Arsenal makes the top four of the Premier League’s all-time top 20

Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in England and they have been one of the success stories since the Premier League replaced the old First Division in 1992.

The 2022/2023 campaign would be the competition’s 31st edition and the Gunners are still one of its biggest clubs.

Mikel Arteta’s side has not finished inside the top four since 2017 and they came very close to achieving that feat in the last campaign but fell short by one place.

This means they are now going to work harder to achieve it in this campaign.

Because of their recent absence from the UCL, it is easy to think they have been terrible in the Premier League era.

However, a cumulative table published by the Sun of the best 20 clubs to have competed in the competition shows Arsenal is second, only behind Manchester United.

The Gunners have played 1,152 matches in the competition and collected 2,141 points.

That is more than Chelsea and Liverpool have amassed from the same number of games in the same period.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We remain one of the biggest clubs in England, and this confirms it. Under Mikel Arteta, we will get more wins and continue to stay ahead of the other clubs behind us on this table.


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  1. Of course, the legacy that is Arsene Wenger lives on at the club.

    Amazing when you think about the barren years since 2008, with no defence, “dross” and incompetent players, yet here we stand, second only to a club that bought it’s way to success season after season.

    Thank you for your time at the club, Arsene and we ALL hope your nomination to take over from you, Mikel Arteta, succeeds and becomes even MORE successful than you.

    1. What happened in between – GG?

      Let’s not forget The Emirates, the sheiks, the Russians, the kronkie’s and yet Le Prof kept us there and we had the Invincibles!!!
      On top of that, we became THE most successful club in FA cup history – what a manager he really was!!!

  2. G G, 6 trophies in 8 years, including a European trophy in only his 2nd attempt.

    I nevèr went along with Wengers top 4 trophy 🐂 💩. As for his record in Europe, all those years with us and only 2 finals, which as you would know, were lost. Even at Monaco he only made 1 European Final and lost that to Werder Bremen.

    1. So you didn’t go along with Wenger’s top four trophy, that’s your perogative, but that’s what got us back and kept us in 2nd spot regarding the PL – but I guess you went to every CL game (home and away?) every fa cup final, every CS game and watched from the 60,000 seater stadium, as we maintained our top four status despite all that I listed above – which, of course, George never had to face.

      Still, it was good to see him at The Emirates, knowing that he was forgiven for taking back handers and I have fond memories of him – my third favourite manager after AW and Bertie Mee.

      1. Went to many of those games, but due to a very serious health problem I had to miss some of them. George, like his predecessors, had to win trophies. He didn’t have the luxury of just finishing in the top 4.

        Btw, how many top 4 open top bus parades have you been to ?

        1. None of course, but I’ve been to more open top bus parades under Arsene than all the other managers I have witnessed since starting to support the club in 1952 – surely you have as well?

          Of course, in the “old days” it was only the champions who played in the European Cup, but out of interest, how many times would George have qualified when he had the opportunity of being in the top four?
          I believe he finished 12th in his last season, but I might be wrong.

          Hope your over your serious illness and can follow Mikel’s progress this coming season.

          1. Yes, 8 under Wenger and 5 under George. Even the most ardent AKB has to admit that was a terrific ratio by George.

            5 or 6 times we finished in the top 4 under George iirc, but then him and his predecessors remit was to win trophies. His last full season we won a European trophy and finished 4th.

            Thanks, but it will be with me till I go to the Clockend in the sky.

  3. This is encouraging news for the Youngest AFC Team ever, going into the 22/23 Campaign on Friday . They start with an away match against Crystal Palace.

    1. I guess we wouldn’t be the 2nd most successful club in the PL Reggie!!

      But I have high hopes that Mikel will change that over the next three years, otherwise there will be demands that he buys out his contract!!!!

        1. Hang on!!!! It’s the distant past that has kept me going these last few years 😂😂😂😂😂

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