Arsenal make key signing in race for Premier League

I have been banging on for over two years now about how, if Arsenal did not have bad luck then we would have no luck at all. Some of that feeling came from decisions by referees and their assistants and some from the cup draws we wre getting, but mostly it was down to the crippling and seemingly never ending injury crisis at the club.

Arsene Wenger certainly took the problem seriously enough and he set in motion a thorough study of the problems afflicting our players. Some of those problems were unavoidable and a normal part of being a professional footballer, like Jack Wilshere’s ankle damage from bad tackle last season and Mathieu Debuchy damaging his shoulder after being needlessly launched into the advertising boards by one of the thugs at Stoke City.

But it also seemed to take us longer to get our players back and our injury problems seemed to keep coming back and this led to a couple of changes to the backroom staff, with Shad Forsythe being appointed head of performance enhancement after a successful decade with the Germany national team and James Haycock replacing Declan Lynch as the club physio.

And now Arsenal have made another key signing in an attempt to keep the injury problems to a minimum, with The Mirror reporting that the coach Barry Solan is set to start working alongside Forsyth.

I really believe that our injury issues have been the main thing holding us back in the last couple of years and so this signing could well be a big boost to our title chances. Do you agree?

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  1. hahahaha…”key signing in race for the premier league”.
    What a joke!!
    First of all, I still look at the team sheet and we have Giroud as the 1st choice striker. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. It would be great if we could get a forward this summer, one who would could either complement Giroud, or offer a different tactical approach for when having Giroud on isnt working. Regardless of how anyone may feel the fact of the matter is that Arsenal wont be getting rid of Giroud anytime soon (regardless of how much people may dislike him, and i’m not all that fond of him, i mean he’s ok but there is better..)

  2. Good signing. It’s been reported that Barry solan is one of the most respected healers of the northern water tribe…in all seriousness, at least the injury issues are being acknowledged and someone at arsenal is trying to remedy them. It would be nice to finally see an arsenal side play without long term injuries to key players. Onwards and upwards

  3. I really DON’T believe that our injury issues have been the main thing holding us back in the last couple of years and so. Yes it’s been a big issue but NOT the only issue. Players leaving and lack of quality, belief, injuries and some tactical mistakes mostly against big teams( example no real DM and playing high defensive line) have been the big issues if we are to be honest.

    It’s seems like some of those issues are now being addressed and thats good news for us all.
    I think it’s common sense that if you want too succeed at something then you can’t always blame it on bad luck, injuries or referees because it won’t help us.

    Every man and his dog knows that we are getting stronger and stronger now and the good times
    finally seems to be back! We still need to add signings and grow stronger as team in order to be a real force again and to challenge the biggest ones like Barca and Bayern in UEFA Champions League.
    I just hope that Wenger don’t think that he has all time in the world because world class players
    like Sanchez and Ozil don’t. Let’s show them why they chose us!!

    1. I dont know which Arsenal you have been watching but injury has been major factor, more specificly dependency on certain players and a lack of squad depth.. i remember and im sure many here do when we would loose important players and we knew then our season was over, because the players who were on the bench were sub par at best and didn’t bring anything to improve the team. Although know we are in a stronger position, but frequent squad rotation is needed, to keep both the starting 11 fresh and to give the rest of the squad players game time.. because you can’t just send someone on the pitch and hope they would continue the same form and bring the same intensity as say someone like sanchez… touchwood if he was to get injured.

  4. According to Muzzi Ozcan twiiter Seems like Man Utd will be hijacking a great deal!
    I hope its not a top striker Benzema or Lewandowski.

  5. I hate when Wenger keeps us all waiting…. What? Everyone knows what Arsenal need to be complete, everyone except Arsene Wenger… That’s annoying!!!!

    1. Those sort of remarks never make sense to me, for one Wenger is the one who put this sqaud together so remember that before you start thinking another man would know how to go the extra.

      If we did have someone else in well then we would have a different striker yeah, also a couple different def mids yeah and some different centre backs… of course.

      But we would also not have Bellerin Kos Monreal Coquelin Cazorla Rosicky Rambo Jack Theo Sanchez and the rest of Wengers buys. Wenger is the one who put it all in place so how can you say everyone else knows how to get the business done, you theory is redundant.

  6. I dnt knw why ppl keps saying we ar strong, if barcelona that won evrythng last year bt stil improvs thn why cnt arsnl that only won 2 fa in 10 yrs claiming tht we ar strngr, itz time 2get rid of any1 who lags behind!

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