Arsenal make first move on signing La Liga wonderkid – Our mystery winger?

There has been much talk about the identity of Arsenal’s ‘mystery winger’ target since they lost out on the Brazilian star Raphinha, but the latest rumours are saying that the Gunners are now moving in for the Villarreal 19 year-old star Yeremy Pino.

The Mail are reporting that it is Arsenal that are leading the race and have made the first move to sign the starlet, who has already notched up 48 appearances for the Yellow Submarines despite his tender age.

But the Spanish football media giants AS are not so certain whether it is Arsenal or Liverpool who are the main suitors as they reported this morning: As AS announced yesterday, Villarreal has before it the interest of a major club in the Premier League to take Yeremy Pino. While waiting to find out if the approach comes from Arsenal or Liverpool, it seems that the Castellón club could soon have an offer between 40 and 50 million euros on its table. An amount that would solve any economic problem that the club may have had in order to assemble a team for this campaign, since if confirmed it would become the highest transfer in the history of the yellow submarines.

Pino would certainly fit into Arteta’s youth policy but personally it could be a risk taking a 19 year-old starlet and trying to get him settled in a new country, but if he is set to be ‘one for the future’ like Marquinhos, then perhaps he could gain some experience in the cups until he is ready to fight for a place in the Arsenal first team?


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  1. I can’t honestly see us spending that much if we still have Pepe in the squad and with Marquinhos apparently impressing then perhaps another winger is not required at all.

  2. I hope we can’t afford him and we pull out. There’s nothing special about the kid, really nothing special. I’d rather we get Pedro Neto whose end product will improve with better players around him than this kid.
    Nelson would deserve the chance over him, but since he’s a brand new shiny toy, I expect fans to jump on the hype train

    1. And what makes you the expert on him? hes 19 and we mainly are looking at a saka understudy…does it not make more sense?

      Do you think Neto will be happy to go from a starter to a backup? how will this improve his development and hype train? personally I havnt noticed anything particularly exceptional with the Neto hype train.

        1. Please tell him.
          50Million for a kid who can’t push Saka and who is nothing close to Saka. Why not just give the opportunity to Nelson and Marquinhos?
          This fanbase, mental them lots

      1. “And what makes you the expert on him?”

        I might not be an expert, but perhaps because I’ve actually watched him play a couple of times unlike you and the other folks who will feed on YouTube comps?
        Also, 19 and 50million to be a backup as you say instead of proper competition. How does it make sense to you?
        The kid is not half of what Saka is and he’s supposed to come be a competition for him?
        Rather stick with Marquinhos, Pepe and Nelson.

        “Do you think Neto will be happy to go from a starter to a backup?”

        No, Neto won’t be coming here as a backup, he’d be coming as the same thing Raphinha was supposed to be for Saka, proper competition and not backup.
        I don’t see Barca or Chelsea being in for him, so why won’t he make the step up from Wolves to Arsenal?
        Perhaps you should watch Neto play more often then instead of highlights? Then you’d see he’s to Wolves what Raphinha was to Leeds

      2. Does Saka needs an understudy?
        We need a competitive team with quality players. No one is guaranteed a place in the starting 11.
        By the way, Pepe is a top quality player and can deliver. Arteta needs to look in the direction of Pepe and Reis Nelson.
        We should rather add 2 quality Midfielders( Tielemans and Neves) to the squad.

        The Central midfield is what needs attention. Am injury to Partey and the midfield becomes a joke. That was what cost us top4 last season.

    2. Eddie, I dont see how Neto is available outside of internet rumors. He has a solid FIVE year contract with Wolves, who have not indicated at all they want to sell. Their position with Neto is even stronger than Ruben Neves’ who they shut everyone out with by demanding teams pay 100mill for him. No reason they cannot do the same thing with Pedro Neto. he’s not leaving this summer unless Arsenal pay beyond silly money for him.

  3. We already have pepe and nelson who need gametime why go for pino who is very average. If we are to get a backup winger why not go for someone like olise. We also need a midfielder and are spending 33 million for a backup rw but can’t spend 32 on tielemans?

  4. Maybe if the club didn’t let Omari Hutchinson go we wouldn’t have to spend transfer funds on a player who IMO is not a step up from Hutchinson and definitely not worth 33m ,also we already have Pepe who can do the job if only given the chance ,Marquinho also ,spending countless monies will only get you so far (and we have spent enough )why not use what we already have rather than eating money on a position that IMO does not need filling .

  5. He’s too young for God’s sake…..We need experience or we will fell short again…G.Jesus and Zichenko make us better but we need at least a medfielder and a winger….

  6. Hard to see this as reality. Just more journalistics twaddle on a slow news day trying to fill a 24hr news cycle with… something… anything.

    How would this look to the players? Marquinhos just arrived and would be gutted if a new 19 yr old started playing in the 1st team.

    Hutchinson already left with too many people ahead of him, how many more would feel the same? And with Pepe still around and the clock ticking… I can’t see it.

    Where did this “mystery winger” thing come from btw?

  7. Add Arsenal name to any transfer rumor and your comment section turn into overload,
    The news says that they are not sure which team is biding for the player so why not just Add Arsenal name to It because they the jurno are saying we are still looking for mysterious winger in the Tomb of Transfer Ground.
    Fans are already calling the Club names when u yourself knows that the team still has Pepe, Nelson and Manquinhos in the team and none of them is going anywhere as of today.
    Pls when we read news let us also try and use our head to THINK FOR OURSELF before we start calling people or the club names.

  8. Anyone got an idea where this “mystery winger” rumour came from?
    Haven’t seen anything official from the club, except that we are still looking to strengthen certain areas?
    Does anyone REALLY think that we need to look at the wing situation, when one injury could leave our midfield in a very precarious situation, when we are in four competitions?

    1. Well we were interested in Raphinha as widely reported so we must have some kind of interest on the wing position ,I’m not sure why but…..

      1. Good point DK, but were we “officially” interested in him?
        I read a report that it was widely made available by the player’s agent, that he only wanted a move to Spain.
        Lots of talk about us losing out on him, but nothing from the club to back that assumption up.

        1. Only what I saw on sky sports and a few other respectable news agents ,we were definitely interested Ken

  9. Let’s go get Cody Gakpo sign who can serve us better as a good competition or back up at any position upfront . Also get an experienced, offensive and attacking minded number 10 who is fearless unlike odegaard , maybe lucas paqueta.. pino is not our priority now..

    1. He doesn’t back up Saka. He plays at LW of CF. Any attacker we get need to be capable of playing on the right.

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