Arsenal make bid for Zaha but only one way Palace will accept

It has now been confirmed by SkySports and David Ornstein that Arsenal have made a £40 Million bid for Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha.

That is all well and good but everyone and his uncle knows that the Eagles will dismiss such a bid out fo hand.

They have already made it clear that they value the Ivory Coast international at twice that amount and if anything, will feel that Arsenal is being disruptive with such a low bid.

It is now common knowledge that Zaha wants to join Arsenal and is agitating for a move, by tabling a bid Arsenal know full well this will make the situation at Selhurst Park a lot worse.

But it will make no difference at all, Palace simply will not sell at that amount and neither will they give into Zaha’s demands.

But there is a solution and that is if Arsenal chuck in one or two players, then Palace may deal.

Arsenal have quite a few players that are basically surplus to requirements, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Shkodran Mustafi and even Granit Xhaka and Alex Iwobi could be considered.

Arsenal could even offer to subsidise some of Mkhitaryan wages to make a cash plus player deal more palatable.

There are of course other players that can be thrown in, even some youngsters.

Arsenal will know that Palace will reject this opening offer and will be gearing up to make a second bid and it will be at that point that they will have to be creative.

This one will run and run and will become a transfer saga, that you can take to the bank.


        1. Haha well for 40 mil you’ll have a lot of thinking to do ? Brahimi is a player I like for a free bring him on board and ditch Iwobi or Mkh ?

          1. Oh Kev I’d happily ditch Iwobi & Mkhi!!
            Well if you like him, it’s good enough for me!! I knew today was going to be exciting ??

          2. Just offer palace our deadwoods and a few quid wrap this saga up and we need to wrap up Tierney deal asap ? if we could get Brahimi, Tierney and CB before we head to America I’ll be happy not overly happy but happy nonetheless Sue ?

          3. Yeah that’ll do, Kev… kill 2 birds with 1 stone & all that ?
            I’d be happy too (probably more than you!! ?)
            You ok anyway? So have you got your top yet? With I love Mesut on the back?! ?

          4. Haha I’m not buying any shirt Sue ? I don’t wear them anyway, if Kroenke goes I’d probably buy a training top ? exactly Sue but the way Algeria are playing it isn’t happening anytime soon ? I’m good thanks Sue ? you ?

          5. I’m not so sure Kev.. as we’ve seen how this pans out time & time again, right?!
            So have you been angling?! ?

          6. Well, you could get lucky this year Sue ? pre season gets underway on Saturday no more underwater selfies or sunbathing in Miami ? I was out last week felt a bit sick so called it a day after a few hours ?

          7. Ha yeah I saw that underwater selfie!! WTH!!!
            You did well to last a few hours!!
            I’m looking forward to Saturday… just think the league starts next month ?

          8. It was a bit bizarre wasn’t it Sue ? if he’s not sold this window the. Emery needs to go asap ? yeah and I was caught in traffic on the way home and was feeling nauseous bloody nightmare timing haha. I know crazy isn’t it already in July ? watched that Pet Semetary was ok until the end and then it got too crazy ?

          9. I agree Kev.. he has to go! Maybe he can go & be a manatee ?
            Oh jeez that wasn’t good!!
            It wasn’t as good as the original, was it?! I wanna watch Toy Story 4 ? Stranger Things 3 drops on Thursday… this is turning into a pretty good week, Kev ?

          10. I’d prefer a manatee at the back instead of him ? I love toy story ? no definitely not Sue ? it’ll be a good week if Arsenal manage to get a deal over the line these low ball bids are starting to annoy me it’s Luis Suarez all over again ?

          11. I’m absolutely gobsmacked that we even offered 40m, Kev!! UE must like Wilf!
            You’re so impatient – you’re worse than me ?
            And that’s saying something!!! Hahaha!!

          12. I don’t understand that bid Sue because surely they know that will never get accepted ? they’re quoted 80 so they bid half that they’re quoted 25 for Tierney bid 15 haha who’s making these bids ? ? I sure am Sue but just a little over 4 weeks left in the window ?

          13. I know but as much as I like him, that’s pretty much what I’d be willing to pay for him. I know the world has gone mad, but it’d be ridiculous to pay 80m!!! Not worth that. I hate to think, whoever it is, could be a clone of Ivan ? just over 4 weeks -plenty of time then ?

          14. Oh I agree, definitely not worth 40 mil but if they really want him really really want him go in with a 55 + 5 million in add-ons they don’t accept that then go for Sarr or Carrasco much cheaper options and for the millionth time please fix that defence ? haha definitely a clone Sue ? oh plenty of time ?

          15. It does make you wonder how much have we really got to spend though!! I nearly passed out hearing that we had actually bid 40m!!! ?

    1. To think that a £40 million offer will even move the needle is completely and utterly ridiculous. It won’t. And it hasn’t. Arsenal will need to do much more if they want to see Zaha pulling on the new Adidas strip next season.

  1. Zaha would be a good signing but we really need to strengthen the defence and more worrying Mustafi is still an Arsenal player ?

  2. Swap Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka and Iwobi for Zaha. Throw in Jenkinson and a large Tin of Roses chocolates or Ferrero Roche

    1. Haha tin of roses and quality street with Iwobi, Mkh and Mustafi should seal the deal ?

  3. Seeing he would be taken iwobis place then he would be surplus to requirements so we could offer him in any deal .that would be a great window for me .

    1. Dan kit, remember the “farcical bid” of £40,000,000 made for Suarez and how AW was absolutely hammered for it?

      Seems it is still happening, so I wonder who will get the blame for this one and the Tierney saga?

      Be interesting what the “vast majority” make of it, but I’m sure somewhere down the line AW’s name will crop up!!!

      Drip by drip the accusations unravel and it gives me no pleasure whatsoever.

      1. I’m pretty sure we both know mr wenger will get blamed by a certain few on here Ken.
        Don’t get me wrong Ken I was one of the wenger out club (the game had moved on Imo ),but I don’t sit here now blaming him for a poor last season .ive already seen on a different article a poster still saying emery needs 4-5windows and it’s still wengers rubbish.
        The buck stops with mr emery ,if he can’t get it right this season then we move forward with some else.
        No excuses for him this season .
        Just hoping hes learned how to entertain us with some better foot all than that dross we had to watch last season .

        1. Dan, I know your views on AW as did I from his last two seasons.

          I wasn’t even having a go at UE with this either.

          Just trying to remind everyone who blamed the previous regime for everything, but now still see the same scenario taking place, complaining bitterly and without the two most infamous men (in their eyes anyway) both long gone.

          1. I am sure Wenger’s name will crop again ken1945, considering the hundreds of millions he and Gazidis cost us over the years, especially recently. Letting your star player, and ONLY WC player get down to the last 6 months of his contract, and then swapping that player for one of United’s worst players, was one of the worst deals I have seen at ANY club! It’s just one of many examples of the sheer incompetence of the pair of them!

            And that incompetence over the years had a knock on affect, which is what we’re seeing now. If we had cashed in on Ramsey, Ozil, and Sanchez, that would have generated around £200 million for reinvestment. Not only did we get ZERO for those three, we’re now wasting massive wages on Ozil, and Miki.

            So we could have easily bought Zaha if we hadn’t wasted so much money.

          2. @Dan kit

            So you’re saying that constantly letting all of your biggest assets leave for free, or at knock down prices, is good business?

            Now who’s talking guff!

  4. Arsenal that is rumoured to about 45 million is bidding 4o million for one player. What is there plan then?

    1. Dan kit, did you notice he didn’t address the current situation regarding the transfer fiasco.

      It was TMJW who shouted from the heavens about the Sanchez offer and yet he doesn’t give any reason why this is still happening..just the same old AW, Ozil, Myk.

      Then he blames AW for Ramsey leaving for nothing…TWO YEARS AFTER trumpeting the news that would save The Arsenal, when gazidiz announced the three wise men would take over control of ALL TRANSFERS, CONTRACTS AND SALARIES.

      This was to be the new era, when things would change and yet…

      By the way TMJW, have you bothered to work out yet just how much AW bought into the club with his teams qualifying for top four, Cl and 7 fa cup wins, that then produced sponsorship deals,and favourable TV rights?
      Of course you haven’t…your so blinded by your passionate dislike of the man, you don’t bother to do your homework on him.

      I’ll give you a clue, start looking past the billion pound mark and then some!!
      If you need any help, the fa, wickipedia sites etc will give you the figures to start adding up.
      We could have easily afforded Zaha? We could easily have afforded twenty Zaha’s.

    1. Because we are not in for anyone else apart from teirney despite what people on here post (no names mentioned)

    1. Declan, I’ve questioned this on the post regarding AMN.

      Wasn’t we told by the “vast majority” that this nonsense would be sorted once the two men concerned for these farcical transfer situations had left the club.

      They have left…so were we told porky pies by the “vast majority” who were convinced this would never happen again?

      Wonder who will get the blame now?

  5. U re all wrong. Is there any winger right in the arsenal squad that is better Iwobi? No, i guess. We might just be making another Gnabry mistake again. So for me, i would really,really, love to see the likes of Elneny,Mustafi,Ozil and Miki included in the deal it will make a perfect sense. I bet you, we will win the league without those players even if we didnt sign anyother player.

  6. Yawn, yawn, Arsenal bid 40 million for Zaha. Why do we hold ourselves up for ridicule with these pathetic low bids for players that aren’t going to be taken seriously. And ffs can we just bid 25 million for Tierney and get it done before somebody else comes in and nabs him. We really are pathetic when it comes to signing players.

    1. Marty…and to think we were all lied to when the “vast majority” told us it will all bee different under the new regime.

      We are STILL the laughing stock of the premier league when it comes to negotiating skills.

      1. I agree RSH. Tierney, Fraser and Duff for me would be a successful window.
        People react to rumours, just because the media comes out with clickbait. £40 million is all Zaha is worth in my opinion, yet Crystal Palace believe he is worth as much as Eden Hazard. Arsenal have never advertised who they are interested in, yet the media associates the Club with enough players every window to fill 4 squads.
        As far as comparisons to Suarez from Liverpool, the £40 million was supposedly based on a buy out clause.
        As far as ken1945’s “three wise men”, Emery is employed as “coach”, not “manager” and Sven Mislattat left, most probably because the transfer budget was well below his expectations on joining Arsenal. Any transfer dealing failures will be due to Raul and the Board. At least we are not hearing that there are no decent players in the market, to defend Kroenke and the Board not spending money.

    2. Well said. Why are we even chasing Zaha to begin with?????? I don’t understand! Tierney and Fraser, then sell some deadwood, and get a CB, and we’ll call it an okay transfer window. Why in the world we want to blow everything on Zaha is beyond comprehension.

      1. I absolutely agree with both ozziegunner and RSH on this.

        Oz, I’m not blaming UE, why do you always think I am?
        What I am saying is that we were promised a new revolution because AW had been taken out of the equation….but here we are, TWO YEARS LATER, with the same scenarion…now do you see my point?

        RSH, to blow £80,000,000 on Zaha, even if we had a kitty of £180,000,000 would be crazy. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned him being another manure cast off.
        More to the point, Tierney and Fraser are areas of the pitch that are desperately due for new investment.
        My only difference with your post is at CB – give our youngster a chance.

  7. In an alternative reality we buy Saha and in his first match against C Palace….. the Palace team includes Jenkinson, Monreal, Mkhi, Xhaka, Mustafi, Iwobi, Suarez and Kalstrom !

  8. Oh… the thrill of a transfer window as an AFC supporter.

    It’s like wanting a shiny new sports bike for xmas and getting a pair of knitted socks instead.

    Sell mustafi on gumtree and Ozil to anyone who would have him

  9. If all things go right we will have a front four of Zaha, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Brahimi very mouth watering.

    Just me raising my hopes high though.

  10. Zaha will happen, I’ve been saying hoping for this one for a while. At 26 he will hit a new level and can drive up our quality, how we get him now remains to be seen but I can’t see arsenal being allowed to let this slip given the past fiascos. I’m just hoping we won’t be funding by selling a player we want to keep. Ozil is going nowhere unfortunately but maybe one or two of our other fringe/deadwood players may get moved on. My dream now is for maguire from Leicester, if only!

  11. News just in arsenal have upped the offer to 40 million plus Mustafi. Palace have rejected the offer stating they would now only accept the 40 million

    1. Brilliant Dan the cannon – absolutely brilliant!!!!

      At least we can still laugh at ourselves as a club, I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time !!!!!!!

  12. For me, 40m opening bid isnt too low for Zaha, anyone thinking we bid too lowly is either overestimating d guy or underestimating the fee. I dont expect us pay over 50m for him, he worth less than 50m anyway, anything over that is stupidity. CP may reject the over but realistically they cant be unreasonable except they dont want to accept any bid.

    1. Thank you, 40m is not low for an opening bid,if arsenal bid 60m palace will hold us to ransom and demand 80m.

    2. Wan Bisaka just went for 50mill+. They aren’t being unreasonable to at least want more than that. If Arsenal want to get serious they had to at least offer more than what United just paid for their RB. It’s a joke offer.

  13. Wan Bissaka is way younger, Zaha would probably have no resale value 50-55m max or we move on to other targets.

  14. Well, Zaha being a secret Arsenal fan maybe the reason to consider a second bid, the club is rumoured to have around 40M to 45M pounds as budget plus Ospina sale, then Adidas money, therefore, this bid is not too low for the player in question,though an improved bid could be in the offing but it should not be more than 50M to 60M in total valuation. Let just be watching as things pan out for the club in this transfer window.

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