Arsenal makes another attempt to offload Mesut Ozil

Mirror Sports is reporting that Arsenal has made another attempt to reach a settlement with Mesut Ozil so that he can leave the club before the end of his current deal.

The German has about eight months left on his current contract, but he isn’t in the plans of Mikel Arteta for the new season.

He has been left out of the club’s Europa League squad and he will likely also not play in the domestic competitions this season.

The German remains one of the highest wage earners at the club on £350,000-a-week and they want to get that off their wage bill.

He didn’t have any suitor even for a loan deal this summer and he has made it clear before now that he will be seeing out his current deal at the club.

Arteta has told him to leave because he is not part of the club’s plans for the season and the Spaniard will hope that the club will reach an agreement on the termination of his contract in this latest attempt.

Arsenal now has one of the strongest squads in the Premier League after they completed a deadline day swoop for Thomas Partey.

Partey is expected to make the club’s midfield stronger and the Gunners will have no need whatsoever for Ozil.

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  1. If he wants his whole wages then Arsenal better let him stay at home and get paid

    I checked his Opta statistics since 2017 and it’s so bad. He’s been in terrible decline and living on past glory

    That lazy twat

    1. Shhhhh, this will hurt a few out here.
      Irony is that he refused a behind the scenes pay cut to sustain jobs, but openly pledges to pay the mascot from his earnings! Double standards. PR exposed. Such a rotten apple. Such a disgrace for the club – on and off the pitch. Hope I never see such a character at our club for the rest of my life.

  2. Why don’t all Ozil haters do a fund raiser and buy out his contract. It seems to me they have a lot of problem with him and aim abuse all de time at him. If he is such a pain in behind for you guys and you care so much about de club as you guys show off then please step forward and pay up.

    1. Rather let him rot in the reserves! Ironically, that would be doing him favour, as he has no interest in playing football, and hasn’t for a long time.

    2. Mohsen: Are you asking the Ozil’s haters to take money out of their pay check and give it to Arsenal? Touché

  3. Missing out that creativity we need. Fine no 10 with Partey and cabellos behind and Auba through the middle with saka/Pepe and Willian/saka in the flanks, gabriel Luiz tierney and bellerin. I’m sorry I dont see a single creative player in our squad bar mesut, the next best we have is cabellos an old he is no way near ozil’s vision. Ozil was playing with leaky defence and terrible midfield with xhaka and co, Ozil has the killer pass ask CR7 he will take him at juve anyday of the week when he becomes a free agent. Why not just play him?? To pay to sit at home doesnt make sense at all. Especially when he was right not to take a wage cut, Arsenal still made staff redundant he was right to stand up to China, then China held off billions of pounds owed to premier league clubs because of sour relationships with UK. Arsenal are wrong!!!

    1. The problem with the British is jealousy because they don’t and they do not have those kind a skill in their country,and it’s the same case they chased Wenger,jealousy jealousy jealous may God Cass u

    2. Hi Steve, you are 100% correct with your assessment. I love Arsenal, our fans and want them to succeed this season (Top 4, etc) but I stand for MORALITY even if I “stand alone”. Ozil is being treated “terrible” by Management/Board who employs Arteta. I sincerely hope that Arsenal Management don’t regret their actions. (Ozil signed a “LEGAL” 4/5 yr deal under Wenger) Remember, its a long season including Cup games, Europa league and PL games and injuries do occur. He is not playing because of any lack of ability but because of an “unprofessional” attitude by the Management, etc. Remember in life, “you shall reap what you shall sow”. I love you fans but morality even more..

      1. Does the action or inaction of both parties contradicts the legal contract agreement signed?
        If Yes, then court is the final arbiter and if No, why not sheath sword.
        Wondering why we as fan castigate one another’s opinion. Everybody has right of which ever camp he or she chooses to belong on this matter.
        It’s a matter of few months when all will be over.

    3. Why do people keep including and rating Ceballos highly?

      ADMIN COMMENT… If you can’t comment without swearing please leave

    4. Sitting out Ozil….there could be personal issues I presume. Or maybe Ozil was VOCAL…..Victim Of Circumstances And Loggerheads

    5. Arsenal’s supporters in the US could not be surprised a bit by Arsenal’s action. This happens routinely to American football players. They can be cut on the spot anytime and for any reason during the season. Owners are Gods who can do no wrong.

    6. I don’t understand your craze for Ozil, he had two assist in as many games last season so were is the creativity you guys talked about. He had 19 assist in his first season and he has never come near that in four years. Let us be realistic; Ozil is on a decline. Would you rather have a player who will create chances to the one who will actually make you goals ? your guess is as good as by 10 year daughter

    7. I am with you on that one, Mesut is not about what the English want, which is being hard and all, he is just sheer brilliance and a creative mind, just give him the ball and watch magic. Arteta is unfair by listening to the media and negative comments about the man. Give him a fair chance on the pitch and leave the gossip aside.

  4. Why dont you mention exactly what Arsenal is doing to reach an agreement with Ozil. What proposal is on the table?

  5. Ozil fell out under 3 managers emery Freddie and now arteta. Trust me all this managers saw somtin. And the players themselves seem okay wit all dats happening.just think abt it. The last PR stunt he did goes a long way to show his character. I always tot he was treated unfairly. But Then wat abt how he fell out wit the German national team. this people can’t be wrong and ozil right.think abt ot

  6. I said some long while ago, that when he finally leaves – assuming next summer to be still most likely(rather than sooner) – that leech Ozil will leave as the most widely scorned and derided player to ever leave our club. More scorned even than Cole, Adebayor, RvP etc.

    Most fans, and certainly not those fantasists who even now remain in his fan club – AS THEY CLEARLY PREFER THE PLAYER ABOVE THE CLUB, FOR REASONS OF THEIR OWN – will further harden the attitude they even have today when they see how this man is wilfully and deliberately harming the club we adore and who have , albeit foolishly, kept this leech in clover for the rest of his lazy life.

    I clearly foresaw this happening and now, as the club are trying to force him to leave which he is resisting ,entirely for financial greed, attitudes are moving from mere distain to outright hate.
    I do not hate him as a person(since he is not a terrorist,racist, criminal drug dealer, violent villain etc) but I DO HATE WHAT HE HAS DELIBERATELY DONE, BY HIS CHOSEN LAZINESS AND GREED, TO DO TO THE CLUB OF MY LIFE AND LOVE.
    I am far from alone my realistic friends. I address of course only the realistic ones anong you, the others being a long lost cause!

  7. If he was any good, somebody will come for him even on loan and Arsenal is ready to pay his full wage for him to leave and he still does not find a suitor, does that not tell you something ?

  8. Ozil is still the best we have no creativity in our team. We playing on counter attacks and hoping we get goals ceballos brings nothing to the team he only knows how to past back. We have one of the best strikers in the league but never gets balls instead he must tackle to create his own chances. Yes we getting results now but still have no style of playing. There is definitely something else that we don’t know about that is going on between the club and ozil. When arteta came to the club before the covid ozil played and we immediately looked better on the pitch. So I think play him and our front three will score many goals and put us back where we were with Wenger

  9. If it were not corrupt management investing in future liabilities. You now want to make someone the sacrificial lamb so they can make further bad investments. Why don’t you question the people who offered them the contract. It is probably not your dad, but since you don’t seem to raise a voice in that regard, it causes us to think that maybe your friends are involved in taking the club in the wrong direction.

  10. That nit true. I am a supporter of Arsenal but the treatment given to Ozil is not fair. How can u claim u dont have money and u go and buy
    Players left and right. Arsenal is not coming clean in this issue. Ozil is not redundant. The club is making him look redundant. Mark my word Arteta will regret leaving out Ozil. He think he has a squad but I dont c any there.. liverpool proved it that they look ordinary. Watch the space

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