Arsenal makes donations in a bid to help solve “digital poverty”

Arsenal is one club that takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and the club has proven that again with their latest effort.

Arsenal in the Community has been helping the Gunners to make an impact in their local area, they identify needs and try to fill it, identify problems in the community and try to solve them as well.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of school children have been forced to stay at home.

Some schools have been teaching kids via the internet, however, not every kid has a laptop to take advantage of that and Arsenal in the Community has set out to solve that problem as reported on the official club website.

The club noticed that digital exclusion has been a problem for most students as well as those who have been unable to contact their families and friends during this tough time.

They have decided to partner with “Intel and Computer Disposals Limited to provide 250 reconditioned laptops, which will be gifted to local schoolchildren over the coming weeks.”

“A lack of basic technology has posed a huge threat to the wellbeing and academic development of children during lockdown,” commented Alan Sefton, head of Arsenal in the Community.  

“We have seen in our local community how it has negatively impacted those most vulnerable and it is part of our responsibility to respond to this need and provide support where we can.

“We are truly thankful to Intel and Computer Disposals Limited who have been instrumental in bringing this initiative to life. It is brilliant to have a club partner that shares our core community values and is able and willing to act upon these during difficult times.”

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  1. So many youngsters will have lost out on learning during the pandemic and this is a great initiative to help the less advantaged households

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