Arsenal making big money bid for Southampton star?

Arsenal are currently being linked with a whole host of strikers whilst the Jamie Vardy to Arsenal transfer saga continues, but a new name that pops up in the rumours today is Southampton star Sadio Mane.

Mane has been linked with Arsenal in the past, but the rumours are nowhere near as consistent as other players we have been linked with over the years. Therefore we will have to see if this piece in the media develops any further over the coming days. According to a few media reports today including the Metro, Daily Star and the Daily Mail, Arsene Wenger has turned his watchful eye on Mane, as he considers making a move for the Senegalese international.

The reports suggest that with Ronald Koeman leaving Southampton there could be a mix up of players being left feeling a little disappointed and considering the ambition of the club. With such unrest in mind, players such as Mane may seriously consider moving on if an offer like Arsenal does come in. Mane has also been a target for Manchester United in the past year with the Red Devils showing a very keen interest last January. The media reports it would take a £35 million move to secure Mane however, which can be looked at in two ways. Is that £35 million that secured us Alexis Sanchez or is it the £35 million quote that Leicester will have to pay Watford in order to sign Troy Deeney?

You can look at that price tag in a number of ways and personally I don’t think Wenger will pay £35 million for Mane, when for the same price he could put in a bid for Mahrez or even a player such as Isco or Gotze. £10-15 million on top of that would also secure you a world class midfielder/striker so I simply can’t imagine Wenger splashing that sort of money on Sadio Mane.

I like Mane as a player and think he has a lot of talent. He consistently shows his ability week in, week out and is recognised as one of Southampton’s best players. However in my opinion the price is deemed a little high and so if true, I can’t see Arsenal taking this story any further.

Where will we find the striker we crave so badly?



  1. Mane is a very decent player, a player I would fancy at Arsenal. His workrate, motivation and temperament is questionable though. But when he turns it up he is deadly in and around the opposition box, frightening pace and amazing at counters. Is he worth the 35 mill though??He is 24 yrs old and a very good player but not world class. I’d say 30 mill max.(taking into account his age).

  2. I like Mane, and I actually think that he’d work better in our formation/style of football than Vardy would (who already confirmed that he’s not coming to Arsenal, btw). Having said that, I don’t think he’s an ideal solution to our striker situation. If anything, I think he’s more of a winger than he is a forward. I wouldn’t mind him say for 20-25 mil, but 35mil is highly inflated. I think for that kind of money we could have both Icardi (who I would personally prefer having watched a lot of Inter games), and Ljajic (who is majorly underrated, IMHO). Or we could offer the same 35-40mil for Lukaku, and see where that takes us.

    1. @ Vlad : Lukaku is managed by Mino Raoila. This guy (Mino Raiola) does not care about his client’s future, only about the money he can make from the deal. He will only sell Lukaku to top clubs like Real,Barca,PSG,Bayern,ManU,City..the only teams who can pay his overestimated valuation of his players(thereby giving him a hefty paycheck for brokering the deal). He has already stated Lukaku is worth 65 mill pounds. Its for this reason I don’t see Lukaku to Arsenal happening ever. Same reason I don’t expect any of Zlatan ,Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Matuidi, Hamsik joining us.

        1. You might have a point here, and I understand that nowadays most of professional sports is all about business/money, but I also think that if a player is desperate to leave a certain club, he would do anything in his power to push for a move. Don’t forget that agents are employees of these players, and can be fired/replaced very easily.

          1. It isn’t just about business/money here. Mino Raiola isn’t concerned about getting his client the best deal but is concerned about getting the best deal for himself. If his client takes a wage cut and cut priced fee, it matters nothing to him as long as he gets his pay day.

  3. I’ll take a gamble on Shane Long tbh. Fast, powerful and a real nuisance to defenders when he’s on form. He scored twice against us last season and was easily MOTM. Best of all, no one seems to be really looking at him.

  4. German bookmakers (Bwin) have slashed the odds of Aubameyang joining Arsenal, from 12/1 to 4/1.

    Apparently his move to City has stalled because of Dortmund’s £65 million valuation.

    Will Wenger redeem himself after being snubbed by two bob Vardy? ? ? … I hope so!

  5. According to Wenger’s maths:
    Arteta + Flamini + Rosicky = Xhaka.

    So why not:
    Ramsey + Walcott = Aubameyang.

    We have more than enough midfielder’s, so we could afford to sacrifice two average injury prone one’s, to pay for a Striker that we crave for.

  6. Mane? You must be kidding right? If we want another attacking midfielder why don’t we go for Gotze, his price tag is in the same neighborhood and in a class higher.

  7. This name is just another long list in the transfer target department and we can all now assume that Wenger is chasing shadows, Arsenal now getting linked with ridiculous news after news and not one concrete offer to sign anybody. Players like Lacazette,Milik and others are waiting to be picked.

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