Arsenal make an ambitious offer for top striker including adding two of their own stars

Arsenal has been linked with an ambitious swoop for Inter Milan striker, Lautaro Martinez this summer and they have reportedly made an initial offer for him.

The Gunners have had a busy transfer window after adding the likes of Nuno Tavares, Ben White and Albert Sambi Lokonga to their squad.

However, The Express says they are not done yet and the next position that they want to strengthen is their attack.

It claims that the Gunners are eyeing a new striker and Lautaro Martinez is their primary target.

Signing the Serie A winner would be a huge coup, but Arsenal is still pushing ahead with their interest in him.

Journalist Pete O’Rourke on the Football Terrace podcast claims they have already made an opening offer to sign the 23-year-old this summer.

With money in short supply at the Emirates, he claims Arsenal included a player exchange in their bid.

The Gunners offered the Italians Alexandre Lacazette and Hector Bellerin, plus cash for the Argentinian.

However, he added that the offer didn’t please Inter, who are looking to sell the striker in a straight cash deal for around £65m.

After splashing £50m on White in this transfer window, Arsenal might struggle to meet that asking price.

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  1. No serious clubs with intent to win their league will ever consider AFC flops. Not even UCL aspiring teams like LC. Thank you Arsene for signing these fellas and playing “nice daddy” to them when he should have kicked their rear every time they missed a goal or let one in. For all the hype of Xhaka, Roma failed to stump up the cash. That says it all! Honor their contracts and let them walk free. Our title challenge will be once their all gone, maybe 2024-25 season

    1. @Loose Cannon
      You need to get out of your feelings dude. Wenger has been gone three years now. You can stop letting him live rent free in your head…

        1. This tranfer period , actually every transfer is really a pain and frustrating to follow. Arsenal always “interested”,scouting “,inquiring ” about a player but never buy. Our rivals in the premier league snatch them up for a cheap price or reasonal price that Arsenal refused to pay .Shame our Arsenal owners are soooo “interested “in improving the club but little or no money is coming from them to buy these players. The window is almost closing and only three players came on board .Why does it take so long to sell these flop players that is surplus to requirements .. Go and get Lautaro Martinez for Ars sake

      1. You must understand this arsenal team doesn’t have money to buy qualities players, as long as Stan Kroenke is still in charge and he doesn’t want to sell his share all their care is they want to make profit

    2. Well, a club signed Giroud from us and won both cl and el with him. Ramsey with Juve, Lucas with Atletico and LE Coq with Villarreal. Are you suffering from a memory loss or something.

  2. If arsenal can buy strikers with huge money arsenal will be ever better than before but they unwilling to take out money and buy better stiker I as arsenal fans advice arsenal management to buy good players

  3. Get it done. Laca and Bellering will be missed, but have to start stealing big clubs players. That’s what the biggest clubs do.

  4. IF these rumours are true, I can’t help but wonder what sweet nothings Arteta whispered in Balogun’s ear to convince him to sign.

    Unless Lacazette and Aubamayang are being shifted, I dont want a shiny new expensice striker pushing Balogun and Martinelli further down the pecking order. With no European football, Arteta needs to find playing time for our young guns. He can’t have it both ways.

    1. I think it’s just paper talk. Even if Laca goes, we still have Nketiah, Auba, Martinelli and Balogun. and what’s the point of another striker that will just block the progress of our young stars?

      I remember when we splashed 50m on Laca, and were STILL linked with Benzema haha! In ALL areas, the media are a joke these days!

  5. I think auba is all but done up front if we can replace laca. I think all things considered if we could stump up 35m laca and bellerin i think we could have a mutually beneficial deal. Everyone seems to forget laca is capable of scoring 30 goals a season. English league is harder. They wanted bellerin anyway. 35m and 100 from Chelsea would put them on sound financial footing and still have a strong team without having to spend. In fact they would probably lower their wage bill overall too. Pie in the sky thinking probably but still not beyond reason.

    1. Laca has never even scored 20 goals in a season for Arsenal and Serie A sees fewer goals. Ridiculous to claim he could score 30. Inter need cash.

      Every story that talks about player swaps is media nonsense. Nobody wants our rejects except occasionally on loan.

  6. as long as lacazette is here we aren’t getting another striker so won’t take these rumors too seriously. And still, focus must be on a creative 10 or that striker is useless.

  7. It baffles me seeing arsenal turning a lacklustre club,the club after my heart,when other are bringing out huge sum of money buying players we are even looking for a way to sell our fringe players,I don’t blame them I blame myself for loving them so much.

  8. So Arteta figured out Bellerin is not up to scratch, a year too late unfortunately. Should have taken the offer last Summer like most knew except Arteta.

    Now can’t sell Bellerin to anyone, can’t even swap + money either. Maybe because he’s a trash defender; but is tops with catwalks and fashion I hear.

    Glad he’s good at planting trees, he darn sure ain’t pulling up any with his playing.

    1. Durand. why has Arteta (who shared a dressing room with Bellerin) taken so long to work out what many of us have known for years?
      Bellerin is not only not good enough, but he has fallen out of love with football and his mind and interests are elsewhere. Move him on with any sale generating a profit.

      1. There are no sale offers for Bellerin, only a potential loan and even there he is not Inter’s first choice. You cannot sell without a buyer and Bellerin has almost no sale value.

        1. Some guy, Bellerin is on about £118k a week wages, so Arsenal save if they give him away, if he won’t buy out his contract. Mhikatarian paid Arsenal £500k to buy out his contract.

      2. Ozzie and Durand, it seems to me, more and more often as time passes, that MA fails to see MANY things that we fans clearly see.

        His supposed renewing of Xhakas contract when most on here have known he is crap for years, is a case in point.

        Willian? Me neither! MARTINELLI why so underused? Again, me neither! Elneny? God alone knows how this dud remains here all this time!

        Why is Bellerin STILL here? It can only be bad judgement by MA back when there was still a chance to offload him.

        Too many MA mistakes for too long and for me Xhaka renewing was the last straw.

        I do see also some good and wise things being done or at least attempted by MA, which is why I will refrain from publicly and actively calling for MA s head, though I’d still PREFER him gone when it happens.

        His intention and efforts to reduce the team average age is a good thing , so there is SOME perspective, but just not ENOUGH.

        1. jon, and Unai Emery is sitting with a smile on his face at Villarreal, looking forward to the new season including Champions League cometotion, his Arsenal contract payout in the bank and his Europa League championship medal on the mantle piece with his other three. 😁🥇🥇🥇🥇

  9. Auba was terrible last season
    Aubahas been terrible at preseason
    There’s no guarantee that Auba is coming back to his usual game soon. We need a striker.

    We can’t rely solely on the new comers all season. W need a big money striker. Balogun and Nketiah will take turns in subbing Auba every (10 minutes into the) 2nd half until he regains his form.

    James Madison and Emile Smith-Rowe will be used alternately as No. 10 throughout the season. (hopefully we get him to play behind) the strikers.

    Tammy Abraham @ [£35mil – £40mil] is not bad and he costs much less than Lautaro Martinez and he is conversant with the premier league

  10. Should cash strapped Inter Milan sell Lukaku to Chelsea for the reported fee, there is no way they will sell Lautaro Martinez as well. The Inter Milan Ultras would burn down the stadium, after they’d hung the Board from the rafters. One or the other will have to stay and Lukaku looks gone.

  11. Even if Inter get 120 million cash for Lukaku they will still not offer any cash for Bellerin,

  12. Man City bought Grealish
    Man U bought Sancho and Varane
    Chelsea might buy Lukaku
    Liverpool bought Konate, and Van Dijk is back on the team..

    Meanwhile, having finished 8th, we only bought Ben White.. Sighh…

    1. They all have players. We thave THE MIKEL ARTETA! Trust the process mate. The process would be to sink to league one then seek double promotions to the EPL in two years time.Mikel to the rescue. Leeds, Forest, Villa, Forest have have been there, so it would be some achivement from Mikel and his merry guitaristas to have some fun in the lower leagues. The wages and perks remain the same, wether they are top 4 or top 8 or bottom 3. Who cares? Neither the owner, nor the management, nor the coach/es nor the players. If they had some pride in themselves, they would have been serious with their profession.

  13. When you want someone get them, we doing the drogba thing all-over again.spxrs will spend the cash on him and he’ll score against us everyday all day

  14. It’s clearly evident Arteta is just gambling and experimenting. Just go for your target instead of dilly-dallying around. Seems he didn’t even know which choice to make!

  15. In the world of football today, i hardly see any team accepting player +cash for another player nowadays..its either straight swap no cash, or only cash…this pandemic period everyone is looking for the cash. If they sell they sell, if they acquire they acquire. Arteta is just wasting his time. Use the money and get bissouma and aouar and end it.

  16. We keep putting ourselves at the mercy of rivals, chelsea chasing lukaku makes it difficult for inter to release lautaro..there are other options and ones who are very willing to come to arsenal

  17. According to me we need either auoar or madison plus striker but the arsenal board cant afford to buy yet they have money

  18. Arteta is just an amateur. What other EPL owner would even give him a thought as manager. Kroenke and Son are fools to pick him. A sound financial choice? But an excellent ploy to distract the fans as to the purpose of not spending anywhere near what is now required to be a top 4 EPL team. Look at spending. No top 4 team buys 15M fill in squad players and starts them. Any good player coming to Arsenal must know his value will decrease 30 to 40% and his career is over.

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