Arsenal make offer for young forward but do we really need him?

Arsenal are continuing their quest to sign up quality talent with the latest rumour revealing that they have tabled a bid of £12million for Club Brugge striker Emmanuel Dennis.

We are not the only club said to have put in bids, French outfit Lyon has also made a bid for the same amount and Turkish giants Fenerbahce are weighing up their options.

The 21-year-old scored seven goals and two assists from 26 appearances last season and so not exactly prolific but he has clearly done enough to attract the attention of some high profile clubs.

The one very good positive about the young Nigerian striker is he does come at an affordable price in these days of inflated valuations and we do need to replace Danny Welbeck in the squad but questions will be asked why spend any money on a young striker from an average league when we have extremely talented youngsters already.

It would be one thing if he had knocked in 20 goals or even scored seven in La Liga but that is not the case and I cannot help thinking that our own youngsters will not be impressed with any of this and may even question why they should remain at Arsenal.

I would rather see Bukayo Saka, Eddie Nketiah or even Folarin Balogun given a chance rather than spending £12 Million on a player that we would probably do not really need.


  1. shedzy says:

    We may need a couple of forwards – one to replace Wellbz – and another if we sell Laca or Auba, which surely is possible – think about it, we seem close to buying quite a few players at the mo, with our ‘£40m’ budget………. presumably, we buy before we sell, otherwise if we sell first then the clubs we look to buy from will hold us to ransom……..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Welbeck has been replaced by Nketiah. If Arsenal get another striker, they would send a bad message to their young strikers, due to the lack of chances and promotions

      If Arsenal sell one of our 60+ M strikers, they had better get an excellent headed goalscorer. Giroud used to save our a$$es in the last thirty minutes of the games and that strategy was pretty good to make us clinch a top four spot

      Prefer Arsenal to get wide forwards/ wingers instead of getting another finisher

  2. gotanidea says:

    We don’t need another striker like Moussa Dembele, Fyodor Chalov and him. His attacking stats are not good either

    Arsenal need to get wide players that can break or disrupt the opposition’s defense, not another striker that can only wait in the front for tap-ins

    If they really want to get another striker, they have to get a towering target man to give us more varieties in attacking. Paul Onuachu is a monster in the air and would be available at a bargain price, due to his contract expiry date

  3. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    If he is auba or laca replacement, then hell no. If he is Welbeck replacement then use Eddie N. Another no. There is no one reason to use 25% of our budget on a short young striker from Belgian league with these stats. Championship club ambition.

  4. ForeverGooner says:

    This is one of he reasons I am not keen on selling Lacazette or Aubameyang. Because I don’t think we will use the funds wisely. We should use the money on a Top winger who is a goal scorer and assist maker OR an equally good striker. We have a habit of getting worse players

    I think we are blessed having Aubameyang and Lacazette. Replace Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Mustafi first. But not at the expense of losing a Top attacker

    1. Gilberto says:

      You’ve forgotten that Rambo also went my friend!
      If he is replaced by one between Denis Praet, Nicolo Barella, Adrien Rabiot or Yuli Tielemans that’s ok.
      But also a central Defender , and a strong left-footed winger are needed.
      The problem is that Emery was not given enough budget and I fear one between Laca and Auba will be sold to raise funds.

  5. Midkemma says:

    Personally, I hope this rumor doesn’t come true.
    We have youth who can step up (Eddie really needs to gain experience!) and if we wanted to get in a player to replace Welbroke then look at Liverpool, they have Sturridge who is out of contract on the 1st July.

  6. dennie says:

    another striker??we dont need him at all

  7. Samson says:

    We already have welberk replacement in our ranks willock,nketia,saka, Nelson they can all do the job for us

  8. Kev82 says:

    7 goals? He’s bound to light up the premier League then!

    1. Sue says:

      Absolutely, Kevin!! How are you?
      These rumours are doing my head in!!

      1. Kev82 says:

        I’m good Suzanne thanks ? how are you? Yeah hardly exciting rumours either ? we must be skint if we’re going after these type of players.. irony is we’ll struggle to get them as well ?

        1. Sue says:

          Good! Yeah I’m ok thanks. I know, they’ll probably turn us down!! Oh the joys… darts is on tonight.. oh & the women’s world cup starts tonight (no Eastenders ?) you may catch a glimpse of Alex ?☺

          1. kev82 says:

            What next Frimpong, Jon Toral Harper, some guy who banged in 2 goals in 4 years in the Faroe Islands division 2 ? ? No Phil Mitchell for you tonight ? haha as a appealing as that sounds I’m gonna give women’s football a miss ? so how was work Sue did you get much stick ?

          2. Sue says:

            Frimpong’s retired ?? I hate to think who we’ll end up with.. ha I preferred Grant anyway! I was actually shocked – it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting (the p**s taking or the bragging) was beginning to think they’d been possessed or taken over by a men in black alien! Unless they’re gonna spring it on me when I least expect it! I haven’t been to the pub yet though ???

          3. kev82 says:

            Haha has he ? I didn’t know ? oi get out of my pub ? I liked EE when Johnny Allen was in it ? haha you expecting it bad down your local then Sue ! ? I watched the Brazil Qatar game the other night and Neymar got a bad injury, Qatar actually looked ok … They’re also playing in the Copa America ?

          4. Sue says:

            Haha you’re a closet Enders fan ?
            It’s gonna be brutal in the pub, Kev…that’s why I’m delaying it ??
            Did you watch your man last night? What a header!!

          5. kev82 says:

            Oh yeah De Ligt the boy is a goalscorer ? he did give away a pen but surely the goal cancels that out ? Hope the Dutch win but Ronaldo might have something to say about that! A hat-trick the other day 34 years old and still making a mug out of defenders he’s a phenomenon ? you might have to find a new boozer Sue ? Lol.. luckily I don’t drink alcohol so I won’t have that problem although I put up with enough c**p at work ? haha I guess it won’t be back on due to this world cup thing ?

          6. kev82 says:

            52 hat-tricks something like that Sue ? ? Or did I hear it wrong?

          7. Sue says:

            Xhaka did help Ronaldo though ? commentator said it was his 53rd.. sheesh!!! That is amazing!! Was a good game.. reckon that’ll be really good against Holland!
            Yes a new boozer.. don’t always drink, but might have to when I go, as I’m quite feisty after a couple of pints ?
            They’d better not cancel EE!! ? feel for you at work, bad enough having to go anyway, without all that crap!!

          8. kev82 says:

            Well if reports are true he could be on his way to inter Milan ? actually he’d be very good in Serie A it would suit his game much more ? it sure will Sue, who do you think will win ? You’ll have another meltdown if they do ? I’ll tell you what Sue if these cheap rumoured signings happen I’ll have to look for a new job ? haha I bet you are ??

          9. Sue says:

            We’ll have to pay Milan, surely ?? why is Serie A full of donkeys then?! ?
            Portugal..Bernardo Silva to score ? who do you think? Well if I win lotto tomorrow, I’ll chuck a few ? your way, so you can tell them to shove it Haha!!

          10. kev82 says:

            Speaking of Serie A apparently we’re chasing two sampdoria players, don’t know anything about them though ? I really hope we sign Tierney from Celtic and flog Kolasinac to Barcelona ? well I’ve always liked the Dutch so I’m going for Holland to win 2-1 ? happy days we can chase clouds instead of working ????

          11. Sue says:

            Tbh Kev I don’t know much about half of these players we’re linked with ? I rely on you telling me who’s good & who isn’t ?
            Yeah creating & chasing clouds all day long ??

          12. kev82 says:

            Well you’ll be in for a wait if you want info on Emmanuel Dennis ?? did you see Arsenal’s new blue kit ? It’s really nice much nicer than the yellow, I don’t like the yellow ? haha we can cloud chase Kroenke out of the Emirates ???

          13. Sue says:

            I quite like them all, Kev
            . the red is my fav ? might have to purchase one ? we could have a go, might take some doing (& that’s just the wig ?)

          14. kev82 says:

            Even the yellow ? the collar ruins the whole kit ? what name on the back ? Mustafi ? ? Haha he’ll just take another loan out of the club buy a new one ? jeez that Republic of Ireland team are shockingly bad and Denmark aren’t far behind them international football is so boring might have to watch the Chinese super League later ?

          15. Sue says:

            I didn’t like last season’s top, because of the collar, or lack of!! I’d look a bit odd with ‘Donkey’ on the back ? I might leave it blank!
            Darts is always on.. it’s the world cup. England just won.. we win at darts ?

          16. Kev82 says:

            I don’t know Sue I reckon a classy senior as yourself could pull it off ??? no I want to chat Copa America with you so you’ll have to watch that ? oh I bet you’d prefer Wales Sue ?

          17. Sue says:

            Classy senior, hey?! ??? so funny, Kev!! I’ll take that!! ?
            Ok then, I’ll make sure I watch it ?
            Yes, but Wales lost last night.. was devastated! His partner let him down, he was rubbish! He looked so fine in green too!! ?

          18. Kev82 says:

            Do they not wear they’re nation’s colours Sue ? I thought the Welsh team would be in red shirts ? I bet Holland are the favourites? Haha you’ll be tuning into premier sports too then ? haha I had to word that carefully in order not to offend you ???

          19. Sue says:

            Their green top had red sleeves. Welsh colours!
            MVG is with Wattamena.. be amazed if they win!
            Kev, I’m not easily offended.. it cracks me up, your elderly comments ? hilarious!!
            Premier sports it is then ?

          20. Kev82 says:

            I’m guessing wattamena is rubbish then ? Who do you think will win the competition? Did you see Eden Hazard signed for Real Madrid for a fee rising to 130 mil ? pundits have no one to drool over on that Chelsea team now ? haha I was gonna say senior citizen but that’s a little cruel ? ? so what’s your schedule on Saturday mornings now that soccer am is done Sue?

          21. Sue says:

            He sure is! We’ll win it Kev! Won’t be sorry to see the back of Hazard, Kev! About bloody time ?
            Senior ?? no more Bullard on a Saturday morning argh!! Well I’m going clothes shopping tomorrow, to ease the pain ??

          22. Kev82 says:

            You could always watch reruns of the champions League final? ?? Who plays on the England team Sue ? No Phil the power these days ? so glad he’s gone Chelsea fans will be mourning tonight ? you and your daughter Sue ? ?

          23. Sue says:

            Haha no thanks ? England is Smith & Cross..
            Yes the Chav fans will be distraught ? I’m surprised he stayed this long with them! Real need him though, they’ve not been themselves of late ? yes.. new look, next & primark ?

          24. Kev82 says:

            Militao, Jovic and Now Hazard.. who next ? ? Kinda Jealous they can attract players of the highest quality and we’re chasing some fella called Dennis ? oh well looks like a world cup win on the cards ? as long as it’s not Lingard and Kane I’m happy ? happy days Sue few hours away, bit of shopping, no football stress ??

          25. Sue says:

            Sarri is allowed to leave Chelsea next week to join Juventus ??

          26. Kev82 says:

            Deary me are they having a clear out ? will you miss him Sue ?

          27. Sue says:

            Like a hole in the head ? although he could teach me a thing or 2 with puffing & clouds ?

          28. Kev82 says:

            Puffing yeah clouds no a big no only us vapers can achieve this ? I wonder who Chelsea will replace him with? Lampard maybe ? I wonder if We’ll have one or 2 signings before we head stateside ?

          29. Sue says:

            Could well be fat Frankie, Kev!
            I doubt it, just got a feeling we’re going to be kept waiting.. and waiting… and waiting…. ?

          30. Kev82 says:


      2. Pat says:

        Sue very kind gesture from Mesut and his wife, lots of children will have life saving surgeries. I wish him a happy married life.❤️

        1. Sue says:

          Aww it sure was, Pat..what a guy!! His dancing leaves a lot to be desired though ???

          1. kev82 says:

            So does Lingards ??? he dragged Ian Wright on a tour of Warrington poor fella Wright that is ???

          2. Sue says:

            Haha Kev! His ruby slipper was millimetres offside, I thought of you, had to laugh!!
            Poor Wrighty.. talk about highway to hell ??

          3. kev82 says:

            Haha how come ? I was enraged when he scored lol I was half expecting the milly rock or moon walk ? as you know Sue painful memories ? haha hope wrighty didn’t park in orford or he’d have to take the train home ?

          4. Sue says:

            I thought of our chats about Lingard looking like the wicked witch from we both can’t stand him, so when he scored, but wasn’t given, I laughed & thought of you!

          5. kev82 says:

            Haha yeah and would you bet against his next goal will be against us ??? lol wicked witch of the west ? if we bring forehead back he’ll put a stop to that Lingard dancing ??

          6. Sue says:

            I’d welcome that ?

          7. kev82 says:


          8. Pat says:

            True, they both look glumly, I wonder why? But they eventually smiled and i know they will be happy

          9. Sue says:

            They’ll have a wonderful life, Pat!

  9. dotash says:

    Media BS

  10. McLovin says:

    How about Max Aarons (RB) from Norwich and Bowen (winger) from Hull? Both were in the Championship team of the season. Homegrown, English and won’t cost a ton.

    1. kev82 says:

      ?? I’ll have Aarons RB and Tierney at LB and Umpamecano at CB ?

  11. Th14 says:

    I don’t believe this

  12. Le Coq Monster says:

    I could copy and paste my comment from previous post, but I will waste valuable time from not watching last nights Love Island !

    I have never seen so many shallow people in my life as the contestants on Love Island, yet I cant stop watching !
    One of them is Tyson Fury`s younger brother, Tommy,…….I can see why Sue lusts over him as he looks like Kolasinac !

    Some of them instead of pushing them in the deep end of the swimming pool, I would push them in the shallow end, but I doubt they would get the irony !

    1. Sue says:

      So that must mean Tommy is like a younger version of you too then, Le Coq?!! ?? sorted for 8 weeks… that’ll take us up to the start of the season?!! Or nearly!!

      1. Le Coq Monster says:

        I dont want to mislead you Sister Sue, but I meant Kola more body wise than looks……..obviously I`m better looking as you can see from my avartar.

        Is it just me, but England always play shit when they wear Spuds colours and why the fcuk do they wear Spuds kit when the England flag is Red and White ?……….and why is the red and white the away kit ?…….sort it FA and make the home kit red and white,,,,,,,,,,with of course the away kit a bruised banana one !

        1. Sue says:

          Haha!!! Well if they ever do a mature love island, I think you should apply ?
          They were crap last night, Kane was impersonating a bull in a china shop when he came on! I can’t stand watching those spuds, even if they have 3 lions on their top ?

          1. Le Coq Monster says:

            Know what you mean, Sue, I remember one England game when they had about 5 spuds playing and was so angry that I set my England bath robe on fire……….I quickly extinghised it as my livid wife had borrowed it at the time !

            See the Scottish bloke on Love Island admitted that his mum shaves his bum ! ……….not so surpised ?…….he was in Boots chemist at the time !

          2. Sue says:

            Hahaha you do make laugh, Le Coq!! Can I also say, I know you’re not after sympathy, but I just saw your heartfelt post to Jon.. I can see why RA thinks highly of you! And with your hilarious posts, you sure do bring a smile to my face!! Top man, Le Coq ?

    2. Tissiam says:

      Why fury would go on a show like that??

      1. Sue says:

        He has all those huge muscles to show off!!

  13. jon fox says:

    On a technicality how can a “rumour reveal” anything? This false phrase was written in this article and the author should have known better,frankly. To reveal is to make clear. Rumours are just rumours which may be but usually are NOT true. A RUMOUR can REVEAL NOTHING, until it ceases being a rumour and becomes a fact(or does not, as the case may be!) Language being used correctly is vital if misunderstandings and needless quarrels are to be avoided.

    1. Tissiam says:

      Well said!and let,s not talk about budgetet when no one even AMN can,t tell us where they got 40 millions,when TV revenues are 90millions minimum,plus finishing place,european run,gates money,players out of contract,retiring,sales of players…must come metro and Co,the last time I posted a similar comment it was not posted,let,s see this time,only recentlyADM promised us a better,more open site,transpiracy…it has not been the case more broken promises and not by the club only!i bet my comment won’t be posted for sure!!

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