Arsenal make Napoli look ordinary with easy win in Italy

There are very people that predicted an easy Arsenal win last night considering that Napoli are the second best team in Italy and had only lost once at home to Juventus all season. But we made it look easy and controlled the game from the beginning, and once Lacazette scored the opening goal it was like a walk in the park for the lads.

Petr Cech kept his second clean sheet against the free-scoring Italians and sounded quite surprised at how easy it was! “It was a very difficult game but we made it look easier because we played really well.” Cech said. “We controlled the game really well and we defended really well too. We scored the goal which was very important for us and it gave us a big advantage after the first leg. Then we defended really well and created some good opportunities going forward, so we could have scored a second goal.

“Napoli are a fantastic team who always score a lot of goals, especially here at home, so to keep two clean sheets is obviously something [positive]. We’ve done really well and we can be happy with our defensive organisation. We scored in an important moment today and we scored in the first half at home too, which was almost the perfect game in the first leg, so this is something that we want to carry on. Today is a perfect example that when you play as a team and you’re ready and help each other, you will be fine.”

So now we are in the semi-finals against Valencia, where Emery was coach for four years. It may be a sentimental return for our manager, but he seems determined to make history by becoming the first coach to win four Europa Leagues and also to bring a European trophy to Arsenal, a feat our previous manager couldn’t manage in 22 years…


  1. We did indeed! Well done boys… looking forward to the semi, with Coquelin & Gabriel returning to the Emirates… and for a split second the thought of a north London derby super cup popped into my mind ……

    1. They are not regular starters, aren’t they

      Before facing the Bats, we have to overcome two tough away games in EPL first

      Ramsey is injured, hence I predict Ozil or Mkhitaryan would start in those away games. I hope Emery would give Iwobi a chance to play centrally behind Aubameyang and Lacazette instead

      1. I think the Everton and Watford games proved Ozil lacks the backbone to play a tough match away from home without the crowd’s support and referee being forced to answer to his wimps when he goes to ground every 2 minutes. However, I believe he will shine in our remaining home games and might actually mastermind our expected home victories.

        Ultimately I would like him to be sold and replaced with a stronger, more effective player who can play both home and away fixtures. The rest who I would wish to be sold are; El Neny, Mkhitaryan and Mustafi (I know I’ve supported him for a while but I’ve finally seen the light and accepted he is hopeless). Those on probation are Guendozi and Iwobi though Iwobi it must be said has been improving.

        That’s all guys, my opinion is neither superior to the rest nor intended to offend anyone, it’s just exactly what it is, an opinion.

        1. This is probably what is going to happen. This is why Ramsey is such a loss for the rest of the season. We have nobody to play in that attacking role away from home. It will have to be Miki, who is poor 9/10 times. When does Suarez come back? It would be nice to give him a go. Can’t be worse than Ozil away from home and Miki in general…

    2. Coquelin won’t be returning Sue, he’s suspended ? there will also be no north London derby super cup Liverpool, Barcelona or Ajax will play Arsenal in that cup I’m certain of that ? anyway you have a great day Sue, enjoy the win and say hi to Coco ?

        1. Won’t make a difference anyway Sue he’d get lost in Torreiras pocket ? it’ll probably not be all that great but thanks Sue ? ? found one ? ?

          1. Why not, have you lost your lightsaber?! ?? sorry couldn’t resist!
            Oh he’d jump in his pocket as the EL music is playing ?
            Well I found that bloody paw print now ?

            1. Haha damn right he would ? gameiro vs Emery as well ? no I keep that under my bed Sue ?

                1. Speaking of Europa League music, that song is highly irritating! The composer should be up in court for that disaster piece ?? thanks Sue, I’m useful for something then ?

                  1. Yeah I don’t like it… luckily it doesn’t last too long! Sure thing – wasted on here! Surely there are some stand up comedy venues that need a Kevin on their stage ?

                    1. Maybe they could use the first man moon landing theme ? haha I’m not so sure about stand up Sue but I’ll keep that in mind ? if I ever do make it I’ll give you a job as my PA ?

                    2. Tottenham will love that for next season I’ll even tune in for the lineups just to hear it ? not everyone is as blessed as you are they ?

  2. Emery’s 3-4-1-2 and the players’ determination in EL are simply too strong for a Serie A runner-up. In my opinion, Koulibaly is overrated

    If Emery can bring the European trophy to the club, it would be fantastic since this is his first season at an English club

    I just hope he would not end up like Juande Ramos at Tottenham. Won the League Cup in his first season and forced to pack his bag in the next season

    1. I agree with you about Koulibaly, a very poor, over hyped defender.
      Let’s all hope that Man U sign him as is rumoured?

  3. It’s going to be an Arsenal vs Chelsea final. But Chelsea won’t be able to handle us. It’s coming home men!

  4. I was totally pleased with Emery Tactics against Napoli. When I saw the line up, I knew we will go through. I predicted a 2:1 win in our favour but pleased with the 1goal and of course clean sheet

    I also love that kit… Red short look good too. Better than out away kit in terms of performance too lol

    1. Apparently we were not permitted to wear our usual white shorts as they clashed with Napoli’s shorts?

  5. Sue might just be right. Tottenham might be the one. Qualifying ensures they have a chance no matter how slim. The chances are also that they fall flat on their faces. Whatever the case, all that matters is that we lift the Europa Cup.

  6. I never at any moment doubted we would dispatch Napoli, and their shocking attacking display last week only served to confirm to me that was the case. Likewise I am certain we will dispatch Valencia. Chelsea on the other hand will be a problem. Am 50/50 on that one.

    1. please dont be so confident Valencia is on the form of their lives and they have some fantastic players like Guedes. We have to treat every single game like a final from here on out.

      1. Exactly Gizzle; one game at a time. Arsenal now need to direct their attention to Crystal Palace.

  7. Kocielny has been reborn and is playing as well as I have ever seen him. Should Emery rest him for the Crystal Palace match?

    1. Grandad, no Koscielny should not be rested as Socrates is suspended for this match (his second due to excessive yellow cards).

  8. We are FIRING OUR GUNS BEYOND SKY LIMITS. Am thinking of final Played between Liverpool and Sevilla, should we make it to final, our opponent will encounter the same scenerio. Come our rival chealsea, they will not escape UE’s SWORD.

  9. Any side worth their salt would have beaten Arsenal last night. They say we defended well. Really? Napoli’s midfield overwhelmed us and they had so many chances. But their finishing was dreadful. Arsenal look like they are running on empty. Apart from his goal, Lacazette was very poor. As usual, Kolasinac, Iwobi and Obameyang lacked the final touch. Their collective skills levels are a big worry. Mikatarian was bereft of anything. So while im a big supporter of the gunners, im afraid I predict some disappointment going forward in these closing epl games.

    1. Get real Richard; how many goals did Arsenal miss over both legs?
      Napoli have only lost to Juventus and Arsenal this season at home, yet people never give credit to Arsenal. It is always that the oposition plays poorly.
      My concern is that Aubameyang has lost his confidence in front of goal; he is failing to finish too many good chances.

    2. Richard, I think the truth, as I see it anyway, lies around halfway between your post and Ozziegunner, who challenged your view. Cech had very little to save and that to me is a strong marker of how little real pressure we were under. I agree both teams finishing was poor at Emirates and Napolis last night too. I also agree our defence is suspect in general, putting it mildly. But last night the team and club and esp our fabulous and grossly underrated manager deserve huge and well earned credit. Just my take!

      That there are some on here who STILL criticise Emery and even wish him gone is way beyond insanity, IMO! I also agree with ozzie about Auba losing his touch of late.

    3. Napoli only have two good chances. The Callejon 1v1 and the Milik header. And the 1v1 was down to Aubameyang being foolish. Besides for that, we also had two clear chances and scored one of them. You have to remember we travelled to a stadium where only Juve have won this season. Liverpool and PSG didn’t even fare well there. 2nd half we completely killed the game and we didn’t need to be pretty with our passing to do it. Just frustrating at team and sitting a bit deep to kill off any chances is what is required to win sometimes.(Think how many times that was done to us and WE called Arsenal horrible). Emery did a fantastic job coaching this game.

  10. Am happy we won yesterday. We didn’t play particularly well but Laca made the difference. My man of the match by a million. For me Emery is doing an average job, as to every manger there are good days and there are bad day. But we have both on almost the same scale. We were shockingly bad at Watford and we have a decent day at Naples. I was more disappointed in Napoli than I was surprised with Arsenal (2 goals up already) Napoli only huffed and buffed, and did nothing remarkable with the ball in front our our net.

    1. Pat, Arsenal at this stage of the season is in the semi final of the Europa League and currently in 4th position competing for a Champions League place. Where was Arsenal positioned in the EPL last season at this stage?
      Unai Emery has been an outstanding success, given he has followed Arsene Wenger after 22 years and Arsenal has avoided the issues encountered by Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson.
      The majority of sensible people and pundits believe he has done an outstanding job.

    2. Pat , I must strongly take you to task over the “Enery is doing an average job” jibe. To me that is ludicrous, unfair and unconsidered. How you can possible think that of a man who took over the worst defence this club has had since Invincibles and before George Graham, many years backward in time too, is plain daft! Emery has had bad days; there you are correct. BUT look at what he has achieved with that hopeless defence, little help from Kroenke, holes throughout the whole squad esp at CB and winger, is way, way above par or what any realistic fan had any right to expect. Our squad is far weaker than all our top six rivals , YET we stand only a missed Auba penalty from being above Spurs as well as we now stand above Chelsea and United. I say you need your head examined and a dose of fairness injected into your veins, Pat! Nothing personal PAT AND I RESPECT YOU AS A GREAT GOONER BUT WHAT YOU SAID WAS GROSSLY UNTRUE!

      1. Jon Fox, we were in this same stage of Europa League last season, our top 4 should be in consideration with other teams competing in Top with us, Chelsea is having a shocker of a season, same as Man U, we hardly win at home, he bought players to add to what we have which was more than a decent squad, only Jack Wilshere left and he wasn’t particularly playing well last season. If we all could say what we said on Monday against Watford then am sorry the addition and subtraction equals average. We have had disgraceful performances this season more than 3 times (not bad performances, disgraceful). So I am someone who puts everything together into perspective before making my judgment. It will be a reasonable season if we win Europa or finish in top 4 but for me with clear cut evidences, he has done an average job. Maybe he will improve next season but so is Chelsea and Man U. We are not a very good team yet. If anyone feels my comment is wrong please provide a better statistics.

          1. Once again Pat you deflect to Chelsea and Manchester United (according to you) having poor seasons. Does this mean you agree that both have superior squads and are underperforming? In my view you are unfairly underrating Unai Emery’s impact over the whole season. What will make you happy; Arsene Wenger is not coming back?

    3. Far beyond average. Worst defense in top 6, no good wingers, above average, overall inconsistent midfield, just 70mill spent in the summer ( which is nothing now). We are hitting above our weight being in 4th position. And if we win Europa League, he’s had more than a fantastic season. We haven’t won a European trophy in ages.

  11. I think we can defeat Valencia
    Will be very tough but we can do it.
    I’m happy that our first match will be a home match like against Napoli. We need to take advantage of that.

    I reckon that out of Arsenal, Chelsea, Frankfurt and Valencia we have the best strikers with Aubameyang and Lacazette

    I think on the other side Chelsea will qualify for the Final. They will probably have too much for Frankfurt

  12. It wasn’t classic performance but a performance that wasn’t needed for the result. Nicely measured and controlled approach.

    1. I thought it was a classic performance, that oozed quality. We were the main threat in the 1st half, got our goal, and then changed it up tactically to defend what we had. We defended really well, and Napoli could barely create anything. Even in the 2nd half when we were defending more, we still created the better opportunities to score.

      Emery’s first away win against a top side, and a brilliant performance to boot!

  13. We did what we have to do but Napoli was shocking with ball passes in front of our goal, how many shots went completely out of our 18, how many miss passes, how many offsides. I will say we defended well but Napoli were very poor on goals.

    1. Pat, once again you give no credit to Arsenal for making Napoli (currently second best in Italy and unlucky to drop out of the Champions League) play poorly.

  14. Sokratis showed such leadership during this game that I was frankly stunned. Can’t recall last time a Gunner did. His calmness with the Napoli players was great to see.

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