Arsenal makes a decision on Ramsdale’s future ahead of January transfer window

Aaron Ramsdale has faced speculation about leaving Arsenal in January after losing his first-team position to David Raya. Ramsdale was in good form when the Spaniard started getting opportunities as Arsenal’s first choice.

Mikel Arteta has expressed confidence in Raya as the best goalkeeper at the club, which puts Ramsdale at risk of losing his spot in the England national squad.

Amid these circumstances, it’s been suggested that the English goalkeeper is contemplating his future at the club and may request a transfer in January. However, Football Insider reports that Arsenal is not willing to allow his departure at the halfway point of the season.

Despite losing his first-team spot, the report insists that Arsenal is determined to keep Ramsdale at the club to provide proper cover for Raya. His future may become a subject of discussion again in the summer, but for now, it appears that Ramsdale will remain at the Emirates beyond this year.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ramsdale deserves to play and most of us agree that he needs to get the game time he deserves.

However, it makes no sense to lose such a quality team member in January when we have a huge second half of the campaign to play.


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  1. I prefer Ramsdele than Raya because is among who takes us back to the UEFA champions league and I never seen the reason why arteta keep using Raya ahead of Ramsdele and to be honest Raya cause the lose of Len’s and the draw against Chelsea and sport so why would arteta should continue using him as our number one keeper I think this is unfair

      1. Aaron Ramsdale is better than Raya coz he struggled to make us to join EUFA champion league I think it’s unfair to offload him

        1. I think Ramsdale should stay in Arsenal he should get time to play
          Cause without him we would not be in the Champions League and I think he is way better than Raya

    1. Raya is just starting to play for Arsenal. The style of play has given him problems but I think Arteta believes that he’ll get used to it.

    2. I think that it’s shocking how Aaron has been treated, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are without Aaron’s amazing season last year..

  2. It’s a shame that I haven’t seen something good that Raya have really done better than Ramsdale.

  3. I also prefer Ramsdale. Some curious decisions by the manager. Don’t get me wrong he’s got the team to where they are now and looking like a better squad we’ve seen for many a year but buying Raya and Havartz for me I’m still very confused as to why. We spend 100$ million on these players when we should have put that money else where. A new striker and a true midfielder.

  4. Two bulls never rule in one pen.

    Surely their must me something stronger than an option to buy, maybe one of the strangest deal ever made

    1. “Two bulls”? More like one bull and one timid frightened rabbit. I reckon you can work out which is which!

  5. Definitely, Ramsdale has to play whenever he wants to play. Arsenal is an English club and he’s English. This is one of those situations where a coach has to base his selection based entirely on popular demand.
    See, unlike in the case of Partey who, having come back fit from CAF games and not selected against Chelsea, it’s unthinkable that Ramsdale hasn’t been picked.
    Hopefully, for everyone’s sanity, Partey’s “muscle injury” will be good enough to see him off till the January transfer window when he can slip out of sight and out of mind without much fan fare.

  6. Think we need to go back to the moment we sat up and said to ourselves that’s not right, to try and make sense of it. Why would Arteta for no apparent reason, drop Rambo for our first game back in the CL and worse still its at home, to have the proud memories that the players he’s been with to get to this momentous they worked their socks off to achieve? Everyone’s family were there to enjoy that great evening including Rambo’s. Imagine watching that moment taken away and then your dream of having that handed to a loanee for his first CL game at the Arsenal Stadium that he will no doubt write a book about in 10 years saying what an honour…stolen honour imo. So after that in mind, is Arteta a sociopath or is Arteta punishing him for something behind the scenes that really did deserve being dropped for it or is Arteta basically a ruthless and single minded genius?

  7. YAWN!!! Knowing what our club management are up to like myself, lies your peace of mind regarding our so called “struggles”. Enough said.

  8. Ramsdale must treated respectfully. He gave us his best, and I want him to stay. MA should give him a chance instead of “shaky” Raya!

  9. I’ve not see any special Skills in Raya that’s Better than Ramsdale despite all the mistakes he has done this season 3points we lost against Rc Lens in UCL and the mistake against Chelsea in PL if we can remember against Man City he almost made mistake if not because the Ball go by the out side net…so i don’t know why Arteta still using him.,..I think the guy is using juju (Black Magic) for the GUNNER’S,,

    If we Lost Ramsdale because of that Onana brother(RAYA) in the Summer it will later pain😔 us because Ramsdale really fought for us last season even in the community shield against Man City😔 look at Raya performance,
    he hasn’t been used to our pattern of play but yet You are still making him number our number 1 despite that he can’t do without making mistakes in a game……

  10. At the very least, Ramsdale deserves a chance in the Champions League, even if Arteta has settled on Raya as first choice. He played a very big part in taking the team back there, and I imagine he’s eager to play in the competition.

    1. As far the team is posting positive results, I see no harm. But on the position between the posts, I’d be happy to see Raya there in the Premier League and Rambo in the UEFA games.
      There need to be balance and the players should feel appreciated.

  11. Let Arteta not dispose Ramsdale,he has been our best goalkeeper throughout last season.He is a quality man who dies for his team.the best thing Arteta can do ,is to share the games equally to the two goalkeepers to engage them.slight mistake to let Ramsdale to go may cost arsenal heavily.

  12. RAYA is , despite, my thoughts about him, a good kepper and his stats at Brentford wer eenough for MA to want him But I have a differrnt take and it is this Top level player in ANY position , NEED an inate self belief and allTRULY top player have thstyi sn spades The ris NO ROOM for sny self doubt at top level esp in a keper of all positions. RAYA seems to me a classic example af asplaye with real ability wbut without TRUE ELF BELIEF.
    Simply put, therole of first choice keper at a club of OUR LEVEL AND HISTORY, is IMO, far too overawing for him. He shrinks, rather thansay to himself, as RAMSDALE does, “Ill bloody show that lot how great I am”.
    Keepers ,of all players, need strength between their ears as well as in other physical matters!
    Has RAYA got such strength then? I have seen NO SIGN OF IT SO FAR. Food for thought Gooners? Or not? You decide!

  13. I dont agree with Arteta decision of making Raya our top choice while Ramsdale has no major mistakes of pulling the team down.
    I think Arteta has to take a look on the past before making fast decisions about the future 😡😡

  14. You don’t need to see because the coach sees for you.Remember the English media started criticising Raya even when he had not played asingle minute but Iam convinced there is a good reason to why arsenal trusted arteta to be their manager,as a fan all I need is awin,how to get it??arteta knows better.Team selection?am not part of that but I will support those players selected because they are arsenal players and m an arsenal fun.

  15. From my own view i think MA has been sentimental about his choice of first goal keeper, he’s been sentimental in the aspect of nationality, Raya is a Spaniard while Arteta is also a Spaniard.

  16. As far the team is posting positive results, I see no harm. But on the position between the posts, I’d be happy to see Raya there in the Premier League and Rambo in the UEFA games.
    There need to be balance and the players should feel appreciated

  17. Arteta should start playing Ramsdale again instead of Raja!
    We are sick of seeing Raja replacing

  18. It’s so crystal clear that raya is only starting cos he’s a Spanish player, apart from that special skills he’s got nothing over Ramsdale….

  19. How can Ramsdale take Arsenal back to Champion then kicked out, if Saliba was not having time on his contract he could not return to Arsenal Arteta never anted him, he sold Emiliano to Aston villa now best keeper in England league better than Raya, why is he doing this to Ramsdale who is better than Raya, Smith Rowe and Viera are better than Harvtez but not getting enough chance, he just wankts to gamble with Raya as a Spain fellow for sake of Euro and world cup.

  20. I fundamentally disagree with MA choosing RAYA above RAMSDALE. But even more important, in some ways, than a wrong decision, is the foolish, naive and plain dull minded view of CERTAIN posters on this and other keeper debate threads, who choose to fool themselves that MA is favouring RAYA simply because both are Spanish.
    I have rarely read such a load of sheer codswallop and I URGE CERTAIN GOONERS TO ENGAGE THEIR BRAINS AND REJECT SUCH NONSENSE.
    To fool yourselves that a worldly wise and well travelled man such as our manager would choose ANY player, simply becaise they share a nationality, is a ludicrous and foolish insult , for which you ought to apologise to MA, on here! Sigh!

  21. To be honest, In the beggining i never truly understood MA thought process for buying Harvte. But now I can almost sense what he is trying to do. I believe dome games need the skills and composure of Harvzte: a case of Man City comes to mind. For Raya snd Rambo it’s a difficult one as well. I just think Raya has probably not performed to MA expectation but there is Good goal keeper there. In Rambo we know there is an equally good goal keeper there as well. I think we are dealing with fine margins here and i would definately like the two boys sharing games equally until it is clear who the better goal keeper is OR perhaps MA should have let Rambo as the undisputed No 1 until he proves otherwise.

  22. One thing we shouldn’t forget is today we play UEFA champions league by huge huge effort of rambo
    Next Arteta not give enough chance for rambo before taking this action
    3rd thing Arteta can use both player because we have much cup competition
    Finally Arteta should test his decision 2 times before worest thing happend
    London is Red

  23. Arteta has, by his actions, positively shown Ramsdale he is Arsenal’s number 2 keeper.

    Arteta has done this publically!!

    So, looking at this from Ramsdale’s point of view….

    He has been humiliated by Arteta, so I cannot blame him for wanting to get away from Arsenal as soon as he can.

    Arteta has said he will look into transferring him in the summer, but how can Ramsdale believe Arteta after his other actions this season.

    If I were Ramsdale I would turn into Edu an immediate Transfer request to force Arsenal to sell him in the January window.

    After Arteta’s actions, I believe Ramsdale owes the club nothing.

    I for one wish Ramsdale all the best when he leaves and joins the growing list of Arteta’s ex keepers.

    (Martinez, Leno and soon Ramsdale)

    Good Luck Rambo, I think you are a better overall keeper than Raya

    1. I have been an Arsenal fan since the 1970s.
      How Aaron has been treated is disgusting.
      Good luck to Aaron wherever you go you will be an amazing asset.

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