offered Sane, would you not class him as a reject?

      As I said earlier, any club that can afford to enter a bidding war, will certainly have players we could/should insist on being part of any deal.

      Chelsea – Willian plus £30,000,000
      Manure – Pogba straight swap
      Pool – van dyke straight swap
      Barca – Courtinho plus £10,000,000
      Madrid – Bale plus £20,000,000

      OK…I know everyone will pull the examples apart, but that’s not the point, if you get the idea- we have a golden boot winner, so let’s auction him…if he doesn’t want to play for us, let’s play hardball for once!!!!

      1. Blimey Ken , your list of swaps, some plus cash, goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. All top players but who in their right mind would even consider buying poisonous, team morale destroying POGBA. Quite seriously I would RATHER keep a certain German even longer than have that piece of filth called Pogba destroy our club. Almost certainly the biggest ego on legs in footballworldwide right now.
        But as you say, it was pretty much a fantasy list anyway and none has the remotest chance of happening. Though I think the days of being duped out of letting our best players leave for a pittance or nothing are firmly behind us now.
        Thanks to Gazidis though we are still suffering from a classic case of shutting the stable door when the horse has already bolted. I REGARD GAZIDIS AS OUR MORTAL ENEMY, SO MUCH HARM HAS HE DONE US.

        1. Yes Jon as you suggest, it was an example of what we should/could do if Auba does leave.

          I must say though, our new problem solvers of contracts etc do not fill me with to much positivity… gazidis is one of the most important people in our downfall, at least he can’t do any further damage.

      2. Ken, you remember I was going to submit some articles to help out this site which has been almost deserted of late, hardly surprising considering what else is happening right now But I have composed two interesting articles, one on how we oldies followed Arsenal in the old days, my personal experiences and the differencesin fanhood between then and now.
        The second is more profound, on the one sided nature of fan/player relationships with its ramifications for the game and us lot.
        But I WILL KEEP THEM UP MY SLEEVE UNTIL READERS RETURN TO THIS SITE IN NUMBERS, WHENEVER THAT MAY BE. I see no point in posting an article not to have it read or discussed. THIS SITE IS A GHOST SITE, SADLY, RIGHT NOW.

        1. Understand the reasoning Jon, so much more to worry about at the moment… me and. Ine are already in isolation actually, as our two great grandchildren live next door and Marian is type 1 diabetic – this is here for the long term I think.

      3. Please if the player wants to go, let him go. Mind you he is already 30yrs old and in his last year at Arsenal. Let’s look at the options and cash in. By the way, we need the money to use on one or two young and experienced players.

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