Arsenal making a BIG mistake with this transfer?

This could all be something that has been cooked up the people who write the Arsenal transfer rumours, possibly because they are desperate for something to write about while Arsene Wenger plays his transfer cards close to his chest. I certainly hope so.

If not, then the Arsenal fans have good reason to be concerned about what the Frenchman is doing at a crucial period for the club. Over the last few weeks, according to reports, the Prof has gone cold on the deal to bring Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton because the asking price of £25 million is too much.

And while there were suggestions in the media that the Monaco midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia could be the player to replace him on our target list, The Mirror is now reporting that Wenger is actually looking at the Poland international Grzegorz Krychowiak as the man to strengthen the Gunners in the centre of the pitch.

The 25-year old may have had a very good season for Sevilla, winning the Europa League and finishing fifth in La Liga, but a quick look at the stats comparison on shows that he is behind those other two targets in most areas.

He is also very defensively minded but is not as good at it as Francis Coquelin, who was rightly voted our second best player this season. The stats suggest that if Wenger is looking for a player to provide more creativity and passing ability as well as defensive strength, however, the clear choice is Schneiderlin. So what is going on Gooners?

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  1. I’d go for Schneiderlin or Kondogbia personally
    Perfect players to get for our team.

    Don’t know much about Krychowiak.
    However, I suppose he is better than not getting a DM at all.

    We need another one as Flamini and Arteta are past it. Diaby is always injured. Bielik and Chambers are too inexperienced

  2. Not bothered about “Wenger gone cold” made up drivel at the moment. I’ll wait and see what transpires.

    With Krychowiak and Coquelin at the base of our midfield we could turn up at the Bridge with a bigger more kickass bus than Mourinho. Cool.

  3. people who watch English football think only Premier league players are the best. Look at what PSG did to the premier league champions. I said Krychowiakis is one of the most distructive DM in Europe. people were like who is he? Its like people saying Messi is not Worldclass till he comes to England.

    Schiniderlin is good but what has he done? People make it sound as if Schiniderlin will win us the title and its either him or nobody. Keycchowiakis is in the Spanish team of the season ahead of sergio Busquet. Messi and iniesta says he is the hardest oponenet they have faced this season. If that is not a compliment I don’t know what is. He is hard as fxxx. Just Ask Ronaldo. Seville are UEFA Champions of Euro and when you talk about a man of the match performance in the final that was it. Thats the way a leader leads his troops to war.

    You play him and Coq away at Chelsea . I tell u fabregers will be going for a shit before half time.

    1. His price is also much less than Kondogbia and Schneiderlin. He is also a strong leader.

      1. 26 million Euro. About £19m for his release klaus. No wonder seville wants o give him a new contract to change the klaus. its same with Vietto who has £ 14.2 million release klaus. Villareal wants to change it but no chance. that usually happens when the player is bought foe cheap and they don’t expect him to be that good.

  4. The media would make gullible fans believe we are after a certain player but if it doesnt go through they come up with their usuall arsene dithering cos of the price and you expect them to attack the manager.

  5. We have the whole summer. Lots and lots of time. Lets hope Wenger gets transfers done early

    Wenger always says the best time to sign players is either early or late. Lets hope it’s done early so we can spend the rest of the summer salivating over next season.

  6. 25 is a Little too much i think for Schneiderlin.
    i dont know this guy but sounds a good deal, i will look at stats though.
    I just hope we do get a DM cause we need depth and Arteta aside from his age, and the fact that he did really good, isnt naturally defensive minded.

    1. He cant play DM. He is very similar to Diaby. Although I wont mind if we sign him though.

      1. He does play in that Diaby Sissoko role but i think thats because of how many defenders mon use. They are an ultra defensive side, id like to see him for france because some say similar about morgan but then france stick him in lone DM and two all action players in front him, am curious to see if the same for Kondogbia.

  7. Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd will all spend money and will be stronger than last season.
    We need to catch them by spending money on right players GK, CDM and ST. Dont forget we will also miss Sanchez at the start of the season due to Copa America.

    1. The idea that a club can only strengthen through player purchases is ridiculous. Players improve as they grow, especially those in the 20-24 years category. Therefore next season expect Scezny, Bellerin, Chambers, Ox, Wilshire, Ramsey, Serge, Walcot, Gibbs, and Danny to all improve significantly in their game. Players making second season appearances in a particular league are all expected to improve tremendously, so expect Alexis, Gabriel, and Ospina to make massive improvements. Players playing together for a second season running are expected to improve tremendously as a unit, therefore expect Arsenal to improve significantly as a unit because the following players will remain the core of the team: Ospina, Monreal, Bellerin, Mert, Kos, Francis, Carzola, Ramsey, Alexis, Ozil, and Olivier/Walcot. Other supporting players that form the core of the team will be around as well, viz: Chambers, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Jack, Ox, and Danny. In short Arsenal will be more complete next season than the season before. Teams like Man United will look to build again if the claim that they will spend 200 million is anything to go by. Man City may also look to build again considering their disasterous season, hence only Chelsea alongside Arsenal will have more settled and complete squads.

      What is the marginal increase in overall squad quality from new player acquistions? It depends with the quality of the existing squad. We were told that Chelsea had a complete squad last season which is way above other clubs. If this claim is correct then the marginal increase in squad quality from new acquisitions will be very minimal. Put differently, any new player will most likely come in to play on the bench, as was the case with the much celebrated acquisition of Cuodrado in the January window. At the rate at which Mourinho rotates (he does not rotate) you will expect any new acquisition to have a very minimal impact on their title defence next season. The case is however different with clubs with existing squads of lower quality such as Liverpool. One player acquisition will lift the quality of the squad tremendously. Unfortunately such clubs think more in terms of quantity than quality, hence the players they bring in will never lift the quality of their squads in a significant way. The case is also different if a club like Arsenal buys a player like Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, or Bale to some extent. That player by virtue of being a rare breed will lift the quality of the squad significantly. The rest of players linked to Arsenal will only have very minimal impact on the overall quality of the squad as they will most likely start from the bench.

      In a nutshell the notion that buying players will improve the squad is simplistic at best. It just demonstrates one dimensional thinking by people associated with football particularly the journos, pundits, and FIFA football fans.

      1. You have a few points that make sense here in your statement but basically the rest is UTTER DRIVEL!!! If buying players that are considered stronger and better than your current squad members does not improve the teams performance or does but only marginally THEN WHY DOES EVERY TEAM IN EVERY LEAGUE DO IT!!!!??????
        It seems that there are far too many Arsenal fans that are concerned whith the budget of the club and to them Ill say this, don’t you worry about what Wenger willk or wont spend, if you had half a head on you you’d know he wont bankrupt the club, he wont spend more than he needs to in 20 years has he EVER EVER come close??? NO!!!
        We do need two or three better players in key positions and that is a concrete iron clad fact, Walcott and Wellbeck and giroud are not a stronge enough firing line, do you know how I know that’s a fact?? Cos we did’nt win the PL That’s how I know!! And do you know how I know that Francis Coquellin need back up??? Because HE WILL EITHER GET A KNOCK OR GET A SUSPENSION DURING THE COMING SEASON!!! And Arteta and Flammini are not up to the job.
        If we don’t need to ikmprove the squad why did we bomb out in the CL AGAIN???? Why did we finish 3rd when we were on course to finish 2nd??? And why will every other club in the world buy some new players to improve???
        Unless you know some massive secret the res o the footballing wold doesn’t ???

        1. I do not normally engage in discussion with people who think communicating and arguing is using judgemental, prejudicial, and strong statements that are not supported by facts. Such people are fools and do not warrant attention. However, because I have time I will engage you.

          Look up my comment you notice that I never argued that buying better players than those we have does not improve the squad. I actually stated that Messi, Ronaldo, and Roben will have a major impact on the quality of the existing squad. All what I said was that none of players being linked to Arsenal are better than what we have and as such will have a minimal impact on the overall quality of the squad.

          Man City did not win the league with a frontline of Aguero, Dzeko, Bony, and Jovetic. By your logic Man city must be in the market hunting for strikers that will win them the league. Chelsea have Mikel as back up for Matic, Man City have Fernando for Fernandinho. All these players are no better than Arteta. Now going by your logic these clubs must be in the market looking for defensive midfielders otherwise they are as unambitious as Arsenal.

          No quality player will want to go to a club where he will not get guaranteed game time. Gustavo joined a them mid table Wolfsburg rather than come to Arsenal because he was worried that he will not get game time and hurt his chances of going to Brazil 2014. Arsenal hardly plays with two DMs as such any defensive midfielder thinking about joining Arsenal will first assess whether he will dislodge Francis. Francis has always been a quality player whose progress tumbled when he prematurely left loan spells in the League 1 to come to Arsenal. This is a player that is expected to improve further this season. Any DM thinking of joining Arsenal will take all those factors into account. Consequently players of comparable quality to Francis will not be keen on joining Arsenal. Your ranting about Arsenal buying a quality backup for Francis is therefore not only misplaced but betrays your poverty of football knowledge.

          Talking about our exit from the CL is the worst thing you could do. By your logic Chelsea and Man City were knocked out of FA cup because their teams were not good enough, hence they should strengthen to be able to beat Bradford and Middlsborough in future. It helps to develop a brain rather than become a parrot that comes online to churn out every rubbish the pundits and lazy journos spit out.

  8. It is no accident that when coquelin stepped in the breech arsenal suddenly became more balanced, even the players themselves have been quoted saying something similar, we have been asking for this type of player for years now, a true Defensive Midfielder, not the flashy type, not the box to box, but one who sits in front the back four and do the ungrateful job.

    We have been match up with several midfielders in the press, but none mention are true DM, but merely box to box midfielders who have the defensive capabilities. The only true DMs mention by the press are Carvalho or Krychowiak, in which i would rather the latter. I will not even discuss that selection by watching him play for poland or sevilla you would know the reason why.

    Now it may seemed ungrateful in buying a next DM, when we have coquelin but in truth every player in the starting 11 needs competition for his place in order not to become complacent. Arteta or Flamini will not offer Coquelin that competition and we should just stop that experiment right now because arteta or flamini can not Arsenal whats needed in that position

    1. all true,
      hats off to Arteta though, I rate him high for what hes done, he wasnt defensive oriented yet did it, he took a paycut to play for our glorious Arsenal, hats off. And hehas remained pro and respectful.
      also Flamini, when at the beginning he started bullying the rivals. Hy it worked, kudos.

      but in all fairness all true, we need a true one to be there and have two major players in every position. Therefore lso a helluva striker. and usually one needs theree keepers, althugh I d lke to keep Martinez and buy one

    2. It is no accident that when the Kos-Per partnership returned the squad became more solid and achieved exceptional results compared to any other squad in the EPL. It is also no coincidence that when olivier returned from injury the results improved significantly. It is no coincidence that when ozil returned from injury the results improved. It is also no coincidence that when Carzola adapted well to the deep lying player maker role the results improves tremendously. In a nutshell there were so many factors that led to the sterler performance in the second half of the season apart from Francis. So stop this one dimensional thinking.

      1. Yeah am on same page, our whole team dynamic changed and they all fought together. If Coq had of came in at beginning of season it would have been the same story all over again, to many players getting isolated and what can one man be expected to do.

  9. Rumour upon rumour. Personally I wouldn’t want a dm dat will strole into the team to bench coquelin bt to rotate with him, I don’t tink most of this guys we want a rotational status in their new club. For me top of our priority should be a competent striker. Some1 that will bench Giroud and make him sweat. Let us all relax and watch copa america,I believe there are lots of beter unnotice players dia than this usual overhype european st. Look at barca all their MSN are south americans

  10. We keep mentioning this names like its so easy…If any of those names come,would they love 2 sit on d bench 4 coq I for one don’t think games make u people forget how difficult some of these negotiations are…Krychowiak is a very good player…would he love to come n play second fiddle to coq in Arsenal…I don’t think so

  11. The writer of this article is a bluff…claiming Krychowiak is inferior to Schneiderlin or kondogbia…u need to watch LA liga more…Spanish team of the year over Busquets…Motm performance against Barca…Mr writer am sure u are happy with the Gabriel signing…this could even be a better one

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