Arsenal to make a shock move for Chelsea midfielder

We all know that right now Arsenal is desperate for a top class midfielder to supplement the duo of Granit Xhaka and the oft-injured Thomas Partey, especially with all the extra fixtures that come with qualifying for the Europa League.

The rumours about Youri Tielemans seem to have drifted away, but this morning there are reports saying that we could be in for another ex-Leicester midfielder in N’Golo Kante, who is entering the last year of his contract at Chelsea.

Many Arsenal fans have never forgiven Arsene Wenger for missing out on Kante when Leicester sold him to Chelsea, but then brought in Granit Xhaka for around the same price, but would Gooners still want the serial trophy winner now that he is 31 years old?

The Daily Star are reporting this morning:
Arsenal consider N’Golo Kante transfer and hope Chelsea will cash in on star midfielder

EXCLUSIVE: Kante has just 12 months left on his contract at Chelsea and Arsenal believe there might be an opportunity to prize him to the Emirates

There is no doubt that Kante is extremely talented, and would be a perfect fit for Mikel Arteta right now, but he could surely only be a stopgap signing until we could bring in a younger alternative.

But he would certainly bring a hell of a lot of experience with him and give us a cool head in the centre of the pitch, but can you see Arteta breaking his new transfer policy of only bringing in youngsters?


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  1. At 31, and way pass his prime, i dont think this fits with the club ideals and current recruitment values

  2. Yeah at 31 he can still make alot of contribution. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is almost 40 now and he is doing great, arsenal as no recruitment policy as far as I am consign because you can’t tell the whole world that you are building and before you know it Juventus or Barcelona or Bayern Munich will come for one of your solid player and you will sell it so tell me what are you building? Are you actually building for other clubs? Chelsea bought hazard around $30m and after how successful yrs they sold him around 80m can arsenal sell any player for even 60m. Abeg buy players that will put us back on the spot

    1. Why do you seem to think it obligatory to write IJS after every post you make?
      Do you not see that we are all simply “just saying”or to be more precise, I;m just saying
      What is so about YOUR comments compared to all others? Serious question, so why?

      Now, I use CAPITALS for emphasis and have many times expained this to certain Gooners who foolishly think I do it to shout.
      EMPHASIS is how we quite naturally use speech but is NOT shouting.
      So without insulting me please, can you explain to my genuinly puzzled but wishing to know why mind, what is the REASON you use IJS?

      Thank you!

      1. Same thought occurred to me JF.

        It seems a bit strange if the account name is meant to suggest that the poster is based in New York – they don’t use that form of “UK kid-speak” as far as I’m aware?

        Re capitals, in the absence of controls for bold, italics etc on this site, I tend to use asterisks for *emphasis* to avoid looking like I’m shouting.

        I haven’t tried html tags yet… let’s see:

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        1. Nope, they didn’t work – the first tests in eachg case had angled brackets in my original, which were stripped off – but the text didn’t show as italics.

          Any admins – or anyone else – know if there’s a way to do html on here?

        2. Hmm good point. I see other people use smileys so why shouldn’t we be able to use html?
          I will look into it but this is my day of rest lol

  3. The same way we thought Willians will bring some experience only for him to flop at the Emirate.

    Kante is no doubt a very good player and such that will really improve us, but dude has way passed his prime age.

    We don’t want him. He will not even come to us.

  4. We need Savic, Ngolo is past his best now. Let’s save the talk and do due diligence by swiftly going for him. Further delays will cost us…our challengers in the league have recruited well… We are risking falling down the packing order. These are becoming threats to our champion’s league position fight,( Tottenham, Chelsea, Newcastle and Nottingham forest ( believe me here) and the obvious two giants.)

  5. GOOD GOD YES, to Kante and in a heartbeat too!

    He is not a truecreative midfielder though but a natural holding replacement for the appalling Xhaka and more of a DM in reality.

    And he is a thousand times better, though a year or so older. Kante is Prem proven and a top, top player.
    To turn this chance down-IF the rumour be correct and thats surely a big IF- at a non extortionate price, would be supreme folly!

    Bring it on and I PRAY THIS RUMOUR -FOR ONCE- IS TRUE!!!! Doubt it is, though!

  6. Lets not become a dumping ground for chelsea tired legs, he is not a regular in the chelsea team despite the lack of quality in their midfield

  7. Why are we going for a player past his prime, we don’t need him even and secondly why is nobody thinking about whether or not he wants to join arsenal

  8. 31 seems a bit old for what Arteta is looking to do.

    But then, all youthful teams have some experienced players at their core.

    Also a feature of Kante’s game is speed so if slows down with age… you may not get what you paid for.

    I’m sure anyone buying hm will be looking very carefully at his stats recently versus over the years (for metres covered, sprints, speeds etc) before they part with their money.

  9. I suspect It’s a decoy, we seem to be shaping up a pattern in our transfer business (keeping it silent) ,nice though, I believe we signing this new week.

    1. I also think this is a decoy. I think we are in the second phase of our transfer window. We completed our clear transfers and now we are playing the game so to speak. It makes sense to have a priority list but also at least appear linked with multiple options to establish a stronger bargaining position.

  10. Two seasons ago, this guy was THE BEST MIDFIELDER in the league. I loved him and had a massive meltdown when wenger signed xhaka over Kante. But he is now injury prone, 32 and well past his prime. If we got him for under 10 mil, then great, anymore and i would be worried. We are 6 years too late on this one.

    1. Not only that, but wasn’t we told that players of his height are too small to play in the PL?

      Plus his age, which Mikel seems to be against, would also be a stumbling block.

      We are about to discard our own diminutive midfield player, so why look at another?

      1. Agree ken but Kante is a bit of a freak of nature. He is a strong little sod, has fantastic ball retention, timing and fantastic control.

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